Getting calls from your own number?

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It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.


Scammers certainly are people that don't care about anyone or anything -- not even their own families. I fell for one just a couple of days ago to reduce my credit card rate . Luckily I felt something was aamiss and was able to get my cards cancelled before it was to late. Big lesson learnt. I really feel sorry for those that get cought.

please stop this

I now "answer" all these calls...with a fire alarm purchased solely to blow in their ear after I answer I am over 30 with a valid credit card to win my prize! Blast horns work too! I am a sr with an attitude and I am fed up with these calls.

Strange how these idiots and criminals cannot be stopped. We have the technology to put a man on the moon and send man into space....for over 40 years now..., and we cannot stop these people from calling my number, from my number, and the last time, they even had my name on the identity screen...I;m also listed on a DNC list and they still get through, this senior is pretty darn fed up.....

I set my FAX to autoanswer.

I called my phone company and for very cheap you can get added to your plan a number to press and the callers number is sent to the police

Received calls from 1-516-845-9246 Farmingdale, NY, claiming to be IRS. Also, recently an odd call from Ruffalo Noel Levitz (they called several times before I finally checked them out) with i.d. stating such. What prompted me to check them out was that one day they left a message. It was a female, who simply said, "I'm a republican" in an ominous tone and then hung up. Went to website and they are higher education consultants. Hmmm.

Received calls from 1-516-845-9246 Farmingdale, NY, claiming to be IRS. Also, recently an odd call from Ruffalo Noel Levitz (they called several times before I finally checked them out) with i.d. stating such. What prompted me to check them out was that one day they left a message. It was a female, who simply said, "I'm a republican" in an ominous tone and then hung up. Went to website and they are higher education consultants. Hmmm.

I received an irs call,the man threatened to have me arrested,i could save myself by withdrawing 6000,which he said I owed to the gov. and it would be in cash,and call him when I got it,thank goodness I didn't fall for this.h and r block say irs does not operate this way,demanding money by phone,and if I really owed anything I would not have gotten a refund.please do not fall for this,i am praying that one day these scammers will be caught.

really annoying that they are trying this with government offices - not all our extensions have call display!

This happened to me while working as a contractor for an Ohio State Government Agency on W. Broad Street, Columbus Ohio. (I can't say the name due to non-disclosure) What people don't realize is that if these criminals are successful in getting in, they can breach multiple devices and take over your identity, your financial accounts and force you into foreclosure. At the Ohio State Government Agency I watched my personal cell phone synch with my Government Issued Laptop, when I reported it to the Ohio Government Agency IT Help Desk, I was fired from my project, without notice, even though it had several months remaining. The day I was let go was the day I printed out Event Logs and Config files showing the hacks. This invasion in my life has cost me everything, my job, soon my home, EVERYTHING. Now today, I am focused and working to expose these types of criminals so they don't take any more victims. I have several years of evidence, but cannot seem to find anyone to help me put an end to this.

The worst is now they are calling from unknown name and number. But if it rings long distance with unknown don't answer either.

Even though I could show video of the caller id spoof, local law enforcement (Chicago 16th Precinct) says they can't do anything about it because "We have too many cases like this", then THEY ask US "What would you like to do about it?". INVESTIGATE THE CRIME, IF YOU DON'T EVEN TRY TO INVSTIGATE REPORTS OF CRIME HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO CATCH THE CRIMINALS FEEDING OFF PEOPLE? For me, since my phone, internet and tv cable were all connected, they were able to spoof multiple devices and cause YEARS of havoc that is still going on today. Wish someone would do something about this in Delaware, OH 43015 and Chicago, IL 60646.

I cancelled my landline(the voice part)I have DSL,because of Rachel, now I get scam artists on on my new cell phone number. I blocked them but they leave voicemails that eats my minutes so I ended up deactivating my voicemail. Now the blocked numbers just get rejected. If I get a new one I don't pick up then block it.This a battle but I intent on winning it.

And when you go to file a complaint at the Do Not Call website, they make you have a "name" for the company. NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU A NAME! I hate these people--along with the people that make computer viruses. There has got to be a special place in h**l for them.

If you do pick up a solicitor's call, KEEP A LOUD WHISTLE NEXT TO YOUR PHONE AND BLOW HAAAARD! If it's a human calling, they'll put out the word and calls stop from that company!!!

My phone number is being spoofed for calls from Cardmember Services. What can I do about it? I now have strangers calling and texting because they got a call....supposedly from my number....and I didn't make the calls. This is aggravating to me and to the people getting the calls.

Yesterday, I answered one of these calls because caller ID showed my HUSBANDS name. Of course, I answered - and it was some robocall about loan forgiveness. I hung up right away. When I looked at the call source number - it was our own HOME number. I have call block, and NEVER answer the phone unless I know the caller. When my answering machine picks these up - I find the source number and block it. Am I DOOMED now that I answered this call ? Wow. Makes me never want to pick up the phone again !

There are numerous of the calls going on around the country. They will call many times and quote your ss#, I refused to verify any thing when the mention anything personal. I reported them to FTC. The caller ID will have one place, but when we ask question they will respond they are in another state or city. Thanks FTC for the warning.

I just received one of these calls. I called my provider and they said there was nothing I could do unless I wanted to block my own number. strange your provider would give out such advice?

My provider can't even see this call. I offered to send a screen shot from my iphone.
I am glad I didn't p/u. BUT. If I had gotten a call from my husbands number, like the woman above, I would answer. This is pretty scary when you think about it.

My IP allows me to screen(block) up to 20 numbers.Block the ones that call the most then when they change areas change the block.After 6 months they give up.Do not ever answer or call them back unless you want to suffer.

Block your own number because you are never going to call yourself.

got a call yesterday from my number, so at&t still hasn't done anything about it, I asked and thought they said it was taken care of there would be no more calls with my number unless it came from my phone, and that was 2 years ago when I was going through chemo, These people are the lowest criminals right next to terrorists.

I answered one, went through the process and got some mental midget in another country. CURSED them out. Now I've got an airhorn. Wait to get a human on the phone then BLAST EM Fight back- make'em suffer.

If your phone service has a number blocking service (our Verizon FIOS account allows up to 100 specific numbers to be blocked), or if you have an in-line call blocker, you can add your own number to the list of blocked numbers. This will stop calls from callers spoofing your number as their caller ID without (as far as I can tell) affecting your ability to send calls, or receive calls from legitimate callers.

Just got the call from them calling my own number. Didn't answer cause just received 2 other calls from back to back from 2 different numbers with caller ID showing 2 different cities in NJ, didnt answer, then rings again with my number. I think the person who came up with having a whistle is a great idea!!!!especially if i recorded on my answering machine.

Just another thing the politicians cant control when the laws passed are without teeth. Technology exists to track these callers and put them in jail. Funny thing is the Dems are now calling with campaign requests. not good.

i want know that one person mobile whom calling him and show number

yesterday & today calls with my number & name as the caller id... I understand and I DO NOT ANSWER them....but as a consumer and a tax payer I feel that the FTC needs to be more proactive instead of just saying NOT to answer them and ignore them. I pay for my phone and included in there is a tax to the I plead with you to DO something.
If "WE" as citizens are NOT receiving the service and protection that "WE" pay for then maybe "WE" should opt out of that tax...and refuse to pay.

Yes, I get calls from my own number - never pick up since my phone talks to me and warns me it is from my number. And yes, I am elderly, but not stupid, so they don't get the satisfaction of having me answer their calls.

I'm wondering, why is it that when we register our phone numbers on the DNCL, we get more calls???

I got this call a few times. Today I paid no attention to the ID and answered. It was a call to reduce the interest on my credit cards. I didn't get a chance to press anything. It hung up. I was trying to get a name of an agency to report. But didn't get that chance. Totally creepy though. And I do hope something is done about it. My dad is elderly and now because of all these scams you can barely ever get him to answer a phone.

JUST started getting them last weekend 3 out of my 4 cells got it...told my kids NOT to answer them

I just had this happen, so I decide to block my number from calling itself....what can that hurt? When I answered the call thought it was my husband..we had just moved here..I didnt know my new number..thought he was calling from his cell....was a credit card company wanting to lower my debt...on credit cards...I pay off jn 30 no debt...what a scam!

Got the call from "Rachel" about my credit card, which I don't have, pushed #9, got some foreign guy, told them to remove my number from their lists, didn't work, called A.T.T, said they could give me a security code to stop these calls, maybe everyone should call your cell providers and see if they can give some sort of security too.....who knows, it might work. By the way, they even used my area code with one number difference, very close to my own phone number, very frustrating.

The scammers used my name and phone number, and the end result, accessed my credit card and in two states. The charges to my credit card showed up as purchases made two different companies Heating and Air Conditioning suppliers. I filed a police report but they leave it to the credit card company to investigate and pursue the scammers.

Go to for more information about what to do when someone misuses your personal information.

I get multiple calls each day on my business line from my own number. So I put myself on call block. It works wonderfully.

Not answering calls from my home phone is not an option! I have my home phone forwarded to my cell phone, and can block many of the robocalls with an Android app. BUT....... Suppose I'm out and about and my 13 year old is at home and there's an emergency? I have no way of knowing whether the call from my home number is my kid or that it is one of these scumbags!

Cell phone have blocking capability..You would think.........

what about 3 calls a day from almost my number? For example, if my number is 123-456-7890, I get 3 calls a day from 123-456-XXXX where the last 4 digits are basically 9,999 calls I will end up getting on this number.

Not finding anyone reporting this. I've blocked perhaps a hundred. Should I just 'put up with' another 9,900 of these calls?

All these responses are virtually the same. I have suffered through the same numerous calls.
However, the real culprit is the companies that build and sell the phone equipment that spoofs your number. Try to buy this yourself and no one seems to know who has such technological advanced phone spoofing equipment. This is how you stop it......the FTC should go after the manufacturers of this equipment in the first place.
And if there is technology to "spoof" your own number, there should be similar technology to counter act it.

Sounds like Bridget Small -FTC is a roboresponder

Here is a new trick criminals are using: You miss a call from what looks like number in your contact list. You hit redial but then your call goes to a totally different number. Not only that, when you use your phone later to make a call, your number shows up to your intended-caller as that totally different number: your own caller-ID has been hacked and changed.

This is the first time that my number has been stolen by these scammers. It is usually some out the area zip code and they come about the same time each day. This time it was my own number! Isn't anything being done about all of these stupid calls? We pay our own phone bills and these jerks are turning our phone into their own sales tool.

Block your own number. Done. Not like you're ever going to call yourself :)

Thank you Major! In my frustrations I hadn't even thought of doing this but will now do so. Bless you. Sometimes it takes someone else to bring commonsense answers to a person whom has simply just reached the end of their rope and the knot that they'd tied to help in keeping themselves from slipping and then falling has loosened itself.

My mom has had this happen to her, someone from another country called with her number to my grandparents. Can they use the numbers to steal money or something? Is there no way to get them to stop using her number?

It's a mess! It's a mess because I feel very strongly that federal and state governmental agencies with alphabets like HLS, CIA, TSA, NSA, just to name a few of these "alphabet soup" agencies, are behind almost all of our problems of being tracked and spied upon, especially the spying and tracking of taxpaying, law-abiding, harmless, REAL Americans—spying on us through their various sophisticated, government controlled tracking methods, using very expensive, modern, devilish technological programs and various devices paid for by US—yes, Us, the taxpaying law-abiding folks of the USA...yes, US!


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