Getting calls from your own number?

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It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.


My home phone is bundled with our U-Verse account. Is there a way to block a number going OUT, not in? There have been calls made from my home phone line to a number that doesn't exist (according to AT&T) and I'm being charged for the calls. Thank you for any help.

Your service provider should be able to answer that question.

This tweet was misrepresented. I didn't see a solution or help to avoid these calls. What a joke. The sci fi movie solution was flippant and inappropriate.

You're right, this blog post doesn't explain how to stop getting calls from your own number. However, many people have asked the FTC how and why they get calls that appear to be from their own phone number, whether the calls are illegal and how to respond to them. The blog post answers those questions.

I suspect this spoofed call of my own number I received is from the jackass who called me last week from 505-407-3106. I call-blocked THAT number, and I guess he wants to show me how clever he is by spoofing his call and making it look like I'm calling my own number, smh.

I wonder just how many verses of the Lollipop Trio these scam callers could stand listening to me sing in my best monotone voice?

Probably not politically correct but a long blast from one of those air horns people use at ball games seem to be useful I have been told.

I discovered someone is using my number to make spam calls. Time to get them to stop. Maybe we should all cancel our phone and internet service until something is done. Nothing will be done until big data starts to lose money. It's unacceptable that decent people have to put up with problems from technology misuse.

Since last Sunday, March 20,2016 thru today, March 23rd (so far) I have received 12 phone calls from 9 different numbers, one of which was mine. Got one from the IRS, 2 from the same # in Baltimore, 2 from a telemarketer in DC, and the rest were "Unknown Names". This is sick and has been going on for months-- from basically the SAME numbers.I do not answer and they do not leave a message. I Do Not believe that AT&T can't do something about this. They know how to try to sell you more phone services, but can't or won't help when help is needed. How I wish Verizon was in So. Florida.

I received a call from myself today and googled to see if this happens often and long behold it actually does! I will take the advice of a comment posted here which is to block my own number... I don't want to even know when these scammers are calling.

To "block" a number from your cell phone, create an address book entry called Silent Ring and assign it a silent ring tone. For each number to be "blocked" add it to Silent Ring until it's maxed out - perhaps 8 numbers. For additional numbers create another address book entry called Silent Ring 2 and so forth.

The caller will hear the ring tone but you won't because it is silent. You will eventually become aware of these calls because they'll show up as missed.

I recommend the FTC or Attorney General making a reform or announcement that all collections and correspondence will be done in writing. You will not receive calls from the IRS or any institution on your phone. Just like a person needs to be served with a judgment, you won't receive a phone call notifying you. I recommend that all matters be done in writing and making some type of ad to put people at ease. This will upset the collection/ debt collectors but it needs to be done. We need some kind of reform.

I am older, I wonder if I can file a case under our state's elderly abuse law?

You can't file charges on criminals that don't live where you live. These calls are from all over the world. Our laws don't mean squat there.

I just checked my missed calls on my house phone and my house phone called itself!! I recently installed a call blocker!

That is a lame response on your part. You are basically enabling these people to continue using fraudulent tactics to contact us. As you know once we are on the do not call list the are not supposed to be calling us in the first place, but because YOU CAN'T DO YOUR JOB. you are letting the continue to hassle us.

This problem is very easy to fix. Force the phone company to retain traces of where these calls are REALLY coming from. This will allow us to sue the perpetrators and will shut this fraud done right away. Do your JOB FTC!!!!!

Imagine my feelings when I received a phone call with my husband's name and our phone number- the day after he passed away. Several of my freinds have had the same experience. At least I was able to warn them that it would happen. It is still happening and brings me to tears each time.

We've been getting calls on our landline over the past two months from all over the U.S. They never leave a message on the answering machine. We're on the "Do Not Call" list, but apparently these may not be telemarketers. The frequency of these calls has increased dramatically. We receive multiple calls every single day and at different times of the day. If there is anyway of reporting these numbers to the proper authorities, we would appreciate the information.

You can submit a complaint to the FTC at

Bridget, I did as you asked, but the complaint was not accepted. This is pretty ridiculous: "We cannot accept your complaint because the company phone number you entered and your registered phone number are the same, Please verify the company phone number and reenter the complaint. Thank you."

I just received a call at home with my spouses name and our home phone number!! Why can't the big dogs make it law for all carriers that offer home service to have a call blocking option?? Both myself and my spouse have this on our cells and it works beautifully!! Our home phone is through our cable company and we have no option but to let the spammers call day and night!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Come on, everybody. Give the FTC a break. They've already written laws to make this activity illegal, so their existing laws clearly prevent criminals from calling (as evidenced by all the liars posting comments here). And in the event that those laws don't stop the really tough criminals then all we need are really tough laws. We'll let the gun control idiots handle it because nothing stops a criminal like a REALLY stern paragraph. Yay government!

What happens when someone gets 2 phone calls from 2 people and neither of them actually called you? My aunt today said that my grandma and i both called her but neither of us actually called her. Our faces popped up and when she answered it was quiet and not even a voicemail would come. When we both checked through our call history no one even called her. My last call was 2 days ago and also the calls were a minute apart. Mine was 7:38 and my grandma's was 7:39.

Yep my husband thought I was calling him but it was saying he won a trip to the Bahamas. It's really scary!

These calls that appear to be coming from the number they are calling are VERY disconcerting! I freaked out the first time I received one of these. My teenage children have also been troubled by the apparent breach of our home. I regularly report calls, but not sure how to even report calls that appear to be coming from our own phone number. I even tried *69 function to find out actual number but it also shows that the number that called was our own. We do not give out our home number except to doctors and school. We use our cell phones primarily. This invasion of home and breach of sense of home security must be stopped.

My phone number appears in the At&t Phone Log as if I called myself yet phone CID just lists it as Incoming call when I answer this call its from a scammers pretending to be from Microsoft pretending they see a virus in my computer.

I get calls from Microsoft all the time about a virus on my p/c, so I actually did call Microsoft and spoke with tech support and was told they would never make a call to your house. If you have a problem, you call them.

Step 1: Answer
Step 2a: Poceed with real conversation
Step 2b: Hang up

I hate that scammers would try to steal your information

we have started receiving calls that show up as people in our contacts list. My husband answered a call from what said it was me. When he picked up it said he won a cruise. Now his brother just got the same thing and it showed up with my husbands contact info. How are they doing this with our contacts?

I was creeped out tonight
I was logged out of facebook messenger and facebook told me I violated a community standard than i get a phone call from a number with the same area code as me put the weird part is the number was missing a number

Example : first 3 is my area code--->814-444-444 <--- like that whats the chance of someone calling me from that number
i dont know anyone with a number close to that

The phone companies know exactly where these calls originate. If they're VOIP calls, they enter the phone network through a gateway and the phone companies can trace to that gateway. They choose not to act on this issue. These robocalls probably constitute the majority of landline calls now. If the phone companies were not making money on them, they would be the first to complain and do something about it. They do earn money from it. A tiny amount per call for the caller ID lookup fee. I get a dozen times more robocalls on my landline than on my cellphone. Why? Is it 'more' illegal to robocall a cellphone? No. The phone companies are involved in this scam. They want everybody to switch to the more-profitable cell phones and abandon landlines which are expensive to maintain. Forging caller ID is fraud. The first step is to require the phone companies to terminate any call with invalid caller ID data. All phone exchanges are computerized. It's a tiny bit of extra software to check the caller ID data and verify it. Phone company software can and should totally prevent caller ID spoofing. They won't because it is profitable for them. If it were not, they would be the first ones to act.

I tried the FTC route once. Got an official incidence number to track,

Called once to follow up was left on hold forever, called a second time read the number form the printed e-mail and was told the number was not in the system. I think they are too busy to follow up on these scam calls.

I will vote for the first politician who is smart enough to make as part of his platform cracking down on robo calls and scam calls and misleading TV, Radio, internet and print ads.

I recently just got my phone call from itself I didn't pick it up, but when it calls it doesn't finish like it does a alf ring then the robocalls hangs up . should I block it ?

I need someone to ex how they are texing useing other people name on my contacts my husband his girlfriend works in telecommunacation use my ss num open creidit but they have used my name and opened alot of phone numbers under my name i am scared i need someone to ex and my phone called my other phone battery was out of it

If someone used your Social Security number to get credit, you can go to for help. You can report what happened, and get a personal plan to help you fix problems caused by identity theft.

Did we forget that scammers have access to old fashioned phone books? Just don't give out any information if someone on the phone asks. It's a no brainer.

I picked up because this happened before I read this. I figured it was my mom calling from my iPad. The person hung up after 7 seconds! I'm really scared now plz help me!!!!!!

Recently I received a call to my iPhone from my daughters cell number. She also has a iPhone and we live 15 min from each other. When I answered there was no one there. A few min later she called again and this time this time the call got disconnected again. So I called her because she has a medical condition and I was worried. I said hello but could hear kids in the back ground. Hey wouldn't answer me.
My first thought was that she had lost her phone then I get a FaceTime request from her. When I answer someone says "oh my gosh it works!" And then they hang up. Now I'm really getting worried. I FaceTime my daughters cell number back and I get this young girl that is clearly nervous about talking to me. She wouldn't say much. There are other kids in the background talking. I can tell they are in a classroom. I asked her several times how she was able to call me using my daughters number and she kept saying "I don't know". They hang up again. So I call AT&amp;T and they tell me the kids have a app they put on their phone to do this. For a hour I tried to call my daughter and got no answer which is very unusual. So I sent a message to my daughters phone number sayingI was going to turn their number in. I get a message back from a phone down state about a hundred miles away from someone wanting to know why I was going to turn her daughter in.
How are the kids doing this? My daughter has twin girls and is worried they will get ahold of this app or may already have it on their phones. We want to make sure they don't get this app or already have it on their phones. I appreciate any help that someone can give me.
NEW NOTE...These people lived over a hundred miles away from us so they never had access to my daughters phone! The password she has on her accounts is so complex that I doubt a few high school or junior high students were able to steal this info. Again AT&T said it was a APP!!! My daughters phone is not jail broke and she has her cloud and iTunes secured with a crazy long password. I have to believe these kids got access to her contact list since they called using her number and call me. Anyone have any ideas that can explain this? I've been into the forums and I get told that the got her password. I have a hard believing that kids a hundred miles away could get ahold of her password.

[quote]Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.[/quote]
Well that's just great, gubment. Makes me so proud to pay taxes. :rolleyes:

Instead of snarky advice, how about enforcing our laws? (Far out idea, I know, but that's how I think.) If it wouldn't put you out too much, that is.

Go to this service is free and automatically screens calls against a blacklist of known scam and robo call numbers. Works great like a bug zapper, you get a partial ring that lets you know another robo caller got zapped!

Have been having trouble with my number calling friends randomly for the past two years! After 4 new phones & 2 number changes, finally have reached someone through my carrier for hopeful resolve. I have been told that it is not my device, not a network issue and that my number has been spoofed. I believe more than likely an ex who has access to my friend's numbers. My carrier has told me that they are investigating it and running a "trap" but ultimately cannot tell ME who the individual spoofing my number is. So where would I go from here???

i want to get my phone's number

If getting calls from your own number then block your own number and this will stop people from spoofing your phone number. I did and now no more calls from my own number. Hope this helps

How I can resolve this problem ?! .

So if this happened to me today does that mean i will keep getting the calls? What if i block my own number?

You have a few options for blocking robocalls and other unwanted calls. Please see the FTC article, Blocking Unwanted Calls.

I hate this app

I just got cussed out by someone claiming I keep calling his number,he got my number off of caller ID. I don't use my number for calling out except to my doctors' offices for appointments. I talk all day at work the last thing I want is to call people so I use my phone for texting that's it.

Having same problem with getting hacked. Get junk emails all day long (hundreds) showing that they came from my own email address.


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