Getting calls from your own number?

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It’s like a scene out of a strange sci-fi movie. You get a call, look at the caller ID, and see that your own number is calling. Weird! No, this isn’t an alternate reality where your future self is calling the present you. It’s a scammer making an illegal robocall

Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake or “spoof” caller ID information. They can make it look like they’re calling from a different place or phone number. Even your number. Scammers use this trick as a way to get around call-blocking and hide from law enforcement. They hope you’ll be curious enough to pick up. Don’t fall for it.

The real callers could be calling from anywhere in the world. We’ve written about these kinds of tricks before — like when scammers pretended to be the IRS and faked caller ID so people thought it really was the IRS calling.

Bottom line? These calls from your own number are illegal. Don’t pick up — or press buttons to be taken off the call list or to talk to a live person. That just leads to more calls. It’s best to ignore them, and move on with your day. Maybe watch a really good sci-fi movie.


We aren't saying the scammer cloned a device that uses your phone number to call you. The scammer uses technology to change what shows up on your caller ID display.

The scammer could be calling from anywhere in the world, but he fooled your caller ID display, so it doesn't show the number he is using. It shows your home number instead.

The scammer hopes you will be curious and answer the phone.  Don’t fall for it.

Back in 2014 when I first filed complaints I naively thought some action would be taken. I even wrote to my congressman and both senators. I suggested to FTC that requesting assistance from NSA might be of help.I was informed that NSA doesn't do things like that. HA! I worked there for 3.5 years while in USAF. While that was back in the 1960's, I am sure that they have the necessary ability to locate and identify these total rectal orifices. I have now formally filed a new report with the FTC and hope it will not be in vain. As an aside, when this first started with me, it was only on my landline phone. It is now on both my landline and my cell phone. I am on the TX state and federal do-not-call lists but this seems to have absolutely no impact.

My Tracfone calls my landline phone by itself Up to 18 times per day.... ???

I just got a call from my own cell number. The number was the cell phone I had in my hand. When I answered, the automated voice suggested that I have been identified as someone who has committed something and I need to punch in my social to confirm. I hung up the phone. Should I be worried?

Problem is they're spoofing my number to robo-scam call others. Now I get phone calls from people I don't know saying they saw my number on their caller ID and are returning my call.

Got a call on my cell phone from my cell phone at 12:30 AM. Woke me up so I was a bit confused, but did not answer the call. I thought it was a dream until I checked my call log! I guess calling in the middle of the night gives them a better chance of catching someone off guard.

Yoh i just recieved a call from my ID number this is scary

I have my own number blocked! Obviously, you can't call your own number from the same phone, so blocking it doesn't mess anything up! I always get a laugh when I see a call from my number was blocked. What is really troubling me is that they are calling 10 times a day from numbers in my own area code. They know you are not going to block your whole area code, as most of your calls come from there. Very disgusting and nerve racking.

If everyone who posted here took the time to file an online complaint with the FCC(it only takes a few seconds) when they got a robocall the politicians would have shut them down by now.

my mom, my dad and myself all got a call within 30 minutes from our own phone numbers. all from "AT&T" saying there was a problem with my account and requested the last 4 of our SSN. we hung up but annoying.

They said they were from AT&T and they needed the acct. holders last 4 of social. I gave it to them and they said it was wrong. I hope nothing happens!!!

How do I report that my phone number is being used (spoofed) as part of a scam. I keep getting calls from people saying they received a call from my number. When they answer the call from my number is a scam call. Can I do anything about it?

Usually, when scammers mis-use someone's phone number (spoof it) to cover up their scam, they stop after a few days and move on to a new number. If you keep getting calls, you could put a message on your answering machine explaining what happened, to save yourself from answering the calls.

Just received a scammer call with my own cell phone number

I got a call from a weird number 99001155 ???

I'm glad I decided to read the comments! Got two questions answered. Received a call on my home landline,with caller ID saying it was my own number!! Three times this past year. Twice now,caller ID shows 1911860.I called it,as it said "Invalid Number". If it was invalid,how could it be calling anyone? When I called,the 911 operator came on!! What the heck?! I was totally baffled! Now I know its scammers! This site does provide a valuable service! Thank you!

After reading these comments... I didn't see anyone mention app's. When you download an app on your phone you give them permission to have access to your contact list and make calls from your phone. Has nobody thought about scammers gaining access to your info that way?? Some of the most popular games, that you pay for, have to have access to these things on your phone or they "won't work". I dont think the average person thinks much of it and allows it. Food for thought.


They are Scammers Calling, what ever you do DO NOT Pick Up your phone, if you do DO NOT give any information suck as your bank account, credit card numbers or not even your Social Security Numbers.
Once these scammers get any of these information you could be swiped out of everything.

Omg happened to me three times on my way home from work tonight. My number calling! Thankfully I have 'Do not disturb whilst driving' enabled on my phone. Trouble is, it sends a message to the caller to TELL them I'm driving and wing be answering my phone!
I'll be downloading an app giving me a serving phone number and only THAT one will be used should I need to give it a number. Off to the app store! In the meantime I'll be ignoring these calls.

i hope this dont happen to me i picked it up

Why can't you stop callerid spoofing? There should be technology available to not let the call thru or identify it as spoofed to the customer. How about insert the country code where the call is originating? Seems to me FTC isn't too concerned or they would act to help protect us.

My call was weird I didn’t pick it up but when I called it back, it went straight to my voice mail. It also happened to my mom at the exact same time.

I need help. Have a person or persons using my business identity with a phone number. Investigator went to his address, dialed number given off of fraudulent website. The man's phone rang however investigators phone number did not appear on man's caller i.d., the number the investigator dialed appeared. Is there a backdoor service available for these scammers?

Some homeboy got a robocall from MY number and then the guy who was called texted me right. so then I respond because he accused me of calling him at work. So then we texting for a while and i show my teacher this right. Then she says its algorithm and a robot is texing me and they stealin my information. But keep in mind that this homie texted me a screenshot of his call history wit real numbers and contacts callin him and the low power mode and LTE thing on top. So imma ask u guys if its a scam or a real person because he had personaluty and said like lmao and stuff bro and like i don't wanna be like rude to him, It could be my future best man or somethin you feel me?

Would it help stop it if we change our number?

Looked down at my ringing phone, to see me calling myself. Answered to a voice saying 'You have an AT&T security breach. Please say the last four digits of your SSN". I made something up, there were two beeps and the call was immediately disconnected. Do I block myself ;)

I had that happen to me today I recieved a call the "person" hung up and called a Coworker with my number.. I immediately changed my cell phone number..

Why is it possible to spoof numbers like this? Isn't there any authentication built into the phone network, and if not, when will it be added?

Ignore them?? But am getting calls from people asking why I keep calling them so my number is being used to harass others as well. My mom even got an angry call from a woman because she found my mom's number had called her husband. They need to put a stop to this.

Both my husband and I receive these calls tonight tour own numbers and we answered them and no one was there. I would like to know if I can block my own number which I think would mean I cannot call myself or whatever prevent other people from calling me as well?

My sister received 3 automated calls "from her own number" last night and answered the 3rd. She thought it was from AT&T and about a real problem so she provided her AT&T account number, email address, and last four digits of her social security number. When they hung up on her, she realized it was a scam. She's over 65 and doesn't know what to do about it now. Should she change her email address? Change her AT&T code? Alert her bank or anyone else? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

She could contact her phone provider, explain what happened and ask how to protect her account.

She could be cautious about email, in case she receives scam emails that try to get more personal information. This article tells how to watch out for fraudulent emails that "phish" for information. She could read this list of warning signs of identity theft, and if she sees any clues that someone is misusing her identity, she can report identity theft at

For TWO YEARS, every day, all day long I get scammer calls. Sometimes it is my own phone number. I heard all the scams, police asking for fund raiser. IRS arresting me because of 4 allegations on my name. My PC is compromised with MS Windows problem (when they show you registry files but non savvy pc people buy it) and just annoying all day long, one call after the next. I am on the do not call registry and Verizon blocker of good. They still get through. I want to know how to prosecute this scum bag. I am sick to death of being hounded every day. I have 60 plus calls blocked just from Jan never ends. Why do criminals get off so easily in this country?

The government will NEVER step in beyond telling you to protect yourself because of the shear costs associated with this. The bottom line is this is an endless war. As soon as a new filter is created or suggested the spammer/scammers do two things within days. One they create new work-around to Circumvent new protections and two they actually get new ideas for trolling from each new product introduced to protect!

I just received a call from my own number... totally shocked. I'm very concerned because my number is also my business' number. If someone can call me from my own number, will they call others from my number? I'm worried about my business' good name.

Tonight i had a call come thru on my mobile from my mobile number. Then my housemate missed a call from my number a few minutes later, but there is no record of this in my call history...

I have been going through this crap for at least a couple of years now. I even have them call me sometime from this number 000 000 0000. Its total bull crap and I'm so sick of it. The article talked about the people calling and saying they were from the IRS. Well I had that happen about a year ago. Scared me to death. I didn't have the money ony card so I couldn't give them what they wanted. They had told me if I didn't pay there would be a sheriff knocking on my door within 30 minutes with a warrant for my arrest. When I found out it was a scam I went to the police about it which the only thing they did was tell me what not to do so they were no help. They did tell me though that the reason any phone number can show up on your I'd is because they are using Magic Jack. They said with that you can use any number you want. I just wish the law or somebody would do something about this. I hardly ever answer my phone anymore because it's usually a scammer.

I just got a call from my own number also . A computerized voice asked for the last four numbers of my social security number . I just waited and it hung up .

These calls exhaust me night and day. I use my phone for work so I have to look at every call and every time I debate whether or not to pick it up. This should be and is against the law it needs to be enforced so that we can go on our day without harassment.

Love your elders. Anyone over 60 should never open majl or answer a phone. They either get scammed or buy a warranty forn their new car that they dont need and even if they needed wont cover a thing.

I have experienced people calling me stating they are calling back my number when I have never called them. I have also had a robocall from an IVR call today from my own number for the first time advising me that my number had been flagged for fraudulent activity and to enter or say the last for digits of the primary account holder's SSN. My carrier is AT&T.

The FTC is another useless government agency that does nothing to protect Americans. I have reported numbers to the No Call list, and it was a complete waste of time. Now we are getting calls from ourselves.

I was called by my own number I stated that I would call the police if they didn't hang up immediately and I immediately hang up the phone

I have received calls from the same prefix (not my own number) and answered them because it appears to be a local call. I do not know how you can tell if it is in fact a local call prior to answering. I live in a rural area and I doubt there are even 200 numbers with this prefix.

When this happens to me, the name associated with it is a username I use on a couple of websites.

Call from my own number at 930pm. I'm tired of these hackers disrupting people's lives. I can handle it better than my senior neighbors that get so nervous. Will this ever end? Unfortunately I doubt it.

Received a call 23:44 from my own number asking for the last 4 of my ss# as my AT&T account had been flagged. I immediately hung up- wish I would have known of this scam-wouldn't have answered! can I block my own number without any repercussions?

I could be wrong but I believe if our president of the United States was getting these kinds of calls, someone would know very quickly where the calls are coming from.

It is becoming so easy to steal via telephone. I am at the point where I will not EVER answer my phone unless it is a known number, but now, even that is unsure. I have been called by these criminals, wherever they reside, by my OWN phone number. I have been called by strangers, wondering why I called them, when it was these criminals trying to get info from people. The "information age" has become the "how can I steal from you with my PC" age. Never answer the phone, let voicemail pick it up. It is a shame, but it is the only safe bet. Redial the number at risk, but you may get someone who never even called you, so don't be too mad at them, because these people use OUR phone numbers for their scams.


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