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A pill that makes your brain 15 years younger? Forget about it.

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With aging, stress and being just plain busy, you might sometimes feel like you’re forgetting more things than you used to. So when an ad suggests a pill can reverse 10 to 15 years of memory loss, you might be tempted to buy it.

You may want to rethink that — even if the ad includes supposed backing by scientists, statistics and satisfied customers.

According to an FTC lawsuit, Brain Research Labs, KeyView Labs, MedHealth Direct, and others misled people by saying their product, Procera AVH, was a clinically proven solution for memory loss and for decline in the ability to learn, concentrate or make everyday decisions.  Procera ads assured consumers this “breakthrough nutritional formula” would “help reverse up to 15 years of mental decline,” and improve concentration, focus and mood.

The companies allegedly used ads to play on the fears of older consumers — warning that, by age 50, people lose over half their brainpower. The FTC says the ads prompted older consumers to imagine lives in which they couldn’t handle their own financial matters, couldn’t be trusted to buy anything, had to move into a nursing home to “live with strangers,” and other unnerving scenarios.

Many consumers bought into the claims — paying anywhere from $40 to $80 for a 3-4 week supply. However, the FTC says the companies didn’t back their claims with solid science. The settlement orders the companies to end their existing Procera continuity program and to back future advertising claims with good science.

If you remember nothing else, be skeptical before buying a product claiming to do the phenomenal. And file a complaint with the FTC if you pay for a product that promises, but fails to deliver, miraculous results.

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please do a scam alert about timeshares (especially Diamond International Resorts)

I see claims being made for coconut oil and its advantages--beauty, cooking, etc. How valid are they?

Scams in competition everywhere research products

I am one of the consumers who was duped by the newspaper page I got in the mail. I purchased 3 Bottles of Procera along with 3 Bottles of Ceraplex (Neuro Protector) I still have the bottles (empties and full ones). Are we going to get reimburse? The company preyed on people like me who have a parent with Alzheimers. I have been caring for my 89 yr old mom for the past six years.

Please report your experience to the FTC by filing a complaint at

a website should be provided by fTC which would allow a consumer the ability to look up products and scammers to see how many complaints and nature of the have been filed, and the resolution of these complaints since the FTC does not give a person feedback for an individual complaint, and sometimes a person feels they were the only one with a particular problem.

Wheres the action against the maker of prevagen? what takes so long. total fraud in tv ads.

When are you going to put a stop to the sale of Prevagen and force Quincy Bioscience out of business? I’m getting tired of these commercials every 15 minutes!

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