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Supporting veterans at the VFW’s national conference

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I recently spent a few days meeting many of our nation’s veterans at the annual VFW and Lady’s Auxiliary conferences in Pittsburgh. An estimated 12,000 delegates, dignitaries and guests convened in the Steel City, a little more than 100 years after the VFW was formally organized there by veterans of the Spanish-American war. This year’s convention included a speech by President Obama, workshops about veterans’ assistance, informational exhibits, a health fair, organizational business meetings and awards presentations.

Members that stopped by the FTC’s booth were very interested in the Pass It On campaign, our new site,, and our publications on charity fraud, phone scams and veterans’ pensions. Many of the state commanders commented that the FTC’s materials would be very helpful to the members of their local VFW posts. Some said they had already helped a buddy from the post avoid a scam in the past and would welcome any tips to help keep others away from scammers. If you’re a member of a VFW post and you’d like tips to help you help others, check out our resources, starting with Download materials from the site or order free copies at Hand them out at your post, add consumer tips to your newsletter or offer them on your post’s website and social networks.


I support this!

We need to arm our former and current fighting soldiers and their families with the weapons to successfully avoid if possible and fight if necessary those unscrupulous people who are the perpetrators of scams. It is the right thing to do and it is American way. Thank you FTC

As an offspring of a VFW member of the Lady's Auxiliary and Son in law of a VA/VS Representative and a Past Post Commander and other positions, I feel the government is still not doing enough for our wounded warriors. Especially the VA Hospitals. There are area's that they should be covering under there entitled benefits. In stead the Wounded Warriors Program seems to be the only ones picking up the tab, with the help of public donations to there cause. This is based on the TV ads. Why is that? Is this a scam on the part of the WWP to fleece the public out of money to pay for their needs? When all along the VA is paying for what the WWP claims they are not. I myself am sick and tired of all this scamming and fleecing of the public and ID theft. I myself have been a victim of ID theft. And because of the alerts that you show to do, I can't land a job. According to them there are too many warnings on my Background Checks. And no one will send me a copy so I can challenge it. I do no have the money to pay for a copy. So what can a person do? Our Veterans are our primary concern.

Where and to who can I submit my ideas/suggestions to fight Identity Theft / Scams, and report suspicious people and activities.?

Past Commander-in-Chief William "Bill" Thien was awarded the VFW Distinguished Service Medal and Citation at the 116th VFW National Convention. He was recognized for the loyalty and commitment he displayed to veterans and our organization's mission throughout his 44 year tenure.

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