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Avoiding Money Wiring Scams

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Imposters. Impersonators. Fakes. Frauds. Phonies. You might call them by different names but these scam artists have one thing in common: they pretend to be someone they aren’t and tell you a bogus story to con you into wiring them money.

The crooks will give you a pretty convincing reason to wire money. They might say you owe the IRS taxes and you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay up. Or that you won a federal grant and have to pay a processing fee to get your money. Some even tell you a loved one’s in trouble and needs your help.

They might tell you to use a money wiring service to add funds to a 16-digit account number they give you—they say it’s your case number or account number, but it’s not. Once the transfer goes through, the money’s gone and you can’t get it back.

Government agencies will never ask you to pay by wiring money. Neither will legitimate businesses. If someone insists you pay by wiring money, it’s a scam. Don’t do it. Instead, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at or 1-877-FTC-HELP.

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Have you heard of any scams involving George Straight??

Im selling my car on craigslist for 1200 buck a guy texted who was intrested saying hed send a check and have a guy come get the car .. But not until his check cleared in my account i have recived the check which was over a grad more than i thought it was gana be what should i do cash it and let it clear before i let him take car? Should i report him should i rip up the check i dont know what to do iv heard of people doing this and asking for the diffrence in the asking price and the check back

Some scammers send a check for more than the asking price and ask you to send money back. Other people have written comments here about selling cars, and having a 'buyer' say he wants a 'shipper' to pick up the car.

It takes time for a bank to find out whether a check is good, but the bank has to give you some money within a few days. If you take money, and then the bank finds out the check is no good, you'll have to repay the bank.

I was looking on Craigslist for a loan I called a number and a man answered this is the email he sent me

Yes ,You are require to fund it legally ..NO cash or credit is needed from you to start ,i will mail a check payment to your physical address to validate your loan officially ,then you will have access to full loan accommodations .

Cash it then send PART out for legal process of Documents and procedures meaning first Insurance ,Then you have access to 60,000$ and below for a start . Also for the record ,below information's is needed to process your Loan account. 1:Names:... 2.Physical Address... 3.Requested Amount :.... 4: Duration:.... 5: Valid Phone #:..... 6.D.O.B 7.Email Address........

Do you think this is a scam. He sent me a package but it couldn't get access to it FedEx wouldn't release it I told him and he said he would send me another one that he was mistaken for somebody else.

This could be a scam. The person might be trying to get you involved in transferring money. This blog has more about scammers who pretend to hire people.

ohk I have this chick who is trying to wire me money and all I have to do is send her my debt card and she says I should get it back in three days and ill receive a good amount of money for three days and she will send me my card back she didn't ask for no account information nothing not even a pin number I'm nervous if I should send my card or not I know I can cancel it if I don't feel like its legit but will it be to late by then

If someone you don't know asks you to give them something valuable (like your money, bank account number or debit card) and promises to repay you later, it's probably a scam.


thank you very helpful comments

Can someone scam you with a bank of America account? Meaning if I deposit an amount into a bank of America account and then not receive the item that I am paying for is there a way I would be able to get it back if I had a receipt?

If you put money in someone's account, but they didn't give you what they promised, you probably need to contact that person and ask for a refund or for the thing they promised. You could  file a complaint about them with a consumer protection agency. You could contact the bank and explain the situation and ask if they can help.

I have received to separate calls after I applied for a loan online. The call goes something like this:

Them: I see you applied for a loan online. I am here to help because you have been approved for $xxx.

Me: Great.

Them: How much were you interested in?

Me: $xxx

Them: Great. I have your information here. Your bank account # is xxx. Your ssn is xxx. Your employer is xxx. OK, so the first thing we need to do is I will transfer $xxx into your bank account. You will then need to withdraw that amount and wire back to us to show that your bank is valid and you can make your payments.

Me: I said thank you but no thank you.

I then hung up. I am positive that this is a scam. I don't remember who they said what company they were but I am warning others. Don't fall for this one.

My father has been speaking to a woman who originally claimed to be from the UK. She tried to come to the US for a "visit", but was turned away at the airport due to a 10- year ban. Now she is living in Portugal with her mother because "she quit her job and gave up her apartment" (for a VISIT?) and had nowhere else to go. The woman dictates what he can and can't do, who he can talk to, what he can spend his money on. Now she's receiving $200 a month by Western Union for "rent and internet money" because she "can't get a job because she doesn't speak Portuguese." even though she's been living there (presumably illegally) for about 3 years now.

Is this a Wire Fraud case or something else? It's some kind of fraud, but I'm not sure what to call it or do. Help?

Ok I met a guy online and we have been talking a while. I don't fall in love in a matter of days, however he i Has told me he loves me and seemed very concerned about helping myself and my children through financial difficulties.

He is supposedly contracted through the military and over seas and seems genuine enough however when I told him I needed a few hundred dollars, hee offered 5,000. He said he wanted to help. Ok so I'm not 100%sure how a transfer works..but he put me in touch with his "bank manager", who supposedly handles his end of transfer first and is responsible for collecting my account information, which I reluctantly provided.

A day later..still no money received. He asks me to show proof of identity to complete the transfer. He wants me to provide a scanned copy of my ID online. I don't know much about this. Is this common? Am I being scammed? I feel uneasy at this point.

If you give someone your bank account number, they can take money from your account. If you give them your ID, they can use it to commit identity theft against you.

Some scammers use people to help them transfer stolen money.  The scammer develops a relationship with someone online, and asks their new sweetheart to accept a deposit in her bank account, and then transfer part of the funds. The scammer might have deposited stolen money, or might have sent a fake check that will bounce later and leave you responsible.

If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

I answered for a job and got an email that I'm the chosen one and they are hire me for the job, they will send the details and plus the first check to cover the first week plus an amount I have to transfer for a painter. I received the check from their "financier" and the whole story failed when they said I have to transfer the money by MoneyGram..I started to feel fishy the whole story. If a company cover a job 100% they want an invoice for their tax! But in this case no tracking trail back. Here the mobile phone number but I'm sure they will not use it anymore: 346-800-3791. Plus the person I talked on the phone sounds to me african accent..So the whole story felt fishy. I teared the check and garbage I just wants to give this info for those who have the same experience. What a world filled up with cheaters!! Be careful!

Beware of 346-800-3791 !

About 6 months ago I started working at home for this company called New-Suit. The lady I was a virtual stylist assistant for wanted to start her own eBay clothing store. She wanted me to be the CEO since she would be back and forth to Turkey to buy clothes she wanted me to open a business checking account in my name. She went ahead and used my info to attain an EIN number. I stupidly opened an account and gave her the bank info for it. She herself deposited two large checks in the account before she left for Turkey. She wants me now to wire her most of and then keep a smaller amount for myself for commission. I think I got scammed and I don't want to send the money because I'm afraid of what will happen to me if those checks come back bad. She says they are from investors and promises they are good. Since I won't wire to Turkey she wants me to wire to her friend in the states. I'm still unsure. Now she is getting upset with me and thinks I'm trying to scam her and that she is stuck in Turkey until I send the money to her friend so she can wire to the woman in Turkey. Someone help!! I've talked to the bank and am thinking about contacting a lawyer. I just want the money to go back where it came from and close the account and get rid of the EIN. Any suggestions??

I think you are saying that you opened a bank account in your name, and gave someone the bank account number. She deposited checks in the account, and wants you to withdraw money and send it to her. That could be a scam.

Some scammers recruit victims with job ads that seem like they’re for legitimate jobs, but are not. Scammers post ads for imaginary job openings for payment-processing agents, finance support clerks, mystery shoppers, interns, money transfer agents or administrative assistants. At some point, the scammer asks for your bank account number, or tells you to open a new account. The she sends instructions about transferring money. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

You can ask the bank for information about the checks you deposited. It can take several weeks or even longer for a bank to find out a check is fake. It's good to be cautious about withdrawing money.

If you want to find a lawyer, you could use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association, or visit this site from the State Bar Associations.

If I waited until the bank is absolutely sure that those checks are good then send her all the money and close the account, I should be ok right? I will have to deal with her messaging me numerous times throughout the day but I'd rather have that then have legal trouble. She claims she can't come back to the states until she gets that money. Makes no sense to me why she even put it there in the first place.

Your bank can tell you more about your responsibility for the account.

I applied for a loan through a lending website and I got a call that I had been approves for a loan through cedarcreekfinancing , Sams amount that I applied for (8,000) only have to pay 197 a month and pay 574 up front for a 3 month in advance payment because of my bad credit and they want it through western union. I was going to do it but then I read about loan scams on the western union website. Should I trust this?

If someone tells you to send money before they will lend you money, it could be a scam. And if they tell you to use a wire transfer service like Western Union or MoneyGram, it's even more likely to be a scam. If you send money by wire transfer, you can't trace it and you can't get it back. It's like giving someone cash.

This FTC article about loans that ask you to pay a fee in advance lists warning signs of a scam. Look at the warning signs, and think about what the "lender" told you. If it seems like a scam, don't get involved.

I was a victim of a housing scam last week. A man called Michael Lofton ((435) 237-0814, mic_lofton@          ) was supposed to lease an apartment to me. After all agreements were completed and the house was seen, he was supposed to send me the keys and lease but asked me to pay first.

He charged me a total of $1200 and asked me to wire it into Bank Name: Bank of America(BOA) Account Name: Marthamae Bethram Account Number:32507855xxxx Account Type: Checking Account

I ran into some issues with that account and he gave me another one: Yvette A Gaines (Bank of America) Account number -32507104xxxx Routine number -12100xxxx. Email address -- Yvette.gaines.mahmoud@    . Or send a wire to Belinda Jensen in Fowler, CA through Western Union. After the payments were made, he completely disappeared.

what happens if someone wants to wire money to your account? do you have to give them any bank account info?

If someone you don't know wants your bank account number, it could be a scam. If a person says he will wire money to you, the money could be stolen. He might ask you to receive money, and then send the money to someone else. You might be helping someone with a crime.

If you tell him your bank account number, he can take your money. He might say he will deposit money, but he can take money too. If someone you don't know well asks for your bank account number, don't tell them the number.

What if you have a friend that meant a man that states he is in the military and is overseas and at first she would send money to him to Ghana but he was in Japan at the time. And now your ffriend is asking you to send money to him athrough Diploma with different names but under your name and not hers. What happens to you? Do you get jail time. You know its a scam but she just wont listen to you or anybody. What happens to you. Since your the one sending the money and not her. Its under name not hers. Your just doing a favor for your friend that wont listen to you to STOP!

If a scammer wants to send or receive stolen money, he will ask someone to do the dirty work for him. He might develop an online relationships and ask his new sweetheart to transfer money for him. Law enforcement calls the victims who do this money transfer work "money mules."

If you get involved with a scheme like this, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

  • Go to Kroger ,walgreens,or rite aid, Write your name where it says"RECEIVER name" on a western union paper . Write ANY name where it says "SENDER name" cause you don't need an I.D. to Send money.... you send $290 to yourself & to your city & state.after that they will print you out a receipt with your reference number ,(BY ME WORKING FOR WESTERN UNION), I will add a zero to your $290 making it $2,900 in 30 seconds. Then You take your reference number to a different western union and pick up the $2,900& send me $950 back. We'll be on the phone the entire process

This is message I received on fb. Almost sounds plausible bc I'm sending money to my own name but of course this is illegal. How are they able to scam me when I'm sending money to my own name. Are they just scamming western union

It's hard to say how the scam works, but it does sound suspicious. If you answer a message from someone you don't know, or send money because of a message from someone you don't know, you're taking a risk. You could end up losing money and personal information.

I got this message today on fb!

I have been trying to sell a fridge online. A person texted me and asked me to email them. They wanted me to put a check that they were sending me in the bank, and then wire the rest of the money to their "movers" who are supposed to pick up the fridge. I said this is fishy. I told them that when I receive the check I will either shred it or send it back to them.

My parents have been involved in sending money to sell their time share. They now feel an investigation bureau has awarded them their money back. They have set up a bank account without in money in it incase they are actually going to send them the money. Im telling them they can still put money in this account and then pull it out and they will be responsible and that they can still steal their identity. They think by sending a number for an empty bank account they are safe.

A man began chatting with me on, and recently we have been communicating but not on Plenty of Fish. He has been asking me for my bank information, and he tells me his house has been flooded. He says it is important. I have not given him anything! And he is not getting it. (This has happened in the my past, and I do not want a repeat of a past mistake. ) So if he feels the need to keep moving, then he can do that.

I had applied for loans online and I new that I had bad credit and I always get denied and then I received a call from advance America which told me I was approved for a loan of 5.000 dollar and that it would be in my account the next day they had all my info SSN. Date of birth.account.routing number. Anyways the next morning the Indians called me at 7:00 A.M and said the money is in your account and I called and their was 890.00 dollars in my account and they said go to Walmart and buy a money gram and send the money back and they would deposit 5000 because my credit score was below 700 and the 890.00 would instantly boost my credit score so I was very happy. So I jumped up didn't even wash my face or brush my teeth and ran to the store and brought a 100.00 dollars worth of groceries then I called in a payment to the light company. And to make a long story short when I got finished their was nothing left and when I got back home their was 20 calls from shall I call them the perpetrators and at that moment the phone rings and I answer it and the guy says you need to send the money to us asap. And with a sandwich in one hand and a tall ice cold beverage in the other I told him that I decided to keep the money and that I'd rather pay the money back to the bank than to be flimflamed by him. O I've never heard a loan agency use the kind of language he used but I got my loan and the bank worked with me on paying it back

Someone want to send me money from USA I'm in SA, $500 I meet him on dating site is it scam?

Hey everyone I got scammed from the opportunity from working from home they told be I can make 700 dollar but I handed to be at the bank at 9 am the next day but I didn't ended up dooming it but I gaved them my user name and password from my online backing and I did

and the next day I got called from my banking saying it was a fraud and that they were going to close my account but I'm scared want do I do can you guys help what can I do and I don't now if they did fraud or no to my account how can I now I'm not trying to get arrest or anything i have a baby and I need money

Some scammers want to send and receive stolen money, but they don't want to get caught. They pretend to hire people for work at home jobs.

They use your bank account to accept stolen money, and they tell you to transfer the money out again quickly as part of the "job." If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal troubl

Um yea.. embarrassing but I'm 21 and I was talking to this guy he was really hot and this guy promised to be my sugar daddy.. I was hoping it was real so I gave him my account information and mobile banking information.. and he was putting money in my account but they were fraudulent checks according to my bank which I believe cause I'm now $2,057 overdrawn. And I also sent $1020 to him of the money he put in there. But I didn't know he was a scammer until Tuesday.. what do I do? Can they track where the mobile deposits came from? And see that it wasn't me stealing from that company. Cause I really don't want to go to jail over this

So this girl appears out of no where on my messenger. Says she's from Alabama but currently in Germany because her mom was from there and had recently passed. Wants me to send $ for a cell phone to a guy in Alabama at a Walmart so he can get it to her church by noon . Has even face timed me but no audio..

One person just mailed me and said that due to civil war in africa he has lost his parents and his parents have left him 6 million $ . He wanted me to mail to the bank where the money was transferred and get that money transferred to my account by telling to the bank that I am his partner.And after the money is transferred into my account he will come to receive that money in my country and he will give me 15% of that money. I dont know what to do and I am feeling like he is a scammer. Someone please advice me what to do.

This sounds like a scam.

Someone you don't know is asking for your bank account number. When you give someone your account number, they can take your money - no matter what story they tell you.

Is it possible that some loaners do require western union for payment? I was approved through meadowbrook credit resources and am not sure if it's a scam. They asked for cosigner or collateral, I didn't have that so they asked for 3 months payment up front with western union

If a lender tells you to pay before you get a loan, it's a sign of an advance fee loan scam.

Telling you to pay by wiring money is another sign of a scam. If you send money by wire transfer, you can't get it back. After you send it, it's gone.

I met this girl on a dating site and we have been talking on and off for about a week. Now she says she needs to gain access to her funds but cannot through a Nigerian IP adress. So she wants my full name, adress, and phone number. She says a check will be mailed to me with the total of what she needs from her account. Then she wAnts me to deposit it in my checking account and wire it to her through western union. Sounds kind of fishy to me, just want some feed back. She doesn't want any of my banking info or anything just for me to withdraw the money from the check and send it, she said to use part of it for western union fees so I won't have to use any of my money. I think it's a scam.

Sometimes when scammers want to send and receive stolen money, they get other people to help them. They might develop an online relationships and ask their new sweetheart or friend to accept a deposit into their own account, and then wire money.  Law enforcement calls the victims ’money mules.’ If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble. 

Please i need help, i have been scam with $17,000 from International monetary fund and i dont have any money again, Please i need help

If someone took your money, you can report to your bank, or to the police. You can find the attorney general for your state, and report to the attorney general's office.

If you need financial help, look for programs that help pay for food, utilities, housing, medicine  and more at

I need advice. Someone credited my wells Fargo account with $6000 and the bank called me it was a fraudulent transaction. The bank fraud claim analyst reached out to me about the transaction and I asked that the money should be remove from my account. It was removed immediately but the bank called me again asking questions about the transactions.
Please advise if I need to get a lawyer or report to the police.

It sounds like your bank simply has some follow-up questions. But if it makes you feel more comfortable, you might ask a trusted friend or relative to be on the call with you.


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