Avoiding Money Wiring Scams

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Imposters. Impersonators. Fakes. Frauds. Phonies. You might call them by different names but these scam artists have one thing in common: they pretend to be someone they aren’t and tell you a bogus story to con you into wiring them money.

The crooks will give you a pretty convincing reason to wire money. They might say you owe the IRS taxes and you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay up. Or that you won a federal grant and have to pay a processing fee to get your money. Some even tell you a loved one’s in trouble and needs your help.

They might tell you to use a money wiring service to add funds to a 16-digit account number they give you—they say it’s your case number or account number, but it’s not. Once the transfer goes through, the money’s gone and you can’t get it back.

Government agencies will never ask you to pay by wiring money. Neither will legitimate businesses. If someone insists you pay by wiring money, it’s a scam. Don’t do it. Instead, report it to the Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov/complaint or 1-877-FTC-HELP.

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A man that I met in person has done this to me, and I believed him. I was so nieve. I have a baby on the way, and I am now in more debt than what I started with. But he gave me money in return which made it believable for a while. I have a description of his face and all, though. What can I do?

The man claimed that he wanted to "bless me" knowing that I'm in a tough situation, right now.

Someone tried to get me to deposit a check into my account for purchasing and item on Let Go. When I recieved the check it was was 9x my asking price. The buyer then told me it was for the shipper he is using. I directly told him that I believe he's scamming me and voided the check. Should I report this to anyone and who do I report this to?

I met someone online and we really hit it off. He is on a contract job overseas, and his laptop for his project broke. He wants to wire me $ so I can purchase him a new computer and send it to him. Does this sound like a scam? If he wires me $, could this be illegal or a scam. I want to help him if his story is true, but don't want to be taken.

A scammer might ask you to help him send or receive stolen money, or use the money to buy things. He might ask you to use your own bank account.

Some scammers develop online relationships and ask their new sweetheart to accept a deposit and transfer money or buy things for them. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

Does Spain have a exit tax free clearance fee on inheritances that will be sent into the US

You can talk with a lawyer or financial professional about that.  Maybe someone at your local bank can help you find an answer.

If someone you don't know contacted you and said you could get an amazing inheritance, but must pay an expensive tax or fee first, it could be a scam.  Scammers make up stories about rich relatives who left money to people. They trick victims into sending money to pay phoney taxes or fees. The victims get nothing.

i just got that 2,5 asst card today

My dad who was born in 1956 got scammed. I dont know the specifics but hes in trouble. The fbi showed up because he cashed a check someone on Facebook claimed was from them for 18000 he is now facing felony charges and is mortified he could have been so stupid. He had no prior knowledge of the crime and HONESTLY just was trying to help someone and make some money during hard times. He had no culpable mens rea because he is completely ignorant on technology and did not even know a check COULD cash if it was fake- he is also incredibly nieve because he said people didn't do that kind of thing in his day :( it's just sad for the fbi to not believe him. HES DISABLED AND A VICTIM. Just so awful.

Beware of David Cayan "hearing impaired, I need a DJ service bok down for my upcoming Wedding December 23 2017. Our budget is approximately $1,800...." Number is 915-308-5303. He will say that he can't use Paypal or Square and attempt to get you to set up a different credit card processing system. The scam is they will over pay and then try to get a refund and/or chargeback. Seems to be targeting wedding DJs.

He has contacted me via email with that exact request. At what point did you suspect it was a scam and is law enforcement involved at this point, and do you think I should contact them?

I have been spoken to 3 mandarin speaking people today, 1st one claimed to be a staff from China consulate, asking me to collect 2 documents from them. When i told her that i have not applied for anything from their office, she then said i was a suspect involved in a money laundry crime and is under investigation by Beijing international police. She was then helpful to connect me to the police after i claimed that i was innocent. i was then spoken to 3 police officers, 2 tried to be sympathetic and helpful, another was threatening to arrest me by sending a police over to Australia and freeze all my assets. after more talkings with them he offered to help me clear my crime if i wired money to their court. i asked how much? they said $20,000 Aud. So i told him i can't cos its Sunday and i can get the money from my bank here. They then told me to not to tell anyone about this as it would hinder their investigations and if i let out any info i will be jailed, and they will ring again in the next morning to direct me how to wire them the money. i've got worried as they have my personal details and passport number, so i contacted my local police, and they assured me that if someone ask u to send them money, it's a scam, just hang up next time. The police here can't do anything as these scammers are operating from overseas and very hard to trace. If there is a real interpo investigation AFP will be the ones that contacted me. So i just want to warn everyone out there don't fall for it. i was so worried today that i even went and got myself a new mobile as they told me my mobile was hacked by criminals. that's the only damage on my end, lucky i didn't wired any moneys to them.


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