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Scammer seeks assistant

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Online scammers are recruiting. They’re looking for people to help them transfer money and stolen goods. Of course, they don’t come right out and say that’s what they want. Instead, they claim to offer work at home jobs or pretend to be your romantic partner and ask you for a ‘favor.’ The scammers’ goal: to use your bank account, personal information and address to help them steal money.

The scammers may send you an email offering a job as a ‘clerk,’ ‘correspondence manager’ or ‘import/export specialist.’ The application asks for some personal information and your bank account number. If you agree, your first assignment may be to accept a wire transfer to your account and then transfer most of it — minus your commission — to their contact. Next task: accept packages sent to your home, re-label them with information they provide, and ship them out. The “sweetheart” version of the scam opens with an email from someone you met on a dating site. Your new flame claims he’s stranded outside the U.S. on business, and desperately needs to use your bank account to ‘relay money from the home office.’ In truth, the checks the scammers send are bogus. If you deposit them and withdraw money, you’ll be on the hook to repay the bank everything you withdrew.

Online Dating Scams

In another twist, he’s in a bind and asks you to forward a package of ‘machine parts’ he’ll have delivered to your home. The packages he wants you to forward might have anything from fake checks to stolen goods to electronics bought with stolen credit cards. If you get involved, it’ll be your name and address that the police find on the shipments.

Here’s the bottom line: If someone you don’t know — and that includes someone you met online — asks for personal or financial information, don’t respond. If they ask you to deposit checks, accept funds or wire money, don’t get involved. If you’re looking for work, read more about job scams.

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I've gotten a lot of emails asking about jobs. I just unsubscribe and I'm through with it.

This amazes me. Who would except such things. I've been desperate for work and money and would never take that leap. It takes all kinds I guess. Thanks for the warning.

I appreciate this information. I am forwarding to my friend who uses the dating sites. Thank you

Wow, I just recieved a bogus check, I took it to my bank and they called their bank. Of course, there was no funds on that check. My bank said they had about 20 of those bogus checks so they could see the people whom were sending them. I did Not deposit anything in my account. I e-mailed these people back told them I had reported them to FTC. I haven't heard from them. Should I give u their information, so that you can look into this futher. It is really odd that I would get this email from u today. What can u do about this to keep them from scamming innocent people like this. I just happen to know about this because someone different tried it with me before and I cut them down. How and what can be done?

Yes, please report this to the FTC at When you report, the details go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations nationwide.

Watch out for a "Reverend Daniel Smith" who claims you are a good fit for a virtual assistant position in which you are to assist his church by emailing a newsletter to a whole list of emails. When it came to me being paid, he told me that he was sending my check via FedEx and that I was to immediately deposit it by ATM or my bank's online app and then let him know a.s.a.p. He supposedly was sending a check that included $50 more than the agreed upon contract pay, for me to send something to their New Jersey church. He has poor grammar for being an educated man. I don't deposit checks or money through an ATM. The instructions he gave about the ATM caused me to distrust him. I never did accept the check and he hasn't responded to my last email.

Steer clear of him. I believe there is some way that he is trying to commit identity theft.

I have the same thing going on with a Rev. Daniel Smith right now. He contacted me through a legitimate VA site (although I think this is third time I've been contacted by a scammer through this site??). I have the cashier check right now along with all the tracking information and the envelope it was mailed in with that address. Do I take this check to my bank and say its a possible fraud or what do I do?

You could take the check to your bank or if it came through the US mail, you could take it to your local post office.

Thank u for letting us know

I wish I would of seen this article before I deposited it,I to was hard up for work& I took out my pay and when my bank tried to clear it there oh# were off& now my bank thinks I was in on it, what a scam

Dears I aplay for green card lottery online to travle to Amrica but one day get an email and let me nkow as I'm saletting for greeting card and use it ofitioal US site for and ask me for filling form and fer nex send me anther email anle let me fill anther form as he attached with email and ask me to pay filling fee for submation form and by email send me a ustren unen bnak name in Bankok in Tyaland and I sended the money on 1 of aogast 2015 and celling me ansk me to pay for my spos as well too and after i pay for my spose too it is got $860 , and day after send me anther email and attached an aplcation form too and ask me to pay 2292 but i get information as this is scam when i all to US sis naw i i nee refund my money back pleas help me I'm form iraq i borw this money. or let me know how can get money back pleas

The U.S. State Department has the Diversity Visa Lottery. If your name is chosen in the Lottery, you can apply for a Green Card.

Go to to apply. It is free to enter the Diversity Visa Lottery.

A computer picks the winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery. You can't do anything to make yourself win. You do not pay before your name is picked.

If someone asks for your money to apply for the Lottery, or sends you email about winning the Lottery it is a scam.

If you use a wire transfer to send money to a scam, report to the wire transfer company. It is very difficult to get money back after you use a wire transfer. If you sent money to a bank, contact the bank fraud officer.

i was just offered a position as logistic manager reshiping packages to europe from usa/ they did not asked for any bank account info yet but they did asked for my drivers lisence number and a bill to verify my address. is this a scam? this is the web page they have nlights-co.   can you help

If you give someone the personal information from your license they can use it to commit identity theft. The Scammer seeks assistant blog post, and another blog (Scammers say “Help Wanted”) explain how the scams work. Please read the details and compare it to what's happening to you.

Was it P.T. Barnum who said "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."? Either him or Mark Twain; they both had their fingers on the pulse of the USA.

now they have turned me over to a collection agency what should I do I just received I in the mail not a month ago I received something that was dough up over 10 years in my past wanting money from me HELP PLEASE

If you're getting calls from a debt collection agency, send them a written notice saying you want written proof of the debt.

Within five days after they first contact you, a debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” saying you how much you owe. This notice must include the name of the creditor you owe, and say what to do if you think you don't owe the money.

If you have old debts, a collector may not be able to sue you to collect. Your state law controls how long a debt collector has to sue you. If you have an old debt, check with a legal aid lawyer, another attorney, or your State Attorney General's Office.

i had a female or? place $8000.00 in my bank all after 3 months turned out to be fraudlent bank wants there money back. maria_scott7 is in either texax or carson ca unknown need to arrest and help me get back funds she made me an accomplice to loss,thank you-and there are 2 on yahoo messinger now working 419 scams.

If you withdrew money from the bank after you got a fraudulent check, you are responsible to repay the bank. Scammers trick people into depositing checks and withdrawing money before the bank can find out the check is fraudulent. The scammers get money, and people are left owing the bank. Talk with your bank and explain what happened.

Report the scam to the FTC at, and to your state and local consumer protection agencies. If you used a wire transfer company to send the money, report the scammers name and contact information to them too.

Hey is yellow delivery a real company or just a scam

hello now i paid $400.00 to web developement co and canceled work may 10 still havent recieved refund ,the wanted to return only $200.00 and work compleated in zip file,refuse and wont return emails or phone calls scam biz,filed bank complaint still no results,can you help?

EBay scams?

Hey FTC could you also target the NIGERIAN GOVERMENT over asking for big money to make a transfer to my bank account as i asked them to deduct the fee out of the and also on linkedin there are investors in there who are totally fake as can be but these nigeians should by law deduct fees fromthe amount as i can send funds from this country to them as this country has more than its share of ilegall banking services as it started to happen when i come down to DUNEDIN NZ away from the christchurch earthquake disaster 2011 and moved in DUNEDIN NEW ZEALAND for accomidation but i got target from bank after bank as i have been here four years but i have lost well over $1;5 million dollars in bank scams here and gone through 4 banks as i hate it here but were do i move to as i don have a house back in christchurch any more as that was a $2;5 million house and as far yet i have seen no reimbusrment of insurance over my $700 million loss in those quakes up there

If someone you don't know - and that includes someone you met online - asks you to deposit a check and transfer money to them, don't do it. That's something scammers do.

Also, asks you to send money so you can claim a prize or surprise inheritance, don't do it. That's another scammer tactic.

If you gave your bank account number to someone and they've taken money without your permission, contact your bank's fraud department.

They try to pull the crap on me with that mystery shopper job send me a fake check and wanted me to put in my acct. And take out so much and wire the rest to someone else, they thought they had a stupid old lady I didn't fall for it. Somebody needs to get these people and stop this mess.

I just had the same situation occur with a money order. I stopped them!

These bogus scammer's should be prosecuted, dam criminal's

this is all very true the one place you need to be very careful id Badoo it's a date site that is90% scammers

I have reported to the FCC & MS, of "windows technicians" to no avail. This group have been around for years and continually getting more sophisticated.btheyuse pop up that freeze up your computer and tells you to call them at the included number. I have called, they have called me so many times I recognize one mans voice.

Correct they have been around ever since those kids that got caught doing the fake antivirus software scam. Which btw I was a victim of but got myself out of it so easily by remembering what day it happened and did system restore. If u get a call from those scammers answer the phone ask them for their information then report it directly to Bridget small on here.

I was scammed in June. Hey are still calling me to say now they owe me money cause they can't fix my computer. and you are right they did freeze my computer. I now have a lap top not in my name.

l was scam by some mortgage this is their names don'nt deal with them they ripped me off of $60.000,american resort lnternationa,in oakbrook,lll.oyester beach resort.arizona,pearl devlopment,bluebell,pa.concord cervicig lnc.scottdale arizona please ther mustn some else that got ripped off by this gangster mostnly from chicago,walter kosch,aileen karr,robert piosi thomas lupina and but least great expctation dating cerveces,from schaumburg,lll.shaum and jonh meriggi

Please be careful on This website has been loaded with these scams. Being out of work, I unknowingly had them send me papers in the mail, thankfully I did not give them my social or banking info. They even sent a cashiers check for $1700, which is funny.

The cashiers check is probably a fake. Take it to the bank it's drawn on and have them confirm the check number.

I have email from woman claims to be in Hong Kong, in hospital for the treatment of lung and bronchial cancer for 8 months and the doctor gives her 3 months to live. She first said she was in Ohio. The next letter convinced me to reply to her again, and the last letter asked if I could be trusted to be her acting agent in "Fund Charity Project Transaction". When I typed the words into my Internet Explorer, I got an "Anti-ScamForum-Maria . The letters I'm getting from the woman are seemingly copies of the scam alert on "IE". She is using the name Courtney Natalie. And on her phone to text she is using the name "Diana Teal".


is World product transfer inc a Fraud/scam?

I received an email from a company stating they saw my resume on-line and hired me. They sent a check to me to purchase office supplies. The cashier's check looked funny, so I took it to the bank it was drawn on and it turns out it was a fake...a very good fake according to the bank...but a fake none the less. I filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission (on this website) and also with the FBI, as this is check fraud and mail fraud. The bank is doing their own investigation. These people used Yahoo Messenger to talk with me. I also called the company to verify that these people worked there and the human resources dept said they have gotten several calls in the past couple of months using their company. I also reported this scam to Yahoo Messenger. I think I've covered all the bases, but if not, can someone post here anyone else I should contact? Thanks for the forum...there is useful information here.

Watch out for Nigerian scams on POF dating site. I have had 3 different men who claim to be in US military overseas and asking for money to get by or help their mom or need a new phone. They all 3 had Mike as their first name, had kids and their pictures showed Caucasian males about 30-40 yrs old. They always ask for small amounts of money so be careful....small amounts of money add up. And they always want it sent Western Union. Names they used are Mike Bolar, Michael Cotton, Michael Barkley.

l been scam by the following companies Great Expectations dating services Albany bank,american resort international ltd.Oyester bay beach resort,concord servicing lnc.Pearl development,lnterval Travel lnternationl of thousands of Dollas please help angel.chicago board of Education retireed.

You can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Watch this video to learn more about how to file a complaint with the FTC and why it matters.

Watch out for a gentlemen going as Mr.Tom Faue he's a sculptural artist and he's from Canada. He was looking for an assistant.
And with this position came the responsibilities of collecting all the mail, packages, paintings. Any monetary funds were provided by him.
My first assignment was too wait for a sculptured painting to arrive at my house in which he had sent this $4,980.00 ck and expected me to take it to my bank deposit the whole nine yards.
It's a blessing from GOD who led med to your site because it was truly accidental coming across this site informing people about all the scans that's out there. Thank you for everything.



These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

I have recently encountered the sculptural artist tom faue. I've even received personal phone calls from so called man. I happen to stumble up on this site today after speaking with the them about my first "assignment" I clearly am not going to accept anything from them and will be reporting them but I'd like to know if anyone has had any trouble with them using their information for identity theft, as this is my major concern at the moment.

Watch out for Jeffry Paulus in POF dating site. He claims to be a Construction Engineer from Italy and due to the nature of his business he needs to travel. Totally a scam.

I would like to report a potential scam. The guy was going to send me a check to deposit. When I asked for more information on him and his company he seemed to defensive and didn't give me any information about him or his company. How do I report this guy so he can't attempt to fool anyone else?

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.  You can also report him to your state Attorney General’s office.

My daughter is working for a company in France called BD. They send her packages that she opens and sends out again. The packages come from near by but are shipped to other states. I'm concerned this is a scam. She has not gotten paid yet, but they call her everyday. So they have her name, phone number, and address. Please advise.

That sounds like the "import/ export specialist" scam we described in the blog. There's a chance a scammer is using your daughter to help transfer money or stolen goods. He might say it's a work at home job, but if this is a scam, your daughter's  personal information and address could be used to help steal money. If she gives her bank account number so they can "pay her" they can also take money out of her account.


I am in contact with a company that sends me packages to have me reship. They never asked for money and they are suppose to pay me through paypal. I have been trying to find anything on them to check them out but have found nothing, want to know if they are a scam


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