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Stopping unwanted phone calls and text messages

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Unwanted phone calls or random text messages seem to come at all hours. They bug you at work, interrupt your dinner, or wake you up when you’re sound asleep. I think we can all agree they’re a real nuisance. Did you know they could also be a scam?

If your phone number is one of the more than 217 million numbers on the Do Not Call Registry, you’ve taken action to stop most unwanted sales calls. The law allows political calls, calls from charitable organizations, informational calls, calls about debts you owe, and phone surveys, as well as calls from companies you’ve done business with or gave permission to call.

If you get an unwanted sales call or a robocall—a recorded message that’s pitching a product or service— it’s probably a scam. The unscrupulous businesses behind these calls use autodialers to make thousands of calls a minute and don’t bother to check if the numbers are on the Do Not Call Registry. Don’t press buttons to request to speak to someone or be taken off the call list. You’ll just end up getting more unwanted calls. Hang up and report it to the Federal Trade Commission at or 1-888-382-1222.

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, you might want to ask your service provider to block the number; for calls from different numbers, ask if they offer a service to block unwanted calls. You can also buy a call blocking device. Getting calls on your mobile phone? There’s an app for that. Actually, there’s more than one. Look in your mobile app store or marketplace.

What about those random text messages? It’s illegal for a company to send you a text message if it doesn’t have your permission, barring a few exceptions. If you get a random text message from a number you don’t recognize that says you won something or asks you to confirm some personal information, don’t text back or click on links. Report it to your provider at 7726 (SPAM) and to the FTC at or 1-888-382-1222.


My husband is recovering from a very serious heart surgery . Every 5 min. Or so we are getting a ph call from a co. About our computer. The number is always different. We ignore it but it is bothering my husband who is very weak and needs his rest. We can't leave the ph off the hook then the children won't be able to phone us. We too are on the do not call list. This is very upsetting when you are un well. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS PLEASE.!

We are getting ph. Calls every 5 or so min. From different #'s we answered once and got a message that was about computers .This is very upsetting to my husband who is recovering from a very serious heart surgery and needs to rest & taking the phone off the hook won't work as the kids need to phone . We are on the do not call list also . Once is understandable but every 5 min is harassment . If it would work I would report them to the police. Can nothing be done ? This very upsetting to my husband!

You might be able to buy a call-blocking device and install it on your home phone. You could call your phone carrier and ask if it has solutions to help reduce the unwanted calls.  Many carriers allow you to block calls from anonymous callers, the callers who prevent their phone number from appearing on a CallerID device, or whose number shows up as “ANONYMOUS” or “PRIVATE.”

You might be able to buy a call-blocking device and install it on your home phone. You could call your phone carrier and ask if it has solutions to help reduce the unwanted calls.  Many carriers allow you to block calls from anonymous callers, the callers who prevent their phone number from appearing on a CallerID device, or whose number shows up as “ANONYMOUS” or “PRIVATE.”

Just got a robocall scam voice mail from #360-208-8542. They say we have 4 counts against us and will be taken in custody by the cops if we don't call back before expiration. Will not answer or call back and talk to them. Got these scam calls for several years then they stopped for a while. Guess they are starting again. Called police a hew years ago, they confirmed scam.

I got contacted from a guy that texted me about needing hairstylist from we’re I lived at and for 15 male ballets and wanted me to host them. At first he was ok with me charging him 675 for 15 haircuts. Then he asked if I could charge him $3000 so he can send me the money to also cover the limo since he wouldn’t be there because he was in the hospital with lung cancer and I asked for the company he’s representing. He continued with saying that he was with the Boston Ballet Company. I did my research and contacted the company. They said they didn’t have a Rick Keffer. He texted me twice today one saying and if my company was still doing the hair for the event and if I take credit cards? I didn’t respond. Second text was, please are you getting my text messages? I responded I’m not available.

His number was 14158685825

Calling at night at 3 to 4 am for no reason and harrasing call

I just received 3 phone calls from the same number and I ask them not to call me anymore after the first one. Then he called and left me a message on my voice mail. I am 80 years young and do not need anyone to call so much. I have already blocked 30 calls with my provider and that is the limit. I am also on the "DO NOT CALL" list, and have been since 2003 but somehow they get around this to call me. HELP!

I am receiving evening phone calls where the phone rings, I answer, and whomever/whatever hangs up. They come from a variety of area codes and some are a "private number". On an evening when these calls happen they run about every 20 minutes for three hours or so.
Is there anything I can do to stop them?

12055495591 Got a call from John Harry saying he from the IRS. Was trolling with him.

This person started texting me and I didn't know who it was so I started asking questions he sent me photos but I couldnt see them, he told me his "name" and said he just moved here I looked it up because it looked familiar turns out his "name" is a Russian president. Dont answer this number: 587-201-8876

This will never stop and affects MILLIONS of Americans daily. When will the FTC fine $500 for a first offense of calling a number on the National DNC Registry and then $10,000 every time after that? That is THE ONLY WAY to get companies to stop using robocalls and solicitation calls. PERIOD!!

I am repeatedly receiving a 'phone' call from 02476680844 who ring off before my answer-phone starts. This could be a scam to get me to press 3 and phone them back which could lead to an expensive charge. Please check where this number is coming from.

This number is calling me again and again

I keep getting a laugh to selling computer voices. Annoying calls late at night even. 304-464-2058 terry forshey.

Our home phone number has been on the do not call list for a long time, but it doesn't stop 6 or 7 calls a day coming in for recorded messages about chronic pain, insurance and all kinds of other things my husband and are not interested in. And we get live calls that we tell the caller not to all us again. We're going crazy with calls. Going through the complaint registering is useless. We need to talk with someone live to get some help! Please improve this system so that it's actually helpful and effective stopping these calls!

I am receiving unwanted phone calls in the middle of the night and they are leaving messages. I have listed my phone number as do not call. That don't seem to stop them.

+1 (321) 360-5864
Unsolicited texts to vote republican! I am not a republican. I did not sign up for this service. I have texted back unsubscribe, stop, etc. It keeps texting me. This is ridiculous, invasive. Stop them.

from telemarketer keeps calling I ask them to stop.
314 452 3797 from some mortgage co. Ryan is his name
10-19-2018 12:15pm

I have been receiving back to back calls on multiple days and I have had it. The # is 1-888-784 0116 claiming don't hang up it is you tech support. I know who my support is and this is a scam.

3177304203 This phone number is calling me everyday trying to scam me from Indiana state by the name Maria Johnson

In the last 2 weeks I've received at least a half dozen calls claiming to be from Social Security and that I'm in danger of arrest by the Magistrate......I haven't picked up, so I have the recordings on voicemail. They never say a name that they are seeking. I'm sure that SS works the same way as the IRS, if they need to reach you they do so by mail, and way in advance of any criminal charges, etc. Besides, I've never had any dealings with SS, so of course no need to panic. I just HATE these rediculous calls. I have to check my voice mail to find out if they are calling from the same phone numbers or different ones.

I am constantly getting calls from 369-875-9653 and 239-984-8751 even after I block the number they call from another number just changing the last 2 digits. This needs to stop.

Thnk you for having this service, I only hope it stops the calls. For about 21 days we have received calls First and 2nd day it I talked to 9 different people I kept saying NO. After that they call mostly in the afternoon and evening. Once the calls start, they call about every 20 minutes let it ring 4 times and hang up

We have been called everyday except last Sunday. I'm talking at least 9 calls a day mostly evening and afternoon. Now they call and hang up after 4 rings. We quit answering. They want to give you braces,etc. They don,t take NO for an answer. They call from Florida, Ca.,N.J., IN, I've called Medicare,they did not OK the braces.They have called me bad names I am 77 years old and I don 't need this harassment.

Since I agreed to swap power suppliers from EDF to utilita I have been getting spam calls... The problem is with utilita, they phone you back whilst the rep is still with you to confirm a few things and the change over...there number is 01246588096 Chesterfield.
One of the questions was about them giving your details to other consumers... to which I said a definite NO... I've looked into utilita at some depth, they don't like giving out there phone numbers and Chesterfield doesn't seem to fit in with there business. There the ones at fault here I'm sure of it and should be looked into.

The person calling on behalf of police asking for donation to support our community. The number is 425 659 4148.

(660) 619-2168 and (660) 619-3638
Are fake numbers saying they are from Cardholder Services. This is a lie. I hung up on the once and they called me back on a different local number. They couldn't tell me what my real name was they only could tell me what my maiden name was (which anyone can find on the Internet nowdays) when I had already updated 2 years ago to my married name they said that that was the only name that they had on file. Another lie because when I got married I personally called every single number on my credit cards and had it changed and talk to a live representative. They kept telling me to listen and when I wouldn't they cursed at me which I know they cannot do (plus I never once cursed at them) so I hung up again after telling them that was their biggest mistake and proves right there that they are a scam.

Getting multiple phone calls daily with 502-430-sequence from West Point, KY. Some of them 502-430-7436, 502-430-7399, 502-430-7381
When answering they begin to speak, and when I call them out, they hang up. I block every call, but they just use a different last 4 sequence with the next call

773-279-5853 Sounds like a familiar theme with these calls. This was a broken up recording noting that they would seize my things. No name or return number was given, but it was to my cell phone.
Who do you report these to?

I keep getting calls from 3037257663,3037252732,3037258810,3037259513,3037251402,3037253041,3037254517,3037255616, they say they are from my credit card company which they are not, I have asked them repeatedly not to call my number and to remove it and they refuse.

Because I owe my audiologist thirty-five dollars, he is withholding my hearing aid. He is also using his receptionists to harass me by phone.
They are permitted to call me up, both before and after, office hours. They mock me, they put me on hold, then hang up. I've called my phone service provider, and the police. The officer did not so much as write my name. I am afraid that if I get my hearing aid back, it will be damaged. I gave the doctor the hearing aid so that he could repair it. What must I do to document the problems that I am having with this doctor?

If you have problems with a business, you could contact a consumer protection agency in your city or county. You could contact your state Attorney General's office. You can find contact information for those agencies online.

I keep getting calls from all over north america, they just call and stay on the line til I say hello, after that the call is ended. When I call that number back it shows its a landline and that I can not call that number. But if I want to txt it I have to pay 25 cents per message. I get this say thing from,about 15 different states and Canada. It happens day and night about 10 times per hour. I block the numbers and they still are able to call from that blocked number. I'm open for suggestions on what I can do

I get these calls from +1 365 469 5684
+1 212 203 6436, ,,,,,,1 614 490 1308,,,,,+1 768 578 0601,,,,+1 904 579 5071...

Harassment from 313 293 2273

received two missed calls from this number, i am a NRI living in singapore. but my india number is in international rooming. can some one take care of this number please 9056709027

Hello. I have been receiving multiple calls daily from different numbers with a 954 and 305 area codes. Very few of them call twice. This has been going on for several months and even when I installed an app to block the numbers, the calls don't stop because the numbers keep changing. I am not sure what to do.
A few times I answered the calls, but there is either silence or an automated answer in Spanish that I don't understand what it says. Some numbers are listed under a private owner, some come up listed as a business such as Bank of America, but I know the numbers are not from the bank.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can stop this? The calls start daily from 8am til 9pm at night.

I get 10 or more calls a day from people with accents like they are from India; say that they are from the united states office of revenue and that my name and number has "won" a grant for $7000 or more. All I have to do is tell them my age, birth day, and address and then they coach me and tell me what I need to say to get this "grant". They tell me exactly what I need to say and then ill get my money in the mail... if that was real and from the govn't they'd just send me a check! I have tried everything I can think of; I have answered and said silly things, I have cursed them up one side and down the other, I have asked them politely to take my number off their system and all has failed. I feel hopeless at this point and thinking I may have to change my number. I have all the numbers written down as well. I'm just so tired of them calling me.

(213) 413 8800 This person or company is attempting to make a false demand or a fraud, the person called to a number that is not mine. The phone number the person called is a third-party phone. Was a male and was trying to talk to me in Spanish code. The male said if I call you back will you answer? I am a boy, and I am so scared of him. He also said..... Do you either me to talk to you in Spanish? I hanged to for I am not the person he needs or wants to speak out. They are scammers, be careful! Police was contacted.

I have received 88 calls in the last month from numbers that keep changing the last 4 digits. I know this because I block them and it calls on another number. Some of these are foreign speaking people and no matter how many time I tell them to remove me from their call list (I am registered on "do not call"), they continue. This has become extremely stressful since they interfere with real calls. I have received one from the one that says I owe taxes, etc. I do not want to change my number but I am at the point that I might have to do it. This has been going on for about a month. I just started to get them that read "unknown" on caller ID.

placing your number on the do not call list is a waste of time, I get at least and no exageration, 25 scam calls a day, so much so I do not answer my business phone, rather let vm pick it up.. sad really

I am getting text from many places for Sammie. Most of the recent text have been from +1 (971) 297-9885 Text says "Sammy just saw your fb profile, it shows we live close. Let's meet up. Check me out Kisses! t is a hook-up line for men. Anyone out there know Sammie?

someone called from (412) 802-9519, please stop calling and get a real job instead of preying on older people before you die young.

Listen Clear, the really fraudulent hearing aid company that scams the elderly, is calling with the caller ID reading St. Jude’s Hospital! Can you get any lower??

I've recently received a calls from an Arizona number 520 825 0122. Telling me they are a company that handles garnishments and I am going to be audited by the IRS. Unless I pay a lump sum , at first sounded very real. Until they wanted my personal information. Wanting me to verify my social security number and give them my credit card information. They wanted to set up payment arrangements. I said no and hung up. Then when trying to call back to find out more information. Number doesnt work. Obviously a scam. Anyone out there be aware !!

I receive calls and constant text and the funny thing is that they are using the 310 prefix, when you call the person back they never called or sent a text. Please can someone inform us where to go to stop this nonsense, or do we all have to stop using cell phones and go back to landlines so that our privacy is respected.

All the calls I constantly get are third party loan forgiveness programs. Never anything about winning money or vacations, or about filing papers or anything. I've blocked probably 10-15 numbers already, but new ones just pop up so it doesn't really do any good. I've about had it and don't know how to stop it. And on top of that, they call my both my parent's phones between me and my sister. It's ridiculous and complete harassment! We never even answer the calls, we just hit ignore or let it ring. Some of them leave voice mails and sometimes they seem so real when they claim they're the department of education and then I question it, but I know it's crap. I pay my monthly payment and haven't received anything through the mail or email about loan forgiveness from them. They're numbers from all over, different states, and some even make it look like it's a local number. I still don't answer. I never answer the call unless it's from someone I know and I figure if it's from someone important or a business (legitimate), they'll leave a voicemail so I know it's legit. I just read about the do not call list and I will try it, but I'm also reading that it doesn't always do much good. This is crazy! I remember back when there weren't cell phones and we'd get telemarketers on the land line for years till they came out with a do not call list and then when cell phones started to arise, it was pretty much non-existent to get those calls. Now it's worse than it ever was with landlines because it's just so easy for them now. It's so frustrating!!! Leave me and my family alone!!! We'll get like 5-10 calls a day!!!!!! HARASSMENT!!!!!

I get 1 to 3 calls a week from an electronic sounding voice that says it represents "a Debt Collector" and that I should call back to 1.800.394.7542 and any information gathered from me would be used to collect the debt. I googled that 800 number and it is 1 of the MOST searched SPAM/Phishing numbers on more websites on Scam artists that I have ever seen! How does this group of nefarious and illegitimate individuals keep calling ALL THESE PEOPLE and not get found and stopped??


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