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Want privacy? Tell us about it!

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Did a company share your personal information without your knowledge or consent? The FTC wants to know. And we’ve made it easier for you to report privacy-related complaints.

Just go to the FTC’s Complaint Assistant and click the banner that says: “Concerned about how a company is handling your personal information? Click here to report privacy concerns.”

What should you report? Your family reading your diary? No. Identity theft or data breaches? Go to instead. A company collecting or sharing your information without asking? That’s what we’re talking about. Here are examples of privacy complaints you might make: 

  • Your location or age shows up where you didn’t expect it. You share your resume online with what you think is a small group, and then find it elsewhere – complete with your age, which you didn’t want strangers to know. Or you post a photo, and then your location appears publicly. Now, everyone knows exactly where you are.
  • A company knows more about you than you expected. You start getting ads for maternity clothes when you haven’t signed up for them. Maybe another company shared some pretty key information about you. If you thought that information was private and can identify the company that shared it, let us know.     
  • Your friends are getting invitations from you – that you didn’t send. An online group you joined starts sending invitations to your friends. But you didn’t give permission for them to be contacted. Maybe a company is accessing your contact list without permission.  

Tell the FTC whenever your information is shared – and you didn’t want it to be. Also, consider these tips:

  • Read the company’s privacy policy. If it says they share personal information with others – and you don’t want that – then don’t do business with them.
  • On social network sites, check your privacy settings. It’s safest to allow only friends to view your information, not friends of friends or the public.
  • On your mobile phone, turn off geo-location services until needed. Otherwise, apps may use your location information when you don’t realize it.

The FTC’s website has more information on consumer privacy.


Scammers target through phone, email, and other ways that legitimate communication reaches us. That is what's so frustrating about how easily it is done. Consumers have to investigate and educate themselves against these dangerous people and groups.

Is there someone I write to, being a victim ofcrime

You can report a crime to your local law enforcement agency. You can report a scam or fraud to the FTC at

Wow! I never read my Privacy Policies. Now, after watching a few videos about these policies on Commonsense videos, I see why they are so important.

though there are lots of policies companies, organization's, people, and other can find out what ever they want with just a little information. It's just like telling people don't use your cell phones, tablet, or computers. Anything electronic is easy pray for privacy loss. This is said but true.

I am frustrated with unwanted emails.

I have completed surveys for one thing and afterward started receiving emails and text messages from all kinds of other unrelated organizations. I have also completed college interest information online and later began to receive advertisements from lots of other colleges I was not at all interested in. I think outside of the privacy policies it should be a question on the home page of any site asking if you want your information shared. Yes, I am one of those who until now did not read the policy information for anything I did online.

One has to be vigilant these today's to get others from sharing your personal information without your consent. Some very helpful tips.

One has to be vigilant these today's to get others from sharing your personal information without your consent. Some very helpful tips.

I think that the companies that are using private information to make money off of people and offering to sell half fake half real information should be regulated and stopped. If facebook sells the information to and others then there should be regulation and accountability. Enough! I can control what goes on facebook from now on by deleting my account but they already received the money that selling my information and invested that but I can not get my privacy back.

A search online of my and wife's name and we show up on MyLife, yellow pages and other sites where WE HAVE NEVER GIVEN PERMISSION to use our information. As Americans I think we are being run over by these companies. They say, "Do an employee background check online before you hire them". I think this is just a way to make money off of peoples information, which you have obtained without their consent and are posting online for anybody to access as long as they have a credit card. I think this is a complete violation of privacy. I believe the Europeans have put a stop to this, I believe I have read something about it. Why is it as Americans we are still fair game? Terms of service when signing up for something should allow you to opt out of any and all info dumping the company intends to do. They say, if you don't sign it then you can't use our services. What??? Then we'll sell your information to some company that will put your information all over the internet, in a time when cyber crime and identity theft is at an all time high, that makes sense.

"Because everyone deserves to have a private life. No one should have their addresses, ages, family members, or contacts posted on a website without consent for strangers, perverts, and stalkers to see! And it shouldn't require giving them your drivers license, social security cards, or any other private information to have it removed! " When will the FTC do something about the data collection websites like Mylife, Intelius, Spokeo, Radius, and BeenVerified,, PeopleFinder?

I found my name and address on a website and requested the website to remove/redact my name, so it is not associated with my home address and they don't wanna do that unless I provide them a reason - when I said personal privacy, they said it is not a good reason and they are still allowed by law to publish both, my name and address. Is it the privacy law by my side so I can complain to FTC about it or there is nothing they can do

I think I am being charged£20 a go for nothing I am aware I joined.
I was railroaded at besr

Some of my serious personal information is on display as well as lies. This information causes a concern since I work with the public. Anyone could think I have assets that I don’t because the information is incorrect. Also, anyone could also think that I am a criminal because I am supposedly affiliated with a person I don’t even know. This should all be illegal.

What if a mobile gaming Employee shares players personal emails with other players ? Is this actionable?

This website tells people's addresses. And it needs to be taken down. michiganvoters .info/ by_ name Youtube and google have been heavily ad targeting me with suicide type ads. I lost my father to suicide in 2008. It's literally be psychological torture for several years from the bombardment of ad targeting and 'recommended' feeds they hit me with. Sometimes the topic seems to cross platforms with the ad targeting. Multiple attempts to contact youtube and rectify the problem have been ignored and I tried to post about it in their forms just to have my post deleted within minutes.

A company has shared my personal information over the internet (phone number, geographical location) without my personal consent. When I found out about it naturally I asked them to take it down months ago and still no word from them. My information is still there.

somebody's asking me don't bank accounts and asking me they're saying they're getting money from a security company and want me to shine and then asking me about going to 18 machine too and and asking me what kind of phone I'm using what do I do

What should I do if Uber shared my personal information with a driver who then proceeded to use that information to gather my whereabouts? I stated I did not want my phone number shared with a stranger and I’ve found several things online that it is not normal for drivers to get your phone number. What do I do? How did this happen?

someone is going to sell my info and they have my picture of my face and social media username. i think he’s going to sell it

I have not worked at this company in years, yet they refuse to remove personal information about anyone who has ever worked for them and has now had a data breach. My information should not be kept by a former employer to track me down and find me like they did so easily after the breach. The government can not get ahold of us that easily, yet a company can. That is not right in any way.


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