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Weather emergencies: Getting your financial house in order

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When it comes to preparing for a weather emergency, a flashlight with fully charged batteries is a must. Know what else can make life after a storm easier? If your financial documents are up-to-date, in one place, and portable. Consider scanning your documents or moving them online so you have a digital record of them, as well.

Here’s a basic list of what to gather:

  • Identification: Copies or originals of your driver’s licenses, medical insurance cards, Social Security cards, passports and birth certificates.
  • ATM, debit and credit cards: For access to cash — and to pay for whatever you might need — including food, gas, and lodging.
  • Emergency cash: It’s a good idea to have some cash on hand if ATMs and credit card processors aren’t working.
  • Checkbook: Even if you rarely write checks, include your checkbook. That way you can pay by check or authorize an important payment over the phone.
  • Insurance information: This includes policy numbers for your life, home, car, and flood insurance, as well as contact information for your insurance companies and agents.
  • Contact information for your financial service providers: Make a list of the local and toll-free numbers for your bank, credit card companies, mortgage lender, brokerage firms and insurance companies.
  • Digital information: Include usernames and passwords, and digital versions of your relevant personal, financial, and legal files on an electronic storage device.
  • A spare key to your safe deposit box.

If you’re missing important documents, now’s the time to replace them. After you’ve gathered these items, store them in a safe, protected place. An easy-to-grab emergency financial kit will make sure you have access to important documents in case the unexpected happens to you.

For more information, visit Dealing with Weather Emergencies.

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This also conveniently places all the important financial documents in one place for a thief. Be sure to secure these documents.

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Here was a small earthquake in south San franisco August 9 2015

This is an emergency situation since 3days I have been inconvenienced. I need a hotel but my debit card has been unable to perform transaction. Please remedy
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If you haven't already done so, contact your bank for help. You also may visit This site helps you find answers to your questions regarding national banks and federal savings associations.

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