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What’s the deal with “Rachel from Card Services”? Your top 3 questions answered.

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Have you heard this message?

“Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services calling about your credit card account. It appears that you are now eligible for a significantly lower interest rate on your account. However, this offer is about to expire, so please press 1 now to be transferred to a live representative who can assist you in securing your lower interest rate.”

Rachel and her cohorts — Anne, Tiffany, Michael, Heather and others — from “Card Services” have been annoying people for years with their illegal robocalls. And the FTC is working hard to stop them — both bringing cases and hosting competitions to develop robocall-blocking technology. So, what’s the deal with these calls, and why won’t they stop? We’ve got answers to your top 3 questions.

1. Why does “Card Services” keep calling me?

The FTC has shut down more than a dozen of these “Card Services” companies — including one this past June and yet another in July. But there are lots of other companies, and new ones pop up often. Lots of boiler rooms in the U.S. and overseas use the exact same recorded message by Rachel and friends, running a scam to — supposedly — reduce your credit card interest rate. An active operation can make millions of calls — so that’s why Rachel is still calling you. 

2. What should I do if I get these calls?

Hang up. Don’t press any buttons on your phone. Don’t press 1 to speak to someone — or to be taken off the call list. You’ll just get more annoying calls. And never give any of your financial information, like your credit card or bank account numbers.

Report it. Tell us what happened: visit or call 1-888-382-1222. We use your complaints to investigate these scams so we can shut more of them down.

3.  Can “Card Services” actually lower my interest rate?

Nope. It’s a scam. If you press “1,” you’re connected to a scammer who will ask for your credit card number and other personal information.

They’ll make promises to lower your interest rate permanently — sometimes to a ridiculously low 0% — but charge a fee that can be as high as $5,000. But their promises aren’t true. There are no guarantees for permanently lowered interest rates. And it’s against the law to charge a fee up-front for these services. Most people who pay the fee don’t get a lower rate — in fact, they get into worse debt, and may find unauthorized charges on their cards.

In many cases, these companies charge you for things you could do on your own for free. They might open a new card with a low introductory interest rate, or tell you to take advantage of your credit card company’s existing hardship programs. And they often use shady tactics — like telling you to stop paying your bills, lying to your credit card company so that you qualify for a hardship program, and not telling you that you’ll have to pay additional fees to transfer a balance. If you follow that advice, you’ll be in worse financial trouble than ever.

If you need help settling credit card debt, check our article to learn about your options. There are free ways to do it yourself. And if you need additional help, consider contacting a legitimate credit counseling service. Read Choosing a Credit Counselor for more details.


The latest calls are from "Carmen"

My latest calls are from myself. Our name and phone number show up on caller ID.

Me too. This is impersonation

My name and number too. I answer because I'm not sure if it's my husband calling from downstairs. I have gotten many calls from people asking me to take them off our call list. I feel the pain and sometimes they just don't believe it's not us.

The same exact thing as above commenters happened to my parents and I at two different homes.

Try having your husband call from "downstairs"....Ain't gonna happen...

I don't know why you would say that - I can call other areas of my home just by using the hold/flash button on my phone!

Don't feel alone. I do that also

That's your phone intercom, you cant call out and back in the switch wont let you.

See, back in the late 80's people had kids, and land lines, and those two things didn't mesh, then they'd want to use the internet from their only communication network... Point is, many houses have upgraded their phone systems. My new house has a fiber network going in because the only other home network houses the voip system.

How is it that these callers can use a local Phn # that actually belongs to someone's actual cell Phn. How does this happen!¿!¿!I've tried talking to the carrier of the pile hn# to no AVAIL...HELP PLZ!!!!

I get this call every day, they call from a different phone number so I'm unable to block their calls.

Does anyone have any ideas? There is no "opt-out" option to put yourself on the "do not call list", they are RUDE and are driving me crazy!

I am thinking of putting them on hold and doing a 3-way call with the ftc- see how they like that lol!

I did that with an IRS scammer that had a callback number. I called the IRS after first, call the scammers call back three-way call with the agent. never had a call back in years after that

You can block any caller if you have an iPhone. Once that number pops up on your phone and you answer it to verify that it is in fact the scammer, hang up and enter that number in your phone then scroll down and use the "Block this number" option.

Its impossable to block because they spoof dead numbers and just use a different one next time around so i tell them to hold for a second while i get the info and put them on speaker and listen to tv with me just to waist there time

They dont atually use that number you see. They are spoofing it. (spoofing as in using fake numbers). I guess they assume you may be likely to answer if its the same area code and prefix as yours.

This is exactly what is happening to me! They keep calling me and I keep asking them to stop. If I call the number back it’s someone’s actual cell phone number! I just got a call and called the number back and this lady answered who was shopping in Walmart! She was shocked to learn I had just received a call from her number from people in another country trying to scam me! It’s INSANE!!!!!

They are using a call forwarding progrm to call from other numbers

Your husband can't call you from downstairs on your own phone -- the line would already be busy. They obviously spoofed your number to fool the caller ID. Criminals lie. How about that.

Yes, you can call your own land line if there are multiple phones connected to the same line. I call our barn phone all of the time from the house by dialing the number and hanging up. Your phone will ring and you just wait for the ringing to stop, indicating that another phone has been picked up. Then, just pick up the phone on your end to talk to the other person on the same line.

When I was younger, we used the "Ringback" number to talk to other people in the house. Basically, you dialed a special number then hanged up. A few seconds later, the phone would ring. I'd wait for someone to pick up, then I'd pick up, and we could talk via the phone.
The "Ringback" was a test feature. But havnt used it in many years as we all carry cell phones now.

We used that when I was a kid, and for some reason I still remember the number to dial.

BACK before ARKANSAS ADOPTED a new area code (all numbers used to have a 501 area code) you code dial 501+780 and the last four digits of your own number and actuall call your own phone. You had to hang up after dialing and when someone else in the house picked up, you could pick up also and speak to them and the caller is showed your number.
I learned this watching an att tech working on my home phone back then. It may still be possible in other states, but I am not sure if the numbers would be the same now.

Some land lines have extensions. So a person can call the phone downstairs.

You are mistaken.. ..My wife calls our land line with her cell phone and no matter what part of the house (basement, attic, garage, bathroom or bedroom) I am in I hear the landline and answer it..

Someone called me last week and said that I had called him with a vacation scam. I didn't know what he was talking about but now I do! I'm sick of robo calls from Rachel at Card Services at work. I just got one and pressed 1. The man who answered had a heavy foreign accent. I couldn't even understand him.

Mine I can't block it

They have been using phone numbers in my area.. They are real numbers but innocent people's numbers! This needs to stop. I'm sick of them calling all the time.

Same here!! They have now been using innocent people's numbers and masking their calls! This is just terrible! The woman I spoke with when I called the number back says she's been getting weird phone calls from other people like myself. She plans to go get her number changed. Makes me wonder how long it will be before they start using my number!

don't you wonder why the FTC/FCC haven't done anything about an authenticated caller ID system? I guess there's no cash payout for political appointee's.

The man that called me had a very heavy accent also and spoke very fast. I asked him if this call was from my credit card company and he said yes but then after he spoke to me for a minute or 2 he asked me what credit card I had and the bank it was issued from. Then he requested my credit card number. This was going to lower my rate. We need to get rid of these people for good.

I have received literally dozens of calls from Rachel. I have blocked every call that comes in. Now it shows up as if I am calling myself. This is really so annoying. I just want it to stop.

I got a call from "heather" using my aunts sisters number.

Me too! I reported it, but so far no one has contacted me regarding the case issue #. I wouldn't have even known, but a stranger left me a voicemail begging me to stop calling her. I've never dialed her number before. So creepy!

Me too! I reported it, but so far no one has contacted me regarding the case issue #. I wouldn't have even known, but a stranger left me a voicemail begging me to stop calling her. I've never dialed her number before. So creepy!

The scammers will steal your phone number and name for you caller ID. Then use it to make it look like you are the one calling. The telephone companies could put a stop to this if they really wanted to.

Just got a call from Rachel,,i have zero credit cards,idiots

Why haven't the banks stopped this? Why are they allowing charges on our credit cards to be deposited in foreign bank accounts? Why don't they start issuing United States ONLY credit cards. That way when a fraudulent charge is deposited, they can find the boiler room within minutes and alert the FBI. It's the banks' problem and the banks' complete fault. We should be suing the banks for allowing this to happen.

The banks have nothing to do with this. How could you ever think they do. These calls are random calls made by computers, regardless if you have credit cards or not. If you have some idea as to how the banks could stop this, please let the Federal government know. Maybe they can stop this while providing you with free health care.

The banks have as much to do with Rachael as your car dealership does with carjackers. US only cards make zero sense because even if you never buy something from out of the country that does not mean your information didn't leave the country. Buy something online? Nope because the data may travel outside the US and back before you finish your transaction.

I agree and also to get credit, you have to go face to face to the bank to receive a credit card. No online credit card applications will be allowed.

That’s not true. You can open a CC online.

All the FTC needs to do is make it impossible for the scammer to use disconnected phone numbers to make these calls. Find out how they are accessing those numbers and the call will stop. The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help. RR

They're not all disconnected numbers. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to use your own number to call you.

They ARE using disconnected numbers, because when I try to call them back to play stupid with them, the line says it's disconnected. They have found some loophole with the dead numbers and they can access them somehow, so to always be calling from a new number to continue their heinous thievery.

It's not disconnected. It's another phony recording.

It's called spoofing a phone number and it's not that hard if you have the right software.

NO they are NOT dialing from a disconnected number, they are SPOOFING that number thru caller ID to make it APPEAR they are using that number. Has NOTHING do do with disconnected numbers or anything else, they would be spoofing the White House switch board number... don't not mean a thing a spoofed number is spoofed disconnected or not..

I have an app that lets you call using any number you input including 911 so yea they can be anyone's number.


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