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Considering a franchise? Time to strategize

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Do you ever think about buying a franchise? Maybe you’ve heard of big opportunities and want to make a career change or build a business. Before you go further, know this: a franchise is like all investments – there’s no guarantee it will succeed. That’s why it’s important to do research and talk with franchisees and expert advisors before you invest. If you’re considering buying a franchise, the FTC has updated information to help you.

A Consumer’s Guide to Buying a Franchise explains how to evaluate your finances, abilities and goals. You’ll find ideas for ways to shop for a franchise opportunity and key questions to ask. It also explains your rights. For example, under the FTC’s Franchise Rule, a franchisor must give you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) before you pay any money or sign a contract. The disclosure document provides:

  • legal and financial history of the franchisor and its executives
  • the costs to start and operate the franchise
  • the franchisor’s claims about sales, costs and profits
  • contact information for current and former franchisees you can talk with
  • the franchisor’s rules about ending or renewing a contract

Read the Guide online, or order free print copies

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We are fighting a battle with Franchise Atty's against Snap Fitness ; they have BROKE the FTC LAWS on charging for UNDISCLOSED FEES and have INCREASED all other Fees by over 30%. And apparently ; Snap is not afraid of breaking these laws as they continue to run up our atty fees; going on 6 months to settle before we File Suit. We are running out of time/money. HELP

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