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Fla-Grant lies

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Growing up, we all learned that money doesn’t grow on trees. Here’s another hard truth: the federal government is not giving away thousands of dollars in grants to people who pay their taxes on time, have no criminal records, never declared bankruptcy or were ‘selected in a demographic survey.’ Anyone who claims you’ll get ‘free money’ for those reasons is trying to scam you.

The scam starts with a call from a ‘spoofed’ phone number that seems to be from Washington, DC. The caller gives an official-sounding agency name like the ‘Federal Grant Education Department’ or ‘US Grant Commission’ and may know your name and address. When he finishes blabbing about the money you’ll get, there’s a catch: he wants you to pay a transfer fee or application fee, give him your bank account number, or send a check before he sends the ‘grant.’ Save yourself time and money. Don’t respond.

If you get a call like this, hang up right away. Remember:

  • if you didn’t apply for a federal grant, the government won’t call and offer you one
  • the federal government doesn’t charge a fee to apply for educational or other grants

These sites address federal financial help:

  • tells how to qualify and apply for grants, loans and other federal financial aid for education beyond high school
  • helps you find money and benefits you might get for job training, childcare assistance, health care and other needs
  • lists federal loans available for housing, disaster relief, education, veterans and other purposes.
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Thanks for that info just like I suspected. Keep an eye on me

I was told I could get help because CTIA it's hard to read small letters but I Changed my mind I'm to proof to ask government for any help I tried just for sight hearing never again

ASo new number. Very important they are also calling from California number they all start 818-337 something most are 2205,2206,2207.I.and so on. They called me from 818-337-0207

This is some real crap I'm broke needed this money in the worst way these ppl called with the answers to my prayers yeah rite now they want the hundred more for me to get this cash whatever

I was called about the same scam from 202-798-0464

Did anyone get asked to purchase a google play card or steam card, pay $200 for a registration fee to get the grant

Yeah they did and then they had me buy a google play card for 750$ for state taxes

I was asked to pay $150 as a registration fee. Was told that it was refunded after I received the tracking number for my $7000 grant from the US Government. What a joke.

Thanks for these info.. truly helps.. I was saying how you giving Grant's theres a government shutdown???

received 2 call 9/18 & 9/21 from a spoof ## and was told i would receive $8.500 from a gov.grant. Was referred to the following#'s (1) 2063172870 -Susan Brown (2) 2063172871 Simon King I knew both were scams and they hung up on me when asking question got complecated for them to answer. :)

These are good details to include in a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go in to a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go in the database.

Beware of phony refund calls that get you to open your bank online account just to check wich one is the best target (pretending it faster this way to deposit the money)

and when they spot it,they pretend this is the one they can only access now and the audacity of telling you the former transactions are still under verification and the rewrite all your bank info while they black out your screen

and when they are done they tell you you see,we deposit the money into your account go return the difference wich the calculate to be the your original balance.That's what they did to me,and when I check directly from the bank,there was no deposit.SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Be careful to on sight you go on you will get in trouble

I applied obline for a government grants, I was contacted from two different parties claiming I was granted monies. They gave me a name of RONNIE KINGSTON GOVERNMENT ID:USFG2069. I received this call on Tuesday, November 3,2015. I received calls last week also claiming the same thing.

we are asking loan on Parkinson's research pass one year.But not answered yes or no.If you say no we will be happy people on this earth.Because we have lot of work to do after getting loan.we have to work hard on our research to bring raw-medicine to America to save many life there.we are going to private medicine company to sell our Parkinson's disease project how we cure Parkinson's disease.please leave us we can not wait like cow for grass.Day are passed.thank you.

we have sent many message to IRS and FTC .thank you.

I replied to all I'm not spending hours and days as you dig up dirt you didn't help from them start these are silly games you are playing I have to repair a lot on my own with some pretending to be me I'm done

Received another call few moments ago 11:50AM from an unavailable number with the same scam. this time I was given the same number 206 317 2870 using code LZ209 & speak with Susan Brown

Thank you for this service, we tell or friends to get on your list.

These people must lie awake nights dreaming up this stuff.

The ftc is really helpful. Thank you.

Thanks for the update.

BERNIE: Only you can read & understand this stuff for the college student loans and other scams.

Seems appropriate.

Thanks I went in wrong area FTC

Which link do I use to apply for research grants involving shrimp running on treadmills?

In the recent past I had 5 of the above mentioned calls - increasing each time in the amounts offered. Each person calling was told by me that they were scammers and don't call back-all callers Asian until the last call was a white women trying to sound business like thinking I guess that she sounded legit,I laughed at her & said you have to be kidding. Call #4 was an Asian man who tried to intimidate me and I told him when documentation showed up from Treasury-Grant dept then I would verify his claim and if ok would talk to him. He got mad, it turned into a yelling incident and I hung up. Just e-mail FTC and let them know whats going on. These creeps are really rotten.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go in the database.

Well glad I have worked in the call center business long enough to know that when the middle eastern man, India, I think, asked for my Fed aid user name and password. My personal one that in use to log into and put all my sensitive private info to get my student loans in first place. I knew then it was fake cause if they were working for Fed gov they would know a lot more then that and would want something more

What does the Fla-Grant refer to? Unfamiliar...

The blog is about flagrant lies scammers tell about fake grants.

A friend of my Mom's told me about the Federal Government giving away grant money for 1st time business owners etc. I'm a new Author and thought I would check it out to see about grant funds for the publishing of my additional book series. (red flag) The email address is Sharron.Mathew

I sent an email and asked general questions. How does the process work? How do you qualify? Do I qualify. What does the grant funds have to be used for specifically etc... (red flag) What I thought was strange is after sending my email I went out of town and didn't check my personal email again for about a week. (red flag) Philip Mathew responded rather demanding indicating they had responded to my original email and they needed my personal information ASAP. (red flag) The email they sent didn't answer any of my questions but again demanded my personal information ASAP to receive my funds. Another red flag was no real documentation required other than just send personal information through email. The Federal Government always wants documentation and lots of it.

I then asked if they could call me because I wasn't getting the information I needed to proceed. Philip quickly responded and informed me they were too busy to call but he then sent me a 3-4 minute text of all my personal information he would need. I'm now just playing along because I want to get enough information to report to the Attorney Generals office and BBB. Philip made a mistake and dialed my phone which I could tell he had a African accent. He quickly hung up and text me saying bad connection. His number is 202 844 8545 (Washington DC). He then sent me another text indicating funds running low but I could western my $500 fee to get my $50,000.00 Federal Government Grant but I needed to do it quickly to Georgiana Navarro in Honolulu Hawaii. This is a total SCAM please do not fall for it. Nothing of this world is free.......SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

This is America, nothing is FREE!!!!!!.

I just received a call similar to this stating that I am eligible for a grant from the government if I go down to a MoneyGram store...I got disconnected a short way into the conversation after I mentioned that I had not applied for a grant. Seemed like a scam to me. The number I was supposed to call was a Washington number (202) 599-8791. Be wary please.

What about Advanced Social Media, and online Education Network? And now I have been contacted by another company for

If you want a grant for education or other reasons, use the free federal government resources listed in the blog post.

If you get a call out of the blue, and the caller says you won a grant, or are eligible for a grant, or might be eligible for a grant, BUT you have to send money or give your bank or credit card account number first, don't get involved.

This FTC blog post says more about grant scams.

Over the past 2 months, I've received at least 3 calls from non-working numbers that appear to be calling from Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. Each caller, who has a thick Middle Eastern or Indian accent, claims that I have been randomly selected to receive a government grant. Previously, I've asked how they got my number and told them to remove it from their call list. This morning's call, however, was from L.A. But he said he was in Washington, D.C... The caller spoke with a thick Middle Eastern accent, claimed he was with the Department of Health in D.C., and asked for banking or credit card information in order to receive the grant. He asks how I'd like to be paid and I said I would not and that I wanted my number removed. He urged me that I "could do this," but I said there's no way I'm giving personal information because I didn't trust him, his so-called company, or the idea that the American government would issue an $8500 grant by telephone and the worker responsible for contacting me would speak with such a thick foreign accent. When I continually refused and pressed him on how they got my number, he accused me of "not trusting [my] government," claimed I should be ashamed, took offense that I accused him of trying to scam people, and again, said I should be "totally, totally ashamed to call [myself] an American. Don't fall for it, people. I share this to warn others and to update the FTC on the details of the calls that American consumers are receiving.

I commented on and posted on this that don't relate to me a mistake

I got a call this morning from a middle east man saying the Gov was giving me a grant for 6700 dollars then he went on to give me another number to call the number he gave me was 561-257-3473 so the 1st thing I did was run a searcher on that number it was from or close to bocratan Fl even showed me a map of were this person resides he also gave me a ladys name her name was Rose Milton said be sure to ask for her so iam letting u all no this is a scam I have not even or ever applided for a grant I hope with this name I gave they catch the basters for trying to scam people

I have a issue I I apologize

I revved a letter from the United States Department of State stating the Passport Dept is conducting a survey of information of passport holders to update their information. I was to do this even if I was going to apply for one or not, My passport had expired a long time ago. If I did not fill out their form they would call me. I ignored the letter and a month later. I record another one which I also ignored. Then got a call that rang about 4 times and then hung up. Caller ID. said Passport study. I called the Passport. Dept and they knew nothing about sush a letter. Another scam to get personal info.

You did the right thing by checking with the legitimate agency. This might have been a scam to get your personal or financial information.

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

In the last two weeks, I have received three of these calls. Two of them were "awarding" me $7000 and one, $9200. The first person who calls does not ask for any information other than verify your name. They give you a Grant Information ID# and a phone number to call their Senior Financial Officer to verify all your information and make arrangements for payment. That is as far as I let it go. I am sure if you call that number they will try to get all your pertinent info.

I got a call asking for my personal information so that I could get a free "refill" for my prescriptions. The call was from 218-382-3220, Barnum, MN

I got a call from 214-414-1037 from a foreign man claiming his name to be Jamie Walters. He told me that I was chosen randomly out of 1700 people and that I have a government check in the amount of 9200.00. Just need to go to money gram or a western union and call them back when i get there and they would take me step by step on what to do next. He gave me another number to call 206-201-2683 I called it and a foreign woman named Michelle Smith answered and she gave me more info. She told me that I need to send 200.00 from western union and then she would send me the 200.00 back making my fund 9400.00. I was feeling uneasy bout sending the 200.00 dollars so I asked if there was another government agency that I could talk to and she connected me to her supervisor which I pretty sure that it was Jamie Walters. His name was William Floyd and again he was a foreign man as well. I asked him if he could give me a number to a government agency that I could verify that this was not a scam and he could not. He said his agency was out of Washington D.C. named "Triple H". I pray that this will help you out so that you can stop these people.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The details you can give are helpful.

Blog comments don't go in the database.

I have been getting the same calls if I send them 200 dollars I will receive 9000 in Grant Money. Glad I found out it is a scam.

I am on here to advise of being called about receiving a gov grant they claimed i was chosen by my fed tax filing last yr. They wanted my bank account ot credit card number when I stated I wasnt releasing that information if this was legit they could send a check in the mail. the man stated oh no way mam & i stated well then you are not legit & he said thank you for wasting my time. I told him i would report his number 1-860-294-9624

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go in the database.

I just got a call from an indian man that said I was approved for a free Grant. Call came from: 601-201-6323


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