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If you can’t say something nice about this weight loss product…

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Consider this scenario: a company promises you its products will provide unbelievable results. But if you decide to write a negative review about your experience, the company says you owe it as much as three times what you originally paid.  

That’s how it worked with Roca Labs, the FTC says — only it was the company’s weight loss claims that were unbelievable.

According to the FTC’s complaint, Roca Labs targeted their ads at people considering gastric bypass surgery — a procedure used for drastic weight reduction — by promising the same weight loss results without surgery. The ads claimed that their approved ingredients would drastically limit how much people could eat. Even children as young as six could safely use the product to lose weight, the company said. With a supposed 90 percent success rate, why would anyone choose surgery?

But according to the FTC, the company didn’t have scientific evidence to support its weight loss claims, offered to pay for testimonials, and owned a supposedly independent medical website that promoted its products.

What happened if you tried the products and found they fell short? The FTC says people who’d already paid several hundred dollars were told they’d have to pay even more money if they wrote negative reviews. And if you wrote a negative review anyway? People were sued by the company for the reviews, and had their sensitive health information exposed in public court documents, the FTC alleges.

If you’re considering a weight loss product, talk to your doctor first. And check out these other tips for weighing the claims in diet ads.

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On weight products first consider health factors, talk your Dr why do you have heart problems, any related issues that could interfere . Smart thing get ask professional before jumping in to any diet, or by pass surgery

Pleas people Nobody should use pills or surgery for weight loss. Go to a gym exercise cut your portions' and eat well. I was a size 22, I started at a gym 6 days a week hours a day. I am now down to a size 12. It has taken me 5-6 years, yes a long time, depressed but I am making it thru. You are healthier and will keep the weight off longer. Thanks for letting me rant!!!!

we need your help me soon in insurance.

and if you don't know now you know

When will I hear about it. A person with disability is just like everyone else. There is fat people and their 84 lb people with a disability.

What about Plexus. It mmakes all kinds of promises about health and their testimoniesAre are rediculous. And if you disagree, those people will go nuts on you.

Congratulations to all the people who lose lots of weight by eating healthily and going to the gym (or walking, swimming, playing with the kids in the yard etc. etc.) Yes, it may take years of steady weight loss to be at a healthy weight but it is worth it. You are healthier and you live longer. And you don’t pay lots of money for pills. There are no quick fixes - beware any company or supplement that says you don't have to do anything to lose weight. They are just after your money.

The standard answer, "just eat less and go to the gym" one size fits all. Yeah right! I'm sick of hearing all of it! Everyone knows what's best for everyone else.

So attractive post.Thanks for share your activity.

Thankz I am trying a diet that says some of the same stuff you dont have to exercise/by thatyou dont exercise does that mean only a little or a lot at first/well that got me thinking procrastanating/an other thought it was the first thoughts you overcome could led you you to healththanx steverenoalso dont count out fooling youreself shame on me butcount fooling someone else and it leads to bad circumstances I love information for self motivatio/pride/respect /and not doubting self/evauluate what you ate andyou are unique very good steps are asking all the right ???? thank you for this article I feel richer already!!!!!stevereno

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