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Revenge of the nannies

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Are you a nanny or caregiver who lists your services on sites like,, or A few months ago, we warned about a scam that targets caregivers like you. Here’s a reminder: a con artist emails or texts an offer to hire you. The scammer also sends you a check and asks you to deposit it, keep some money for your services, and send the rest to someone else to — supposedly — pay for special items or medical equipment. But the check is fake, and it can take weeks for a bank to discover the forgery. If you deposit the check and withdraw the funds, you’ll wind up owing the bank all that money.

After the last post, we heard back from many people with great ideas to help avoid this scam:

  • Don’t deposit a check from — or send money to — anyone you don’t know.
  • Never share your bank account number — including with a potential client.
  • Be careful with potential clients who claim to be out of town or pressure you to deposit their check.
  • Check out your potential clients. Search online for their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and even the text of the message you received. Many people said that an easy search told them they were dealing with a scammer. 
  • Call MoneyGram (1-800-666-3947) or Western Union (1-800-448-1492) if you were tricked into transferring money. 

If you got a check through the U.S. mail, file a complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. And, as always, please tell the FTC.


Thank you for this useful information. I shall pass this on!

The "here's a fake check now send me change" scam can be targeted to anyone, not just nannies. It's well-known.

Craig's List, for instance, gives specific instructions about not accepting payments outside their "loop" for just that reason.

I'd like to see some "revenge" with teeth in it: like, trace the fake check -- or the destination to which the scammer wants the "change" sent -- back to the source and, at the very least, freeze the account or, better yet, set a trap for the scammer to walk into and be arrested.

Come on, people, let's get creative about stopping these pests!

Graiglists Do you know I that's a place where dangerous , crazy nuts go with no life's people have died, or become horrible victims of crimes, do your research

I have gotten at least 4 text or emails like this that say they got my information from and would like me to provide child care for them. Is there somewhere that I should forward the email to?

Yes send the email or spam text to

I am wondering in regards to emailing this spam website, what will they do to stop it? Also, do we have to write information on what we find sketchy?

The FTC manages the mailbox and stores the information in a database.

The FTC and law enforcement partners use the database to generate cases against people who use spam to spread false or misleading information about their products or services.

When you forward unwanted or deceptive spam to, it's important to include the full email header.

I almost got scam thinking I was getting a cleaning job don't know what this person looks like Something didn't sound right ask me to her a favor she going to mail this check to me soon when I get it deposit it in my bank right away and wait for the movers to bring her Furniture and car right now this person trying to scam me I never took any check to the bank it look fake it looks like it was printed out from a home printer I'm just glad I didn't go for it.

I will be with you and with the victim. Is lower than the standard under conditions considered ineligible to be ignored.

This exact scenario happened to me approximately two weeks ago. Fortunately, I ignored the text message and email. If you are registered on or, then that's where the potential employer should contact you is via etc. Never communicate via text message. This is a red glad for sure!

This is very good information. It almost happened to me. Good thing I was leery . This is very good information for all care givers

I get work from, a couple of months ago I got a text from a scammer that said he was from out of town and wanted to get things put together before him and his wife got hear. He went on to say he would send a check for my help and the rest would be for things that he would need. I text back and told him to take a flying leap, then contacted

This definitely happened to me unfortunately. I was on and received an email from a mother. She asked me to babysit ans then changed the offer to become her personal assistant. I first backed out because i asked many questions since she was going to pay me. It sounded legit honestly, this person even discussed my obligations and what to expect. I received a fake check, deposit, send her money because of course it didn't go through. I definitely reported this and no longer hear from whoever it was that contacted me. Definitely don't fall for it like i did!

The same exact thing happened to me and I fell for it and sent the money. what did you do after you found out the money didn't go through. Because now my bank account is at an alomst 3,000 negative balance. yikes.

Girl it happen to
Me to 8,000.00

I have used both craigslist and sittercity and coincidentally I came across this exact scam at least twice. I also was asked to go to a vacant home. It was very sketchy so I declined.

I got an email yesterday from Marytammy38, telling me she needed a sitter for her son Jason. She was deaf and mother was disable. She is a stock broker and would be moving here and needed her furniture paid for at Walmart and would be sending money for my service. That was a RED flag for sure. I don't accept money from strangers. Please be aware of this person

I got this same exact story! About her son Jason. She was deaf and I did it:( now -3000 bank account. Except they used the email templeofgodisholy@ ! Everyone please be on the lookout. Such a horrible thing too do, specially to me when she knew I had a new born son and rhis is his first Christmas. So sad

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I get an email from bakerjess101 and telling me they need a sitter for they dog and they coming from Australia and they need help pet sitting and they sand a Chack and they want sand the the rest of it

I just signed up at and received 2 different scams. Son in wheelchair Brian, Just lost her husband and moving near me. Anastasi Wilfred, email used anawilfred0 . Wanted me to receive special wheelchair. Second one was a Ralph Collins daughter name Shelly, email ralphcollin00 . Wanted to send her toys by way of the toy Seller. They both attatched pictures of beautiful people. I stopped it before anything was sent to me. I would love to see these people brought to justice. If there is anything I can do will someone let me know.Thank you

I got contacted by Ralph Collin after I set up a profile on He texted me telling me that he needed a babysitter for his 4 year old daughter named Shelly. He then told me to email him for all the details. I sent him an email telling him the pay I would like for an hour and the days I can work for him. He hasn't emailed or texted me back. I started to get a bad feeling about it so i looked up his email and found your comment... I am so scared because i gave him my important email and he has my phone number!! I know you might not be active on this site because you posted this a year ago but I hope you get this and reply ASAP...

I'm in the middle of a housekeeping scam right now,they are moving to my town and sending a check to deposit then take my money out and give the rest to a man that is delivering groceries to their home the day before they move there.A man who is saying he is the husband has tried calling me 4 times tonight. The e-mails they have sent say they are in Alberta Canada,,but the area code of the phone number is from Indiana

These are useful details for a complaint.  Please report your experience at Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We cannot address complaints if they are submitted through the blog comments.

You also might be interested in reading the FTC article Fake Checks.

This happened to my Daughter, we actually got a check in the mail for $2800.00 and she was told to keep $300.00 and mail the rest back! I knew something was wrong and we called the company name on the check and they told us they had been victims of account fraud and had closed their account. They were sending texts to my Daughter from different numbers telling her they were relocating and wanted her to set up an apartment for them. The texts got increasingly rude when she didn't send them the money!

This exact same thing happened to me last month!

I was about to get scammed by a person by email was from Canada she claimed to pay me for one month to have a babysitter and the rest was to send to the "taxi" by money gram the address she send me was from Louisiana. My bank notice it was a fake check. and she still had the courage to say it is valid!!!!money will always move money but i was only trying to help moms out there that are trying so hard to look for a rial able baby sitter but i really am glad this happened to me lesson learned not all people are good!!! so i ended taking out my craiglist page.

Glad to see others in same situation. Mine was thru also. I have check in hand but where do i go to report it.

Same thing happEned to me today.i received an email from link in that i got hired for a caregiver job.i emailed back the person who message me and she replied 4 days after.and now telling her husband pastaway by car accident and she also been in traumatic experience so they are
Moving here in toronto from alberta canada.she ask me to work for her 82 yrs old mom.and because they are moving here they purchase a wheelchair for her mom.and ask for my help if she can send me money via edeposit and withrAw the money and send it to someone who she purchase the wheelchair.and the bad thing is I deposit it on my account but can’t withdraw money for now because the check will be cleared afte r 1 workingbusiness day.good that its weekend now.then i go check my account the money is deposited but i cant open now my chequing transactions.please can anyone here help me of what will i do next.i message the lady told her about my account that I cannot open it now.and i told her i will goin to report this in the bank tomorrow and report about the cheque she send im worried because she knows my address and my contact number.please help me what to do.her money is deposited on my account.

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