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Scam-spotting help for recent refugees

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People who’ve recently arrived in the US have a lot of adjustments to make. For many refugees and immigrants, and some of the social services groups who help them, the basics come first: figuring out language, food, shelter, and work. Understanding how to avoid fraud isn’t high on the list – until a scam finds a recent arrival.

That’s why the FTC has created new materials to help refugees and immigrants spot, avoid and report scams. We worked closely with the International Rescue Committee to create a short handbook to help anyone identify a sure sign of a scam. Short, clear tips like this: the IRS will never call you to ask for money. Or this: anyone who guarantees you a job – if you pay them – is trying to scam you.

We’ve also designed posters – one that explains how to spot a government imposter, and another about how to spot fake job offers. And all the materials are available – for free – in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dari, Amharic, and Somali. The messages are clear, easy to read, and straight to the point. And, we hope, in languages used by recent arrivals in your area.

If you know someone who works with refugees or immigrants, or you know someone who’s recently arrived in the country, spread the word. Order the handbooks for free in any of the seven languages, and print the posters from our website.

And if you spot any kind of scam of, please tell the FTC. Every report makes a difference, and helps us stop scammers.


Knowledge is power, thanks.

If you feel they are wanted call local inforcement, or ask for real proof

thank you all at the FTC for doing all this work. my wife and i have been targeted twice by scams...and we now have the info to protect ourselves.

signed: an old and grateful American.

Another number trying the scam 417-812-6637

I've been scammed several I receive great education

I'm starting all over from scratch

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In reply to this just because someone "Says" and tells you to look at video don't believe false lies, if you you think something is bad call police on the books it was a error

We have hackers on our internet. Google spotted them, but wanted to charge us over 300:00 dollars to keep them from hackers our computer. It showed 9 connected and we only have5 on our network.

It's funny, here, a few years later IRC has been involved in fraud now too.

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