FTC & NCUA offer cyber security tips

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so the FTC and the National Credit Union Administration are teaming up on a live Twitter chat to talk about tips to protect your information. During the chat, the FTC will share tips and tools from Consumer.FTC.gov and OnGuardOnline.gov. NCUA will share resources from MyCreditUnion.gov on how consumers can protect their finances.

The chat is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 22 at 11 a.m. Eastern. Join the conversation at #NCUAChat. You also can submit questions beforehand to socialmedia@ncua.gov.

“Talk” to you Thursday at 11 a.m.!

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I received an email from "yahoo and msn window live promotion center/ promotions and prize award department of South Africa" stating we had won a good sum of money. Trying to figure out if a scam.

People lose thousands of dollars every day to prize scams.

Here are some signs of a scam. Look at the signs, and think about the email you got. Does the email show signs of being a scam?

Signs of a scam:

  • you get an email or call out of the blue from someone you didn't contact
  • they say you won a prize, but you never entered a contest
  • the email uses a company name, but when you look up the company yourself, the company website doesn't say anything about the contest
  • if you answer the email, they tell you to send money by wire transfer to pay a fee or tax so you can get the "prize"

Read this FTC article about Prize Scams for more details.

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