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It would be so wise!

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I know what you’re thinking. It’s barely Halloween and the Christmas decorations are up. You’re worried because you don’t have a lot of cash or don’t want to run up a lot of debt.

The good news is that some sellers offer layaway to help you spread your payments out. You start paying early and they hold on to your gifts until you pay them off. But bear in mind that layaway fees and policies can vary a great deal. Check them carefully before you sign up. Here’s an homage to an 80s ditty to help you remember the key points:


(to the tune of Madonna’s "Holiday")

Holiday, layaway
Holiday, layaway

If you choose to layaway
Don’t forget about the fine print (oh yeah!)
Get everything in writing
To avoid bad surprises
If you’re gonna layawaaay

Ask how much time you have to pay
See when each payment is due
Keep receipts until you’re through
It would be
It would be so wise!

Find out about any fees
Such as setup, service, or cancellation
How soon you have to get your gifts
And pick-up locations

You really want to know
About minimum payments
Are there penalties
For missed or late payments?

Are there refunds or exchanges?
What about cancellations?
Don’t sign any contract
That you don’t understand
When you try to layawaaay

But before you layaway
Check out the business right away
You can start with your state
Or stay local if you may
See what raters have to say
If you need to layawaaaay

You can check our shopping tips
Or file a complaint with the FTC
It would be
It would be so wise!

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