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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard us say repeatedly to report scams to the FTC. If you report scams to us, we can bring the kinds of cases that shut down the scammers.

But there’s another place to report international scams, too: Maybe you’ve done business with an overseas company that hasn’t lived up to its end of the deal. Perhaps you got “winning” lottery notices from another country, or got asked to send money overseas to secure your international job. If you’ve spotted a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at


The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world. Starting today, an updated version of the site is available – it’s mobile-friendly, has a user-friendly complaint form, and you can get consumer information and file complaints in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Whether you use a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, your complaints to help consumer protection agencies around the globe – including the FTC – spot trends, conduct investigations, bring cases and prevent international scams. You also can learn practical steps to help combat fraud and get news from ICPEN members, including case announcements.

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Thanks, for looking out for us. This is a great country cause its all of together, indivisible, period.

Tonya Beam!!!!Avoid her and her money scam.. Acts like she's paying off your credit card then wants you to use the cash advance to send money to a co-worker. Only thing is her payment is voided a week later and your stuck with paying the funds back yourself.. Her # - (201) 378-3549 Her email - tonyabeeam001

Hope this saves any of you from the head aches

I recently went through this with a person claiming to be Ronald Diggens. This completely screwed my credit card and credit score!

Do NOT order anything from Eggplant Mail. I ordered an eggplant over a month ago and have yet to hear a single thing back. They took the money out of my account the same day I ordered, and I have tried contacting them 4 times now. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

AGREED we are out $18.00 and had to change our credit card

Yes, my son ordered one last October. The money was taken out immediately and no eggplant ever delivered. We have contacted them by email 5 times (since they do not list any other contact info) and threatened to file complaints to no avail. It's a scam!

Did anyone get anything resolved? I didn't research the company and now have been burned by them too. I don't know what to do.

+234 9052647861 agbaka or deborah defekolu rejoice is a fraud spell castwr from nigeria.
Dont believe him and pay money.i lost 1000$
+234 8138929227 OYINBO JOSEPH is his partner in crime

Please avoid Globex tradingudon co, Ltd and Global shipping line, Thailand .

They are fraudsters.

They will claim to have papers for you and follow up with shipment schedules smartly. Send you fake BL and packing list. Pls avoid them, they are too smart.

I need help! I don't know what to do! Rosewholesale is a fraudulent overseas company who are selling boys clothes as men's sizes. They're giving me the run-around, and mocking me with a barrage of useless emails, stating different lies, like they have already refunded me and changing the story thanking me for shopping with them, than close my complaint ticket. They have repeated the same trick, the first order I thought it was a misprint and after weeks of email tag they reluctantly refunded part of my order and told me to just throw products away or donate. ??? Ok so first time shame on them for thier deception, second time shame on me for believing in good business ethics. What can I do?

You can report the business to the FTC at or to a consumer protection agency in the business' home state or country.

I'm so glad someone is paying attention to these incidents. My mother was scammed as she is 85 years young.

Yes I am worried I gave my name and birthday and phone number some saying I won I phoned to try out the new one now I am worried that they have full name and phone number I hope your mum ok 6

It happened the same to me.

At least you didn't give your mother's maiden name, that I use all the time, for security questions. Luckily I realised right away I had been scammed and froze my bank accounts. They tried to book flights and a couple of other things. I am most worried about identity thieft now.

May,2014, I gave OptionMint $30,000 to trade on my behalf I have been in touch with them regularly since then. My account has grown to $53,000. they insist I deposited only $15,000 and did a charge back on that. I have sent them all bank statements showing the deposits and no charge back deposits and now they refuse to speak to me. the money is there , and at least they should not lie when they have proof, and send back my original deposits.

If someone took money from your account, contact your bank. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has information for investors. You can also report a possible securities fraud to the SEC.

Yea opinion mint is a scam. Alert publishers clearing house cause it's one of there so called sponsors. I see there ad a lot on there

PCH is also a huge scammer. I tried them for grins, and after a couple months got tired of being a "winner" if ... and so on. So I cancelled them; twice. But their emails promoting how close I was to being a winner kept coming for nearly a year. Each one was duly reported to the FTC to no avail. They only stopped when that particular campaign ended.

I Deposited $140,000 with LBinary options. They traded it up to $163,000 Paid back $14,000, and said they had lost the rest. I believe this is a scam because professional traders can not lose $150,000 in less than 6 months. Besides they told me ridiculous lies over the phone that a child would not believe and I am a professional engineer with 30 years exp.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has information for investors. You can also report a possible securities fraud to the SEC. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I found out that Lbinary has chosen not to be a registered traders and the broker Jake Brand who had mislead giving false information is no longer there with going through with submitting the forms with FINRA , FTC,and many other department has said that it is out of their hands because it is not in their jurisdiction outside the border and the trade was done in London. Also an unregistered . So being that these people choose to be an unregistered is because they can get away with it . Where do we go and get help when this happen in protecting the consumer in to filing for a monetary claims.

If you know about a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at

Hi Bridget, I filed a complaint with econsumer after a Chinese firm defrauded us for $75,000.

I am now in contact with a group of scammers in Spain who are using government docs to pull one over on me, we can catch the now if someone acts.

If you know about a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at The information you provide goes into a database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations. You may also want to contact law enforcement agencies in your location, or in the scammers' home location.

Why would you edit my comment to turn around the meaning? In my boom that is dishonest and smacks of censorship? I filed a complaint and did not even get a response. That is reality

I got scamed by optionsxo for 15000 pound they create a ficticious site like you are trading with your money they add money to your account and tell you u cant withdraw till you have deposited more money. This money is going to an offshore account in the azures then the so called bank is there own along with the ficticious trade account they contact me by skype and my telephone they made vast amounts and they all lost but they didnt loose my money that was filtered into the offshore account they are doing this to hundreds if not thousands of unsuspected clients with no return on your money. Clever and the guy i spoke to was mr Alves lives abroad i was sucked in by them for 15000 pounds my life savings

2 yrs ago I almost got scammed per say I had 25 million inheritance before I can claim the money. I need to opened a bank account for $150.00 or more in Bank of England that way the can deposit my inheritance. I told them, don't make any sense at all why do I need to put money if I have money coming in. I email Bank of England and the told me I being scammed. I called the police, the said the cannot do anything coz I didn't give them any money.

Was this Welshbankonline?

I have received several phone calls and texts, supposedly from representatives Facebook administrative office, informing me that Mr. Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has set aside $25,000 for me. These two represent Ives, a man and a woman, insist that it is for real. I am being encouraged to contact to collect my "lucky prize before they will have to give it to somebody else." I am strongly considering on contacting them to investigate if it's a genuine prize I deserve for being a "lucky Facebook user." Other than call this woman, whom I am encouraged by the man she is really "authorized to present me with $25,000 to be deposited directly into [my] account," how can I determine the the validity of this offer? In fact, how can I be certain this blog here is actually authentically apart of the Federal Communication Commmision (FCC) and not a scammer organization attempting to secure my private information?

Often the calls about "winning" are followed by calls about fees, taxes or customs duties you have to pay. And then the caller wants your credit card or bank account number.  This blog post tells more about scammers who tell people they've won money.

Be careful Sitehub. eu is a scam company stealing your money using your credit card without your authorisation.


You might be talking to a scammer. Some scammers pretend to be US service members, and make up stories about reasons they need you to send money.

The US Army Criminal Investigators say that many scammers use the names of real soldiers when they send emails asking for money. Scammers ask for money for expensive things like  laptop computers or international telephones, or ask for thousands of dollars for military leave papers, or transportation fees. 

This blog tells more about romance scammers and the stories they tell.

Hello Bridget I got scammed by Beeoptions bank told me file police report but is there a way I can get my money back

You need to contact the business or find out where the business is registered, and work with law enforcement in that jurisdiction to get a refund.

The same story was just told to me. Different name used, but man said he is James Darren from Dallas, TX and he has adopted son in Africa. He keeps wanting me to contact the son through facebook. I havent given him any money or SS # or anything like that, but he did ask a lot of personal questions like, did I own a car, how many, did I own or rent a house, how many people live in my house. I did answer these things because I thought we were getting to know each other. I realized that questions sounded like I was applying for a loan or something so I answered that I needed to go and quit messaging. His English is very bad, but I do know a real serviceman and when he was overseas, his messages would come through garbled sometimes, so I decided that was maybe what caused that. I wish I knew how to keep him from committing identity theft before it happens. Any suggestions? I dont know how to tract him to be able to report him. I believe he is asian because he sent a smiley face with asian facial features.

I unfortunately fell for a something only he said he was a contractor helping rebuild schools overseas caused by military. He needed help getting his paycheck and wouldn't have his account up for at least two months. No money came from my pocket I had ACH payroll transactions placed in my account and I sent it to him through western union, about two weeks later every transaction was reversed and I got stuck paying back the bank. Only thing is I got real scared and didn't report it till 5 months later. I'm was recently separated and didn't want it to effect my custody battle. His name was Dean Adele and Fola Richards brother and sister they meet you on Meetme

I promise that no upright US Military member will ever accept or work off of any such bribes.. clearly it's a scam, and how hard is it to make up names... coincidentally, they're always in or from Africa... smh... just keep your money and if you really want to donate and help someone, then donate to known charities.

Their is a guy by the name of stephen (kally) kalina, who is from the security army forces in afganistan a 57 year old and almost ready for retirement. He wants from me $1150.00 for his son can go to some activity with his friend before going away to college and he can not provided the money cause he had loss access to his bank very sweet talked he did not ask for any money into later in the relationship I really like this guy. I haven't send any money and I got the feeling he is not who really saying he is. What can I do about would like to know if this awesome guys it's real at all.

There are lots of comments on this other blog from people who met someone online. The blog also lists warning signs of a romance scam.A lot of scammers say they are US soldiers posted overseas, and have money but can't get to it right now, and someone in their family needs money. Then, they ask you to send money and promise to repay you. When you meet someone online, you don't know who they really are, you only know what they tell you.

If this doesn't feel right to you, you don't have to send money.  If an online sweetheart asks for money, it's probably a scam.

I was scammed out of alot of money and he dissapered after he got what he wanted

okay Madeline, i got that and we deal with people like that here, so many people in your situation have reported this cases about scam online, and we are trying our best to get them. If you think you can help us with his contact and information to track him down.... You can contact this number....

Under the commenting policy we don't post personal contact information.

Please read this article from Army Times about scammers using stolen pictures from unaware service members, making up false information, and other things I order to scam unexpecting people. Please look for broken English and other indicators when dealing with these individuals. It's a horrible epidemic. army. mil /article/ 130861/ army_investigators_warn_public_about_romance_scams

Sounds like the one wanting to ship me his life belongings cause there camp in Libya was under attack and didnt want his possessions destroyed he found me on facebook said he was a captain in army and a computer engineer asked if he could ship it to me he would pay $1,200 to ship if i could pay the VAT payment fee which wouldnt be more than the shipping cost!! Yeah right!!!!

He also goes by empty patch on FB. He adopted a kid from Africa and he’s in school and his name is Henry. He said he’d falling in love with me. He is 50yrs old. They called him patch Fromm Texas . He wanted me to go on hangouts like the other scammers I’ve felt with and I knew next would be a sad story and then he’d ask for money so I let him go after I saw he deleted his fb

Try creating a forwarding e-address for on-line SCAM email, I get about 15-25 a DAY for meaningless crap: my BLOCK this address option is meaningless and fills too quickly; then I have to delete and refill - and the same SCAM crap keeps pouring in (For Example 'F.B.I. Notices' that THEY have legal money for me. Even the "F.T.C." has sent notices to that effect, although I haven't seen them lately. 'Western Union', the spoofed names go on, but the domains are meaningless drivel, not at all connected with the companies and agencies that send them. YOU should get them, sort them out, and REALLY BLOCK them. ISPs don't give a damn.

The best Defensed is knowledge. Inform the public of what to look for and the signs that a fraudulent act may be being committed. Knowledge if the best weapon of defense.

How to get my urn mony.


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