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Reporting international scams

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard us say repeatedly to report scams to the FTC. If you report scams to us, we can bring the kinds of cases that shut down the scammers.

But there’s another place to report international scams, too: Maybe you’ve done business with an overseas company that hasn’t lived up to its end of the deal. Perhaps you got “winning” lottery notices from another country, or got asked to send money overseas to secure your international job. If you’ve spotted a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at


The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world. Starting today, an updated version of the site is available – it’s mobile-friendly, has a user-friendly complaint form, and you can get consumer information and file complaints in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Whether you use a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, your complaints to help consumer protection agencies around the globe – including the FTC – spot trends, conduct investigations, bring cases and prevent international scams. You also can learn practical steps to help combat fraud and get news from ICPEN members, including case announcements.

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Please read this article from Army Times about scammers using stolen pictures from unaware service members, making up false information, and other things I order to scam unexpecting people. Please look for broken English and other indicators when dealing with these individuals. It's a horrible epidemic. army. mil /article/ 130861/ army_investigators_warn_public_about_romance_scams

Sounds like the one wanting to ship me his life belongings cause there camp in Libya was under attack and didnt want his possessions destroyed he found me on facebook said he was a captain in army and a computer engineer asked if he could ship it to me he would pay $1,200 to ship if i could pay the VAT payment fee which wouldnt be more than the shipping cost!! Yeah right!!!!

He also goes by empty patch on FB. He adopted a kid from Africa and he’s in school and his name is Henry. He said he’d falling in love with me. He is 50yrs old. They called him patch Fromm Texas . He wanted me to go on hangouts like the other scammers I’ve felt with and I knew next would be a sad story and then he’d ask for money so I let him go after I saw he deleted his fb

Soldiers don’t give money to Commanders for anything. This is definitely a scam. Anytime someone says they need money for orders or some other BS they are a scam because you don’t pay anything for deployment unless your buying hygiene or personal stuff.

Try creating a forwarding e-address for on-line SCAM email, I get about 15-25 a DAY for meaningless crap: my BLOCK this address option is meaningless and fills too quickly; then I have to delete and refill - and the same SCAM crap keeps pouring in (For Example 'F.B.I. Notices' that THEY have legal money for me. Even the "F.T.C." has sent notices to that effect, although I haven't seen them lately. 'Western Union', the spoofed names go on, but the domains are meaningless drivel, not at all connected with the companies and agencies that send them. YOU should get them, sort them out, and REALLY BLOCK them. ISPs don't give a damn.

The best Defensed is knowledge. Inform the public of what to look for and the signs that a fraudulent act may be being committed. Knowledge if the best weapon of defense.

How to get my urn mony.

I know this is a fraud from the poor English.

-----Original Message----- From: \MS® TEAM\ Sent: Tue, Oct 13, 2015 4:42 am Subject: Secret Shopper® LLC
Dear candidate,
We are starting a very big research project in USA and Canada. This project takes place every month. We are leading agency specialized in (Global) Customer Service Research. We need to recruit Mystery Shoppers to join our project to work as a surveyor. You will get $200 - $300 for each assignment. Payment check or money order will be in a certain amount that you will be asked for cash your bank and then garnish your wages and have the rest for the evaluation. Provide the following information below if you interested.
Full Name: Address (NOT P.O Box): City, State, Zip: Occupation: Age: Email: Phone Number:
Your response would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you. Regards, Teresa wilson

This is excellent, especially for the small business owner. I have received four international scams in the last year! Didn't know where to report them.

Why can't you shut down the "microsoft technical services "scam, in where they say your computer is putting out error messages on the internet and you will be arrested if you don't have them fix it (for $$$). Its been going on for a couple of years now ( got 3 calls in 2 days this week).There is no phone number on caller ID and no way to identify them except for their Indian or Pakistani accents.

Frank33, I've received a few of those myself, years ago. Just tell them to contact your Internet service provider.

They claim they've done a trace of your server and claim you're using their company's bandwidth, or something to that effect.

Since you, like most of us, use an ISP, it's the ISP's responsibility, so just tell them to call your ISP, then hang up.

This response has worked for me. They don't call me anymore.

Or just tell them you don't own a computer.

I had that happen a couple of years ago. I told them I had no computer so how were you able to find this out? They hung up! Nothing since

Frank33, I just recently started getting the same type of calls. And when I asked what they were speaking about because my computer is in the shop (pawn shop) they hang up. Try that and see what happens.

Step to Loan Scam, they promised me $6,000 and we did a whole bunch of processing on our computers now I have all these programs on my computer, and when I call them 1-800-620-4799, they hang up on me so they will not give me the $6,000 they promised.

supposedly matched to three men with Our Time Dating. Gary Henry request I send money and electronics to son for birthday. a few hours after shipping thru FEDEX I contacted fedex told them this was a scam do not deliver. place hold and return to me. even suggested if anyone came to claim they must give password. Was assured this would happen. NO the package was delivered. I believe all three men are not American but have accent of middle east.

Thank you. This is good to know that reputable agencies "have the backs" of consumers.

Re. Scam Report/complaint I can't find your email address anywhere. I have additional information to ad to this file. Actual invoices from the scam people themselves. I need your email address to forward these items. I hope someone is really working on this. It means a lot to me. Thanks for your time. Mike

If you filed a complaint with the FTC and want to add information, call 1-877-382-4357. Have your file number with you when you call.

Yes I have a problem here in the Saint Paul airea the Police Department I suppose igivein g the inclination that I have not finished my Education as a Police Officer as a Pay Pal could you help them with this Profile number # Military Government Police Officer beyond.

I have been subjected to calls from international bill collectors in an attempt to collect a false debt. They laugh when I tell them I am complaining to your agency. Is there anything I can do? Please contact me

If you know of a a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at

I received a phone call from a [pretend] solar company claiming to provide free solar panels under a Government grant, asking a few questions to see if I qualified: first if I were owner of the house, sole owner, how many hours of sun did my roof get per day, ok so far right, but then they ask for my credit rating! I said it was personal information, they insisted saying it was necessary to complete the questionnaire to see if I qualified, and that I only had to say if it was 'good' 'very good', 'poor', etc. (I could some people laugh in the background). I said thank you and good bye. This was a phishing call. Les aware people may get caught on this collecting of information. They already knew my name and address when they called...

Found out birth certicate information changed.had several documents stolen. Noticed a lot of name changes with vital records date of birth information. Railroad retirement had 100 people with same name DOB ,asked question how can someone change out work history no retirement changed out my history you from Irs owe revenue service. Female. Real estate investment in ga gwinnett Co

If you want to learn how to find mistakes on your documents and records, go to There is information about how to make a plan and recover from identity theft.

I am so grateful for a FTC who keep us informed of scams and fraudulent people who are lying and cheating people out of their hard earned monies. Thanks for the warning.

Who does someone get to look into stock market fraud?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) protects investors and enforces laws and rules for the stock market.

The SEC explains how to check out a broker and investment advisor and has information for investors. The SEC also takes complaints from investors.

We get the "Hi, I'm calling from Windows..." phone calls from foreigners all the time. No matter how many foreign companies you guys extradite, convict, and jail; a new company takes its place almost immediately, so the calls never actually stop.

Most of the time, I just hang up; but these calls are very annoying, because I know there is NO company called "Windows" unless it's a window replacement service. Sometimes I try to get information from the caller, but they've been trained not to release any information. So, we're STUCK. Surely there's got to be some way you guys can convince the foreign nation governments to make such companies illegal, or require them to ONLY call locals.

To me, this problem is more of a U.S. State Department issue, where our representative(s) should get involved and demand foreign governments curtail these illegal activities.

Leaving it up to the FTC, FBI, or even the FCC, makes no impact on the number of calls Americans receive from foreign companies who do not abide by our laws.

My 75 year old mother in law fell for this scam. she doesn't know much about computers and thought they were legit. She paid them I believe $250 and then she gave them her IP address to "help fix her computer" and they were then able to get into all her information. They also screwed up her computer. She ended up having to get a new one, having to contact all her accounts she uses via internet and told them what happened. We reset all her passwords also. This was such a hassle and so scary at the same time. She had called me right after this happened because she couldn't do anything on her computer so I went to her house. When I called the call back number they gave her I quickly realized she had been scammed and put everything into action, right after I gave them a piece of my mind and a few choice words. They have called me several times also. One time I told them that it's funny I had issues with my computer since I didn't have one. He hung up on me on that one. LOL!

i was called by this number say they worked for the IRS. 206-9239793 and they were tring to get money from me

I am so grateful for a FTC who keep us informed of scams and fraudulent people who are lying and cheating people out of their hard earned monies. Thanks for the warning.

I received a call today from a Bruce Brunnell"saying he was from the 'US Treasury verification Dept" notifying me that I was "randomly"chosen to receive $7000.00 because i always payed my taxes on time etc. and how would I prefer to receive the money, direct deposit to my bank or by Western union cash",of course i told him Western Union",I was not about to give my account # to anyone over the phone. he tried to verify my address,which he had wrong,and I verified with a similar wrong address. he then asked my age,I told him the wrong date,,not a problem for him because he did not correct me.then came the verification of my address,(he should have had all of these things)I did verify the town but not the address or correct street,again,not a problem.He again(about 3 or 4 times stated he was calling from the "US Treasury Verification dept"and repeated the amount I was to receive,$7000.00 then asked what i was "most likely to use the money for",bills,was my response.he then said his dept superior/supervisor would verify a "Approval number"he gave me,all i had to do is callback at phone #253-***_**** and give his superior the "approval# he gave me,and they would have the cash Grant on the way.I knew this was a scam but i wanted to get as mush info as I could.Looked up the prefix of phone # and it came from Tacoma. he told me to make sure I make the call,I guaranteed that I WOULD INDEED BE CONTACTING "SOMEONE".if you get one of these calls,it's a SCAM. I am hoping someone gets a hold of me for the info on these scammers so they will stop.We'll see.I have it if you want it.Also I could hear all the other people in the back ground calling and talking,and this guy had an Australian or British accent? not sure.I just know,unless you have filed for a grant,they don't call you and "Randomly" choose you.

These details are useful for a complaint.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments don't go into the database.

I got that same call. I let him do his song and dance playing like I was so excited. If course when he asked how I wanted to receive my 7000 I was not polite and hung up. Next time he'll get a lovely whistle in his ear.

I receive email spam scams all the time (Both in US & for international things). Do I still forward them to By the way, thanks for trying to help us all!

Yes, please forward to

My name; Mukhtar I have received e-mail saying dat i have wow a money lottery from The coca cola company promotion/prize Award Dept coca cola Avenue Stanford bridge London DE1V 3DW United kingdom. By coca cola in conjunction with the Red Dot promotion held in London UK. However the results were released this day may,2007 and your email was attached to. Ticket number;7pwyz2007. Winning number;5-12-7-0-1-17. Bouns; 8. Thanks pls reply me son. May be i can help.

If you got email about a scam outside the US, you can make a report at

I have been talking to someone from Nigeria...and yes I have sent money on several occasions...for a total of about 700-800 dollars...through "WESTERN UNION" I Contacted Western Union and am now waiting on copies of each of my transactions.Once I receive them, what should my next step be? The person I have been scammed by ...still does not know that I ran a image search and found out so much about "him" the image search resulted in letting me know the pics he sent to me were of a Hawaiian Model....then took me to what "HE" REALLY LOOKED LIKE....I WAS SHOCKED AT ALL THE LIES HE HAD TOLD ME IN THE PAST 3MONTHS....I ALSO STILL HAVE ALL MESSAGED WE HAD EXCHANGED Since the end of July...should I let him know, that I am on to him?

You can help law enforcement by reporting your experience at The information you give will help consumer protection agencies around the world.

If you keep talking to a scammer, he might continue to contact you. He might sell your name and information to another criminal.

To limit how much the criminals know about you, don't contact them and don't respond to emails, texts or calls.

Because the police or government are not really do any individual investigation, so the scammers are not afraid to continue to scam money. They use different company website, phone number and email to do crime. If we can capture one, we actually to stop many scam activity

I was scammed by a romance on Facebook.Took my life savings and I am devistated. Please help

I think now that I have been scammed also! What can we do? Please help?

You can report a scam to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

You can use the "Search" bar at the top of this page to look for information on the FTC site. Type in the word like "job" or "romance" that describes what happened to you. Or, use the words on the left side of this page to find articles about a topic. You can find articles about Money & Credit, or Homes & Mortgages or other topics by clicking on one of the boxes on the left.

I hope that this helps those of you that may have received this internet message.....

Subject Line - ATMCard Suspension Zenith Online To Recipients Jan 6 at 5:24 AM Zenith Bank Value Customer,

<>Your Atm Card has been listed for suspension.Is not yet delineation to your BVN account,follow the url bellow to activate? Unlisted New Bvn SCript; if experiencing any difficulties or unusual with the self activation link, for assistance Call helpline 01-454-0588. Thank you for banking with Zenith Bank

I looked up the information online about . This is a valid email address. However, it is connected with a Community College, one of the instructors, located in Smithfield, NC, USA. Zenith Bank is located in "Nigeria". This is what I found when I looked it up: Zenith International Bank Ltd. Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.  This is the card services information: Card Services Questions about your Card (MasterCard, Vpay, VisaCard and any other type of card) - cardservices  234-01- 2781740, 2782273 Hotline: 0700 ZENITHBANK As you can see, even the phone number listed in the email, doesn't even match up to the one listed under the proper bank department.

I've been getting TONS of emails lately stating that either "DHL" or "WESTERN UNION" or "FED-EX" is holding an ATM card for me with 7,000,000. or more on it and that a rep. paid the fees yet all I need to do is pay the holding fee of anywhere from $120. to $280. US dollars. They want me to send this either Western Union or MoneyGram. They also say that the Ambassador to the United Nations from Nigeria will deliver it to me on his visit this week. And sometimes I get the same type of email from the "New" head of a bank in Nigeria. I have reply to some stating that if I have to pay for it no thank you.
Just reading the blogs on here I know that these type of SCAMS are not only targeted at me but at s many Americans. I only hope there is going to be something done soon.

I got an alert that I had a virus on my mac. I went through the stupid process of letting these people get all my information and "fix the issue" the company is called In Technologies and don't know why I went ahead and let these people trick me into getting into my laptop and all my information is supposedly backed up. I looked online at the site and still don't know what to believe. I also went on the site and want to know if anyone else has had this same situation happen to them.

Yes, a person called to tell me I have a virus and that they would fix I if I sent them money for contract. Next thing that happens is another person calls to refund my money but must do it with a online bank transfer. Then they send back too much money and want it back. I sent it back but it was too late......they had manipulated my bank account and fooled me....I continue to get calls saying they are going to arrest me and deport me. I filed a complaint with the FBI and FTC.
It is hard to tell what is legitimate when dealing with computer. You feel like you are held hostage because they have control of your computer and we are unsuspecting.

Has anyone been contacted by David Rowland or Scott Xris?


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