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Reporting international scams

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard us say repeatedly to report scams to the FTC. If you report scams to us, we can bring the kinds of cases that shut down the scammers.

But there’s another place to report international scams, too: Maybe you’ve done business with an overseas company that hasn’t lived up to its end of the deal. Perhaps you got “winning” lottery notices from another country, or got asked to send money overseas to secure your international job. If you’ve spotted a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at


The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world. Starting today, an updated version of the site is available – it’s mobile-friendly, has a user-friendly complaint form, and you can get consumer information and file complaints in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Whether you use a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, your complaints to help consumer protection agencies around the globe – including the FTC – spot trends, conduct investigations, bring cases and prevent international scams. You also can learn practical steps to help combat fraud and get news from ICPEN members, including case announcements.

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We received a generic inquiry from Vestal Harner regarding one of our online tables - original email address bowarequipment@ I sent the information and received this back in return from a different email address harnerquipment@
Hello, Thanks for your email. I want to purchase the 63" diameter costing $9,680. I recommend you to contact the shipping company with the total weight & dimensions of the item and request for shipping estimate. Below is the delivery address and info to contact the shippers, also CC me when you contact them. Delivery Address:- Mr. Danny Allison Vädursgatan 5 214 50 Göteborg, Sweden Shipping Company's Info Name: Sky Shipping Services Contact Name: Jeff Walter Primary Contact Email: Quote@ skyshippingservices. Include the pick-up location and request for shipping cost.. After you heard from them, email me total cost of the order so that I can proceed with credit card payment. Hope to hear back from you. Best Regards,

Scam is - you wire money to shipper after fraudulent card is used to purchase product.

Glad to see your info posted here, as I have been contacted by him as well. He sent the following email. I replied with our catalog for purchase and he just emailed again asking what is available. It sounded like a waste of time but when you are in business for yourself you can't ignore people. This one I surely can. BEWARE
Hello Customer,
I would like to inquire about models/sizes on Leaf Springs you sell,so email me availability and let me know the types of payment you accept.Hope to hear back from you ASAP.

Best Regards,

Vestal Harner
Harner Equipment
Santa Rosa, CA 95404, USA

I just received an email from this same person yesterday from Santa Rosa California. He also called me this morning from 707-581-3636 wanting to purchase 6400$ worth of car parts and also wanting to use sky shipping specifically a guy there named Jeff Walter. Yesterday after this Vestal guy contacted me I recieved another email from the same address saying it was Vestals partner Christopher Smith and he would be paying and provided me a CC number and address in Clifton VA 14019 Marleigh Ln. I asked Vestsal to provide a copy of Christophers drivers license to verify the CC address and he responded that he no longer wanted to by the parts. I don't know if this helps anyone but this info is accurate up todays date

Graci glam scam..Ghana watch out

BEWARE emilus. org/
classiawebdevelopment. org/

Hello! I'd like to report a suspicious site and certain Eric Morgan. A person who said he sent a parcel to me all the way from Florida. I knew this person for a two weeks. He provided a tacking number on this site xxxxxxxxxx with the tacking number 03xxxxxxxx and I was so stupid to believe that it was true since it seemed so legit.
Someone texted me from that our parcel just arrived from Florida and we needed to send 17,400 php for the admin fee for us to get the parcel delivered and so we did send the money via BDO acct. c/o Sonia M. Ramos/ACCT No: 0087xxxxxxxx. They said the package will be delivered by tomorrow right away after scanning the parcel.
Then later on, they texted us again telling us that there were undeclared cash inside the package ranging 10,000 -35,000 US dollars and we need to send 35,000 PHP for the legal documents for them to process so they can deliver the parcel right away. We refused to send since that was so impossible. They said it was a serious criminal offense and it's laundering and we need to pay for the 35k php. We called them and asked for the address so we can pay the money personally but the address given was invalid. I kept texting the said April through this number +639452180140 and certain Michael Wilson through this number +639568893623. FYI his accent is not American. I think they have been operating for days. i tried to search the site given and tracked down if this site is a scam. It appeared that it has established for 86 days more or less and based from Romania or America. I tried to call them and ask to get my money back but they refused and said they don't refund money after we sent it and hanged up. I can provide some screenshots if you wish me to send it to you via email. Please help me. Thank you so much. I may be reach me through this email

never make any deals what so ever with leynera guero he will act like he will give you you goods but will wait until you have paid saying he has had a "stressful day" and to trust him

Hello, anyone out there run into a scam circle out of South Africa that says they are the accountant for your late rich uncle and can't find any other blood relatives? An accountant who says he is Mark Stewart, someone at a fake bank, and an Attorney who says he is James Adams, of Adam and Eve Attorneys of Mindrid South Africa. Complete with a fake attorney website?

asiconminer. com turned out to be another scam as well. They have tech data-sheets and specs everywhere but never send a machine. I tried the cheapest one to test the company as a scam since there was no feedback on them that I could find. They sent and invoice, sent a invoice marked paid, sent a tracking number that expired, and even sent an email saying their logistics center would contact me. Nothing ever came. I though they could be a scam as the specs and prices were borderline to good to be true. I took one for the public so avoid them.

Please report this to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.


I live in Turkey. I recieved an e-mail about new job opportunity. It is about a big amount of money belongs to a dead man. She offers me the share that money 50/50. I thought that was a fake e-mail and I thought that she asked me to send her an advanced fee. But she wanted me the my driving license. I couldnt think that was a dangerous thing. So I send my driving license copy. And she didnt reply me after got my ID. I think she got what she want.

I know that I am a very foolish guy. What should I do now? I am very frustrated. Can thieves steall my money or open bank account or take credit from bank with mu ID from oversea?


You can contact your bank and tell them your license was exposed to a thief. Ask how to protect your account. Do you use your license for other reasons, like a work or school ID? You might need to contact other businesses where you use your license for ID.

A thief can use a license number and other stolen information to create a new identity. They use the new identity to buy things, take loans etc. If the thief uses your information to make a new identity you might see signs of identity theft.

Thanks for your reply.

In Turkey driving license is very similar to identity. I ı I I. I looked up on Internet about this issue.Thieves may open a new bank account,buy new cell phone, sign some loan contract etc in Turkey. I think I can handle these contact with police department, my bank etc.

Actually my big worry is the thieves generally steal people ID's from overseas. They are working international. How can I handle that? Should I contact all of the abroad country's police department about my stolen ID. I am very anxious about for example when I go to USA after 5 year, police-man says me that I have a big amount of unpaid bills, credit etc.

I wish there are international agency or special security mechanisms which deal with identity thieves.

Thank you very much for everything.

740 299 8411!!So sick of getting threatening calls from the country of india about legal issues, when are we going to stop using them and give jobs back to americans so this nuisance can stop. After the huge IRS take down and arrest of hundreds of workers in India you would think it would stop, but it has not.

I have been scammed... I had been asked to pay 4,00,000 rupees to get job in MSI Shipping Company at Singapore. I paid the amount and they are delaying for last one year for the job.. every month the person called Mr. sashi bushan jha is telling me you will get boarded this month next month or within 10 days.. what should I do now?

You could request a refund from the person you paid. If they will not give you a refund, you could make a report to a consumer protection agency in your location, or the employer's location.

I need help i am scammed i am working in Japan just a single parent i met this person on fb and we started being closed until were in a relationship he is from Afghan Military Base he is working there as a soldier he told me he is sending me something a box which he will send me with his personal belongings there and his money with it i said it is risky he ask me for my personal information so i send all the information and the dwlivery company asking me to add additional charges so i paid them to send the box for me but it didnt send me because these delivery co. told me that the Custom stopped it because its money laundering i need more certificates that cost 5000USD i need to pay so they send it to me these guy who is my bf pushing me to pay it but i paid the charges bfore for 3000USD and another 1000USD all in all for 4oooUSD i had released already but i dont have any money to give anymore so he is framing mefor my nude photo i send him if i will not pay this delivery company for his Box. He told me he will let the media knows what i am doing.He is telling me i betrayed him because i have the money but i wont pay and he is scaring me to put my nude photo in the internet to pple to see please help me i am tired and i dont know what to do i am just a laborer who was being fooled by this guy i gave him all my savings and theres nothing left me nw

You could report the person who is threatening you. You could report him to the website where you found his account, or to the money wiring service you used to send money. You could explain the story that he told you about shipping information, and customs fees. 

You could choose to stop communicating with him. You could block him on email or text. If he shares your information or photos without your permission, you could report that to the website too.

this website is having secure sign but is stealing paysafecard and i try to contact with live support on this and he was saying fake things and left the chat

hi, i got a weird email an was leary about answering it, buy i gave in an did. bcuz it said i could b a secret shopper @ wal-mart. i lost interest cuz i never heard from them, but did reading on 2 different MarketForce companies. the actual MarketForce sends u email with their actual email not like the one i received. 2day is July 6 of 2017 i just received a check from $1,680.00 . but they want me to cash it in my account. i said 'WHAT'!!!!!!!!! , i wasn't going to, it make u have a uneasy feeling. ... i read to report it to FTC on fraud checks, which i will.

Hello ,
i made trade with a comapny in Thailind whith whom a had a agreement and sen here money in exchange of getting goods from thailand i got all the documents but no goods the person is not oppening my phone.

DollarTell is a big scam

sir, there is a so called placement agency, in idustrial phase 5, mohali, chandigarh named as ventex solutions which give you calls on the basis of your activeness on employment sites. they gave me a call and asked me to come for an interview with 3000 rupees. on the spot they took 3500 from me saying that they will refund if not selected. however i left the interview in between knowing they are frauds. but it was bit late. i already made the payment. now they are making excuses about giving back my money. i have been trying to contact them since a week but no hope that they are goin to give back y money. please take strict action against them as they are befooling many freshers. thankytou

Don't answer this numbers +447700304757 cliff simon,0604652969 by ANDISWA lady,0630662084 and 0110677855 saying they are from airport they are scammer them scammed me R11000 saying is for my parcel delivery and its has money in its.Be aware they are fraud.someone says he is from immigration office in airport waiting to release and deliver the parcels.

superibu. com from this site a lady from Australia contacted me saying that her name is Nawal Yahya, a doctor from Perth She scammed a seller in 2014 with amount more than RM16,000

I have investet 3.500 € with innovatemarkets. The money has been transferred to my trading account and seemed to be used for different trades with some benefit. But looking at the history of my account I noticed that sums had been invested during the trades that exeeded the amount of mony invested at all incl. the bonusses. I tried to get an explanation on this and did not receive any responce. Phone calls are not possible, E-mails are not answered any more. I have been scammed. My money is in evel hands. I tried to get at least some of the invested money back and made an offer to them with no effect sofar. Iam warning everybody not to be drawn into this sort of bussiness by those people who are always presenting themselves as absolut trustworthy misusing your own trust in them in the most reckless manner. Hands off! These companies must be kicked out of the market and put to trial along with all the people involved in it.

I am being harassed to release money to a person in Nigeria. I withdrew my money and still being harassed Please help

depositbooster. biz/ This is the good looking company with good site and good profits. When you make a deposit it will appear sincerely until you want to withdraw. They will require another deposit to activate instant withdrawal (Funny enough, this does not appear on their terms and FAQ) (That’s how you’ll get trapped). To prove you here is my email conversation with the Admin.

ME:Hello Support 5 Hours ago I made a withdrawal of 180$; I would like to know how long it may take. Kind regards

Please provide your username,let me check it for you. Best Regards.DepositBooster Admin

ME: I provide with my username

We found your account need to activation in order to auto-withdraw due to you are new member and your plan is earn more than other market . We need to do verify after you will able to withdraw instantly. Best Regards. DepositBooster Admin

Me: So will you activate it?

Due to you are first time to invest us,you need to verify only one time.All you need to is deposit same amount of your Earned Total after you will able to withdraw instantly.System already await your activation.Once your made deposit,your account will be verified.Its will allow you to withdraw and deposit again.Please make sure dont make deposit lower or higher. Best Regards. DepositBooster Admin

That’s how I got scammed ( you can copy this testimony and give it to others, so that they may not be the victims).

You can help law enforcement by reporting this to the FTC at You can provide information about the company, what it promised, what you got and information about the website.

The information you give will go into a database that the FTC and law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

I had loaded a gift card with money to be able to set aside funds to treat my Mom on bad days, and utilize the rewards system without needing the intrusive and unsecured Starbuck app. Yesterday, I found out my card had been drained by someone in England. I can't get through to anyone at Starbucks for any resolution because they took the card to a zero balance.

I feel like any business that offers gift cards with no form of fraud protection (and it was clear they hacked my online account because my password was not working when I first tried to log in) should be *legally required* to say up front in big bold print that they offer no fraud protection, even if it's due to a flaw in their website or app.

I've used complex passwords to reach an Internet secure life estimate of ten years (according to my friends in coding) and change them regularly. I had not even logged in to my account from the time I last used it to the date of the draining and then the multiple attempts to pull more money. I guess these thieves expected I would just blindly keep adding money. Nope. I keep every receipt for at least three months and always keep the last one with the card.

I feel like there's nothing I can do because technically this was an international theft, and why should Starbucks care? The money is still in their pockets.

It's just particularly painful because I was trying to get something for my Mom, and it was freaking England where the theft stole my money! The country I got scammed out of doing a year long study abroad program in school because the company didn't file their paperwork and the US and UK immigration offices couldn't have cared less that I, a poor college student looking to build on a summer job connection to get work during my senior year, was scammed out of $5,000+. No one cares. Not seven years ago for a poor college student looking for work experience, and not now for a struggling low income worker just looking to give a small gift to her Mom.

From now on, I keep real cash set aside and only load exactly what I need, when I need it for the sake of earning rewards. Lesson learned. Out $20 I didn't have to lose in light of hours reduction at work.

I was scammed by loan offering guys and I have sended them more than 2000Euros and now asking for more .. I was stupid

I want to find out if a company here in Japan that would like me to invest in them is legitimate or not. Who should I contact? Any ideas?

I was selling my laptop on olx from India and suddenly I got message and then whatsapp chat from an unknown person to send him more pics of laptop. I made a deal with him and do you know, He agreed at higher price. Then he requested me to ship to Nigeria to this address

Name -Richard obaloluwa
Postal code- 23402
Country- Nigeria
City- Ibadan
No. 10 Adebayo street behind agbowo shopping complex ibadan Nigeria.
Mobile no- +2348101659902

I doubted this and confirm on google about scams in Nigeria and found the information about this also. Then I played a trick. I demanded for money first and given my account details with all fake name and account number and email which is even not linked. Then I got an email in spam folder descripting the transfer from Royal Bank of Canada to verify shipping number first and then transfer will be done. All was happening according to what I read about scams. Then I quit to save my time for work. Beware friends!

do you guys know anything about utah fast transportation service . i was looking for bengal kittens on sell and i fell upon this on a page where they sell animals. so then i contact the owner and she said she was in utah and that it would only cost me $500 for a an 11 week old male kitten . she contacted me thru email after i texted her.then she told me she was going to ship it ,and she didn't tell me i was going to be charged extra after telling the shipping company was going to contact me . so the company did reach through email and after i made the payment through western union in a rite aid of 500 shortly after receiving the money they said they needed a 1000 payment for a crater and a vaccine for the kitten due to harsh weather and for safety precautions. i told them i didn't have that kind of money as budget set and told them i could only give them 280 for at least the vaccine. the company said they'll help me out with the rest since the money was refundable anyways . so the following i did so , and shortly after again they made another reason for me to make another transaction of 600 for life insurance on the kitten by this time i was like okay what the hell is going on , this seems like fraud. so i told them I'm not sending anymore money because i can't i don't have any ( which was actually true , i send all the money saved up) and the guy in charge of my case kept saying borrow or what can you come up with after telling him numerous of times that i no longer had any money to make another payment. so he said ill make it 300 and the company can help out with the rest, i still couldn't and didn't agree upon it . the weirdest thing is that when i contact the number and they don't answer i get a " sorry but this google subscriber can't be reached" so that left me kinda suspicious and then he wanted me to answer on another phone number and he said press 83 once you answer to active the call.

The details you have would be useful in a complaint. Please report your experience to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You can also report it to the wire transfer company that you used. Call the Western Union Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492.


The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.

I know 1 man in Meet me, 6 July 2017. He claimed his an American and working for 3 months in Lagos Nigeria. After talking few days, he say to me that his collapse in the mall and somebody stole his passport, credit card, cash money etc. After that he asked me to send money to buy a meal and survive till he finish his job there on 30 July 2017. I did send 2 times by Western Union with equal $2093.
And he say that his bank in USA asking to pay the fee new card to send to Nigeria $800.after I send again (equal $2093 the money sended by WU). So he say he will go to embassy to pick up the card and passport and buy ticket to USA. But that day he say that credit card didn't send the card and it means he must stay there and have a money to buy ticket and hotel Billings. Thats why he asking again money to me $2500 and I said NO. I have all data's about our chat, pic, receipt from Western Union, name of the receiver etc. I will be really happy if you can help me to find who is this guy and asking him to pay back my money.
I really wish someone will help me to have my money back and find me who is this man.

He claimed his name James Maffei Cater, american 36 years old, have a 1 son and divorce. His son stay with his mom in California. His nigeria number is +2347050274454 and after he say that he change his number cos so bad for signal, so his new number now +2349038050652. And he say his driver number is +234 906 464 3912.

You could report the man to the website where you found his profile, or to the Western Union fraud hotline at 800-448-1492. You can also report to international scams reporting database:

Hi Naomi.
I think we are on the same page.
The thing is am still on the lost passport,credit card in the mall phase yet.
I want to share with you his photos and videos. But he did gave me a US number as well. The same name, 33yrs old, divorsed and with daughter that stays with him. He is now in Ghana and doing some work for 7 weeks. I met him on Skout/Meet Me last week of July.
Let me know how we can contact each other.
Thank you.

I think I might be on the same page, let’s share pictures please met on MeetMe as of November 2017... has a daughter but is french...

He is on OkCupid now. just talked to him end of July 2018. Name James Cater Maffei. Saying he's working in Thailand for 8 weeks, talking about getting married out of nowhere and getting all the information i dont know what he need it for. Have 1 daughter with his mom, in France. his number before was from Thailand. but then change it to UK number. Then i found he was watching Netflix from Lagos, Nigeria ip address and found his Facebook account which completely different information too.. He must have been changing app dates and still searching for more.

ASDA finencial services is fraud company. They deceive people by saying them they provide loan but they ask people to deposit money for loan approval . I was also asked to pay$150 for the approval of loan amount $10000 by so called CEO Dr. Desmond Berling. I have even his pictures, loan contract papers sent by him. He countineously asked me to pay $350 for all this . So I request you please don't trust this person and so called his company . They all are scammer.

Some advance-fee loan and credit card offers have tell-tale signs that can help you avoid getting ripped off. To learn more, please see the FTC publication, Advance-Fee Loans.

These guy. Is using his fiancé identity social security # changed her bank password to work with these expediting company's he forge her name signature on any load paper work these company's dnt knw that he dnt have license for 25 yrs .insurance commercial company added 3 drivers to this younglady expediting company. She had know idea ...this guy and he friends took a total of close to 300 hundred thousand dollars total on driving loads with this lady .she has lost everything. ....from the guys and all these expediting company who all just looking for money ..these company. Type her name on the paper work and give it to the guy to do the loads ..........this is awful she a wonderful person ...i hope that every last one of these guys go to to jail for fraud and all 50 companys or more ...jesuse help this beautiful younglady because she dnt deserve to be scammed......justic for her..

Millions of people are affected by identity theft each year. Your friend might benefit from reading this FTC post — Report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan at

Do Not buy ANYTHING from World of Overstocked. com or Kings Trends! These over seas companies will take your money and NOT send you your products. When you contact them, they refuse to givd you a refund by stating all salea are final. BEWARE THESE COMPANIES ARE A SCAM!!!! Stay Away...

Rubbie Fox
4F Nakato Marunouchi Bldg. 3-1 Marunouchi, Naka-ku Nagoya 460-0002 Japan. City of Origin:Nagoya Japan

i got box from rubbie fox and ship to cargo name state above but they scan the box and they said that they scan money more than 11K dollars so they ask me about to pay due taxes cost its 18k php then after they scan they found out a money more than 11k dollar s in the box so they ask me to pay 35k php again for releasing my box for delivery then i payed again they ask me for admin me because its money laundering for 55k php i only payed 10k php for 55k and i found i was scam by Rubbie fox but still the cargo asuure me theres box in thier hands so il pay anothey 27k php to get my box again

Great. thank you

So I've been scammed through a dating site and lost $800 and now they're wanting me to send another $650 or they'll ruin my career.. I'm in the military and i don't know what to say to my supervisor since I'm supposed to tell him first before anyone else and i don't want everyone else in the work area to know.. what should I do..

be aware of Nantana Johnson of Hawaii claims to work for bank of Hawaii and a mr Musa Bello who claims to work for ECOBANK scammed me out of 20K

1-719-662-8577 on elert (Nigerian) User profile name careful


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