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Reporting international scams

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard us say repeatedly to report scams to the FTC. If you report scams to us, we can bring the kinds of cases that shut down the scammers.

But there’s another place to report international scams, too: Maybe you’ve done business with an overseas company that hasn’t lived up to its end of the deal. Perhaps you got “winning” lottery notices from another country, or got asked to send money overseas to secure your international job. If you’ve spotted a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at


The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world. Starting today, an updated version of the site is available – it’s mobile-friendly, has a user-friendly complaint form, and you can get consumer information and file complaints in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Whether you use a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, your complaints to help consumer protection agencies around the globe – including the FTC – spot trends, conduct investigations, bring cases and prevent international scams. You also can learn practical steps to help combat fraud and get news from ICPEN members, including case announcements.

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He did the same thing to me ! He asked me to put money on a iTunes card for his sons birthday because he was flying to China ! I’m wondering why the nanny could do it ! He also gave me a Address to a place in Nigeria that he wanted me to send money to help out young girls that where getting killed and raped ! I’m pretty sure his picture is not who he really is ! He talked about not getting along with his ex then the next day she was dead in a car accident ! He halos mentioned he was in a plane crash and that why he asked you for money ! Total scam artist

The same thing just happened to me. Says he's a pilot working for the Dubai government.Says he's from Portugal but lives in the US. Progressing his love after only talking to me thru messenger for 2 days.. He also told me that he has a house in Miami FL and in LA California. He ask me to send his son $200.
I asked him to video chat me to see if he was really who he say he is and of course he tried to tell me some bogus story about how his job wouldn't allow him to. I googled the name and I saw your post.. Wow I'm so glad I followed my first mind to do more research on him.. The name he is going by now is Earnest Sapphire Stogg on Facebook. Such a same. Wish I could send you a picture of him..

This person is still out there. As soon as I accepted a requested he sent me a private message. Red flags as soon as I got the message. The grammar, the verbiage and the context of the message told me that it was a scam. I reported him on instagram since that’s how I came across him. I also did some research on FB and reported him there as well.

The guy is still acting , now he is on Tinder in Dubai. He requested me to switch into FB messenger and there is dictripancy in his educational college and empty FB profile that make me googling him . So happy to find out about him . He is using the same name Earnest Stogg and his Tinder nick is Saphhire.

Matched with him on Tinder, after 2 messages he requested we switched to Messenger because he "only wanted to talk to me" and had too many female messages on Tinder... Red flag #1. Then immediately professing how crazy he was about me from the second he saw my photos (red flag #2) and starting to send overly romantic messages. I played along for fun. Glad I found out about this scammer!

I just want to tell you this girl is a real person supposing he lives in the outskirts of Chicago and he's got always $16,000 off of me my family and friends 4 year so when you got here to Chicago his boss said he flew over playing for was blackmailing him but I had to pay I should forget forget it he said so I can show my wife my friends

Yes he is a scam artist

I received an almost identical email, it reads:

Hello, Thanks for your email.

I am interested to order 10 pieces of 1275 Grover ® Train Horn – 3 horns which cost $625.00 each. Well am recommending a freight company for the pick up of the items and I want you to contact the shippers with the total weight & dimensions of the items and request for freight cost. The delivery address and shipping information is below:

Delivery Address:- Mrs. Linda Rose Sterrenbergweg 40, 4001 BT Soesterberg, The Netherlands Shipping Company's Information Name: Rapid Shippers Inc Contact Name: Carl Gibbs Primary Contact Email: Rapidshippingus@ 

Try to send me a copy of what you will send to the freight company... Kindly include the place of pick-up location and they will surely get you a freight quote. Immediately you hear from them you go ahead and email me back with the total cost of the transaction so that I can proceed payment with my Credit Card. Hope to hear back from you. Best Regards

Do not use www. almacenaronline. es it`s scam. We just lost our USD200 paying with Debit card for a watch that never got delivered.

You can help law enforcement by reporting this to The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

Man by name of Rick Keefer texted my business number claiming to need AC systems installed once delivered to x address. Only deal is, that they need me to charge the delivery drivers fee on their credit card and then I need to send money to delivery driver's bank account. The delivery fee is $2000, plus my installation fee. Supposedly, once they get their money the delivery driver will deliver AC system for me to install. Have heard this scam before but just wanted to make it known.

I got the same email from Alan Looker! The following is the Email our business received

Hello, Thanks for your email.I am interested to order 2 pieces of P614 Iznik Tile Panel | Tree of Life which cost $4,200.00 each. Well am recommending a freight company for the pick up of the items and I want you to contact the shippers with the total weight & dimensions of the items and request for freight cost. The delivery address and shipping information is below: Delivery Address:- Mrs. Linda Rose Sterrenbergweg 40, 4001 BT Soesterberg, The Netherlands Shipping Company's Information Name: Rapid Shippers Inc Contact Name: Carl Gibbs Primary Contact Email: Rapidshippingus @ Mail. Try to send me a copy of what you will send to the freight company... Kindly include the place of pick-up location and they will surely get you a freight quote. Immediately you hear from them you go ahead and email me back with the total cost of the transaction so that I can proceed payment with my Credit Card. Hope to hear back from you. Best Regards,

here is a scammer offering jobs in UK From: Global Passage Construction Limited < info @ globalpassageconstruction. com> Please take precaution!

Hi.. is this company fraud?

Never buy anything from englishtaobao .net they are just stealing your money and never reply or ship anything

How can anyone fall for these scams. Never give your ss# or bank acct. # to anyone. Ever

m a college student, just turned 19 today, October 17, 1998. Last week sometime I was filling out loan applications online, and I got a text message basically telling me that I got approved for a loan 1,000-10,000. I called back, and basically went through with the whole process. He told me that he would put money into my account and I would have to buy gift cards from Walmart, and send him pictures of the number on back of the cards.
Somehow he got my user name and password for my bank account, and created fake checks and put them into my bank account. I got a text message from him today, telling me I need to call my bank and get the hold took off my account so the money can clear out, at this point, I’m still following his directions. I called my bank and they basically told me that in order for him to deposit the money into my account, he had to have my user name and password, I really don’t remember giving him that information, because he never asked for it. what should I do? I have all the emails.

Avoid number 6147498961 they go by Angie hayward in Columbia Ohio but have giving a overseas banking information in to Uk. England, I looked up on skydialer and name of owner of that number is cliff. They have asked a person to send money to them , this person doesn’t realize they are being scammed they have bipolar very bad and don’t Comprehend what’s going on this scammer is on hangout
And they wanted the person to cash a check for them and send it to Michael’s house they didn’t but still don’t believe Micheals house if you google it is a Drug abuse Rehabilitation center . There are scammers but I believe this is much bigger and very smarter

There is a new (once again scam artist, very possibly part of a Nigerian syndicate) name that women must avoid via Facebook. His name is "Mario Jeffrey". Starts with love notes immediately.

MM Finacial Experts are a massive scam. I requested a withdrawal from MMFinance. 5 days later the request was stoppped and all of my capital ($18,000.00 was traded. I cannot now log into my account and no one will respond to my emails. Do not give this scam company any of your money you will not see it again.

romance scammer/siad engineer anthony harrison looking for money for his lawyer in Ankara turkey.

Thanks and will go to econsumer after posting this. Scams abound and with the net and internet shopping and shipping, you have got to be alert especially when the website you are on looks so okay.But you find out, after they post your invoice which doesn't read like what you thought it would, but hundreds of dollars more for 'shipping' which they said would be for free. Looking for a small diode to fix the microwave, and wee item, and found for just under five dollars US. In your fine state of Wisconsin, found a shipping order company, and decision to go with that when said a good deal on shipping, oops! I see it in the BBB now, after the bank alerted but did not receive the please stop payment, and now must wait and go through process. And so for time being, out almost 300 dollars, a few weeks from Christmas. Just posting this as no, our story has not concluded, but see by BBB entry for this company well not for the precise company but the person running it, as he has another company, and this company is just a domain name basically, so this person has almost 300 dollars of our money to play with until we go thru the process and return and such. Reported to our fraud centre up here, but even when things look so okay on a website and professional, you can never know. Anyway, just putting this here as it is yes international. It is too bad as there are so many good and ethical companies dealt with in sending parts and parcels and such, only takes a few bad apples. What will it take to make this type of thing a thing of the past so people can with great confidence purchase online? I don't know, but in future, I hope my Toolman just goes out and buys a new microwave! We could actually have, with what we are out. Be careful out there, and will follow up if I can remember to do so. Thank you for all the work you do and carry on. Thank you.

Ive been in an online romance and this man says hes very well off and wants to come and see me and hes bringing his money from his account.He says he hired a security company and needs 6500 for the inspection stamp to fly with it and not be detained! He is traveling with a large sum with it just being in a briefcase with a lock? I say why didn't you pay for it out of the money you have? I got a story that he didn't have a key and the company had it when he reached his destination.I ask " why would a security company not have a master key?It sounds like a scam to me.I haven't found any information about an inspection stamp! I could use some input on this?

Obviously he is a liar! I sure hope you didn't fall for it because it is clear you know better or you wouldn't be here asking for input! If you proceeded to let him scam you I feel sad that you would cross your own boundaries, know better & gut feelings for male companionship. These guys are looking for women who do exactly that. Please tell me you have enough self respect that you didn't send him ANY money!

Recently had a lady contact my husband via Twitter, she claims that she is 60yrs old and dying of lung cancer. She wants to give him $20million due to the fact that she is a widow with no children or family to share her inheritence,from her late husband. She goes by the name Florence Oliver. She has requested that he tell no one and that she has contacted her bank to release the said funds to my husband and before doing so must give the bank his personal info one in particular: his passport. The funds are located in South Africa. And she claims she lives in the UK and is in stage 3 cancer therefore unable to speak. We know for certain this is a scam. She approached my husband in a godly manner, like seriously? She obviously does not know God like my husband and I. God gives his children the gift of discernment. Shame on this person to use a goday former.

watch out for Gen andrew leslie asking people for $1000 to get a certificate and sending the money western union or money gram claiming it has 2,000,000 that once you have the cerfificate will be delivered to your door and you get 29% and he gets the rest

I want to ask about international transaction, how we can detect if its a scammer?

Stay away from delightprints. com China based company that sales clothing. Ordered over a month ago with no reply. Or

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I have a news how shipping giant CMA CGM of France handle a 18 million USD bunker case in Malaysia, it's biggest corruption in company history involve the Vice President and top management , So many wrong doing was done by them to get this 18 million USD claim, one of them is hiding to safe his life from the mob. Things involve, hack into system from around the world, bribe for information, miss use of power.

Can you tell if you know of a scammer from Germany pretending to buy gold and is an online dating scam. I need a heads up on this one. thanks

Hello, Three years ago I searched for some help or information on trouble shooting of my HP printer and was notified that my computer was infected. I was made to feel threatened and they could fix my problem. After some strange contacts with them I realized this was a scam and they did not work for HP. Ever since then especially these past few months I am getting phone calls announcing my computer is infected. I have an anti-virus from Norton installed. I have received emails with the same message but they seem very unprofessional, ending with "god bless" and this evening received a message by phone that sounded quite threatening posing as Revenue Canada. When I called back I spoke to the man who had an Indian accent and said that I don't believe he is from Revenue Canada and that I would not give any personal information. Also I have no problem with my taxes(for sure) and that any comments or requests are always done by mail. He then said that I have overpaid my taxes and have a refund of $1000. They are frauds. their number is : 1 226 215 0211. Please stop these posing frauds.

I have been defrauded by 2 people and threatened if I don't supply the money where I am staying will be bombed
I need to get back my money I have all information and who collected it through Western union and money gram
I was staying at my brother in lawsome home and did not want anything to happen to him and his family somebody help they have to go to jail.I have their phone numbers

If you are worried about your personal safety, contact a local law enforcement agency.

If you lost money to a scammer between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017 and you paid by Western Union, you can file a claim to get money back. You must file a claim by February 12, 2018. Go to to start the process. The FTC page explains how to file your claim.


I was approached by someone who was supposed to be a marine and send them money to get home as he has a son here and thought that he was coming honme to me as a husband but after 5000. 00 d0llars nothing just wanting more.

Avoid uTrader at all costs. They are masters at harassment. They call a sometimes 20 times per day from revolving numbers. Today the representative said to me: "I'm going to call you until you die."

Omg!!! That is threatening & scary!!!

i am worried .i have given my address , name to frauder whoose email id is monicalinbrown9 @

I oredered from Besiktas Shop, BESIKTAS.COM. I paid $91.00 for a jersey. They said to be the store for Besiktas Futball Team from Turkey, eventhough the website is originated from the Netherlads. I received an email with the receipt / invoice but never received the merchandise. Trying to contact them via email has been unsuccessful and the phone# provided to me for the credit card company is a phony. They took my money and now there is no way to contact them. People, be very careful, I don't really know who these people are but everything is very strange.

Please investigate and CoinCrest , both companies accepting wire and credit card transfers selling High Frequency Trading, Members include Roberto, Victoria, Sean, Marta, Owen. Shows online account balances but no ability to reach or get $ out, initiate transfers or trades. Lots of online reviews that are negative and same issues.

You can report a problem you have with a business to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don't go into the law enforcement database.


I received an email that seems to put a new spin on the old 'Nigerian letter' scam, which goes like this: a deliveryman with a $8.3 million USD inheritance check is waiting for me at an airport & I am urged to call or email a 'diplomatic deliveryman' with info. so that the man with the check doesn't leave because I've wasted his time. The part that most concerns me is this line: "Most importantly you are advised to send your full data to him, which include your Full Name, Current Residential Address, Direct Cell Number, closest airport to you and A copy of any identity card to verify that you are the right receiver to avoid mistakes." All I can think is that all of that info - with a copy of an identity card, no less, is a surefire request for full-on identity theft - and, how much info do you need for a fake passport based on you to be generated? So, should I forward this email to a gov entity? Homeland Security? Who? As a heads-up for everyone, names & numbers in this email are: "Mr Godwin Emefiele. The Executive Governor, Central. Bank Of Nigeria." "Mr. Donald Osso" "(512)-400-7124 or email: donaldosso55 @" Any guidance/suggestions or is this something others have already seen reported?

These are useful details for a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

l got scammed by , he said his name is Edward Donald, he is 4 star US army general, wearing with uniform(l found out this real photos belong to US Marine 4 star general Peter Pace' face), he made me to set up Hangouts on line, we 've been back and forth over two months, he is sending me a huge packages, has lots cash, and important documents, the Afganistan government gave him some land, exchanging with his services, he asked me to keep his package, and asked money 5,000.00 ,and another 50,000.00 , his package is holding by Turkey government, he need 50,000.00 for origin certifications, l was not smart enough to sent him, l immediately realized, l got framed by criminal scammers. his email is edwarddonald9123 @, he said his birth date is Aug 27, 1960. l asked him to send his ID, he sent his passport, but the picture was the General Peter Pace's photo. He said, his agent will contact me , his name is Russellshroyer2 @ l asked him send his ID, he sent Russell Jay Shroyer, it was fake photos on. l think these guys are the professional criminal scammers all over the places, l feel like they are in Istanbul, Turkey now. The scammer still sending messages , it is nightmere.

I have someone named Valerie landrin who said she can lend out money from $500 to $500,000 at any one time for those needing money for all purposes. She charge 2% on capital loan after 3 months grace period and nothing else except to ask th borrower give her their bank accounts and she will wire the fund loaned within 48 hours. True or false.

If someone you don't know says she wants your bank account number so she can give you money, it sounds like a scam. If you tell her your bank account number, she can take your money.

Hi I am reporting a scam and Consumer Dispute with ShipsUS CA 91763 for confiscating my goods since last Sept. Because I wanted to get of the bottom of the culprit and made inquiry about damaged parcel box and missing contents.

Now Shipsus the storage and forwarding agent has confiscated my goods since Dept and will not allow me to re-ship uk because I questioned why ot broke into my parcel under pretense of damaged box delivered from where the bakware was purchased in Okhlaloma and shipped by Fedex from Vacshack the merchant ( does only domestic US delivery) to the storage and fowarrding agent ShipsUS. Plus Shipsus backlash against me for raising a dispute / claim on PayPal. ShipsUs has now created a fake debt of $800 storage which I don't owe fir simply investigating why it lied that ot didn't break my box when photography evidence shows parcel box was BANDAGED with tape + plus risk of malicious damage done to ceramic bakeware+ cost of purchase + distress.. Attached parcel pic FYI.

FYI I am UK resident. I ordered some ceramic bakeware from Vacshack Oklahoma via PayPal. Vacshack does only domestic USA delivery. To re-ship UK I had to look for a mail receiving / storage facility in the States. Prior to the order with Vacshack I researched and discovered that the cost of logistics fron thw States to UK via Shipping Brokers is 50% less than the big courier companies typically used by forwarding agent. I communicated this to ShipsUS before Consenting to use its delivery. It was upon this agreement that it was nob- binding tp use ShipsUs courier delivery service that I could seek and use my external choice of shipping agent .

This was communicated via enaill address The storage or parcel receiving agent I opted for was one which would not make it mandatory to re-ship my parcel to me if I found shipping brokers significantly cheaper than the typical USPS, UPS, DHL, Fedex etc. Who would charge $ 150 ( £120) for 10. 4 kg / 23lb weight (21"x17"x 10" dimensions). Further research led me to cheaper shipping
brokers Parcel Hero and Parcel Brooker ( Who charge 50% less than the above freight quote £56-£60.

SHIPSUS California Montclair 91763
I made the first email contact to ShipsUS 4th Sept 2017 and received feedback 24 hrs. I inquired about the freight using g it's forwarding delivery couriers which was $150 with USPS and I informed the storage or forwarding agent ShipsUS that I need to use its storage and virtual address NOT its courier agents..Again as stated above freight of the big- time Courier agents used these forwarding agents cost TWICE as much with parcel brokers online. It was agreed and authenticated via email by ShipsUS ( Fiona Yu) that I could use the storage facility free membership and free 30days storage without any binding contract to use it'd mail forwarding courier agents.

Vacshack Oklahoma Purchase of goods
Based om the above I proceeded to purchase the stone bakeware Worth$122.50 from Vacshack Oklahoma 7th Sept 2017 who delivered it 12th Sept 2017 by Fedex ( tracking info attached. Again Vacshack did it's job and delivered to storage facility Montclair CA 91763.

ShiosUS Mail Parcel Theft
Following a FIRST attempted collection to re-ship my goods. There was a technical mix up which delayed the booking botched by ShipsUS. Which needed rectification.ShipsUs raised a false alarm around the Shipper Parcel Broker which led me to camp my Paid Status Invoice to collect my goods.

Photo of mail theft parcel box
From hence I demanded to see a photo of the parcel delivered by Fedex from Vacshack to ShipsUS. SHIPSUS ignored this photographic evidence request 4tines. Suddenly ShipsUS claimed that I did not have Parcel Brooker' s authorisation to use its TNT account to ship UK. Meanwhile I had PAID STATUS imvoice. However when Shipsus calked TNR it used the name Parcel Broker a subsidiary in place of Magpie Solutions TNT Account.

First Confiscation
Upon this technical booking hitch Ships Us false claims TNT authorised ShipUS to confiscate my goods.

No inspection notice
ShipsUS never requested my consent in writing g or otherwise prior to its false claims to inspect my goods on te ground of false prohibited itens. This is highly unethical.

BBB II ransacked the whole Internet tp find an organisation that regulates formating agent services in the USA. I found none. Then proceeded to Better Business Bureau. No help. All the false allegations by ShipsUS including that I was moved in my storage 1st vs 12th Sept 2017, using Magpie Solutions ILLEGIT etc SHIPSUS could not had no HARD- CORE DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE. Only WORD OF MOUTH. I took apart ShipsUS line by line paragraph by the next and refuted all its FALSE ALLEGATIONS with HARD- CORE DOCIMENTED evidence Thus ShipsUS was unable to refute my Clains and BBB did nothing closed the case and published it online .

2nd Collection ATTEMPT Then I sent Paper Safety Caution Stickers A4 sheet by post from the Sun Yo California to Fiona Yu Shipsus to stick on the box for collection. As ot refused to print this out and provide detailed inspection of brokenparcel box mail theft. Fragile parcels box inside the DANAGED box are not complete items order. 2 out of 4 show in photo. I requested further evidence as to also the state of these fragile ceramic Cookware. Since Shipsus damaged the box..Declined

PAYPAL Then I approached PayPal for advice. PayPal Dispute team were angry.. Then I specifically instructedPayPal not to issue a refund for ShipsUs Handling fees $10.50 nor escalate to Vacshack for product chargeback $122.50 Fees. I requested a message from PP to ShipsUS to release my goods by a deadline. However PP took a draconian approach and did the above.

ShipsUS Backlash against my PayPal Dispute/ Claim
As a result withing 30mibs of PP msg Yo ShipsUS, it emailed a false bill static that because I issued a refubd and opened a dispute on PayPal I should make a BANK EIRE transfer to its Chase Acct of $400 counting per at present timre @$3/ day + $30 Admin fees for storage and formating fees!

Complaint PP This led me to request PP to review its claim that I requested this refund and Vacshack chargeback. BL PP cconfirmed I did NOT

PP requested Buyer return goods to Vacshack for Full Refund Shipsus Cobdiscated goods and case was closed As PayPal requested that my Claim Item Damaged Not as Described. i should provide tracking# to receive refund. ShipsUS declined collection andconfiscated my goods and PP closed the case without refund or recovery of damaged goods.

BL I hereby bring this to you attention:
#1. Parcel Theft- Damaged Parcel box #2. Damaged Ceramics and rough handling backlash. #3. Missing contents. #4. Goods Confiscated for enquiring about mail theft - 3 failed attempts to re-ship UK. #5, Goods held up at ShipsUS California since Sept for inquiring investigation of the nail theft culprit and risk of shipping already damaged goods - Vote of NO CONFIDENCE IN SHIPSUS Word of Mouth Assurance. #6. Goods $122.50 damaged by ShipsUS manufacturer discontinued products. DEBT/ SCAM - $400 Fakse Storage + forwarding fees. #7. PP Dispute Claim Backlash scam debt- $400 counting. #8. FRAGILE! Caution Sticker A 4- Returned fron California Montclair 91763 to UK Hence I am seeking your attention in thus matter. ShipsUs is flexing its muscles against the law and pro- corruption as its apparently unregistered! Please assist my goods are damaged, confiscated and debt I DO NIT OEW on the account of inquiring who broke- into ny parcel. Further evidence provided on request. ShipsUs Contact details Contact Persob- Fiona Yu Addres 4650 Arrow Hwy, Suite D3 Montclair, CA 91763 Website -shipsus. com
E: info @ shipsus. com T: 9093990821

File a complaint at The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world.

The comments you put here on the blog do not go into the law enforcement database.

I bought a bag for women on fashionstore2017. com They recently changed their website name wich was supways. com I need some help. It cost me C$ 215. They changed the price, I don't ger it I'm really confused.


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