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Reporting international scams

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard us say repeatedly to report scams to the FTC. If you report scams to us, we can bring the kinds of cases that shut down the scammers.

But there’s another place to report international scams, too: Maybe you’ve done business with an overseas company that hasn’t lived up to its end of the deal. Perhaps you got “winning” lottery notices from another country, or got asked to send money overseas to secure your international job. If you’ve spotted a scam that crosses international borders, you can file a report at


The site is run by the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), and is a partnership of 34 consumer protection agencies around the world. Starting today, an updated version of the site is available – it’s mobile-friendly, has a user-friendly complaint form, and you can get consumer information and file complaints in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Whether you use a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device, your complaints to help consumer protection agencies around the globe – including the FTC – spot trends, conduct investigations, bring cases and prevent international scams. You also can learn practical steps to help combat fraud and get news from ICPEN members, including case announcements.

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Seed supreme is scamming many over seas citizens not in the UK bit sending the products and claims that they have no orders or accounts attached to the email used to order them there is now hundreds of people in blogs claiming the same thing since they sale hemp seeds it goes unnoticed but many people in the US can legally grow because of the laws changing this is very bad for a growing industry can you guys please help and report them

You can report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don’t go into the law enforcement database.

I recently purchased some art while in Vietnam. The business said that shipping was included but it would take about a month to deliver. Recently got a notice from a freight company that they have my product, but that I need to pay them $400 plus another $280 for customs fees. The shipping charge is more than what I paid for the original product, and feel that I am being scammed. I have the shippers info as well as the name of the business we purchased the product from. Is this something that happens a lot? They even charged me for Peak Season Surcharge, and it is not peak season. Just curious if this has happened before, and what I can do about this if anything, thanks!

I need a bit of advice.. I’ve ordered some stuff off a site called FOMO(fear of missing out) not to sure where they’re based, but I haven’t received my items & they won’t reply to any of my emails... I’ve just went to log in to my account with them and it’s told me I don’t have an account, what do I do? I’ve never been in this situation before

If you paid by credit card and did not receive items you paid for, you could disute the credit card charges. This FTC article about disputing credit card charges tells more.

You can report the website to the FTC at The information you give will go into a secure database that law enforcement uses for investigations. The comments you put here on the blog don’t go into the law enforcement database.

New scam company attempting to buy my Grand Mayan,(Vida Vacations) timeshare. They are calling themselves Marketing and Management Solutions. 1100 Poydras St. Ste. 2900 New Orleans, La. . (504)717-2771. H2 Law owns that exact office space!

I started receiving phone calls from the same company in May. I just shot a call to the H2 Law offices and the woman informed me that the space is a shared space and belongs to a company "Regis" allowing multiple companies to use that 2900 ste address.

I am moving along with the process with caution as I have yet to receive any details in writing and I just can't seem to find any history on this Marketing & Management Solutions company or their dealings with Mexican real estate.

The major hurdle for me is they are asking that I obtain a Mexican Tax ID (RFC) by paying some outside company to bypass the otherwise required visit to Mexico and go through Visas and all sorts of stuff. I will update when I have more details.

I've been getting the same calls as well from this company. Did you go through with the process?


I've been contacted by the same company to sell my timeshare in Mexico. Did you go through with the process. I'm still unsure what to do. They seem legit but you just never know these days!


I have backed out a sales agreement with this group, also. The LA Real Estate Comission’s compliance officer was very helpful in explaining the scam. They are using real broker’s names and broker numbers, but they are NOT those people. I have reported it in SC and LA.

I think its a scam- I have been contacted by M & M solutions at 1100 Poydras street. and also Wright and Wright Law Firm LLP 101 convention center dr. las vegas to buy my timeshare in Mexico. Its hard to get anyone on the phone.

I also was called and signed a contract with them to sell my Wyndham timeshare here in the USA they want me to wire them a rfc tax of 3700 usd. I immediately did my research and found this comment and another at the BBB website. Any advice about me signing their contract? They say that I would be breaching they contract if i dont pay up and would owe them their commission. Any advice?

I got a call from saying verizon wireless they will say that you have been overcharged by their billing depatment and they will tell you that they are going to refund and they will ask your name ur verizon account pin and our current adress dont fall for this scam

So I don't know if I'm being scammed for sure but someone I've been talking to that says they are stationed overseas in Nigeria says that she's out of data and needs money to get more but she doesn't have it sent to her. She is wanting it sent to her "friend" there in Nigeria. Is there a way to find out if this is a Sam or not without alerting her?


Solo para informar que esta compañía DESTINOS ECONOMICOS en la Ciudad de México toma dinero de las personas a través de transferencias electrónicas bajo el nombre PILAR GARCIA RUBIO para boletos de avión cuando envía el dinero que nunca envían las multas y nunca se reciben reembolsos. Boletos de reserva de Destinos Economicos en tarjetas de crédito robadas según lo descrito por Air Canada. La compañía solo tiene comunicación por correo electrónico. No tienen dirección en Facebook o en el sitio web y el número de teléfono no funciona ... ¡ESTA ES UNA ESTAFA COMPLETA! Se ha realizado un informe completo de estafa para asesorar al público y cerrar esta empresa de viajes en línea. Personalmente perdí $ 2500 en mi boleto y la compañía se escapó con el dinero y me bloqueó en Facebook.


Just like to make a report that this company DESTINOS ECONOMICOS in Mexico City takes people money through wire transfers under the name PILAR GARCIA RUBIO for plane tickets when you send the money they never send the tickets and no refunds are ever received. Destinos Economicos reserve plane tickets on stolen credit cards as described by Air Canada. The company only has communication through email. They have no address on Facebook or website and the phone number doesn't work... THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM !! A full scam report has been made to advise the public and have this online travel company shut down. I personally lost $2500 on my ticket and the company has ran off with the money and blocked me on Facebook.

I use to delivery a cake to my boyfriend in Malta country but the site put the delivery in USA and asked to order and pay again.
I just realized that it is a scam from checking their site.

I recently ordered a bicycle from the company name other name the balance was deducted soon after the order and the deducted balance was different from the actual balance. And I didn’t get any confirmation mail , I’m not able to login on the site as I made an account on the following site

I got a text from Paul Owen DHL stating that I have an atm card worth 10.5 Mil and that I need to pay the fees of $85 in order to receive my card.

My fiancee was approached by a guy claiming to be an investigator in Nigeria, asking her to send 800GBP to him to find a guy who is harassing her daughter. He expects a Western Union...fortunately, I managed to convince her that the guy is a scammer. Who should I report him to?

Be on the look out from possible letter from a Liseu 7@ wanting you to contact him via email because he has millions of assets in your dead relatives name that he needs to know what to do with. My husband received a letter today. Li Tseu claims he works for Private Wealth Management at the Bank of East Asia in Hong Kong. The letter had scam written all over it.

Phone number 229 6174 1936 is from Benin. His name is Didier connecting via switzerland. They are great scammers on facebook. Beware!!! A vast network connecting internationally to scam people who are looking for love on Social media

Be aware of the Scammer called AnnaBella. Her mailings come from Switzerland (doubt that is where she really is) and is RELENTLESS in telling you you are going to come into large amounts of money but first send her some. She claims to be a Specialist in Occult Readings of the SoUl and Great Diviner of the Wilss of the Astral World. What a bunch of horse sh-t. She has taken my older family member for a lot of money.

I just want warn people about a some one who goes bye the name of Elizabeth Collins say they have jewelry and gold for sell and she need $20,000 to get the goods to Australia don't be taken in by that person she or he are scamming people out of money I got caught out

Please Stay away to this guy Name : Bernard Sam Lawrence He is Scammer facebook online , He will let you invest then to get your invesment back he ask MOney , and noting will happen, He make you believe they are ligit

I have never been scammed, but all these emails are coming telling me that I have been scammed and they have millions and millions of dollars for me from all different countries how do they get my email in the first place that's what I want to know and why is it allowed

Am writing about a company call this website is complete scam set out people to act as account manager in other ti lure people into their scam. I deposited $300 I was informed that after a week trading I will make profits in just 3 days I was informed that have made very good profit and due to this it is recommended that I should upgrade my account, I refused and deans for my deposit as they were act funny. I complained to there support tea nothing come out of it. The next thing is they deactivated my account and kept saying they are having technical issues.

I had an vps paid for one month at host europe and I tested it for several days. Because it was incompatible with cpanel I requested cancelation after a maximum of 10 days of use. They sent me an invoice for the second month although the european law gives me the right to cancel a contract in 14 days. Now they send me notifications that i must pay for the second month and another 30 euros fees. if I do not pay the bill, they say that the bill will be transferred to a Ukrainian company and I will not get cheap with the Ukrainians ( their words ). Stay away from HostEurope! Their Terms and Conditions on the english version are in German not in EN! This is fraud!

Ok... this is how you get rid of us, the victims.
Good job FTC.

I have been scammed by wonga loans. What must I do now

Plenty of Fish Dating website scam says he is Charles, lives in PA, on business in UK. Lives in Media, PA. In a bind, dear, honey, ... Can't come home to meet you, till I straiten it out, no #, no last name, gets seriously hostile if you want info. Just a heads up. Changed profile height, position. Never talks on the phone, nothing checks out, so far, call goes to Google's scriber, BEWARE!!!

Hello I am getting scams call from casa grande area codes specifically from 520 876 6197. A lady names Dolores saying shes a volunteer working for the election candidates in Arizona. Shes looking for our contributions and donations. Sounds to me like a scam , when I confront her she hangs up and when I try calling back straight to voicemail . Everyone be aware. Good luck God bless.

been talking to an “Arab” man from Coffee meets Bagels. Name is Ibrahim Mohamed AlHasni. Divorced with one daughter lived in Singapore. Now on business trip in Greece and right before we supposed to meet, he’s been mugged on the street. Won’t do face time and voice definitely did not matched the pic of “ oh so sweet handsome Arabic face” beware . tel no 9053 1813. work as agriculture. lived in “Jurong East” . Nope not this time baby....
Thank you.

Please what about NIWI international... Are they fraudsters?

This supposed afghanistan number is being used in an online romance scam in southeast asia +1 (408) 721-1285. I found out this number belongs in california to a company.

Im talking to someone with this number.

My sister looking for iPhone on Mercari. She saw this guy name ...... he post his iPhone for Sell $350. So my sister decided to buy from him. And he ask my sister to text him for more information. So she texted him and ask about the iPhone. He send her couple pictures of that iPhone. So he ask if she wanted to buy. She said yes, so that name told her to transfer to Western union bank. so she use my credit card and transfer for $350+feed is $385. The guy told her that, tomorrow I go pick up the money and Ship the iPhone to you. When I ship, I give you the tracks number. But until now, haven't heard anything from that guy. We still have his number and name and home address and cell phone number. When we try to call it said "rejected calls ". What should I do next? Any idea? Also he live in Michigan Muskegon.

Thanks for all the information....

Hello there would someone can help me ? I been scam ,ask for transfer money I'm in need of money so I grab it then they ask this amount to pay so they transfer the money ,3x they ask money transfer for notary transfer fee they say they can't send me the money no refundable ..I have all the emails and transfer receipt proof they get money to me ..also the bank they say who hold my money ..

Help me pls..want them to report
They're from France all details I have ,can u pls help me ..thank u

Actuallu a good post about scammers in international field.

Bannerbit in UK, is a site online that says they flip online ads. Initially the site says that you need nothing to start. Then after you enter your contact info they proceed to tell me I need to invest 200$(I'm Canadian)into banner it to buy these so called banners. After promises of making fast and easy money I agreed, being a poor single mother, it seemed legit too. I paid the 200$then found out I was paying in American which upped my ante. I was given an account manager who then talked to me about my finances and my education on employment. Then after I bought banners and started to make money, he asked me to invest $5000 and promised I would make vast amounts quickly. I was emailed and called repeatedly about investing more into bannerbit. my bannerbit account went from $200 too over a $1000. I was told I could withdraw whenever I needed to. so when I made enough to cover my credit card for qhich I made the purchase, they closed my account saying that they have a protocol to close and refund after 5days of no contact. I have proof I contacted them and that in the last 5days I have recieved no calls or emails nor a refund..what can I do?

Avoid Gulcan Dogan of Venusbabycollectin in Bilecik Merkez in Turkey( her picture will be posted). She is a thief and a scammer. she takes your money and doesn't make or send you the goods. She later blocks you on every platform. This is what she does. Be aware people. Took $500 from a friend and another $2000 from another. Be careful people!

I received same type of request on FB. The guy is pretending to be a pilot from UK.
He said he sent me a parcel containing an I phone. A watch. A handbag and money.tommorow i.e 4 Dec 2018 I'm going to receive a call from courier company and he asked me to pay 500 dollar as clearance fee .what should I do .. please help

dont fall for million dollar scam !
i received a mail telling someone at 80yrs old who is undergoing an operation and she would like to transfer her x husbands million USD to me by a seemingly lawyer from usa and an bank agent who asked me to pay bank charges for the transaction to an anonymous bank acc . pls avoid them , id like the investigators look into the issue .

I ordered a MI Quilt on Facebook on 11-3-18 . I paid w/ my Credit Card--not PAYPAL! I did get a Receipt# & invoice# & the name of a Co. called OMEGA! The receipt just has the Paypal # & just get put on Hold forever!! I have NO SHIPPING DATE!! Can't get any info from anyone in the Company & can't find the ADD on Facebook any more!! Can you help me?

I have been scammed
Gates Smith contacted me regarding inheritance before receiving the money i needed to deposit money to open an account at national private bank after the deposit nothing happened.

need to figure out if sikral international ltd is a scam

I have receive an email saying a job is offered to work in alaska under 2 yr contract.. and the company name is halliburton anchorage. ..!!!! Can u beleive.?? First. . I didnt understand it would be a scam.. they asked for my resume again and sent a qusetionare to fill. I never gave my bank details . I think this is a scam and pls help me reporting this..

Can i report a scam from a US citizen to another country here?

There's a company in Cameroon, Ocean construction. Doing railway, roads etc.
The offer you a job
But then you need to pay all kinds of fees beforehand


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