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FTC, VA protecting veterans from deceitful schools

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Are you a veteran going back to school for a degree or professional certificate? We’ve taken time this week to thank and honor you and other veterans for your service, but we also want to help. That’s where you come in — we need to hear from you.

Specifically, we want to know if a school has:

  • seriously exaggerated its job placement rates after graduation or the transferability of credits
  • pressured you to sign up for classes that don’t suit your needs
  • encouraged you to take out big loans that could leave you with a lot of debt

The FTC has heard about some “for-profit” schools looking to make money off veterans’ education benefits — pressuring veterans into paying for programs that waste their benefits and don’t come through with promised results.

Your complaints can help us spot and stop these practices. The FTC and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also have announced a Memorandum of Agreement to work together so the VA doesn’t unknowingly approve enrollment at institutions with unfair or deceptive advertising or marketing.

If you’re a veteran who’s just getting started in your education search, we have some tips:

  • Don’t let a recruiter rush you. Take time to ask questions. Learn more about avoiding big pitfalls in choosing a college.
  • Review complaint information using the VA’s GI Bill Comparison Tool. You can see the number and type of complaints submitted through the GI Bill Feedback System.
  • Look up schools in the Department of Education’s (ED) College Navigator. You’ll see whether they’re for-profit or not-for-profit, and details about accreditation, average loans taken out, and graduation and default rates. High default rates can mean students are taking on too much debt and having trouble finding jobs.

If you think a school has been dishonest with you, file a complaint with the FTC. The FTC, VA, ED, and the Department of Defense all put complaints they receive about educational institutions into the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network database, which is used by federal, state, and local law enforcement.

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There is more then that young on. When I sent my Retirement Claim To Command HDQS. in Tenn. as I was Instructed To do. To start receiving my Full Retirement for 30 yrs Service in The CIA AND THE NAVY AT THE TANK OF 010 THREE STAR RETROACTIVE FROM 2012.

I believe it is Strest Gangs trying to set up some tylpe of criminal network; They tried to switch the place where I filed Tried to switch the Bank where my DIRECT DEPOSIT IS TO BE, AND THE CREDIT CARD TO BE USED. They don't know the Military Revs. My Bank is Bank Of The West Main Branch

Empire State College is one of these colleges, and what's worse, the NYS attorney General is complicit in their efforts to defraud veterans...

Case in point, I signed up for a master's program with these folks ESC, I paid out of pocket because the VA failed to meet the scheduled payments due date. My work schedule, I purchased the 1st set of course materials, again out of pocket, still nothing from VA. However, before I could enter the 1st online course meeting my employment responsibilities interrupted big time... I sent an mail to the same administrative folks who signed me up. Essentially, they noted "We got your message, we'll pass it on, but you will have to (1) pay for the course/period you already signed up for and we will close out your account". In short, I paid in full for the course that I signed up for, and "ass-u-me-d" they closed my account. Bottom line, we had all sorts of communications back and forth as the bills kept coming... They could not find any proof that I had any attendance other than what I stated. I told them that I had paid for more, much more than I had received and that they failed to follow-up with the closing of my account... Basically, they sued me using the State's AG, and I had to pay for the program, out of pocket due to the AG's legal action against me. Having said that; so what's your point in saying that institutions take advantage of veterans... when the State (government) is in on the thefts...

It's all a scam, it's all systemic, the deck is stacked against veterans and their family's throughout the free world. Let's just have (1) more example here; do you know what the death benefit was for soldiers returning after WWII, in a box was for the families they left behind $20K. Though the families were devastated, collectively with all of the free educational, student loan, low interest loan, 0% interest on mortgages and government sponsored technical education programs for the survivors, and widowed dependent families... $20K plus all of the aforementioned to boot, they were set for life. Do you realise what $20K is worth today? Have you seen the exponential increase of abuse and fraud perpetrated by folks never having served, both in our government and civilian social circles... It's simply maddening.

I am one of the fortunate one's; I did not see war, but I am an advocate for the cause... The least that any, free world country can do for their tired warriors is to treat them with respect, dignity; shelter, feed and educate them... But here our government (because they have no skin in the war games), do not care. They feeling that most returning veterans get is that all of our leaders (politicians) feel if you made it back alive you should be content with whatever you find waiting for you...

Thanks for tying to help,

yes I do what to go back to school

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