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Hundreds of millions say “Do Not Call”

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In Hollywood, you get glitz and glamour when you make it to the “A” list. Here in Washington, I prefer the peace and quiet I get from being on the national Do Not Call list. I’m in good company, too. As of October 1, 2015, the Do Not Call list includes more than 222 million numbers. In the past year, people added almost 5 million new cell and landline numbers, showing they don’t want sales calls from businesses they don’t know. And people on the list speak up if a company doesn’t honor their requests. In the last 12 months, the FTC got more than 3.6 million complaints about companies making robocalls or calls after they were told to stop.

Unwanted calls can be frustrating, and many of them are illegal. When telemarketers don’t comply with the Do Not Call provisions of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), the FTC and its law enforcement partners hold them accountable. The FTC has brought 118 enforcement actions against violators. In the past year alone, the FTC and its partners:

  • won a court decision against Dish Network for making tens of millions of calls that violated the law;
  • sued a Florida-based cruise line for illegally selling vacations using political robocalls; and
  • filed a complaint against an outfit that allegedly bombarded older consumers with calls and tricked them into signing up for medical alert systems.

Sign Up for the Do Not Call Registry

Want fewer sales calls? Simply register your landline and cell phone numbers for free. Most sales calls will stop after your number has been on the registry for 31 days, but you may still get calls from political groups, charities, debt collectors or survey groups. Registrations don’t expire, so once you register a number, it stays on the list until you cancel it or the number is discontinued.


Also check the registry occasionally after your number is registered. Someone went in and deleted my numbers from the registry without my consent, and magically, the calls started like crazy. I had to start all over again with another 31 day waiting period.

Forget putting your name on the do not call list because it doesnt work!!! I have been registered for years and everytime I would get a spam call, etc. I would go to the do not call website and report the number. Nothing has ever changed and I get more spam calls than ever. To heck with this. I now just go into my cable co. website plug in the number that's spam and block it and be done with it!!!

And STILL we get the CALLS!!!


I am getting calls. I listed my number and cell numbers on the do not call registry. I am still getting calls and what I have discovered that when they are calling they om a different number. I have reported all of these numbers to do not call registry. Some where they are by passing the do not call warning. FTC need another route for us to be protected.

excellent, I did not know this. thanks for the tip.

Please Help. I am signed up and have been for a long time. Sept. rec'd 60 calls; Oct. received 61 call; kept log. have the numbers. To whom and how do I get this info to you??

You can report calls to

Yet, they CALL AND CALL AND CALL OVER AND OVER...!?! Where IS the FTC? Where IS the FCC?

I hope this works? Seems every time we register it's a waste of time, we receive more calls?? Lately the worst is that so called Obama Care, call constantly, we have answered to help clear the issue up. They got rude and hateful when I wouldn't sign up, we are covered better than Obama. We use to be Medicare Advantage, after last election he removed all retired FED employee from the program. He wanted to money to prop up his lame and broke Obama Care. Really if you haven't received a Obama Care sign up call, wait your on a list to call umtil you give in Thanks

The do not call list does not work. I have been on it for years and I still get unwanted sales calls.I have filed numerous complaints with the FTC and I still get calls from these companies so a few months ago I stopped filing complaints because it seems like it is a waste of time. I get a lot of robocalls so you can't even tell the companies to stop calling. Perhaps the FTC should stop patting themselves on the back and get down to actually enforcing the law and arresting these people who run the companies and smashing the robo call machines like they did when gambling was illegal.

Stop those sales calls form company i don't know like can here me saying things i don't understand and numbers i never seen before and aski g about credit card as well.

I today have gotten 3 calls already. Debt collectors. I have no debt. Nothing that they should be calling about. It has been going on off and on for years. I live in Illinois and I get them from Chicago, Glen Ellyn so many. I do believe that they're the same person calling. Still the private calls too. I don't answer but feel like I'm a prisoner in my own home. I pay for a phone that I only answer if I know the person, family and all. I'm on the DO NOT CALL list and have been for a very long time. I renew it every year. Nothing works to keep these insane people from calling me. I don't owe anyone anything at all. I pay my bills and have good credit. There us no use to take my phone out of the whitepages now, they have my number. I'm not even including the emails that I get sometimes they get buy my provider and I'm very good at looking out for things that look suspicious. I have caught bank emails and so many others. Tired of it all.

All my phones have been on the no call lists for years but still am receiving many unwanted phone calls that either hang up when I say hello, or claim they represent a non existent government agency or a major tech firm(every caller speaks with a heavy foreign accent. Have complained for years nothing has stopped the calls.

I have been in the Do-not-call list for over 5 years. I still get calls, at least 6 a day, sometimes more. I even got one a 3 AM. Many are repeat callers, some even twice a day. I rarely answer, but occasionally pick up to tell them "Do not call", but no one answers.

The phone companies should have some responsibility in stopping this. You shouldn't have to buy call blockers or pay for that service.

I have a government issued phone for which I am very grateful. However, in any given month I get about 25 calls from a company called U.S. Pharmacy.
This "company" has a multitude of phone numbers so you really don't know who is calling until you answer. When you call that number back you are told it is an invalid number. I have put my phone on the "do not call" list but it doesn't help with these people. They are primarily East Indian men calling with names like Enrique, Walter, Harold, etc. - Non East Indian names. They are not fooling anyone as there accent is quite thick. What can be done about all these calls?

I've done this on numerous occasions, with no success. Does this have any guarantee or is this another joke ?

Here is the problem that MOST people do not know and we found out the hard way. Two things one we were told that anyone can attain this list and people use it to call rather then to DNA (Do NOT Call) and after you have already been called and tell them you are not interested you can not get them to identify who they are or their companies name. So how can you report it to someone and get to stop. I honestly did not have this problem prior and the only reason why I signed up is I had heard it was wise to do in the event it ever started happening or I would not have. Nothing is fool proof and I just want it out there that if you do sign up for the DNC you need to know that just because it says DNC with that does not mean they will not abuse the lists, and does not mean you can easily report who they are. These lists are only as good as the people who purchase them abide by it realizing many times they will get away with it or people have no way to know who it is once they know the person is not going to purchase or set up an appointment to sell a product. Hopefully this will help since it is too late for us. I never thought I would have to send this but if it helps one person or the person who sent this email to all of us to realize what I am saying happens more then people discuss it was worth it. Happy Thanksgiving 2015 to all.

Receive calls from 516-635-5888 & a 917# 2 times a day.
advising the call is from Microsoft re windows issue.

516-635-5888 / & a 917 # telling me the call is from Microsoft or Windows regarding a computer issue.

Thanks for creating this

This no call deal is actually working for me. Calls have greatly diminished. However, I also hang up on calls I don't recognize. I have an answering machine which will say a message anyway, so I click the talk button to stop the ringing and then immediately click my off button to end the seems to discourage them, and at least makes me feel better.

Many blessing to all personnel at FTC for -if just been there-here-everywhere! However it does not always work.. Never the less Thank You! Sincerely and respectfully, Nano C.

I am the only person at this phone & keep getting collection calls for someone not at this #. I ask them to not call again, do not call, but some do, again & again

They have only gone after 118 violations??? Seriously??? FAIL!!! This is completely useless. What can you say about the effectiveness of a government that can't even stop telemarketing calls? And why would we want political calls? Do not call means DO NOT CALL.

Not only do we have an over-inflated government with overpaid employees playing Solitaire on their government issued computers, this DO NOT CALL list is nothing more than a "wish list." It's your desire not to be called, so they throw you a bone, creating a "list" pretending you won't be called, but you will. Every hour. Every day. This is just another BS government "feel good" fake program that does NOT work. Just like the government employees, lazy Congress, sleeping House, do-nothing President, invisible VP, Inept Secretary of State and all the other perpetual vacation taking, Martha's Vineyard hopping bloated idiots that have run this country into the ground. They can't even stop unwanted calls. Proof they are incapable of doing anything else, even filling a pothole.

I have been on the DNC since its inception. I check every 3 or 4 mos to make sure my number is still there. Yet, I get calls at the rate of 15 to 20 per week some as early as 7 in the morning. I recently found that taking the time to let them *sell* me set up an appointment (wasting their time) and then giving them a Cease and Desist letter. All meeting are tape recorded. I then follow up with their office to make sure the president of the company clearly understands I will can reach out and touch them legally should they decide to contact me again. We are in 6 weeks of this procedure and yes , it is a pain. But for every cockroach I make an appointment with that is one less sucker they will be able to sell their lame products too. Risky...yep...but this is war

I wonder if the FTC and FCC offices and employees receive these calls?

I bought a 6 pack of cheap whistles in the party favor section of the dollar store and have started blowing the whistle as long and loudly as I have breath for each time I get an unsolicited telemarketing or another annoying call. I has reduced the number of them from the same number in the past, and hope it will do the trick again.

Presuming it isn't all smoke and mirrors, it's great idea. Too bad it doesn't work. That would require resources devoted to it that were somewhat equal to the task. I wonder how many complaints justify the expense of Do Not Call followup. The illicit callers are simply thumbing their noses at the effort. It would probably be cheaper and more effective for the government to build and issue a user input blocker device and distribute them to everyone or something like the "I'm not a robot" verification on this site. Er.. uh wait a minute.... $300 dollar hammers and $500 dollar toilet seats. I think we're on our own.

Cut funding to this program! It's completely worthless and the people are inept! They're liberals on 100% coffee break! Throw them out!

I personally do not mind if a person calls me to talk about a good or service on occasion, especially if it is a local company or service that is just trying to spread the word about their small-scale business. Small businesses should not be afraid to call their neighbors. But what I hate are the robo-calls, the automated calls that go out 4-6 times a day. We kept getting calls saying that we owed money on past due bills and that we were going to be served with papers to appear in court. What? We don't even owe any money! But it started with my husband's number, then to mine, then to his mother, father, brother. Seems everyone on he is related to got robocalls about this mysterious debt my husband supposedly owes. I don't actually even understand the nature of calls like this, unless it is to verify call numbers for companies that then sell your numbers online. It is possible to gather phone numbers and email addresses for most people online - for free - and if you're willing to pay, you can get data on anybody. It's disgusting, no? What happened to our rights to privacy?

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