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A sensitive subject

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If you have a friend or family member dealing with opiate addiction or dependence, you know it’s a sensitive subject. And you want to be supportive if your loved one is trying to overcome addiction to heroin or another opiate.

You may have seen various opiate withdrawal or detox supplements on the market — made with vitamins, minerals, and herbs — that promise fast and easy results and a path to becoming drug-free. But before you recommend them to a loved one, you should know that dietary supplements and herbal remedies have not been proven to work for successful opiate withdrawal.

The FTC recently announced a case against Sunrise Nutraceuticals, a company that guarantees its dietary supplement powder, Elimidrol, offers “powerful relief for all opiate withdrawals including prescription opiates, heroin, methadone, and suboxone” and will “help you permanently overcome the addiction — the first time.” In fact, the company touts Elimidrol as “scientifically formulated to be the “#1 Opiate Withdrawal Supplement” that will alleviate the intense mental and physical pain during the withdrawal process. But after investigation, the FTC says those claims aren’t backed by science, so it’s deceptive and against the law to advertise those promises.

If someone you know is tempted to use supplements to conquer opiate withdrawal, remember there’s no scientific proof that they work. The best bet for your friend or family member is to speak with his or her health provider about overcoming opiate dependence or addiction. There are effective medical and therapy-based treatments that could help. For more information, visit the National Institutes of Health’s site, And check out our article for helpful questions to ask a health provider before taking any dietary supplement.

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I like this

Livid!!! Is my overwhelming reaction to the thoughtthat every day, at every city and two in America, regardless of race, gender, and social strata. Addiction afflicts painful devastating blows to our population.
person's suffering with addiction, most notably opiate addiction and dependence is still a taboo. People often speak in grim hushed voices about it. And those who end up with its most verilent pangs of horror, seem as if they are sadists enjoying the agonyband in seamingly stuburm and hostilrefusal, beg to be left alone to suffurand
This has the effect of engaging the ones lucky enough to have not been jumpt.
For this good fortune men of outstanding and outrageous have in equal numbers taken false achalades.
The lucky bearers of falsehoods actually are not such fools that the think the were spacial for not succumbing to the plague. No the know this is false and at first attempt the restoration of the truth. But often as sin does, it gains traction in the ego if us beasts patients that find that they are afflicted by it have the added burden of many misconceptions that bring the cruelty and wrath of even gental souls for they mistake illness for malice and brittle hope with menicing intent.ll pails when compared to the fear and terror the encounter at the beginning of thier journy.

I say suboxone program for short term is and will help you to no longer desire heroin or any other opiod drug to this day I now 14 yrs later still freehaven't used heroin and never will it works vut consultant a form before you gone off the medication (please ) you will need to be under supervision vut it's worth the pain you may indure. I have other quil about the medication and there older policy's but that's between me and them and I hope to resolve this issue shortly. But I do ann with allhonesty say without taking the medication I would be dead or still using I appreciate what they did foe me. The medication will save you and more then likely stop you from wanting to uuseopiods ever again but it starts and ends with the willingness to want to no longer be addicted to opiods and the ability to persevere and knwo that using opiods will ultimately put you either in jail,rehab or dead. Be strong stay clean. God bless all that survive the horror of addiction and pray for those who need help or guidance finding there way.

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