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And then a light bulb went off in your head

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The days are suddenly getting shorter and you want to add some brightness without spinning the electricity meter like a dreidel.  But you haven’t bought light bulbs in a very long time and the light bulb aisle at the store seems, well, different.

As it turns out, things have changed. Shopping for light bulbs isn’t what you’re used to, and might not feel as simple. The good news is that bulbs are more efficient than ever.  And, when it comes to brightness, it’s not about wattage anymore – it’s about “lumens.” But the other good news? Here’s a quick video to, ahem, shine a light on shopping for the right light bulbs for you. 

You can find more videos and information at or file a complaint with the FTC.

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WELL that Brightens up my day

I was wondering where to throw them away?

To find out where to dispose of lightbulbs, check with your county or local waste disposal office or local home repair stores that offer collection.

I think this whole lighting industry is imply a scam to sell more expensive light bulbs. I was buying "old fashioned" GE or Phillips light bulbs at about 25 cents each. Then came fancy. They are going to save me money. Many never lived up to their promise of longevity or brightness. What about the energy needed to make them? What about the environmental hazard their disposal represents? Have we been sold a bill of goods or is this really better? I wonder.

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