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Checking in with the older adults in your life

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Chances are, the older people in your life are wise to scams – and may even have taught you how to spot and avoid them. But, if you’re spending time together over the holidays, here are some things you can do to make sure that your friend or loved one is safe from a fraudster’s grasp.

Start a conversation about scams. “Are you getting those annoying IRS imposter calls, too?” “Boy, I’ve gotten a lot of charity requests this year. You, too?” For ideas on starting the conversation, try Pass It On, the FTC’s resource to help get older adults talking about scams. You might even watch a Pass It On video together.

Be alert for signs of a scammer:

  • Piles of mail offering “free” gifts, prizes, vacations, or “high-profit, no-risk” investments – or even the free (worthless) gifts themselves
  • Unusual purchases – maybe stacks of unread subscription magazines
  • Repeated telemarketing or robocalls. If someone is on the Do Not Call list, it’s a good bet that the calls are from scammers. (If someone is not on the list, this is a perfect time to offer to help them enroll!)

Watch for warning signs of financial trouble. If you spot, in plain view, things like unpaid bills or utility shutoff warning notices, those are a sign of financial trouble. You might suggest that your loved one ask someone they trust to help review their financial statements and bills for unauthorized charges or other signs of fraud.

Report it. Let the person know he or she can help stop a fraudster in his tracks and protect others by reporting the fraud. Together, you can help make sure that the only thing a fraudster gets this holiday season is a lump of coal.

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It does not matter if you find out IF an elderly person is being abused because no matter HOW many times you report it the police, they continue to say it's a personal and civil matter. I've reported KNOWN elder exploitation for a year now and the police did nothing. The elderly lady had more than 500,000 dollars stolen from her from a person with a fake POA that was signed weeks after the elderly lady had a stroke and was in a nursing home. Her home, car and all of her assets were stolen from her as she lay dying in a nursing home. She died this past September and of course the POA was used to change her will while she was dying so the thieves not only stole from her while she was dying, but continued to drain her bank accounts even after her death.

Even with a death certificate given to her banks, they did nothing to protect her even when after a death certificate was given to them and they were warned the theft with the POA was happening. These thieves committed theft by conversion and also breach of POA and the police continue to say it is a probate issue. Because I am not a family member of the elderly deceased I cannot even act on her behalf. The county police will not do anything, the banks did not protect her (even though Georgia is a mandatory report state) and now the probate court will probate her estate and the thieves will get the remainder of her estate.

Even the elder exploitation hotline in which I called and reported the abuse to in Georgia did nothing.

YOU MUST DO BETTER to educate the public about this issue. I work at a bank and almost weekly I see individuals who come in with elderly people (usually grandparents) or with a POA and steal everything these elderly people have. It's a disgrace and there is NO ONE in this government or with the police or the court system to protect an elderly person from being exploited financially.

It's a shame and a disgrace and the elder abuse hotline is a JOKE. They spend more time on their website development and advertising than actually investigating elder abuse in this state.

It took a very great deal of courage to get involved and report what I knew to be real fraud and elder exploitation near me, but it's been over a year and still nothing has been done to these thieves and they continue to live in this womans home, drive her car and use all of the money she worked tirelessly for her entire life . Her wish was to leave a great deal of her estate to St. Jude's Hospital and now there is nothing left of it. Her life's work and her gift to the world ruined by thieves. Shame on your organization and every other departmental failure to protect our senior citizens from this theft and deception.

The elder abuse will continue because NO ONE does anything to stop it. PERIOD. I now know that for a fact because I've seen it with my own eyes.

I have gotten the IRS call OFFICER DON DOUGLAS call or be arrested for back taxes unpaid or tax fraud even leaves messages oh PLEASE

first off the irs isnt going to call you its a scam if you dont believe me call the irs and report this happening to you.

Please read and share..♡

Has any one gotten telephone calls from a company called "Reader
Service"? I have been inundated this week with calls from them
I have deleted the number. But they are calling themselves the "Reader Services".

Wow thanks for the true calling. I barely got on this site

I warned the caller about their robo calls. Burner phones, but I made it clear I wasn't going along with either scheme and FAXed the info immediately to IRS. It sounded pretty normal to them. They took the info and "filed" the info.

Robert Webb

This cool

hi all i have been nailed a few times till i woke up.plain and simple if they are asking you for money they are not after you, the simple way is to not give them anything Imformation or money stop talking to them block them and report them. ive been asked to buy them minutes air line tickets medical etc they want money for these things they say. its all bs. at first you think that it could be possible but its not its all about the money they care nothing about you or anything except to get your money from you.i found a site on utube that has made a video of some of the africian guys that are using stolen photos and making fake profiles on dating sites it shows the pics there using and it also shows the guys who are using them its called the real faces behind the pretty faces ghana scammers check it out you will be shocked at all the cash these thiefs rake in from the different countrys. and it dont seem like there countrys care at if you meet someone on line and you have never met them personally then dont give them money if you want to give your money away take it and give it to the salvation army

the irs or any other form or gov is not going to call you if anything the fbi or the customs department will come to your door ive seen that happen

Why does all this make me think my spouse has something to do with this ? Please help me if there's a possibility I'd like to have this resolved it's justa king me crazy all this thank you

I am being to check out who enter in my email I would tell to my father will be caught you were in her's email and will call to goggle security hackers will stop you or get you into jail.

I have been robed meny times in my house and my garage for tools to jewlrey. i lost thousands of dollers in such things>each time i call cops they tell me its not worth reporting or breach of trust!! My van stolin too with ILD in it. ILD meens Interlock Device. friend borow it they say couple hours they be gone for a week. cops say it breach of trust nothing they can doo!! And i get into truble for not returning ILD to be reset. and that cost me money as well as driving privlages.

My ILD compony> ILD meen Interlock device> the ILD malfunchtions lots of times cost me $27.16 to get it reset not incuding 30 miles drive to nearist ILD station. and they all say machines dont lie!!! LOL but they fail more times then not regardless of alkahal. even cop try plow in it and it failed>he told me malfunchtion and take into to get reset. for 3 to 4 times a month it fails regardless>add the $27.16 cost but 3 and the $95.00 monther regular reset fee's? not thats a scam in its self. they make more mony on the missfortenet. regardless of reality!!its called Legal crime!!

I got a call from the (Supposedly) IRS telling me I owed &8000 and they gave me instructions to go to the bank and draw it out. All the way there I prayed to God that it was a scam and when I got to the bank, they had documents stating that the IRS doesn't make calls.I didn't know the IRS doesn't make calls.They are still calling people.

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