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Copper clothing to the rescue?

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Could what you wear today be the difference between a day of severe pain and one of total relief?

According to Tommie Copper infomercials, TV spots, YouTube videos, print ads, and brochures, wearing the company’s copper-infused compression garments could relieve severe pain and inflammation — whether it’s chronic joint pain, or pain caused by diseases like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  

Unfortunately, the FTC says, Tommie Copper and its founder didn’t have the science to back up those claims.

But that wasn’t all. According to the FTC’s complaint, Tommie Copper ads also touted the sleeves as “pain relief without a pill.” Testimonials claimed that Tommie Copper compression wear was as good as or better than drugs or surgery, with people even claiming to go from needing surgery to “not going near the surgeon’s knife” after using Tommie Copper products.

Today, the FTC announced that Tommie Copper and founder Thomas Kallish have agreed to settle the FTC’s charges. The order requires the company and Kallish to only make claims they can support with solid scientific research.

Before you try a new health product or service that promises amazing results, talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional. The FTC has brought cases against companies whose ads falsely claimed that a product will treat a serious disease or can replace surgery.

To report a health product you believe is advertised falsely, file a complaint with the FTC.

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This is very true. I purchased the socks with copper that was to help relieve the pain in my calf and legs, I wore them 1 time and it did nothing but cut off the circulation, the size stated XL but I think their XL is for children, way too small. I spoke to my doctor about them & she stated so sorry you fell for that. so with that stated $20. out the door. all this false advertising that the copper people do is crap, also the socks are like bronze thread. I hope consumers does something about this.

Thanks for the info!


What a dirty Copper Head

I wonder who gets the $$$ ?

There is a law on the books that gov. has not enforced. i have been trying to get the FCC or someone to take action for 3 years. law reads no commercials or the like can be higher than the program you are watching. no one seems to know about it. could you get word the right people,not the FCC. i can solve the problem doing 1 thing.send a letter to the stations stating they will be fined $10,000 for the 1st. violation & it will keep redoubling for each violation with no stopping point.

Supremo contacted me last night and I do think this is definitely a scam? Now they are trying to get me to sign a Document? for $299.99 for a three year contract???????? WHAT YOU THINK?

What are the options we have as the consumer. I have severe and chronic back and neck pain. I asked my Dr. for a new lumbar support to ease my pain. Instead of a prescription he wrote note on a piece of paper saying tommiecopper . He said to try everything I can. I started with a back brace and it helped so I bought the clothing and for a shor time I had some relief. The problem was that it did not last and now[over a year later the clothing is useless and I spent over $800.00. The prices are outrageous for a totally disabled man on a limited budget. I suppose since they are getting out of paying 90% of the fine we will never see one cent or we will get agift card. LOL

You can report your expereince to the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

I purchased a knee compression sleeve for my right knee, all it did was cut off the circulation to my knee causing a lot of pain. There went $40 down the drain that hurts severely when a person is on disability. Tommie Copper does not stand behind their products very disappointing.

Today ,march 13 ,2017, I just saw a television. advertisement for tommy copper claiming pain relief on 7:30 am. Didn't,t they just break the law again?

The FTC settlement requires the company and its founder and chairman Thomas Kallish to have competent and reliable scientific evidence before they make claims about pain relief, disease treatment, or health benefits.

If you think an ad didn't do that, please report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that the FTC and law enforcement use for investigations.

I don't understand I get a lot of pain relief from my elbow sleeve and shorts I swear by them

The copper part of it is holistic approach if you can rap your head around that then you by it...I think.

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