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Is that online review true? Watch this video.

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If you’re like me, you probably look up online reviews before you go holiday shopping, make vacation plans, or even hire a plumber. Seeing what other people think can be super helpful in weighing decisions — especially before you fork over your hard-earned money.

But did you know that some people are paid to say good things about a company, product, or service? That means you can’t always know if someone is giving a true and impartial opinion. The law says reviewers should be up front about their connection to a company — but some of them aren’t.

It’s useful to read reviews, but take them with a grain of salt. This holiday season, compare reviews from a variety of sites and trusted sources to make sure you’re getting the whole picture. And check out this video for more helpful tips:

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One way to weed out bias reviews is to se if they are sponsored by the company. It looks as if Consumer magazine is the only place to find non bias reviews, but unfortunately they do not review all products. I hope that the FTC fines those people/companies, especially those who are the worst offenders that post biased reviews, because a law is being broken according to this article

please slow the video down for a better impact to the viewer.

Good information, I went to a Japanese restaurant the food was terrible. But the reviews were stellar, could not believe they were talking about the same place. I gave my opinion do not know if they used it or not since it was negative.

No opportunity to watch video.

The video appeared as soon as I submitted a comment about no availability to the video!

This post is very wonderful .

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If you aren't happy with a product you have options. This FTC article about solving consumer problems has ideas.

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This is useful. Thank you.

video was a waste of time

Agreed. This video is a waste of time. If people don't already know this, this video won't be of any use to them.

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