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Fraud affects every community: debt collection

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There’s not much doubt that fraud can happen anywhere. To anyone. That’s the whole idea behind the FTC’s Every Community Initiative: fraud affects every community, and the FTC works to stop fraud wherever it happens. When we look at all the reports we get from consumers in communities across the country, these scams start to feel like something we face together, something we can imagine happening to us, or someone we care about. And when we share those stories, it really hits home.

Take the story of Bryan Noyes, an Iraq War veteran living in Portland, Maine, now working as a Service Officer for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. When he was just out of the Army, Bryan faced issues that many veterans face: finding a stable job, a stable place to live, finishing his degree. Then, into that mix, came harassing debt collection calls for debts that Bryan couldn’t identify. Even if those debts weren’t real, Bryan had to deal with them.

Luckily, Bryan was able to get help through Pine Tree Legal Assistance, which has a Veteran Services Legal Outreach program to serve Maine’s 127,000 veterans. Rob Liscord, who’s in charge of the program, was able to help Bryan challenge the debt collection notices in court and get them dismissed.

This story had a happy ending; not all of them do. It also has some ideas for what you can do when faced with debt collection calls – whether or not you’re a veteran – including telling the FTC if you spot illegal debt collection. Every report makes a difference in stopping bad debt collection practices.

Watch this space for more videos in this series of Fraud Affects Every Community videos. Chances are, you’ll find a story about someone a lot like you.

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Its all about risk. Businesses take risks. Consumers take risks. But so do scammers. They take the risk of frauding innocent persons who have little knowledge of the policies and laws. Information from our government agencies help us to overcome these acts of abuse.

I have written to Ditech Financial LLC AND I have not been able to get an accounting of why I owe 4,000 after paying off a mobile home loan to a company they acquired the month before my last 319.09 pmt was duein october. Now I get calls from various numbers /"area codes with only demands for pmt but no reason on their records so I am being verbally abused. I need this investigated.8200 Ih 10 west suite 500 in San Antonio sent the letter..again with no explanation of why I owe this mystery 4,005.28. Yet the headquarters is supposedly still investigating it.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau takes complaints from consumers about financial products and services.

God bless Bryan and "All Veterans"/Cosumers who have the "COURAGE",to Change the Things "WE" can."Unity" is " Strenght. I read somewhere, " The "More" Stones they Throw at us Vetrans " All' Branches. (Metaphor),the "Bigger" Our " Courage" " Deflects" the " Incoming Stones". I will " Always" " Pray",for Veterans& "The "Goliahts'.God Bless you Bryan.And thank you FTC.

Is it possible for a non US resident to file a complaint about a US company?

Yes, you can file a complaint at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Which US company?

I'm a debt collector and I personally don't understand why agency's lie!!! If there's debt I'm recovering its owed. The problem is people don't feel they owe back what they've taken. Top it off with week minded devious collecter. Those 2 together will not have a positive outcome.

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