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FTC complaint targets DeVry’s job placement claims

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One way to climb the career ladder is by hitting the books to get your degree. But some companies take the hype too far. That’s why the FTC has filed a complaint in federal court today against DeVry University, one of the nation's largest educational services companies, for misrepresenting the prospects of their graduates to get well-paid jobs in their fields.

According to the FTC, DeVry stretched the truth by claiming that 90% of their graduates who were actively seeking employment landed new jobs in their field of study within six months of graduation. That sounds pretty impressive but beware of some fuzzy math: the FTC alleges that DeVry’s data does not back up its claim. First, to get to 90%, the company counted graduates who had been working at their jobs for more than a year before graduating from – or even before enrolling at – DeVry. Second, it also counted graduates who, in fact, were not working in their field of study – for instance, a graduate who specialized in health services management working as a server at a restaurant. Third, it undercounted those “actively seeking employment” by considering only those graduates who were regularly using DeVry’s career services department.

DeVry also claimed that one year after graduation, the median or average earnings of DeVry graduates with bachelor degrees were 15% higher than the earnings of graduates from all other colleges and universities, as a result of attending DeVry. Despite publicly available information and internal company data to the contrary, DeVry used unreliable figures that DeVry itself had reason to doubt.

If you’re looking to head back to school, do your homework to be sure you know what you’re paying for. Check out Choosing a College: Questions to Ask.

This post was updated on January 28, 2016 to note that DeVry is one of the largest educational services companies in the nation.


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When I call the dept of education they said they can NOT DO anything until FTC or gov't pursue DEVRY and shut them down! They will not do borrower's defense unless they are on the LIST!

How is that possible? The Department of Education found out that Devry had no way of backing up their statement. How are they not on the list? Was it because of the setlement? if that is so then that is incredibly stupid..... If the department of education placed a lawsuit against them for the same reason and came to the conclusion that they had no way of backing up their claim how are they still not on the list? I am so angry about this....

Just another false claim; FTC has truly done nothing to assist the victims of the many false statements DeVry made.

The FTC sued DeVry in January, 2016. The case is still going on. You can get information about the case on the case page on

I just heard on the news that Devry will pay out $100 million for graduates who attended in 2008-2015. Has anyone else heard this news? I also heard that the pay out will be issued automatically.

Hey, its not just those who graduated that were scammed. Even the people who enrolled in 2000-2005 were scammed with unqualified teachers. One of which was more interested in talking about the new indian casinos and blackjack than LDAP and Microsoft Directory Services and how to admin them.

I hope so! Devry lied to me took me more than 3 years to get a job after graduating, while the loans were killing me and my credit!

I never started going to DeVry thinking I will be treated like a king after graduating. I had the experience, and just needed a paper that says I can finish what I started. Afte graduating, it took me some time but found a great job that pays very well.

Dear Mrs. Bridget Small FTC,

Can you please post an updated link detailing the "who, when, where, and how" in regards to the $100M settlement? Thank you in advance.

This FTC blog post from December 15, 2016 has the latest information: DeVry settles claims of deceptive advertising for $100 million.

So, who is considered as "qualifying students who were harmed by the deceptive ads"? I received a notice from DeVry stating that the are only refunding students that borrowed directly from them along with those that have an account balance. Well, from what I've read at DeVry settles claims of deceptive advertising for $100 million, that's not how I comprehend it to be.

You can read more about the settlement in this blog and press release from December 15, 2016.

I went to Devry and geaduated 3 years ago with a Degree in Business Administration in Health Care Management and have been working since then in selling life insurance and as a driver. I have submitted many applications at clinics and hospitals and have not been able to obtain not even a clerical position. I currently owe over $70K, have not been able to pay back, and on top of that the debt keeps increasing.

Are they only going to refund a select group or is it going to be everyone who attended between the years mentioned. I got a job after graduating but had hard time finding a job when I was let go after consulting firm lost contract.

I went to DeVry thinking it would help me achieve a better future in the job market that we have. Coming from A BS background in business management, I thought why not go for my MBA in Healthcare services. Went to school did my course, finished in June 2016. I have over 150 applies on monster, countless more on other job application sites. I found that most of the healthcare courses where basic. And they only give you what like four core class. The rest of the classes are basically filler courses like statistics and marketing, I have a BS in business management. I TOOK THOSE COURSES ALREADY! Granted they say undergrad and graduate level courses are different, I didn't find much difference to them. You learn marketing once is it really going to change a second time? Anyhow, in my search for healthcare services (administration) jobs, I find that a lot of them require other forms of training, medical coding, knowing of medical terms, certain types of licenses and certifications. That's all well and fine if I wanted to pursue those other options but I didn't and still don't. They least they could have done was actually prepare us with some useful medical knowledge since it is healthcare but no. I have yet to find someone who is willing to hire me with just a degree and no experience, certifications or licenses or any type, and most of all with no knowledge of medical ANYTHING! so yea, don't think that for one minute you'll be able to receive an MBA especially in HEALTHCARE and get a decent job with NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE! Please anyone out there considering DeVry, you will be better satisfied with an accredited school, even if its a little more work and a tad bit more money. It would be better. You will sleep better at night knowing your money was well spent as opposed to being screwed over and knees deep in debt.

I went to DeVry from 2001 to 2004. The admission told me the same thing that they have job placement after graduation, which I never saw. I ended up with hugh student loan. Since I never found job in my field I go from one odd job to another and never get to pay back this huge loan which I always ask deferment, now forbearance. It is sad that we, students who graduated before 2008 are not part of the settlement, because we are also victims of the same deception.

I attended DeVry from 2002-2008, graduated with a bachelor's in Network and Communications Management. I looked for a job for 6 months could not find one, my loans started to go into full repayment. So I was forced to enroll into Keller Graduate at the end of 2008; and pursued a masters in business administrations and graduated in 2010. Again looked for a job went to all the career fairs available and again no one would even give me a chance. My last straw was to get another masters in network & communications management to tie the bridge for business and networking. Graduated in 2013 with cum laude honors on both master degrees, and to this day, I cannot find a job...I am enrolled with every recruiter you can think of...I dress up in a suit and tie when ever I get a interview...did the career builder resume...paid for a ihiretechnology premium membership and linkedin premium membership all with no job friends and family are helping...but it seems that there is no end to this. I am in debt $297,000 and no I have not defaulted and I only have 18k in private loans and my fico is 740...recently decided to consolidate everything into an ibr 10 year and transfer all my loans from navient to fedloans servicing and hope that I can find a public service job to get out of this terrible nightmare.

Will Navient. Loans be dismissed now that the ftc knows that students were deceived.

I attended and graduated from DeVry university back in November 2013 to August 2016. I only got my diploma so many months later in the mail after many calls why I have not received my diploma and the DeVry representatives cared less that I graduated and made my graduation worthless. I remember th bold 90% and the 6 months job placement claim as day and night on their website, before they took it down recently around 2015 or 2016 time frame. DeVry university is a very shady scam. They used outdated software and course materials and boasting they were teaching us current employer technology in our field or as they called it cutting edge technology. Our instructors were from traditional public colleges with unrelated degrees to our field they were teaching us and they were learning as we were learning in 8 weeks duration. Yet we paid top dollar through government financial aide and small installments. We students not only got cheated but, the government as well. DeVry university entire corporate ladder should be in prison and payback all students with partial refund and pay government back or seize their offshore bank accounts internationally.

I graduated with Bachelors of Science majored in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University. I attended DeVry university from November 2013 to August 2016 in class at Addison location and online mostly. After 9 months after graduation and still going, I am still unemployed. I applied through Dice, Monster, ZipRecruiter, Career Builder, simplyhired, snagjob, Indeed, corporate/business sites, other job search engines. I been to 8-10 career fairs many outside of DeVry and, modified my resumes 10 career paths from data analyst, web development, system analyst, qa tester, and other roles with no luck of employment. I trained myself back to DeVry course notes and lab studies and textbooks. I had interviews where some of the interviewees judged my DeVry degree whether as valid. I am at crossroads whether to go back to community college for different career path. DeVry university completely destroyed and crushed my first dream. DeVry university caused me to seek long term therapy. My therapist suggest I start over with a new dream. If I qualify or can get a partial refund, I would use it for my new dream and let DeVry be a reminder that EVIL exists in this world.

I went to Devry 2008-2010, I graduated with Honors in Applied Science, I did not get a job in fact, I could not get an interview, I finally went back to working full time in the restaurant I was trying to leave. I spent all my savings thinking this was a guarantee that I would succeed and finally get a head in life. I have been down on myself for years, thinking it was my fault. Now to see this, I am outraged.

I went to DeVry and now I have $63.000 loan to pay. When I managed to find my job after my graduation, They ran to ask me where I'm working like they were the ones who found the job for me.

I attended DeVry and attained my BA in Technical Management with a concentration in Networking in 2013. I already had a job in my field but wanted to get promoted as well as increase my salary.
I worked 40 hour weeks, had 2 kids to raise solo on top of attending on campus classes as well as online classes at DeVry for 3 years. Most of my studying and papers were completed from 11pm to 3am when my kids were sleep. My weekends were cut short to meet coursework deadlines and this drastically impacted family and personal life. I had a goal though and based on the promises DeVry made that after graduation, the median or average earnings of DeVry graduates with bachelor degrees were 15% higher and that 90% of their graduates who were actively seeking employment landed new jobs in their field of study within six months of graduation I chose DeVry. With 15% higher earnings I would be in a position to repay the 60K in loans was my thought process when enrolling. Well DeVry definitely was deceptive in their claims as none of the promises they advertised were true. I have recently received a $400 check from the FTC for my share of a settlement DeVry was ordered to pay out for its deceptive promises between 2008 and 2015. This $400 does not make a dent in the 80K i ended up owing in student loans after graduation. I plan on fighting this injustice further by submitting a "Borrower Defense" application to get some sort of relief of my loans or hopefully forgiveness of them all.

I attended DeVry from 2013 to 2015, graduating with a Master's degree in Human Resources Management. It's 2019 and I am still trying to get a job in HR. Either DeVry is not considered an accredited university or I have insufficient experience! The best I've been able to be considered for is customer service and call centers! I was promised assistance with job placement, only to be invited to job fairs for positions in finance, engineering accounting or nursing! I have over $70k in student loans from DeVry and here I sit patiently waiting for the "best move ever" to become a paid career!


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