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Manuel avoids car-buying trouble [fotonovela]

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Manuel and his wife just found the perfect minivan!  They can’t wait to take it home and surprise the kids. But first, there’s the issue of how to pay for it. The dealer financing seems like a good deal, so they go for it. A few days later, the dealer calls to tell Manuel the financing deal fell through. He says Manuel has to accept a new, more expensive deal or he’ll lose the minivan. What will Manuel do?

Our newest Spanish-language fotonovela, Manuel esquiva un lío al comprar un carro, tells how Manuel and his wife avoided car-buying trouble. Read it to learn different ways you can pay for a car and what to do you if find out the deal you thought was final falls through.

You can order free copies, in Spanish, at Share it with your community and help protect people across the country. Don’t speak Spanish? No problem – the fotonovela also is available online in English.

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What do American Citizens who speak English do?

The fotonovela also is available online in English.

Seriously! What a ridiculous posting - it seems to deal only with Spanish speakers who encounter this problem. You need to revise your post/page/alert!

This blog post, in English, describes a free FTC resource that's available in Spanish and English. Follow the links in the blog post to find the fotonovela in the language you choose.

Thank you Bridget for all the info. love it!!!

If you're American & can't speak Spanish, how do you solve this issue?

The fotonovela also is available online in English.

this does not just happen to Spanish Speaking People, February 2015 Buena Park Nissan did this to me on a purchase of a Nissan, they tacked on all these charges that were to options that I did not agree to, when I argued about it they told me that it is just something that Nissan does, they added almost $4200.00 in optional charges.

My husband purchased a 2015 Hyndai and they did not add on any of those options. I told them what happened to me with the nissan purchase, I was told that I was bullied, now I am stuck paying that extra money because I do not know how to go about making them correct it. They make it a practice to do this with each car sale, I would like someone to help me fight them on this

You can report problems you have with a business to the FTC at and to your state Attorney General’s office.

You can look at the contract you signed when you bought the car to see if it's possible to stop any of the options you signed up for.

Seems to me the dealer should be on the hook. The failure of financing to go through may not be the fault of the buyer. Regulator could require dealer to accept payments from buyer unless dealer is able to place the loan elsewhere.

Many of the comments I have encounter. They are speak any other language than English. I walk and get back in my vehicle and drive away. When I am processing in purchasing a vehicle. I tell the auto dealer what I will pay and not what they dictate. If they do not agree, my response:'The car is till yours and my money is in my pocket and not yours'. They will come and agree with your terms and not theirs. If they want the sale, they must agree to my terms or the car is still on their lot, not in my possession. You are the one who will be making payments, not them.

In a reply you state that customers can follow the "links in the blog post to find the fotonovela in the language you choose", but I found the majority of publications to read are noted as available in Spanish Only (Debt Collectors, etc.) The "Car-buying trouble" is the exception. Where are the pamphlets book resources for the rest of us that are Often victims of unscrupulous business practices? Reflecting on the example of settlements for mortgage loan discrimination, Hispanics were not the only victim group of unfair practices!

Please visit for a complete listing of the FTC’s education materials in English.

This is particularly well done. Good work, FTC!


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