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Oh no, it's that time again!

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We get it. You’ve got holiday hangover. Bills are trickling in for the gifts you bought last year. You’re already having trouble keeping the resolutions you just made. And you can’t bring yourself to take down the holiday decorations. To top it off, tax forms are beginning to fill your inbox. Is it tax season already?!

Here’s the good news: You can put the long winter months to good use by getting your financial house in order for the rest of the year. And a great place to start is to review your credit report, which can affect your ability to shop for a car or a home, or even apply for a job. It can also help you spot errors and prevent identity theft

Lucky for you, we have a short video explaining just how to go about getting your free annual credit report. And for heaven’s sake, please put away those decorations already.


I want to perform a credit check, but I have a red alert on my credit, because of fraud against me and my employment. When should I remove the red alert? I am ready to make some changes and advances regarding my credit

I'm not clear on whether you have a credit freeze or fraud alert on your credit report. A freeze generally stops all access to your credit report, while a fraud alert permits creditors to get your report as long as they take steps to verify your identity. To lift a freeze or alert, you need to contact the credit reporting companies:

Receiving a daily phone call from " Bridgette" and the automated voice goes on to say she is" calling about my credit card account." Has anyone else received this type of call? I've tried to block the number by using the number on my caller ID. The problem is that "Bridgette" now calls back with many different numbers showing on the callerID. Want this to stop! This is happening for approx 6 most now.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

I'm check Report Many time but still same nothing Chang I don't think can help and reference way I get more bad bad report formavery were

Very useful timely information than you

I started filling the Equifax form. I stumbled over a sheet that says: "You may have a mortgage loan.......etc". If they are supposed to just report what it is I have on record, why are they asking questions of that type?

When you request your credit report, you must answer questions to prove your identity. You need to give your name, address, Social Security number, and date of birth.

If you moved in the last two years, you might have to tell your previous address. The credit reporting company will ask questions that only you can answer. It might ask what company has your car loan, or how much your montly mortgage payment is or where you lived before.

The credit reporting company might ask questions about something you do not recognize. The question could be a way to test your identity or it could happen because someone used your information for themselves. If you can't answer the questions, contact the credit reporting company.

I have been tasked by my company to register all the company phone numbers into the do not call registry. Anyone have an easier way then calling and entering the numbers a few at a time?

If you have questions or complaints regarding the Do Not Call Registry, please contact the FTC by email at

How to stop closure my house today CALIBER Home Loan they this guy tell. Me move out they said it house close! But I don't know about it I know my loan I'm pay off on 2003-04 in 2005 I'm demo my house I have proved permit final inspection form Fort Worth .TX
I'm talk to someone employee CALIBER home loans I tell them r don't what happened about it whatever I keep my house but bills statement too reference my payment only 393 48/mo they send me bills payment first time. Same lather on they call me collaction telling behind 3mo. I said why they tell me bank said NSF" I don't know NSF " mean ! I pay them with debit card 2mo. Then next few moth call again tell me payment grow up 567+?/mo and tell me about principle that why too high I'm payment about few month then I'm stop to pay beanie think something not right t need to send me bills statement may be they over dabt. Then 5 month later send owe them $6000+ tell me pay out title I said I don't have I'm loose job and nobody work I'm pay For colleg daughter Then they send me from about lose job tell me waiting for approve from government but they send bills payment every month grow up over 10,000$ then send my account to collection agency I talk to them by phone I need to payment standard but they said no
Waiting till now nothing and send this guy tell me move

The federal government can help you with problems with your home loan. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has a national telephone hotline. The hotline is run by the Homeownership Preservation Foundation. You can call 1-888-995-HOPE for free personal advice from housing counseling agencies. Or look for information online at

Our mortgage company has transferred our mortgage to Ditech Financial (Green Tree Mortgage) and my husband and I would like some information on this company. They are not listed with the BBB. We can't seem find their license number.

An online search engine can be helpful. Simply enter the company's name -- Ditech Financial (Green Tree Mortgage) -- and see what comes up.

I Have chargeson my bank account that when I called the number beside of the charges they tell me that they do not have any record of themreceiving the charges 2 charges for $96.26 was taken out of my account on 08/092017

If you haven't already, call your bank to discuss the problem.

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