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Phony calls about health insurance

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Robocalls can be more annoying than a lingering head cold. Recently, some people got robocalls that seemed to be about health insurance and the Health Insurance Marketplace, but the calls were a con. The callers were phishing for personal information. People who work in the Marketplace don’t make cold calls, and they never ask for personal information. If you get a call like this, hang up.

The phone numbers showed up with a local area code. The recorded message sounded urgent: “You need to buy health insurance or face a fine. To learn more, press 1.” A person who works in the Health Insurance Marketplace got the call and knew it was fishy, so she pressed 1. The operator claimed to ‘work with the law,’ and asked for the person’s full name, date of birth, phone number, income information and Social Security number. The person who got the call knew it was nonsense, so she hung up and contacted the FTC.

If you get a recorded sales call, but you didn’t give the caller written permission to call you, the call is illegal. Don’t press 1 to speak to the operator or get your name taken off the list, and don’t give any personal information. If you respond, you’ll probably get more calls. If you want information about health insurance in your state, visit If you get a call like this, please report it to the FTC.


If you gave out sensitive information – like your Social Security number – to a caller, and you think it might have been a scam, read what to do if information is lost or exposed.


Great please stay on top of this. thank you for the information, it is very helpful

Ever since I went online for supplemental health for Medicare, I've been bombarded by this one group! They've actually called me by 12 different number's, call & hang up when I answer! You see, I made the mistake of telling them at the 1st call, "take me of your list, I've been helped"! They wouldn't except this answer, and to this day, over 30 days call up to 6/7 times aday! Yes I've put them on the registry now, "thank you God" for they were actually scary! Yes, they have local number's. Who are these telemarketers? I'll be reporting them tomorrow, I just haven't had time yet..

If you’re getting repeated calls from the same number, your phone company may be able to block that number, but first ask whether there’s a fee for this service.

If you’re getting unwanted calls from a lot of different numbers, look into a call blocking solution. There are online call blocking services, call blocking boxes, and smartphone apps that block unwanted calls. Do an online search to look for reviews from experts and other users, and find out whether the service costs money.

I am so tired of these "healthcare" calls!! The numbers change but it is the same recording. They even have the nerve to leave voicemail! Open enrollment has been over since January, yet the calls continue. I have reported them and they still call with a different phone number!

I've been fully covered by my employer and never made any inquiries of any sort, and I'm also bombarded. It has nothing to do with your activity, probably. They are just robocalling all possible phone-numbers, probably.

it's 2019 and it is still happening, my story is exactly the same as yours

I have exactly the same issue. Receiving phone calls from different numbers for the last 7 months. I don't know what to do

Ever since I went on the market place, the ".gov" site I have been harassed by "National healthcare enrollment center. Contacted my state Attorney general and the can not find this National health...When you look up the number it comes back to a fake address and CEO. so I start writing numbers down every call, sometimes five calls a day. Funny all the numbers are from states or countries that MAXIMUS call center is located. Maximus, US government contracted call centers in the states and in middle east. Get what I'm saying now. I have the numbers written down with the locations and phones with the numbers. I have been harassed for five months and now its starting again.

I've been getting the calls too. Called some of the missed calls back, total spoofs. They use phone numbers close to your own phone number so you're more likely to answer -- thinking it's a call from family or friend.
I'm writing down the numbers I get calls from (the spoofs) and any information I get from agents on the phone. Most agents hang up when you start asking questions.

What a pain


Call-blocking is no use because they use a different phone number each time.

I get recorded calls multiple times a day from Anna at Healthcare Enrollment Center. For the first couple of months I disconnected without responding and blocked each phone number. Yesterday I finally replied to her first question “Are you looking for healthcare coverage?” with “no” and she says “Thank you for your time.” and disconnects. But she continues to call from countless numbers - some local, some not. I’m about to pull the phone out of the wall. I work from home so this line is a business line. Something has to be done!!!

Omg! Same thing here. I block the number Every time and then get more and more. I started calling the numbers back and usually get a very upset person that says they have gotten several calls from others stating the same thing. These are always different people. They are so upset that their numbers were used. Thus has got to stop!

I usually get about 5 calls a week from “ Anna “ using a spoof number. I got one today from “ Anna “ and I stated “ Si “. It then asked if anyone in my family was covered under Medicad. I stayed “ No “. It then told me to hold for a representative. A few seconds later a English speaking male came on the line and asked if I was interested in a single or family plan. I stayed that I receive about 5 calls a week and I was only interested in them to stop calling me. He then immediately hung up. I currently have 78 numbers blocked due to “ Anna’s “ spoofing.

I've dealt with the same thing. English speaking. The moment I say, I'm insured, please take me off the list. They hang up before I can get it out.

I've been dealing with this same thing for months, between Healthcare Enrollment and today Top Insurance or something like that? She says "for a limited time we have..." That's the longest limited time I've seen!

I've tried the do not call list multiple times. When I've tried to speak to a person, same thing they hang up on me. Today was the first time they responded after that and said "the machine's broke" and hung up.

Normally I would get an attorney and get them for harrassment, which is what I did a few year ago for a collections company in New York. However, the number constantly changes, blocking doesn't help because of that, and based on what I've read here - they use already registered numbers to dial out? I'm sure that can't be legal either to use an already registered number.

Because of that, I'm not even sure keeping them on the line to do a trace would actually work. Probably end up raiding some old lady's house and give her a heart attack ...

How many people still fall for those calls anymore with all the scams to even make it worth doing!?!?!?! Gah!

I get so many spoofed local calls that I have blocked that my blocked list is probably three miles long. I used to get them for supposedly credit card related stuff, but lately it's been health insurance that I don't need.

If I do business around town, and am waiting on someone to contact me, I'm not sure what number they will be calling from so I all but have to answer the phone. I've had this problem for weeks (slated to have work done on my house and waiting on calls from installers) and inadvertently answering spam calls has made me nearly thrown my phone across the room in frustration.

The worst was a year ago when I answered the phone because a good friend of mine was calling only to hear a pre-recorded unsolicited spam message. They had actually spoofed his number. I sent him screenshots and he couldn't believe it. He was really upset. It's pretty sad when you have to ignore calls you don't know or let your phone go to voicemail in the hopes that the person leaves a message if it's actually someone you need to talk to. Something needs to be done, this has to stop.

I've been getting calls, up to two a day from Anna. She says "Healthcare Enrollment Services" on the calls to me. The phone number on Caller-ID usually shows up as a local number, first three the same as me, the last four are random. On the last call if I'm interested I said yes. Then she asked if anyone in my house has Medicare or Medicaid, I said Yes. She said I'm not eligible and hung up. Since then... no more calls. Might try it. I love messing with the callers.

I'm also getting these healthcare calls from 'Ana'; - first robo calls are illegal without my granting written permission (I haven't), second my number is on the DNC (which the 'agent' called a scam), third if anyone falls for these scam calls and 'enrolls', you have a non-compliant plan (if you get one at all) because this is not the annual enrollment time of year.

By the way, this was the first one of these calls in a long time that did not report disconnected when I called it back. I think they are getting lazy.

I can't get rid of Ann. Message starts w/ "Hi..... this is Ann" and she sounds so concerned...

Keep getting open enrollment calls from a spoof dialer from Florida. I opt out every day. I am on the TCPA no call. I tried to talk, she hangs up. It is robo non stop every day for the past three months. All calling Florida to my RI number. Last phone number logged is 561-327-3718. I opt out, then they change the number and call around 1 pm the next day. sickening!

Just got a call from "ANNA".. spoofing a number, actually several numbers and the Feckless C doesn't listen. MAKE IT STOP!! HEALTHCARE ENROLLMENT CENTER

Sounds like what I’ve been going thru. “Anna” is a busy little thing with multiple phone lines. Won’t let me get a word in there, just keeps her spiel going over top of my voice. I’m on the DNC have been for years. So how is this not telemarketing? I block one number, she uses a different number. I have stated multiple times not to contact me, it must flow into one ear & out her other ear.

Exact same thing. Calls started about 6 months ago. I haven't enquired about HC to any company.
I block, block, block but still get as many as 6 calls A DAY from different numbers & area codes, mostly same two recordings.
Mine # is also a business line, don't know how to stop them.
This is pure harassment.

I actually had my information sold to this group by a worker at After receiving dozens of phone calls from sometimes as many as 20 a day, I yelled at the guy, who then said he'd sell my information for yelling at him.
After that, I started getting phone calls from "Anna" at "the healthcare marketplace".
Please stop this. These people are worms.

I am extremely skeptical of folks who keep on tying this to I have never signed up at There are so many ways your information can be sold - how do you know who gave these crooks your number? These folks are looking to prey on ignorance and make you think they are legit. I have made a habit of filing frequent complaints with the FTC Do Not Call Registry. Perhaps if there is enough noise, they will prioritize going after these folks. Until then, if you have already pressed 1 or 2, they know your number is real and will keep calling you from different numbers. Best way to get back (if you have the time) is to waste their time ($$$) by drawing out as long a conversation as possible. Just don't give them any real info.

Man! I love your suggestion, I get frustrated with every single day call for the last six months. I can even see the pattern of the call, when and what time they doit. From now on better to waste their time.

I had something similar happen to me; only it started with "Ann" at the enrollment center. I requested to speak with someone when one of the calls started which is how I got the phone number (because they always call from a different long distance number); I started calling them every time they called me and requested to be "taken off the list"... I got into it with someone from the "Enrollment Center" and since then (yesterday), I have been receiving calls AND texts from someone stating they have my information because I submitted a request from a website inquiring about continuing my education. These calls are maddening. There has to be a way to stop them. I've been using "Call protect" through AT&T and it keeps the phone from ringing and they can't leave a message. But it's still SUCH A NUISANCE!

This is becoming an issue! I have blocked the number everytime, but everytime they call back with a different number. Yesterday it was 10 calls and today I am already almost to 10. This needs to be addressed and stopped. Not everyone has the since to realize it is a scam. Find out who is doing it and stop them.

I get a call to my cell phone from the same area code I call on my cell right after I make the call From the health enrollment cents. I get from 10-15 calls a day and it allows me to opt out but it doesn't work. Cannot talk to anyone and I will not encourage it by starting to answer the questions. This has to stop. Between this and the Phony IRS calls to my cell and now one about a deposit issue at my bank, it is becoming very aggravating.

Just received a call from Healthcare Enrollment Center 415-987-7940 after looking for healthcare options with Covered California Website. Robot call.

I have been getting thousands of calls from Anna re healthcare, coming in on thousands of numbers -- all of which I have requested to have blocked. No matter, the calls continue all day every day, even going into my voice mail several times a day. I receive AT LEAST 12-20 calls a day and 8-10 voice mails from Anna, a robocall recorded message. FTC, PLEASE stop this harassment of my LIFE!! On my cell, I now have to DIAL my husband's phone number because Anna is my last 20ish recent calls!! Ridiculous!! This should not be allowed to continue, especially with the amount of folks it is affecting. With the amount of times Anna calls me, I don't know how Anna has time to call anyone else. STOP IT, PLEASE!!

I also receive sometimes 30 calls a day from numerous area codes and more local numbers which if I answer, line goes dead. If I don't answer, it's the same message about insurance and says press 2 to be removed from the list. I've looked into it and have found that there are spoofing apps that can send this (supposedly as a joke).
Our government needs to put an end to spoof calling, fake calling apps. WE pay the salary of our agencies. I can guarantee that if they were receiving these harassing calls something would be done immediately.

Anna is a robot.

@TiredOfAnna. I feel your pain. Exactly what you stated is what I have been going through. 12-20 calls a day with voicemails. that was a few months ago but it has started up again last week. I don't bother blocking the numbers again, they just call back with another last 4 numbers. This time, its been 201 area code.

Same story here. Several calls a day from "Anna with the Healthcare Enrollment Center". Same scenario: uses local numbers, I block each of them, then more calls from different numbers. All day, every day. At work, at home.....Arrghh.....

I AGREE!!! I keep blocking them and they call from a new 201 number. ITS NON STOP EVERYDAY!!! FTC MAKE IT STOP!!

I think we should start adding our Congressman/woman to the list so they start getting calls. Maybe then someone might have an interest to take action.

This SCAM is still going over 2 years later. I am glad there is some publicly available info regarding this SCAM, but what is the FTC and/or other agencies, politicians, phone companies, etc doing to pursue legal action against these companies?

YES it is against the law. NO they have no right to call... but just not answering or hanging up does NOTHING to stop them. I am logging all calls and plan to take to court. I encourage everyone to do the same.

As protectors and upholders of the law, please FTC go after these SCAMs.

just so everyone knows the do not call list is for real companies not companies that are scammers according to the FDC. I looked for months and filed a complaint the state AG office. because this is a scam company they have no way to track down the real company's name. If you look at your cell bill they don't even appear on the bill. I have recorded each time, date they called. I called Verizon and the numbers I gave them with the day and time do appear on their computers, but don't appear on the phone bill and they cant explain why they don't.

Thanks for the info. Will pass along.

Thank you FTC..Sometimes they call &ask for my 83 yr old husband, but he knows better also!!

There is a scam where, will send you an email offering information about Affordable Care Act providers. They will send your phone number to dozens upon dozens, more than 60 so far of scammers, in a few hours. They don't have a phone number to call them back, only to connect to other "information providers". They have an email account but don't answer to emails either.

Please report your experience at so it becomes part of the FTC database that's used by investigators nationwide. Your complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice. We can't address complaints that you discuss in the blog comments.

How can we report the calls when the calls are made from cloned phone numbers? I have even had my number used by these groups to place their calls as I found out when people call back my number to find out why I called them.

As a former telecommunications employee, I know that the best way to solve the unwanted tel r phone calls is to make the industry trace the caller which they can do regardless of the CLID. I know why they do not. They do not care because of the revenue stream from these bogish callers. But there is a billing number for these phony marketing callers and the telecom industry know who they are. FTC needs to get to the heart of the problem and quit chEwing on the fat.My question to you, FTC, why aRe you doing what will solve the problem?

Joe is right. It should be the FTC and the FCC shutting this crap down. We are inundated with calls of all sorts -- and a national no call list is all but worthless. The old saw about being a customer allowing them to call is not applicable here, the calls come with impunity from companies etc with whom no prior relationship has been established. BTW, I got on this today because this so called "National Health Information Center" spoofed the telephone and caller ID for my local POLICE department. If this does not constitute a crime, or a matter of national urgency, I do not know what does.

Two calls per day with phony ID. and phone numbers. It appears they are using numbers listed in paper phone directory. The number today is 760-674-8334/

I let all calls that I don't know go to voice mail. I still get unknown or numbers I don't know. They never leave a message. Working for me.


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