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Spread the word about government imposters

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We’re hearing from our colleagues that those pesky government imposters are at it again, using the FTC’s name to try to con people into paying them for something. Whether it’s to clean up your credit report, give you a prize, resolve a complaint against you, or pay off a debt you owe, they’re all lies. The message may be a call or an email, but it isn’t from the Federal Trade Commission, or any other federal agency.

Here’s the bottom line: if someone claiming to be a government employee asks you to send money to collect a prize or remove negative information from your credit report, don’t do it. And don’t give them your personal or financial information, either.two overlapping dialogue bubbles

As long as the scammers keep posing as government officials, we’ll keep putting out warnings like this one. But we need your help to spread the word. Talk to your friends. Tweet it. Post to your social networks. Blog about it. You just might help someone you care about avoid falling for a scam.

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I've gotten some emails but I deleted them immediately.

I got a phone call from the "treasury" department saying I owed money to the IRS and there was a warrant for my arrest

A hole from the "IRS" calls and leaves threatening messages all the time. If someone from the IRS wants to talk to you they send the information by mail. This happens every time I visit the Social Security website for the past year so I think that it is connected.

I have received a call as well from someone who said he's calling from IRS Criminal Investigation and that a warrant had been issued for my arrest and he processed to try to get personal information.

I received the same call today. Heavy accent. I was told there was no time to call the IRS to confirm they are who they say they are and he transferred me to a Senior Deputy. I proceeded to call the IRS because I do not owe money. It was still very scarey. When the Sr Deputy came on she said what are you intention? I said my intention is to call the IRS and confirm you are who you say you are and she hung up on me.

Now don't even call them back

I got this
This case file and arrest warrant from federal database and you know the consequences what might go wrong please call immediately after this _⁠_ are recording at our headquarters number that is 360-550-9582 I repeat 360-550-9582 internal revenue service agent is waiting for your call back

I got this same call 3 times with in 4 hours today. I did not answer that is the voicemail they left all identical every time. Did you ever find out what it was.

Just got this call
“An rest has been released on your name to get more information about this case file and arrest warrant from federal database please call immediately after this time of recording and our headquarters number that is 908-293-9851. I repeat 908-293-9851 internal revenue service agent is waiting for your call back…”

Just received this call from 646-809-9674

Just got the same message from (947) 672-9210

I got the same thing threatening with federal court

I received the same voicemail & called back & guy with a thick indian acceent saying under investigation or send local authorities & knowing it total crap as I have done nothing of the sort I told him send him & a few choice cuss words & hung up

Me too, saying there was a warrant out for me. they didn't even speak very well. english was definateley a second language for this scammer that called me. I reported it to TIGTA. The area code was 470 wich is Atlanta be aware!!!!!!

I got the exact same one! I also reported it to TIGTA. The phone # was different though.

A 207-221-number called me today and stated I owed about 1000.00. They told me to pay today or be arrested with a federal warrant. The man became hostile saying, I owed the money and to pay today or go to jail. He went as far as giving me a case id number with his badge i.d. You can hear it that they have a heavy accent. I reported the call and numbers to the nearest authority.

I just got the same call, he said I owe the IRS, and if I had a lawyer because I already have a warrant for my arrest. I told him that I didn't believe him. he then said that the police was

I just got the same call from 305-432-9576 he said I owe the IRS, and if I had a lawyer because I already have a warrant for my arrest. I told him that I didn't believe him. he then said that the police was going to arrest me.

I received calls from 518-951-0705 and from 214-714-6075 BOTH claiming to be from the IRS and threatening to file a lawsuit against me. I hung up on them and reported the numbers to the FTC.

My son just received one from a blocked number looking for me. States he was from the Department of Justice. My son tried to convince me that this was not a scam because they sounded so real to him. I had to remind them that they are not going to call him from a blocked number and leave a message with him.. It's really funny.. I am like all over the place. I can be found.. Doesn't make sense.

I received the same call only didn't answer phone but on answering machine it said this is the IRS calling to let you know we are filing a lawsuit against you and to call 484-456-6657 that phone number was also on caller id.reported# to FTC.

Had the same thing happened to me they keep calling every weak scaring me to death


Got a threatening call claiming to be the Treasure Depart.
from Cocoa Beach Fl and that I owed money. I called back and they wanted my telephone number to confirm the call. When I inquired about the nature of the call and to verify identifying information and where were they located, the person immediately hung up the phone. I called again and threatened to report it and they gain hung up. The individuals accent seemed to be from India

Got the call today from 216 539 0107, Same deal - said they were the IRS and I owed money. If I didn't call them back and "let them help me" I would be taken before a grand jury. aI am on the west coast of Florida

I got the same one. 3 times this week. Irritating

I've gotten a call four times this week.
Not only did they threaten me, they also wish me good luck with this problem

I GOT A PHONE CALL FROM THE "FBI" SAYING THE IRS IS GOING TO SUE ME. April 20, 2016 They called again several hours later. I hung up both times.

I've received several early morning calls saying the IRS is suing me. First one was April 29, 6:15 a.m., second was April 30, 6:30a.m., third Monday, May 2, 5:30 a.m. and this morning at 5:20a.m. Needless to say the IRS is not suing me! Its electronis and does not say a company name. WHat can I do to stop these calls??????

I also received a call from a scammer in Miami, FL saying that the IRS has a warrant out for my arrest. I did not answer, but listened to the message he left

I got one of those today. It was a recording. The phone number was out of Virginia.

It was a recording left on voicemail saying I was to return this call as soon as I received it or going to be charged with 5 lawsuits and local county sheriffs office would arrest me. return number was 585-672-6025.

I got the same exact message-that my taxes from 2006 to 2015 were incorrect and the feds are going to arrest me-that there is a warrant for my arrest

I just got a call from someone saying I messed up my taxes for the last 7 years and if I do not comply within one hour I will be arrested. Wouldn't give me any info or any paperwork. Scared the crap out of me.

me too just now....scary and it was a 310 number
310-905-5623 an Los Angeles Number

Got a phone message over weekend.. They were the Marshal's and had a warrant for my arrest and to call 310-230-5439..I called back and they said I owed back taxes from a prior year and the tax person who did my taxes srewed up ..they thought we were in cohoots because they never heard back from the tax preparer or me..I never received any info from IRS..the man had an accent and said his name was Robert James and his I'd #17123..he said if I PD a lower amount it would be fine..I had to make calls to see about borrowing.. He said I couldn't tell anyone because that was illegal to tell anyone and that they would be monitoring my calls..I said he could do that he said yes there r government officials who do that and the marshals will arrest me..ugh so scary..was told by a friend it was a scam..DO not give anything to anyone..the IRS don't make calls like that..if I was delinquent on back taxes it would of come up this year when I filled this year..

Received same type of call from the treasury dept.claiming that there will be a warrant given to the sheriff for my arrest if I did not respond to He was nasty and beligerant. I told him to go ahead...still waiting.

This message was left after irs was closed for the day, I called the real irs at 1-800-829-1040 and got no answer.

It's case file an arrest warrant from federal database and also to know the consequences what might be wrong. Please call immediately after this IVR recording at our headquarters number that is 303-500-1997. I repeat 303-500-1997 Internal Revenue service agent is waiting for your call back.

This message was left after irs was closed for the day, I called the real irs at 1-800-829-1040 and got no answer.

It's case file an arrest warrant from federal database and also to know the consequences what might be wrong. Please call immediately after this IVR recording at our headquarters number that is 303-500-1997. I repeat 303-500-1997 Internal Revenue service agent is waiting for your call back.

Everytime i get ready to file for my tax refund. Here go the student loan people talk bout i still owe money for student loan i know i pay my through my tax refund. Actin like i did pay anything.on my student loan just owe whatever i owe i o pay it.

I received a call from so called Mr. Johnson,IRS officer strongly demanding money. He spoke with an accent. I traced his AT&T Mobile phone(224-2001333) to Arlington Heights, IL. Every so often a scammer says he/she is from the government or state. This is too nerve wrecking especially when you're dealing other situations. He must of ask three different names so I ask him to send information through the mail. Each time I started asking question he hung up so I would call back to needle him like he had needled a family member. This is a problem with the phone dealers and misuse of the telephone, may it be land line or cell.

Called on my job in regards to complaints and that I will be served. Left the number 855-248-6012. I didn't pick up the phone as it came up and "Unavailable". What COWARDS are willing to call you and threaten you but can't even identify themselves? I have been through this same thing with Jennifer Brooks, Stephen Rogers and Cynthia Riverside. This lady gave the name Ms. Evans and called the name Legal Locators.
They must have changed the telephone number as there were a lot of complaints around the same time they started harassing me. The old number was 855-331-0286.

I just received a voice mail, that said it's the federal database, I have a lawsud from my social security number, they want me to speak to to them.
What can I do if they call me back

I got the same thing and it doesn't even leave a number to call them back. Not that I would but if you know the number that they called from block the number and it will come up as scam likely so you know not to answer. The main thing is not to answer bc then they will keep calling and bothering you.

Caller from 202-803-7407 Stating he's from IRS - very aggressive message to Call back this number - Beware this is a Scammer. Calls coming into Southern California on May 19th 2016'.

Same here - caller heavy India accent strongly stated from IRS and I was being sued and arrested within the next 30 minutes when i pressed the issue for IRS ID # location they were calling from they hung up number is 573-832-8250

This number called me as well saying I had a lawsuit against me. It was an automated voice though.

I just received a call from 202-558-2351. I didn't pick it up and my vm had recorded female voice providing case number "cs79621" threatening criminal offense that I shouldn't ignore it... and I am pretty sure what this is about. Can someone act on these scammers?

message from Kevin Mason (202)558-6506 threatening lawsuits etc

I received the same message from Kevin Mason, but with call back number of (973) 528-8225. Call came in Monday, 9/13/16
I was instantly suspicious. Ignoring a phone call would be taken as "an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense."
Really? The gov't sends letters.
The caller's accent was okay, no real strong accent was evident..


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