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We’re hearing from our colleagues that those pesky government imposters are at it again, using the FTC’s name to try to con people into paying them for something. Whether it’s to clean up your credit report, give you a prize, resolve a complaint against you, or pay off a debt you owe, they’re all lies. The message may be a call or an email, but it isn’t from the Federal Trade Commission, or any other federal agency.

Here’s the bottom line: if someone claiming to be a government employee asks you to send money to collect a prize or remove negative information from your credit report, don’t do it. And don’t give them your personal or financial information, either.two overlapping dialogue bubbles

As long as the scammers keep posing as government officials, we’ll keep putting out warnings like this one. But we need your help to spread the word. Talk to your friends. Tweet it. Post to your social networks. Blog about it. You just might help someone you care about avoid falling for a scam.

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I received a phone call from 808 415 7939 about IRS is filing charges against me.. This number is actually still active! Beware it's a scam!

IRS filing a lawsuit against me x 3 calls to my landline: phone number they want me to call is 206-201-2418. I have not responded and have submitted reports to the IRS and the FTC.

I have been receiving the same calls from a different number 253-239-8512, says it is from a Washington call, wanting me to call another number in response, which I have not done. Beware it is a scam.

I am reporting a number that called me impersonating the IRS. The number is 914-600-5421.

Phone # 724-512-2175 wanted info. not sure what, cut him off asking for letter, said I didn`t answer previous letters, told him to send it registered with signature required on delivery. I was then told that they would come to get me & I would be taken away. I asked not to be called again, said goodbye& hung up.

Go t a call from2028641369 says he's Steve martin and I am in serious trouble w IRS and a magistrate judge will arrest me if I don't call number!

I just got a recorded call from "Steve Martin"310-363-7813 says hes with US Treasury Dept and if I don't call back immediately I'll be arrested and taken before a Magistrate Judge or a Grand Jury"and put in jail. I DID NOT call him.

I got that one too, just now, from 918-956-1001. It was a recorded woman's voice though and I did not hear the name because it started before my OGM finished playing. Tempted to call back just to waste their time like they have wasted mine, but that would be wasting MORE of my own.

I just receive the same recorded call from "Steve Martin 646-844-8581 with the same message US Treasury and will be taken before a magistrate judge. I screened the call and didn't call back. Scary! Is Fraudulent & Access Vital Private Information. I Have Complied With All Their Request & They Denied Me! I Have Been Qualified Since 2002! This Company Is A Scam!

If you think a company or product has not lived up to its advertising you can file a complaint with the FTC at

Thank you I have a bunch in my email.

We got a call from the federal government saying" We were 1 of the 1,500 lucky americans that would get a $9000.00 grant just because we payed our bills on time! We were given the number to the financial officer and they could send it to us by Western Union! Sure wish the government worked that way. But as the saying goes"If it sounds to good to be true, its probably not true"! But they had a lot of our info which we did not give them! We are worried and waiting on the shoe to drop.....

I received a call also saying It was a free government grant for $9000. 1700 people in the US were drawn by computers for the government to give for home improvement or starting new buisness. Like you they knew a lot of information.

I just got a similar call from 202-232-7854, when you call it, the recording says the phone number is dsconnected, But I was to call 253-455-7702, to get my $7K cash sent to me via western union.

I've received many phone calls today from '202' area code claiming they were the US government grants department and that 1,700 people were selected for the same reasons paying bills on time,filing taxes etc.etc. Now all's I had to do was go to Walgreen's or CVS and get a prepaid card for $250 because of the processing fee. But the reassured me I would get it back as well so in total I'd be receiving $9,950. Sounded great and they didn't need any account information. But I questioned it and told some people about it so I can have other input and we'll when it comes down to it it's too good to be true! These people had heavy Indian accents and are very aggressive with calling you!!!

There is also a phone call claiming to be the IRS stating you have a fraud tax.

Please check out Michael Best said to be an atty for the Federal Trade comm. is said to live in Jefferson and or Summerville Ohio......... Telephone o 702 997 8340 and 239 673 4712 He is also on face book

213-141-5163 Keeps calling claiming to be an IRS agent. Since I don't owe the IRS any money, and I know IRS does not leave threatening messages, I thought I would report the scam.

I been getting email and photos of the president Obama and Michelle Obama and it's said for me to wire money to receive 10 million dollar check,trying to find out is this true or scam.

There is this game going on right now the same day she is from Facebook trying to get four hundred and seventy dollars out of people

I'm glad that there is site like this

I'm always so glad I've been receiving these email newsletters from the FTC. And I report all of potential fraud calls and email I receive too. Thanks for being so helpful

Always trying to keep tract of all scams.

A number 855-205-3375 has today my mothers phone and left a voicemail saying that they are a remediation firm calling about my where abouts and to call immediately. I call from my phone and someone was trying to get my personal information and I asked her name and what company she worked for. She proceeded to say Olivia and remediation firm. The woman repeatedly asked what number did they call to reach me and I would not provide it. Next, she began reciting my phone number I called from and typing in information. When she kept demanding information I said oh no and hung up.

On 2/11//16 received call from IRS using phone # 347-560-5213 - never answered phone and they never called back.

I also received a call from phone #724-512-2175, on February 11, claimed to be someone from US Treasury, hopefully more people will become aware that these scoundrels are imposters, don't answer the phone!

I've had 2 different numbers calling me saying that they are with the IRS and they clearly aren't they have been calling form 202-751-2460 and 254-780-0300 they keep claiming to say they are calling to fix a matter of tax aviation that i clearly have not done anything to that sort, and they also do not speak clear English as they talk and leave messages i have gotten 4 calls from them today.

Thanks you very much. ...

I got private calls and the vmail has a female stating to please return call about an audit on taxes ... she provides 866 376 6066.... total fraud dont even bother calling them back.

I've received a few calls starting this past Friday 2-12-16 First call 786-655-5382. Googled #. Says it's and associated with a scam. Same day 2 robo calls, partial voicemails saying something about a loan and garnished wages. The tel. #'s are: 904-930-4445 and 202-909-1247.

Received voicemail from accented male voice stating his name "Kevin Mason" claiming that he was calling about a "U.S. Treasury" enforcement action" and if I did not respond, it would be regarded as an intentional act to avoid appearing in front of "a magistrate judge or a grand jury." The caller ID was 206-708-2849. The number he asked be called was 708-377-9155. Please do not let these corrupt scammers succeed.

I received a voicemail from accented male voice stating his name "Steve Martin" claiming that he was calling about a "U.S. Treasury" enforcement action" and if I did not respond, it would be regarded as an intentional act to avoid appearing in front of "a magistrate judge or a grand jury. Then he said I'd like you to cooperate with us and help us help you."
The called ID and the number he asked me to call was 1 561 450 9076.

I just had a message on the answer machine by "Steve Martin" and he did have an accent. Same message as this one by emc2016. I just had a different number to call back 323-984-7408.

have been getting 3 calls a day from some number near my house saying the IRS is after me. When i called back foreign people said they were the US Treasury dept and i owed $6000 from my taxes in 2010. they must think the IRS lets people owe $6000 for 5 years haha. when i said i thought it was a scam and please take my number off the list the guy threatened to come to my house and kill me. I called the police but they said he is in India or Pakistan and the number is just a fake one they use to make it look like they are in you area.

Just received a call from 12145097554. Said he was from the US Treasury and i has a lawsuit against me for unpaid taxes in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 and i currently had a warrant out for my arrest. I have not worked since 2008 and could no way owe taxes. so i laughed said i was reporting them and hung up. I have heard about these calls before but have never received one myself.

I received a call all week for my mother in law. The more questions I ask the more the "officer" stumbled with his answers. My calls came in from 202-239-1690 and 202-817-7546.Said his name was Officer Bingham badge ID 6765.

I was contacted by a Ken Paxton, Attorney at Law, Austin, Texas. email
The stated I owed a past due payday loan and was threatening to sent my information to the court and to my employer. The contact refused to send me anything in writing and wanted me to send $281.00 to start arrangements. They also said they could not talk to me on the phone or send info in the mail because it was illegal. He refused send any info without written notice.. they harassed me via email then I sent it to trash. I also logged into the debtor and there was no record of me owing a past due balance. BEWARE!

we have received a call many times from 1-347-669-8052 claiming to be from the IRS and it is the final call before they come and arrest us. Our # is unlisted how are they getting through? How can we stop the calls from them?

Even if your number is unlisted, you can get calls if someone calls numbers at random. If you get repeated calls from the same number, you can use the call-blocking function on your phone or contact your phone provider to see if it offers call blocking. The provider might charge for call blocking.

Some people let their answering machines pick up all calls, so they can find out who is calling before they decide to answer.

I got this email today I reported to trade commission:

-----Original Message----- From: John Harrish To: undisclosed-recipients:; Sent: Tue, Feb 16, 2016 9:09 am Subject: Final Notification

This is to inform you about there is a legal case which is filed against your name and against your Social security number.So if you want to resolve this case out of court call us back or e-mail to us before we download this case file in to the federal court, kindly get back to us on 347-669-9134. Agent John Harris 347-669-9134 Federal crime enforcement Network

I got a phone call from 443 303 8834, and an email with an Arrest warrant attachment, from some one who claims to be the Department of Justice. I called back and they threatened me saying i owed money on a defaulted payday loan. They gave me a specific time line to call back or they would move forward with the arrest and calling my work. Each time the people gave me a different name and they also had a very heavy accent. I am not sending any money but wondering what to do about harrassement.

You can report the calls to the FTC at If the calls are coming from the same number, you can see if your phone - or your phone provider - offers call blocking options.

have received two phone calls on my home answering machine, the message is in mid flow, starts with "a grand jury for a federal criminal offense, we need you to call and speak to a federal officer immediately", this will be our last attempt to reach you to resolve this matter. Each call had a different return phone number. both area code 301- first number 969-2302, 2nd- 575-8029. anyone else experience anything like this?

Received this same exact msg. on my answering machine last night. Called FTC and logged it. I didn't return their call because the govt. local or Fed doesn't operate this way. Curious though, to find out what they are after. ID or financials probably.

I have received the same call on my cell phone today. Recording that "appears" to start mid sentence by starting with "a grand jury for a federal criminal offense...blah blah...I did not answer or call back...guess I'll take my chances;-)

I had one like that too. Twice so far saying call immediately or good luck with what unfolds. an obvious fraud. no federal dept. is going to robocall you and leave threats.

I have been receiving calls daily and they don't stop, I usually don't answer and they usually don't leave voicemails, except this morning I received a call stating this is an automated call from the Internal Revenue Service and that I was being charged with tax evasion and or tax fraud, and would be arrested if I don't call them back, the number is 786-728-9378. These scammers just don't give up, its SICK!!

We got a call about from some bogus IRS representative threatening us with a lawsuit. Call ID was private but I reported the callback number to FTC already. Phone quality was bad, but DO NOT speak up to clarify any of your personal information.

I received an IRS call today saying they would sue me. My parents received the same, and my husband came home to say he's gotten a call too. All of them false. The number on my phone was +1 (206) 822-1714. The number on my husbands was 509-315-2855


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