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We’re hearing from our colleagues that those pesky government imposters are at it again, using the FTC’s name to try to con people into paying them for something. Whether it’s to clean up your credit report, give you a prize, resolve a complaint against you, or pay off a debt you owe, they’re all lies. The message may be a call or an email, but it isn’t from the Federal Trade Commission, or any other federal agency.

Here’s the bottom line: if someone claiming to be a government employee asks you to send money to collect a prize or remove negative information from your credit report, don’t do it. And don’t give them your personal or financial information, either.two overlapping dialogue bubbles

As long as the scammers keep posing as government officials, we’ll keep putting out warnings like this one. But we need your help to spread the word. Talk to your friends. Tweet it. Post to your social networks. Blog about it. You just might help someone you care about avoid falling for a scam.

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I just got home from worked and checked our answering machine. At 9:03 this morning, we received a pre-recorded message from "Kevin Mason." The caller ID showed "unknown name" and a number of 202-840-6551. The pre-recorded message said to call him at 202-840-6515. The message said to call him regarding an "enforcement action by the U.S. Treasury." Based on what I've found through online research, I'm fairly certain this is a scam and will not even bother calling back. If the U.S. Treasury really wants me, they will have sent the U.S. Marshalls to my door, along with a written Summons and Complaint (plus another copy via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested). I've worked in the legal industry for 25 years and have a fair idea of how the legal system works.

Like OldernWiser and Denise, I got a few voicemails from "Kevin Mason" today. For anyone else who encounters this situation, I found this site below and sent an email of the description to the Treasury:

I woke up to a voicemail by "Kevin Mason". The voicemail message was basically the same script everyone else put in this comment section. "My name is Kevin Mason", "enforcement action", "ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to blah blah Magistrate judge/Grand jury for a Federal criminal offense". An amusing part of the voicemail was that the caller ID was 1-310-627-0465, yet "Kevin Mason" told me to call 310-627-0456. Looks like you switched the last two numbers Kevin. It also sounded like "Kevin Mason" was recording this voicemail in his car, rather than building or some legit workplace. Ended the voicemail with "I'd advise you to cooperate with us and help us to help you. Thank you". Sounds pretty condescending, not to mention the redundancy with his rhetoric (message intended to contact you/cooperate with us and help us help you).

In all seriousness, report these scams. Don't bother calling back those numbers and don't waste too much time and energy to these frauds. The IRS always contacts you my mail if there was any tax related problems, and if there was an arrest warrant to be made, the police would just knock on your door, not make threatening phone calls. Always remember that.

I hit a call from an "Officer Daniel Wineman from the Legal Department of the Internal Revenue Service" concerning a "lawsuit" filed against me and that I should call 202-866-0819 "immediately" and that if he "didn't hear back from me or my attorney then all [he] could do was to wish me luck."

Major tip off: it was a computer generated voice.

Bye, Felicia.

I got a call today from KEVIN MASON / US TREASURY DEPT about unpaid taxes from 2013 for $5,120 and an arrest warrant has been issued in my name. I told him after I get off the phone I am reporting you to the D.A., Homeland Security & the FBI. I did just that and they advised not to have any further communication with this evil person with a heavy accent. They know all about him!

Scam phone call on cell from number 202-795-5684. Message left (not a live person; electronic text-to-speech reader voice): "Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. This is a final attempt to reach you to resolve this issue immediately and to speak with a federal agent. Call back number 202-795-5684. I repeat 202-795-5684. Thank you."

Just got this exact same message, except the call back number is (512)813-7343.

just got the same message from this number 4156445895
and then a similar one from 202-2417512

Same thing but with 215-821-1027

Have received several. 202-562-5852/202-745-2857/202-844-1657/202-899-9012/ and several restricted they have called for the last four days and now when they call they. Cuss me out and say they will not stop calling I'm over this

I received an automated spam call from 844-625-8520 threatening a warrant against my physical property and that it was being monitored and I needed to call the number back. I have blocked the number

I received a call today for the 5th time from an individual who could not speak clear English saying he was working for the government and that I had been selected to receive $9200 in grant money. He said I was selected because I paid my bills on time, had not been arrested, had a good driving record, had not filed bankruptcy, and was a good person. These calls are always from an unknown number and they sound like they are calling from a call center because there is a lot of other callers you can here talking in the background. I am tired of receiving these calls. My number is on the do not call list and I keep that current because I do not want to receive these types of calls. What is the point of the National do not call list if it does not work???

I googled and got the same voice as what was listed on the website from this number (347) 394-1613. I was nervous for a quick second.

Wisconsin area code: 920-535-4093 called my cell phone twice, without leaving a message. I called back saying I was returning a missed call. The man had an unintelligible (Indian?) accent with so much crowd-like background noise that I could barely understand him. When I asked him why someone from the IRS was contacting me he hung up. I immediately called back and this time another man answered the same way (“I am with the IRS, Department of Taxation regarding your income tax return”) but this time he spelled his Indian name for me, which I really couldn't make out. I asked him why a government agency would have someone with a less than professional grasp of English call with such important matters and he told me he couldn’t understand me either. I told him not to call me again and I would report this call.A prior poster mentioned being in contact with Social Security, as I have been, this week, online, regarding the status of my claim. Coincidence?

202-697-9909 called me with a recorded message saying it was the IRS and they were calling about taxes and an arrest warrant that was out in my name to give them a call back at 202-697-9909.

I received a call from a 920 & a 347 area code with the same automated voice mail advising I had serious charges against me, and if I didn't respond the local authorities would arrest me.

Received a call today from 786-504-0166. I usually do not answer unknown numbers, but did try with this call. No one there...hmmm... I called the number back and a man with a heavy accent (Indian?) answered. I asked who I had reached and he told me he was KEVIN JONES with the IRS. I laughed and said, "You're with the IRS?", he replied, "Not any more." I had a few choice words for him, hung up and googled him. WOW.

OMG I got recorded message. This is Kevin Mason US Treasury... you'll be brought up on Federal 1 to speak to sr attorney... so I press one. I ask for his name Indian guy in the line. It's Chris Martin from US Treasury. What's your #. He says 734-345-1463... he asked for my name. I refuse because he called me. He should have my info.. back and forth for a good 2 the meantime I'm googling the #.. it's in Michigan.. he started reading off random names.... it was my last name but not my 1st. He was reading from a phone book because I recognized my name on the list.. but didn't say it was me... it's my code of identifying my name taken from phone book... scammers. Probably trying to get money from me... he hung up. But called back. No one there this time..

2 calls from 202-251-6500 on 9/24/2016 female recording directed me to call back at this number, because the Department of Treasury - Internal Revenue Service is filing a lawsuit against me.

Just received a call with the same immediate response, pending legal action or arrest.
The I.R.S. or Department of the Treasury does not contact individuals by phone, and of course, not a robotic voice!.. Offer your personal information?
Good Luck!.. Because it will be bad luck for the individual who offers information. The hook is on the line and you volunteer to be reeled in.
Watch 719-496-0055 if you ever receive the robotic message with a bogus case number ignore it!

Thank you F.T.C. for posting my comment.
In this world of cyber criminals, telephone scams, etc, we have to watch out for each other.
Happy to see I was heard and my post placed online.

I had the same type of call coming from a toll free number 844-524-5390 saying the same thing in a recorded message that they were a Federal agency and that if I didn't respond back I had better have an attorney and good luck to you. So I called back this number and no answer.

Three messages from 3034751278 claiming IRS is filing lawsuit against me,and I should call,its the final notice

Today is Monday September 26, 2016
At 11:28am EST this morning, I received a call from 609-589-1630 with a voice recording from a Kevin Mason stating the following:
"Hi this message is intended to contact you. My name is Kevin Mason, and I'm calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the US treasury intending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. My number is" And then he gives the number twice.

The recording sounded very rough with white noise. The voice on the recording had a strong British or possibly South African/Brit accent.

Received voice from "Kevin Mason" with 253-656-0430.
Here is the recorded message:
"Attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jewelry for a federal criminal offense. My number is 253-656-0430. I repeat 253-656-0430. Alright will you to cooperate with us and help us to help you. Thank you. Hi this message is intended to contact you. My name is Kevin Mason and I'm calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the US treasury intending your see this attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jewelry for a federal criminal offense. My number is 253-656-0430."

Received the same call from Kevin Mason, but number was 509-570-5114. Glad I searched online. Had no idea what it was about. Deleting it.

Got the same call from 844 area code. Used automated computer voice...

Received a call from a "Pete Jordan" Claims to work for the Justice Department and that I would be prosecuted if I did not call him Back at 817-533-9843. Bogus caller sounded like a poor recording of a male with a Foreign accent. Said it was his second call to us. Called me last year several times but from a different number.

if you get any of these types of calls, emails or whatever, please file a complaint with the FBI cybercrime division and they will look into them.

You can report calls from imposters to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that multiple law enforcement agencies use for investigations nationwide.

You can report IRS imposters to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

Received phone call froem Brian Foster IRS rep. Badge # FCCA01953. Same story. Threatened that I would be atrested if I did not at least make a good faith payment. Wanted me to buy a ITunes card. Yeah. The IRS takes ITunes? Phone number they called from 206 317 2974. After I called him out as being a scammer he then threatened my life called me horrible names. He also provided email address of irs.gov2580 I wish these people could be caught and prosecuted. But they are probably out of country. Definitely Indian accent.

Received a call from number (202)350-3952. The man did not speak English well and referred to himself as a representative of the U.S. Treasury. He said there is a case against me and I needed to call (202) 350-3952 and ask for Van Cooper immediately. I went on the U.S. Treasury site and reported it. Felt I needed to note it here too. I did mess with them because I work for the government so I called on my government line. They immediately hung up. I then called from my cell line and they picked up and addressed me by name. Be careful all!

Got a call from a Steve Martin (how original) (520)263-0090 claiming to be with the Treasury Dept. Threatening me that if I didn't call back his number it would be a second offense. Call from the Sierra Vista, Arizona area.

I received an annoying call today from 978-227-9113 stating the IRS was filling a law suit against me. Although I knew I pay my taxes and this wasn't true---these people are persistent! When I said I was going to report him--he said go ahead! It's really a disgrace thinking someone may fall for this scam.

Got a call from a Shoemaker Diane from # 202-288-0189 that I get a FREE 9K grant from the government. Just call this #206-201-2686 for your free money.Found its a scam and did not call them.

All the above messages are of the same color: they all come from SCAMMERS impersonating to be the US Government. Note that the US Gov doesn't call. They write letters in grammatical English, with proper spelling. Scammers are uneducated and don't know one thing or another how to write in educated English. Anyone can tell they are genuine scammers and not worth your precious time answering them. They're trying their worst to scare you, hoping you'll get scared and part with your money by following their scam. Outsmart them. Pretty soon they'll land in the slammer with their criminal activity.

Wife got a call from 347-441-6951 claiming they were Federal Fraud agents. They said she was going to be prosecuted for not paying taxes and, they already KNEW my wife's SSN and home address.

I received a voicemail from that number stating I have a pending lawsuit with five possible charges. Claimed if I didn't call back I would be arrested. Has to be a scam.

I was asked if I were the "lady of the house". When I asked how they got my phone number the answer was "because we are the federal government." When I asked how they had my phone number and not my address (which they were trying to make me provide over the phone) I was told "I am putting you down as a refusal and I'm sending someone to your house!" The threat sounded too menacing to be a legitimate Census Bureau employee. These people need to be shut down.

I go a voicemail from 646-844-6126 saying that I had a "terminal lawsuit against me." They called within 2 hours of each other. Total scam.

Pre recorded message left in my voicemail saying "This is the tax crime investigation unit of IRS. The reason you are receiving this pre recorded message is to notify you that IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you. Right now you and your physical property those are being monitored and it's very important that I do hear back from you as soon as possible before we proceed further in any legal manner. My direct call back number is 253-465-0615 again number is 253-465-0615 thank you." Never been contacted by IRS EVER. Getting pretty fed up with these people, how do I report the number.

You can report callers who pretend to be IRS agents to the Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration (TIGTA) at 800-366-4484.

This phone number is giving private, sensitive, and illegal information to unknown voicemails about court proceedings. When confronted about it they hang up. 866-284-8091

I got a voicemail saying "Hi this is Ofc. Brenda Watkins calling from the crime investigation unit of the US treasury the reason you got a call from our department is just to let you know that we have received an arrest warrant against your name under your SSN so before we could go ahead and start the legal actions on your name we want your retained attorney of record to give us a call back as soon as possible at 540-218-6267." I never received this type of scam call before, but I do not appreciate being threatened and immediately started searching for possible scams on internet. Looks like a lot of people are getting these scam threats.

I got a call from 235-830-4522 saying they were from the federal government and that I had one $9000 in grant money. I told them to stop calling me.

I received a call similar to "Peeved" above. 2 calls in 2 days and the voicemails were identical with the exception of the phone numbers. Thankfully I have transcription on my voicemails and I sent the TIGTA copies of both this morning.

I just received this message "Attention ignoring this will be a second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge for a federal criminal offense. The number to reach us is 732 944-0801 I repeat, 732 944-0801. I advise you to cooperate with us to help us help you. thank you." The call came from Red Bank, NJ. I called the number out of curiosity and it sounded like a call center with the person who answered could barely speak English. BE AWARE, this is a SCAM!

Got the same robocall with the same threat, but a new number (410) 204-9302 in Maryland. I'm in Grass Valley, California.

Hi, this is officer, Lisa William, and I'm calling you from the legal department of us treasury and your federal case number is C 879-6216 the purpose of this call is regarding an enforcement action which has been executed by the us treasury department regarding tax fraud against your name ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before the magistrate judge or exam jury for a federal criminal offense, so before this matter goes to the federal claim courthouse or before you get arrested kindly. Call us back on our number as soon as possible the number to reach us is 843-278-5656 let me repeat. The number 843 278 5656 hope to hear from you soon before the charges are pressed against you. Thank you.

First off I knew it was a scam, my dad had IRS troubles, they come to YOU badges et al. Except my dad was off gambling, so I got the riot act. It will always be a free number (800) or local. Anyway knowing it was fake I had a little fun. They answer the phone internal revenue. I won't have to block their number, they be blocking mine. What they do is WRONG. take your cell phones and flood them with calls telling them they are frauds


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