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Spread the word about government imposters

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We’re hearing from our colleagues that those pesky government imposters are at it again, using the FTC’s name to try to con people into paying them for something. Whether it’s to clean up your credit report, give you a prize, resolve a complaint against you, or pay off a debt you owe, they’re all lies. The message may be a call or an email, but it isn’t from the Federal Trade Commission, or any other federal agency.

Here’s the bottom line: if someone claiming to be a government employee asks you to send money to collect a prize or remove negative information from your credit report, don’t do it. And don’t give them your personal or financial information, either.two overlapping dialogue bubbles

As long as the scammers keep posing as government officials, we’ll keep putting out warnings like this one. But we need your help to spread the word. Talk to your friends. Tweet it. Post to your social networks. Blog about it. You just might help someone you care about avoid falling for a scam.

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First off I knew it was a scam, my dad had IRS troubles, they come to YOU badges et al. Except my dad was off gambling, so I got the riot act. It will always be a free number (800) or local. Anyway knowing it was fake I had a little fun. They answer the phone internal revenue. I won't have to block their number, they be blocking mine. What they do is WRONG. take your cell phones and flood them with calls telling them they are frauds

So this was message I received on my cell phone.
And your social ignoring this message would be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge for criminal offense and this is the final attempt to reach you to know more about this case and to speak with federal agent call immediately on 737-252-9018 .

I received the exact call, word for word, but from a different number area code 719.......

She has a new number (615) 682-8823

ok, so here is my theory: everyone at IRS is ethnic with a thick accent. The US #s must get re routed. I just called and HARRASSED THEM by asking asking general ? re: Irs. After I ran out of jokes I just yelled. And while I was engaging them, at least the numbers were tied up and they couldnt scam anyone. Kinda like killing 1 single ant among billions but still....

I got an obviously fake call today from an "Agent John Harris" from the Federal Treasury with a heavy indian accent accent and barely speaking English. He claimed that I had an unresolved education tax and threatened to call the local police if I hung up. When I first answered the call you could hear him speaking in Hindi with someone else and a whole lot of people in a call center all speaking Hindi and English. I pressed for where he got my contact number and he said it was the "educational and cultural department". I am a student so it makes sense that they got my information connected to the University and tried to scam me.

I had a call today and it was a recording saying they have been trying to get in touch with me for 6 months saying that I committed fraud and it was going to be processed by the US government if I did not call back this number 256-361-1904

I got the exact same call today, but from a different number, sent my heart rate racing!

I got a call with the same characteristics from 208-225 (Idaho number) it seems. I was shocked that they told me I was being filed under criminal investigation. Please tell me this is not real!

I got the same call just from Oklahoma

I have a voice mail with computer voice telling me if I did not call back a lawsuit by the govenment was going to be filed against me. Number came from 425-332-5378

I got the same call from 7032911788.

I just received a call on my cell phone on 5/12/2017 saying that they were with the IRS tax magistrate office and there was a serious matter and that not calling back would be in strict disregard of (some type of legal actions) or something. I hung up. Came from 877-219-9833

I received a voicemail from the "IRS" this morning stating there was a lawsuit against me and that I could be arrested. I called back and asked for the address of the IRS and the person with an Indian accent, said, OK, thank you, and hung up. This is so obviously an international crime (posing as IRS) - the govt really should be protecting us better from such threats.

I got a call from the number 1 (1) (91 ) telling the they were the United States Federal Government. They knew my first and last name and started arguing with me when I said that if it was really an organization as big as that they would contact me through mail

405-285-3714. Edmond Ok # didn't answer let go to voice mail automated voice saying from Dept of Treasury has taken out an arrest warrant and either I or my attorney of record must call immediately. (Attorney of record?) why would I have retained an attorney prior to this call? A warrant would be served at my place of employeement or home.

516-274-8801 "we had never got a response from you... lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United government.." and asked me to call this number. It sounds like a robot too.

I just received the same message from phone number 661 453-0158 three time so far today!

I NEVER answer calls from numbers I don't recognize, so the messages went to my voicemail. I received the exact same message you did twice today from 786-383-8941 and also from 202-556-4746 (this one instructing me to call the number 202-506-9049).

Same here... fraud and lawsuit filed in my name by us govt. call 816-518-0333

Exact same thing happened to me on May 7, 2018. Isn’t there legal recourse for this type of scam caller? Caller called from 646 394 9235

I received one today (VM) "Intentional Fraud Lawsuit filed in my name" from 202-819-9501 in D.C.

Yes I have gotten the same scam. It is a robot call saying something about we have tried to reach you in the past six months but failed to do so so I fraudulent claim was something about a lawsuit under your name. It is obviously a scam. Because one of the government would never just issue the same exact robot a call to everyone if there really was an issue. Then they would call and contact you personally and they wouldn’t ask for any personal information or you would receive something from the m yes I have gotten the same scam. It is a robot call saying something about we have tried to reach you in the past six months but failed to do so so I fraudulent claim was something about a lawsuit under your name. It is obviously a scam. Because one, they would send us something in the mail notifying us about a fraudulent activity or something that we have done. That would also have a indistinguishable stamp for something that the only the government Iris will have they would never just call us a Robo call. Plus I’ve tried to call back the exact same numbers that they give, to tell us to call and it never works. It either just rings once it hangs up or just says that that number is no not in use. So what I have done is just block any numbers that is calling f

I just received basically the exact same robo recorded message of my voicemail. Call came from a California area code, #209-781-8096.

I got the same message from the same phone number. Saying that I'm being sued by the government for fraud.

Just received the same message from 214-495-1038

Just received the same message from a 404 area code. It's scary.

I got one from 213 421 3296, kinda freaked out for a second not gonna lie

Got this call twice from 2 different cell phone numbers. Once today and once yesterday.

I received the same exact call weird, why does this keep happening?

Just received same robotic voicemail from the # 225-435-8560

Just received the same robotic voicemail from number 786-504-6870

I just received the same robotic voicemail from the same exact number. 786-504-6870. I did get a bit nervous at first but I said let me look this up on the computer to see if it is a scam. Yes, I see it is a scam! Thanks for telling me.

I too have received these calls, exactly as describe in your comment here, word for word. I have blocked the number too , which was 315-215-0134

The exact same message today from 858-682-6255.

281-764-6720 Just received the same call from this number. It was even a horrible robot voice that was all disjointed. It also asked me to call back, which of course I did not.

Hello everyone:
Thank you so much for this type of information available to the public out there!! It was very helpful to come to realize that it is actually a scam. I have gotten a couple of calls from two different numbers. The voicemail sounds robotic. I never called back due to my suspicions. Then I started to read your posts. These are the two numbers they have used so far:
509-316-5337 and 281-973-7105

Just received the same voicemail from a 917-545-3363 New York, NY number. They tried calling twice today, so far.

I received the same message from (316) 243-0394

980 355 5369 same issue

same and it was under phone number 202-844-8669

Same 202 239 1164

Same message- verbatim .Came from +16075423093 NY.

Same message 940-304-6290

Got the same message today. 773 595 8681 Chicago

Same here. 3 times on 5/10/2018 from a San Francisco Number. 415-915-7500

I got the exact same call as you, I'm twelve, so I naturally go to my dad, and he tells me it's a scam, they can't sue me because I'm only a kid, but I've wanted to research it ever since

Lol your one smart kid!Keep up the good work! If your not open with your parents they can't help you so smart move kiddo!! Wish more kids were like this. It's important to teach our children to be cautious nowadays and to talk to there parents or family members

385-777-0724 & 210-429-7202 called me and I ignored, their voice mail (yes, robot) was exactly same as yours.

I keep getting calls too saying I commited tax fraud and that I and my family have been under ininvestigation. They said they have tried to reach me for weeks with no response so now a lawsuit has been filed against me by the US Gov't and to call 229-999-0519. And yes the message sounded like a robot.


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