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Closing time for fake debt collector

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It’s fine to play “let’s pretend” when you’re young; you can be an astronaut today and an inventor tomorrow. But grown-ups who pretend to be debt collectors and lie to get peoples’ money are headed for trouble.

At the request of the FTC and the Illinois Attorney General, a federal court has shut down a network of businesses and operators that falsely claimed to be debt collectors collecting real payday loan debts. The FTC said that the operations — called Stark Law, Stark Recovery, Capital Harris Miller & Associates and other names — had no authority to collect the debts they called about. And yet, says the FTC, they relentlessly threatened and harassed people, and got millions of dollars in un-deserved payments.

According to the FTC, the companies called people who had applied for payday or other short-term loans, and then claimed their loans were delinquent. The companies intimidated people with threats of lawsuits, or having them charged with “defrauding a financial institution” for passing bad checks. For a time, the defendants even posed as a law firm, claiming they could sue people and get judgments against them. The companies called people repeatedly, and called their friends, relatives and employers, told lies — and generally made peoples’ lives miserable. Many people paid because they were worried about the consequences of not paying or just wanted the harassment to stop.

 You have rights if a debt collector calls. Debt collectors aren’t allowed to harass you, make false statements, or use other unfair practices. If someone harasses you about a debt or threatens to have you arrested, there’s a good chance he’s a fake. This video shows how you can deal with debt collectors.

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You never cease to amaze me!

Jpl recovery uses we will have you served. Then transfers with a ref number to a Kimberling Jackson saying payday loan delinquent. I have no payday loans outstanding!

This is JPL Recovery Solutions. They don't mention the solutions part because it's their actual name and don't want the complaints associated directly with them. They call with a scare tactic and then try to make you pay an old account.

This happened to me TODAY!! 2 YEARS LATER...JPL Recovery called and Kimberly Jackson was the reference I was supposed to call back!!!!

...they also sent me a Docusign document they wanted me to e-sign and give my credit card information to pay the charge 'to keep it out of the courts'. Said they would cancel the delivery of the 'summons' if I could provide them my credit card info.

Good Job ~ they need the maximum penalty which should include prison!

Any information on companies that promise to help consolidating debt acting like a third party for negotiations on payment's. Debt Defense Services has taken $350 every month 2013 Nov thru 2015 May and nothing has been paid.My creditors deny hearing from them.DDS won't reach out and solve my acct..I have lost $ because of their breach of contract.

This FTC article about coping with debt has tips on how to shop carefully for debt relief services. The article tells you some warning signs of companies to avoid.

If a company took your money and didn't do what it promised, you can report it to your state and local consumer protection agencies.

You can also report to the Federal Trade Commission, your state Attorney General’s office and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB will take your complaint and contact the company, and work to get a response.

Thank you for shutting this down they called me and harassed me. When I had a friend tell them it was no longer my number they somehow got a hold of my brother. Hopefully justice is served fully

From so many days one company called me and harassed that I owed some money from one bank but I already know that they are fraud company so I said that you can do whatever you can but I don't want to pay anything to you. Thank that fraud company said ok than we can meet now in the court.

Very important post. Now everyone can be aware of fake debt collector

So apparently they must have stArted up again. Just got a call from 855-201-9981 Jennifer brooks left B a message stating for a fax order for delivery for the proper delivery of documentations and when I return the phone call it was in regards to an outstanding payday loan in which I am positive I do not have. When I said I was going to be contacting the credit bureau and other agencies she said this seems like a stall tactic and hung up

Same here I have been getting voicemails to my phone as well as my mothers home phone from Jennifer brooks saying to call back to some 855 number I will not call back because upon research I've seen its all a scam! I have not had a payday loan I haven't been employed in over 5 years

I just had the same voicemails to both me and my mother from a Jennifer Brooks. Claiming they had some "fax order" to deliver to me. The call came through from a 562 and 714 number but referenced an 855 number in the voicemail. Did research and it's a complete scam. I guess I wasn't the only one...

I got a call from a Ms. Rice. Saying they were going to have me arrested for a payday loan that wasn't paid back. I told her go ahead it wasn't mine and I was recording the call cause I knew it was a scam. She hung up on me. Said she was from Miller and assoc it was an 844 .

I have been receiving calls from Jennifer Brooks for a month now. The voicemail always says "this is my final attempt to give you faxed documents." I call the 1-855 number back and I am told I gave fraudlent bank information for a payday loan I took out 6 years ago. They also address me by former married name which I have not used in 6 years. They say they are trying to serve me at an address I have not lived at in 6 years. They have called my family as well. I have been threatened to have my wages garnished and that they will see me in court. The first woman I spoke to told me Jennifer Brooks works in the field yet her voice is the same voice as on the voicemails. I spoke to another man that was very rude and screamed at me. When I call them out on the scam I am told I am scamming them and they hang up on me. If I try to call back my call is not answered. They went a good two weeks without calling until yesterday. The 1-855 number was different. I spoke to someone yesterday and I asked him if the final attempt ever really is final. I do not have a summons pending, and I have read multiple reviews stating that other people receive calls from these people as well. For those that this scam has worked on, I feel for. I can see how they are able to scare people into paying the amount they ask for.

They just called us trying the same thing. The number was 844-812-9594

they are calling me also, same name jennifer brooks local phone # calls, but asks you to call back at 8552140332.not calling back!

Jennifer Brooks called. LOL. I called them back and a very irate women answered the phone. Total scam.

Ive changed numbers, so they are sending me emails.
They claim to be representing several payday loan companies and I have 48 hours to pay or I'm going to jail.

I have been getting calls from different numbers and different people stating the following:

The voicemail said: "This is Allison Reed calling for _____________________. I'm calling you in reference to a fax order for delivery. Please return my call as soon as possible for proper delivery of this documentation. Contact number is 1-844-556-7254 regarding this matter or press zero to speak to a live operator.

They are calling my work and cell phone number non-stop. I already registered both numbers on the do not call list and filed a complaint with the
FTC but they won't stop!

Hello. I need to contact admin. Thank you.

You can send a comment to the blog moderator using this comment system.

Called my family members too regarding a payday loan, so their shop is still open!

“Hello this is _ _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ what _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ I'm calling in reference to a fax order for delivery to the address on record for &&3$4&84! please return my call soon as possible for proper delivery of this documentation _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ again that _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ 1-866-288-1087 or you _⁠_⁠_⁠_ press one now to be connected…”

Called me at work! She said her name was Desiree with Legal Support Services. Knew my name somehow and said to call 844-581-6063 for Mueller and Assoc. Gave me a case # and all to keep the "paperwork" from going out. I told her I didn't have anything I owed for and she acted like she was doing me a favor by contacting me!

this happened to me guessing its a scam

Just had this happen to me

I just got a message from Desiree from Legal Support Services about a certified letter so i decided to call. Spoke to a very rude young man who stated that they have been trying to serve me and that I have been avoiding them which is untrue. He was very upset that I laughed when he said that he represented a law firm and that he was filing a lawsuit. He asked if this was my credit card debt; I said no so he told me that he has my signature and application. I told him that he asked a question and that I answered. He told me that he will see me in court. Good times. How deceptive.

They have started up again. using the same name Jennifer Brooks with J & J Processing calling from 877 548 8605 stating they had a fax order for delivery to the address on records please return my call as soon as possible for proper delivery of this documentation... I didn't call back this week but I did last week and they were rude especially when I requested documentation and stated that I had talked to my attorney.. Once I said that word they said they cannot speak to me and will see me in court. I have blocked them on my cell but can't block them at work. I wish they would stop I do not owe them anything

I just received a call from first a supposed processor at 844-384-0842 who refused to give me a mailing addressing - she said they weren't allowed due to the confidentiality of what they do. She recommended I call the company that hired them...someone named Mueller Associates at 844-543-7193. It was the most harassing phone call I have ever experienced. Definitely a scam. a true collector would not use that kind of foul language to people on the phone. Please do not send these people any money and do not even speak to them on the phone.

They called from 844-384-0842 and said that I needed to be at my house from 12-1pm to be served papers. They had the last #4 of my SSI# and they would not say exactly what they were calling about. They wanted me to verify up front all of my personal info... I advised way I am giving you that. Definitely a scam. Lady said they were Mueller & Assoc.

I too was called June 16th 2017 for me Riley at 844-543-7193 referring me to the phone number at the filing firm 844-384-0842 the guy that I talked to his extremely rude told me I was uneducated and I couldn't comprehend.. I was supposed to have papers being served Friday but nobody showed up I called them and that's when they got rude with me. The debt they're trying to collect was written off back in 2005. through Compass bank

they call me twice a week, same messages. i have over 40 blocked numbers from them.

I've blocked these people calling from so many numbers about a faxed order of delivery. They've been calling me for years about false debts and with old information. Today they called from 18446403113 I'm so sick of being harassed by these scammers.

Jennifer Brooks keeps calling me too, I've blocked them on both cell and landline,but they keep calling from different numbers

They called from 844 481-1917, 844 481-1917 telling me i owe a loan to cit bank, mueller and associates

Just got a call about from Legal Support Services asking us to call 844-481-1917 - when we did person answered "Corporate Headquarters" and eventually when asked said she was at Mueller and Associates. Not sure they had the right person and so they asked for last four of the Social Security number - which we did not give. When we told them we wouldn't do that because we didn't know who they were - they said we are Mueller and Associates. Initial message was about documents needing to be signed.

Has anyone gotten any calls from a JPL Recovery company or a Cardinal Associates? I am paying both one is for creditor Quick Cash and the other is Quick Pay.. Was scared and have already paid several payments on them both and got payments due for both this Friday. Was just curious if anyone had heard of them or these names they go by are Jason Wheeler with JPL and Author Bell with Cardinal Associates.

If you aren't sure someone is a real debt collector, ask for a validation notice about the debt.

Within five days after they first contact you, a legitimate debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe. The notice must include the name of the creditor you owe money to, what to do if think you don't owe the money.

A fake debt collector could get some of your personal information and call you about a loan you really had, but that he wasn't authorized to collect on. If you think a fake collector called you, refuse to talk any more until he sends a validation notice. Read more about fake debt collectors, and what to do if one calls you.

Is it normal for a debt collector to email a validation notice to me?

Debt collectors can contact you by phone, letter, email or text message to collect a debt, as long as they follow the rules and disclose that they are debt collectors.

Read about your rights when you deal with debt collectors.

I also received a phone call from Cardinal and Associates. They are a scam company. I asked for their address so I could "send a payment", and they wouldn't give it to me. I said "what kind of law firm doesn't have an address, or even a PO box", "can I have your business license number then". Then she hung up. It's a scam, sorry you're out some money.

Yes, I have heard of them. Me Stephen Johnson from J .P.L. Recovery Solutions called me at work, called my Ex Husband, my Former Father-in-Law, his ex wives, my Friends, My Siblings, My Son. They call every day, all day. Phone number is 1(888)481-7057. I feel like it’s totally a Scam

Habeas been receiving calls for several weeks from Jennifer Brooks saying she has a fax order and to call back. The numbers she is calling from is 855-208-9897 & 855-208-9423. Did not answer the call but when I call back it goes to voice mail and mail box is not available. This is a spam and a joke, but very annoying.

Same number 855-208-9897 has been calling my ex husband for years and somehow got his wife's Father's phone number. I called the number this 8-14 to get a woman that answered legal dept. I told her that this number has been calling my ex husband for years and that who ever they are that I filed bankruptcy that it needs to stop. She wouldn't tell me any info, wouldn't give me the name of the business nothing! Just that she will update the system about my Bankruptcy and stop calling the ex husband. These idiots know that they can get sued for harassment especially someone that filed Bankruptcy. That's why they won't give their name out.
If I find out exactly who they are, I will post back here.

I've had someone called me twice at work from 844-659-5112 giving a case # and telling me that someone will go serve me with documents between 10-12. and that I should call them if I won't be there to receive them. But they won't say nothing about what this is about. I don't owe any money, but they did mention Muller & Associates. I called and got an answering machine to leave a message. I highly believe that this is all a scam.

Liberty Solutions & Associates, Fort Mill, SC. AKA UBS Processing. 8552089897. Collecting on fake Tucker BMG debt. FTC only named some of the fake portfolios that Mr Tucker sold so it has emboldened these collectors to say "this portfolio isn't fake, its not named in the actions against tucker" therefore it will start a resurgence of scum collectors trying to bully people into paying.

I just received a call at work from Jennifer Brooks - 855-209-0907. Not sure why this is still going on. I used to receive calls last year from the same person about a past-due debt. SPAM!! Do not bother to call them back. They use scare tactics to get you to make a payment for an old account that does not exist.

I also got a call from Jennifer Brooks telephone # 855-209-0907.

Message from Jennifer Brooks some months ago saying fax order for delivery for my husband.pretty much said what all others attorney said it was a scam.i called back and told her that we were in chapter 13 bankruptcy (I left message) we were not bothered for a long time now starting in again


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