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Did you attend DeVry? Don’t pay for loan forgiveness

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Are you a former student of DeVry University — or of any other college — who’s heard from a company that’s promising to get your loans forgiven after you pay them a fee?

We have an important piece of advice: don’t do it. It’s never a good idea to pay an up-front fee for the promise of debt relief. Once you pay, you might not get anything in return. And you might be paying for something you can do yourself for free.

The FTC has been hearing about pitches like these after recently filing a complaint in federal court against DeVry, one of the largest educational services companies in the nation, for misrepresenting the prospects of their graduates to get well-paid jobs in their fields.

So what can you do if you think you might be a candidate for loan forgiveness or are looking for other help with your student loans?

  • If you’ve got federal loans, go to the Department of Education’s to find out more about applying for forgiveness and cancellation, or other programs like income-driven repayment plans. Information about one kind of loan forgiveness, known as a borrower defense discharge, is available here.  Applying for any of these programs is free.
  • If you’ve got private loans, try contacting your loan servicer directly to see what options you might have.
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I joined Devry/keller for a program of Accounting and Finance Master Degree in 2009 and everything was going well with my student loans till a time in 2009/2010 study year where they fail to take the fees from the loan account

and after I started the classes online was told to pay the money from my resources, and denies the responsibility for the mistake, which followed by stopping the courses and drop me out for non payment. I have lost about 10K through this process without getting any benefit and I am now paying back the money to the loan company.

the question is how can the Devry/Keller would make this for me financially and the on the other hand can I continue my Master degree where I stopped after all these years.

If you have US federal loans, go to the Department of Education’s You will see information about applying for forgiveness and cancellation of loans. There is also information about other repayment programs, such as the  income-driven repayment.

There is information about a type of loan forgiveness called "borrower defense discharge" here.  You do not need to pay to apply for these programs.

If you borrowed from a private lender (not the US Department of Education) you can contact your loan servicer directly. Ask them what repayment options they offer.

I need to TALK to a knowledgeable person IMMEDIATELY!!!...I am in a class NOT MENTIONED...I, too attended and graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology/University Mar 1997 to Feb 1999 with a B.S. in Technical Management for which I 100%-funded with Federal Student Loans.

I, too did not reap particular job/career benefit from the DeVry brand on my resume though I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1999 (one "B" in a 1-sem-hr lab in 1999) with a 3.98/4.00 GPA. However, due to some positive financial circumstances having NOTHING to do with employment, job, or career, I PAID OFF IN FULL the REMAINING BALANCE of my loans in 2015 (~$11.5k of ~$18k(?) in TOTAL LOAN AMOUNT) is there a process in place I might recover my ENTIRE original student debt?...or a PORTION?...OR BECAUSE i PAID OFF MY DEBT AM i SCREWED???

For information about US federal loans, please go to the Department of Education’s

The Devry Refund that is about to take place is coming off as being unfair in the eyes of students such as my self, who first enrolled in this college in the year of 2007, which one of the eligibility requirements listed are students must be enrolled in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015. Reason why this isn't fair is because this misleading was going on before the dates that FTC and Devry agreed upon in court.The school was founded in 1931 as DeForest Training School, and officially became DeVry University in 2002. Meaning that there are plenty of students that are not being properly reimbursed or forgotten...I was even told by an EX Devry employee that Devry intentional mislead students, while only focusing on the money they received from students, not to forget the poor teaching in class rooms that cost many students to have to take out private loans just to retake classes and stay in school due to poor quality teaching in subjects.

I graduated Devry KC in 2006 and was misled as well. I dont understand why 2007 is the start of being eligible to have loans forgiven?

I too was taken by the fake claims from DeVry but I graduated October of 2007 so the lawsuit automatically excluded me. I discovered how fake they were doing a senior year job fair when I found out from prospective employers exactly how worthless my degree was. But I was already in my senior year and my student loans were up to $58k. I am now paying back a useless education degree that was made obsolete pretty much within a year of my graduation. Is there any recompense for the rest of us that got hoodwinked? I'm not a federal employee or a schoolteacher so federal forgiveness programs I have run into don't work.

I graduated from Devry in Pomona in 2006 with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and over $50000 in student loan and no job and no way to pay back the loan. My credit ruined, with my aspirations dash and destroyed. I worked so hard to get the degree. Now I feel so violated and beaten. How can I get my loan erased?

I had the same issue and ended up having to pay. After a number of years they did reduce the amount on the basis that I would come back. I now have a technical management degree from devry but wonder how much income I lost because my graduation was delayed almost 10 years because of this.

I had the same issue with DeVry in 2013... I'm wondering if I'll be included as one of the students that were affected under this settlement.

Yes i did go. And yes i paid the fee to drop my de


Which loan forgiveness program, Nancik? You can't be referring to President Obama's plan because he hasn't been in office for 8.5 years.

The Department of Education’s site has information about applying for federal loan forgiveness and cancellation, or other programs like income-driven repayment plan.

How do I contact you?

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Can you tell me about loan forgiveness. I am a former student with a Technical Management degree. Are they doing loan forgiveness? Is this true and if so how do I start this process?

My daughter attended Adrian's beauty college in 12/2007 she was there maybe three months, the most six months. My daughter was not mature enough to have taken that course at that time. However, that was not the only situation regarding my daughter attending. At the time she enrolled I was very specific with the Clerk that I did not want the grant or a loan taken out in my name. She was to do this on her own. While I was in the car waiting for my daughter she came out to the car and said I needed to sign to get her enrolled. I said okay. They did not let me know it was a loan they said it was a to enroll her at Adrian's I specifically said I don't want anything in my name. Well the loan is in my name. I tried working with the school, I tried working with the loan provider, I tried working with Sallie Mae, NOTHING AND NO ONE WILL HELP. What they are charging for this loan I could have gone to a university on my own instead of my daughter, which was my plan to attend the local university and now I can't because I got a loan that I specifically ask them not to do. Because I had my own plan. I had no money at the time. I was living off of the money I had from selling my home, I was in the middle of a divorce, and did not have a job. I was a real estate agent and I was losing money not making money at the time. She should have been able to get grant with taking out loan. I specifically said that to them. The if she could not get a grant then I did not want her to attend because I could not afford to pay for her education at time. I was going to finish mine then work on helping her if she did grant. Well we both stuck on the loan with no way to pay back. I did not get to go to Stan State and I had to take a online course instead. Sucks!!!! and I still on the loan I specifically said I did not want.

The US Department of Education has information for borrowers. In certain limited situations, you can have a federal student loan forgiven, cancelled or discharged. Visit the US Department of Education site for information about "borrower defense to repayment."

Thank you for this information,

I went to devry since 2011 looking for a bachelor since then I haven't got any experience on my degree. I owe over $40K and still I haven't got anything from them since 2012 I told Devry University Pomona Campus to get my loan information I NEVER got a call or a single message from a consultant or advisor. DEVRY IS NOT A SCHOOL TO STUDY AT.

I went to DeCry and still don't have a job that they promised have 70 grand in loans to pay they are being sued and they think I can pay 800+ a month.....NOT

What do I do if I paid the student loan they filed 2x saying I still had 1700 over the 1500 I had already paid for just 3 weeks in a class and never was able to log in and see my grade book or function fully in he class. I still get phone calls saying they can lower my student loans. I paid 17k total to Salle May and Nelnet. If this is a scam can I get my money back.

If you took federal loans to go to DeVry, go to the US Department of Education’s to find out about applying for

  • loan forgiveness
  • loan cancellation
  • other programs like income-driven repayment plans.

There is information about one kind of loan forgiveness, called "borrower defense discharge," here.  It is free to apply for any of these programs.

Somebody might call you and say they will help you if you pay them, but you apply yourself for free.

How about if we make the government agencies like FTC bigger and go after these telemarketers and robo callers and fine them for annoying us . And the money that they make from fines will pay for the cost of the extra employees.

Do you know that some loan forgiveness is allowed only if a person files for bankrupt and is disabled . Check with a attorney about it.

Whether you can get forgiveness of a student loan depends on many facts.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, people who attended a school, and who believe they were defrauded or that the school violated applicable state law, may be eligible for discharge (loan forgiveness).

You can read about the discharge process and what it requires you to do.

Hi Bridget,

Before I waste my time and the governments filling out paperwork and having them review it, can you help me with a question? I attended DeVry for about a year and half. I dropped the courses after I found out that in that short time I had already accumulated over $20k in debt and was never going to make enough to repay if it kept growing. I got something in the mail in regards to latest suit of FTC v. DeVry but am not sure is there more to come and if I should just wait or if I need to start other steps. Can you provide me with more information?

I don't know what you got in the mail, or who sent that.

I can tell you that the FTC settled a case against DeVry University. As part of the settlement, DeVry had to forgive some students' loans and debts. If you were eligible for loan or debt forgiveness from DeVry, you should have gotten a letter or email from DeVry by the end of January 2017.

As part of the settlement, DeVry also had to give the FTC $49.5 million dollars. The FTC used that money to send partial refunds to some students. The DeVry refund update blog says who is eligible for a partial refund from the FTC.

Hi, I received a check from the FTC in July but, did not receive any other correspondence from Devry regarding loan/debt forgiveness. Does this mean I did not qualify for that? I attended Devry from 2008-2011 but did not graduate from Devry and ended up transferring credits to another university, that I recently graduated from. I have about $50k in federal student loans from Devry. Is there a way I can find out if I was eligible or reasons why I was not eligible, and why I did not receive a letter/email from Devry? Thank you for your help!

The FTC settlement with DeVry required DeVry University to forgive and cancel the entire unpaid balance of all private student loans DeVry University made directly to students between September 1, 2008 and September 30, 2015.


You said you have federal student loans. DeVry didn't forgive or cancel federal student loans. DeVry forgave and cancelled unpaid balances of some private student loans that DeVry made directly to eligible students between September 1, 2008 and September 30, 2015.


If you have questions, please contact DeVry.

I attended DeVry Jan of 2008 to July of 2012. I did not graduate but I have 17 loans some in the amount of 256 no one answer my question of how and why. I have not received any letters or emails from anyone. My husband also attended and he received a check in July. What done do to get help

DeVry never paid my private loans and I attended the school around that time, who can I contact? I'm currently struggling to pay for these loans... I filled out an application but I haven't heard back from anyone, who can I contact?

Hi Bridget,

According to the decision of the settled case against DeVry University, I was not eligible to any refund amount at all (I attended from 2006 - 2010). I still feel as if I was defrauded, and still feel that the $87,000+ that I owe for this debt should be partially, if not fully forgiven.

Is there anything I can do to appeal the decision made by the FTC, or am I stuck?

The FTC settlement with DeVry provides relief for some undergraduate students who attended DeVry between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015. If you didn't attend during that time frame, you aren't eligible for a partial refund or other relief from the settlement.

The accounting process is wAy off I've contacted dozens of times requesting an audit and itemized account but they will not comply they have my student account showing disbursement a months before the loan is listed as disbursed in nsld I've emailed and requested contact to no avail they are now holding me liable for a mysterious amount of 784.00 and I'm ineligible to register for further classes I'm three years into the back to school as a single mom in her thirties and now I can't complete anyone with suggestions or a real contact would be forever grateful

You don't say whether you need information from your school or the U.S. Department of Education.

If you have been unable to solve a problem with your federal student loan, you can ask the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group for help.

The Department of Education says that before you contact the Ombudsman Group, you should follow these recommendations to resolve problems with your student loan yourself.

I went there in 2006-2011 my loan is above 70k, should we wait to file the borrower defense discharge until the case is in court and finished? Or do we apply now? I could not get a job with my degree because it was for HR, and where I live employers want 12 years of past history in HR. I was already employed before getting my degree and still at the same job. I just don't see why I should be paying on something I can't use.

The Department of Education has information about the borrower defense discharge for federal loans. There is information about contacting your loan servicer to apply and see if you are eligible for forgiveness, cancellation or discharge.

I went to devry in LIC NY in 2005 and left because I was taking out loans for an online education when I was lead to believe that I would be getting an on site classroom setting with lecture and a professor addressing the class. Some of the other students and myself tried to address the issue, starting the reasons we choose to attend on site with a live professor is because we couldn't learn in an online setting. The administration failed to give us what we we lead to believe we were paying for which is an on site education with a professor teaching us. I told the I could no be responsible for a the cost of the tuition because online education is not what I'm paying for.

Hello I previously went to DeVry and I obtained my Associates degree, however I'm Stuck with over 50k in student loans!! :( I know I need to pay something but I dont know what and I dont have all of my papers after moving. How or what should I do for assistance?

 It's important to know what kind of loan you have. If you think you might be eligible for loan forgiveness or want help with your student loans.

If you have federal loans, go to the Department of Education’s to find out more about applying for forgiveness and cancellation, or other programs like income-driven repayment plans. Information about one kind of loan forgiveness, known as a borrower defense discharge, is available here.  Applying for any of these programs is free.

If you have private loans, contact your loan servicer directly to see what options you might have.

I went to DeVry and entered in to a bachelor's of Technical Communications program. When I got to the "Declared major based studies, my first two classes seemed to be human resource driven. I graduated with a 4.0 but I sure was stupid. I went through four semesters, taking 2 courses per, before I finally reached out to my academic advisor and asked why i wasn't taking writing classes yet. She informed me I had somehow been entered as a Human Resources major, apologized profusely because she clearly remembered our conversations about technical communications. Then I was informed of I wanted to switch over, I'd have 14 additional months of school I wasn't expecting AND I was expected to pay for their error. I'm now the "proud owner" of a Technical management degree concentrated in Human Resource Management, with $72,000 in student loan debt for a degree I didn't even sign up for in the first place. To add insult to injury, no one seems remotely impressed I graduated from DeVry (a far cry from the "employers see candidates graduated from DeVry and KNOW you've been trained well" bull crap. I've applied for a about 15 training positions since graduating in June of 2003, and one recruiting position. I've gotten one interview. What a horrific waste of time and money is all I have to say.

This happened to me also however I caught it and called them out on it. I was told because I agreed and signed the dotted line they were not responsible. I am collecting all my emails and documentation. It's not right!

I attended DeVry University from 2006 to 2010 and owe $78k in student loans. I've been repaying using an income-based repayment plan, but at this rate, I will literally be in repayment for the rest of my life (I'm already 50+ yrs old)!

That said, is it recommended to wait to file the borrower defense discharge until the case is in court and finished?

I realize this question has been asked, but I don't think it was answered since they had multiple questions.
Thank you!

The US Department of Education manages the borrower defense discharge process. You could talk with Department of Education staff, or your legal or financial advisor about filing a borrower defense discharge.

The Department of Education has a borrower defense hotline: (855) 279-6207. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. If you have questions about borrower defense, you may also send an e-mail to

Thank you. I follow your suggestions and look into this further. :)

Hello, I'm in a similar situation as you. I did BS and 2 masters degree at devry and Keller. Please update me on findings since June. Thank you

I was also abused by devry university. I was attending classes when my laptop went out I asked to sit the semester out so I could work more hours and save up for a new laptop. My student advisor told me that would be fine and I could return to class as normal the next semester so I took off and when I went to return the next semester I was told to pay of my student loans before returning... How the hell would I be able to do that??? WASTED TIME AND IN DEBT!!!!

Under some circumstances, people who have federal student loans are eligible for a borrower defense to repayment.

The US Department of Education says that under the law, a person may be eligible for a borrower defense to repayment discharge of the federal Direct Loans you took out to attend a school if that school

  • committed fraud by doing something or failing to do something
  • misrepresented its services, or
  • otherwise violated applicable state law related to your loans or the educational services you paid for.


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