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Did you attend DeVry? Don’t pay for loan forgiveness

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Are you a former student of DeVry University — or of any other college — who’s heard from a company that’s promising to get your loans forgiven after you pay them a fee?

We have an important piece of advice: don’t do it. It’s never a good idea to pay an up-front fee for the promise of debt relief. Once you pay, you might not get anything in return. And you might be paying for something you can do yourself for free.

The FTC has been hearing about pitches like these after recently filing a complaint in federal court against DeVry, one of the largest educational services companies in the nation, for misrepresenting the prospects of their graduates to get well-paid jobs in their fields.

So what can you do if you think you might be a candidate for loan forgiveness or are looking for other help with your student loans?

  • If you’ve got federal loans, go to the Department of Education’s to find out more about applying for forgiveness and cancellation, or other programs like income-driven repayment plans. Information about one kind of loan forgiveness, known as a borrower defense discharge, is available here.  Applying for any of these programs is free.
  • If you’ve got private loans, try contacting your loan servicer directly to see what options you might have.
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If you have loans with DeVry or the VA, you can contact them for information.

I just received a check from FTC/Devry for just over $300. My student loans are 100k but they are federal loans. I'm not sure why it matters who loaned you the money. It still doesn't change what Devry did. How should I go about getting more money refunded? Through FTC? Dept of Ed borrower defense? or other means?

The amount of your partial refund is based on the amount of tuition you paid to DeVry during the relevant time period, minus any refunds, scholarships or grants (including Pell Grants) that you got during that time. This amount of tuition you paid might not be the same as the amount you borrowed in student loans. For example, you might have also borrowed money to pay for books, fees or living expenses.

I started in 2007-2009 with Keller part of DeVry and they not only gave the impression that a student was going to land a great paying job, they held job fairs online. These job fairs didn't lead to a single contact ever. No one even talked with you. Moreover, I was trying to get an MBA with Project Management and the Dean at the one location made me take a class that I had already taken from another university. I paid for this class and when my degree came to the end of my program, I didn't have the funds to pay for the one extra class I needed for Project Management because the funds were used to take the unnecessary class. The only reason, I was put in the unnecessary class was to fill it up so they could offer that class for that term. I was livid and try to complain to main campus. They wouldn't even call me back.

Has anyone heard of the Carlson Law firm. They said they can take this to court for me. I just want to know has anyone tried to actually fight this in court.

How do I find out if I am eligible and should be receiving a refund?

I attended DeVry at the times mentioned in the settlement with the FTC. I received a settlement check in July but my private loan through decry still exists. I thought that this settlement was supposed to cover the about that I owed the university as it was to my understanding supposed to be forgiven. I had a law firm call me today about the monies that were owed to Devry. Thought the amount is not too large for one I do not remember signing any loan papers for a private loan through the university. Please advise on what I should do since apparently the loan that came from Devry was not forgiven. Thanks.

If you went to DeVry and got a check from the FTC, it is a partial refund of the money you paid to DeVry. It is not the full amount you paid. 

The FTC settlement with DeVry University required DeVry to forgive and cancel the entire unpaid balance of all private student loans DeVry made directly to students between September 1, 2008 and September 30, 2015. The settlement also required DeVry to cancel $20.25 million in debts eligible students owed to DeVry for things like tuition, books and lab fees. If you were eligible for loan or debt forgiveness you should have gotten a letter or email from DeVry by the end of January, 2017.


If you think you were eligible for loan or debt forgiveness from DeVry and you didn't get a letter, you can report that to the FTC at

Thanks for your reply. I went back through my records and could not find any information about the loan Devry had taken out. No terms no signature and no form of paperwork. Come to find out Devry took out a Perkins loan without my knowledge again as I have no paper work on this loan at all from 2010. Is it illegal to take out a loan with out discussing terms and without a signature whether a physical or digital signature.

If someone used your personal information to take out a loan, that's identity theft. You can report identity theft at Go to  to answer questions about what happened and create a report to law enforcement and personal recovery plan.

Hello, I attended devry between the years of 2012-2013 and like many I took out loans to be able to retake courses due to their low quality education. As of 2014 I returned to a community college that I first started in 2011. After I stopped going to devry (because the advisor there told me it was best to return to community college) I received a call asking me if I was still interested on returning, I kindly said no that I will stay in my community college next thing you know I receive mail about loan repayment I called the loan agency and told them that I went to community college and they said that it's okay they sent documents to that community college meanwhile interests are still pilling up till this day. I am halfway through my associates degree due to some personal circumstances but I am tired of the loan agency contacting me when I know those loans should be forgiven. Please help me

If you were eligible for loan or debt forgiveness as part of the FTC's case against DeVry, you should have gotten a letter or email from DeVry by the end of January, 2017.  Not all students received loan or debt forgiveness from DeVry.


You can talk with your lender or loan servicer about repayment options. If your loans are from the federal government, get information at the Department of Education’s page, or contact your federal student loan servicer.

I just wanted to know if the lawsuit covers veterans that received the GI Bill/Post 9/11 GI Bill. It is my knowledge that the schools received full payment for classes and what the student receive is a stipend to cover other expenses (housing, gas, food, etc). I was enrolled in an associate's program that was an estimated $45,000. I'm confused at the fact that when I left DeVry I owed them almost at $50000, when they were being paid religiously by the government every month on my behalf. So my question is: if this is not covered do I need to file a new complaint against DeVry?

Some people who used veterans benefits could get refunds from the FTC. The FTC used DeVry’s records to identify the people who were eligible for refunds. To get a refund, a person had to meet all four of these eligibility criteria:

  • They enrolled for the first time in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program at DeVry University between January 1, 2008 and October 1, 2015; and
  • They paid at least $5,000 with cash, loans or military benefits;
  • They did not get debt or loan forgiveness as part of this settlement; and
  • They completed at least one class credit.

If you did all four of those things, you might have gotten a refund check from the FTC. The FTC mailed checks in July, 2017. You can call the refund administrator at 844-578-2645 if you have questions.

We were hard-sold on Devry, it's "degree", and placement services that were worthless. There were commissioned/incentive driven individuals doing this to countless people, at least at the Pomona, Ca campus. What recourse do we have against these federal loans, if we were victim to the same scheme, but attended prior to the hooplah of the lawsuit?

I've paid 10k thus far, but still owe over 40k, for an "education" that got me no place better than I was before it. I was never able to get a job in the field and ended up starting a company in 2009.

Please help Bridget.

I submitted my paperwork for financial aid to Devry but they didn't process it in time to fund the Student loans that I needed. As a result they sent about 10k into collections and that has affected my credit. That all happened after they exhausted my GI Bill which i consider theft since their classes are worthless. What options do I have regarding that debt that is not rolled into Student Loans?

I just located my qcheck within some old correspondences dated july 5 2017. Didnt even know i had actually received it. Any way i can still be able to cash this or can one still be reissued?

You could contact the FTC refund administrator at 844-578-2645.

I attended Devry but did not finish my program because when I signed up I was told that majority of the classes would be offered online then was told that I needed to attend in person. I tried changing my major but majority of the classes were not offered at nights or online as I was originally promised during enrollment. I tried my best to accommodate my work schedule to complete my degree but was unable to. Later I was hit with my school loan repayment and realized that Devry pulled over $50k is school loans in 4 semesters but when I asked for the detailed billing and transcripts from them and added everything up, I see a discrepancy of close to $20k. Where did all the private loan money go? It was never refunded to me and it seems like the school got the disbursements but can't substantiate it with their records for class and book costs. Who can I contact about these loans and the possibility that they committed student loan fraud.

You could contact your lenders for information about disbursements. You could report problems to the FTC at

I enrolled in DeVry in 2012 and about 2 years ago they decided to let me know that my degree program CET was no longer going to be offered on campus. They let me know that I was more than welcome to finish my degree in CHICAGO or ONLINE. First of all, if you think you can play with electronics and switchboards online you are a moron. Not only that but they gave me not heads up,no notice so that I could transfer. They told me if I wanted to keep going to their Phoenix campus I would be able to change my degree program from CET to EET. I have paid for most of my own educational funding and I cannot believe that I spent/wasted so much money for NOTHING. I 'm completely tied. If I transfer to another college I would have to lose a whole years worth of credits/classes that I already paid for and re-pay for them. This is ridiculous and I still have yet to find someone that will help me.

They did the samething to me but strung me along for about a year and a half saying the courses are not available now but would be available next semester. Then was told the samething following semesters until after a month of daily visits and back and forths they told me the program was no longer going to be offered but I could go to Kansas or Texas to take courses there. So ridiculous it was funny.

I attended DeVry university during the time stipulated in class action. However, I did not graduate from DeVry as was unsatisfied with courses, course availability, and instructors. I mean, who puts a algebra instructor to teach a computer programming course when instructor admits they are just as confused about it, since they know anything about computers? So I transfer what units I could which was only about 30% to a state run institution. And I am still attempting to complete my B.S. I received my loans through fafsa for one portion and the rest through DeVry for the time of my attendance there. I received a letter from FTC regarding class action with a extremely small check and suggestion to apply for Borrowers Defense Discharge. I contacted Great Lakes that now holds all my student loans regarding this and when contacted they told me I'm not applicable in a 1-2 minute conversation before call was cut off. I dont think I was told the truth but not sure what steps to take to proceed this course. A littel direction would be helpful. Thanks in advance if this blog is still active and you respond.

I attended Ashford University Online for two semesters. They, like DeVry, were sued and I have had a never ending string of calls from scammers wanting to give me "loan forgiveness". The first time I got the calls I was suckered into it for one year for a fee. I found out that what they did I could do myself on the government website for free, which was the income driven repayment program which I pay nothing on my student loan. Live and learn....

I recently graduated from Devry in December 2017 for medical billing and coding. Before I had actually decided to go I was told by the advisor that Devry would help me find a job in my field. That was a lie. All they have done is send me information on how to make my resume better, how to interview ect. Neither of which I need help with. I started looking for a job myself. Unfortunately, all the medical places I applied to required at least a year experience in the medical field. So now I have a degree I can not use and I am in debt $30k.

I attended from 2007 to 2010. Do I qualify for anything. I have never been able to gain employment and I owe about $60,000 for an associates degree. Someone please help me and where do we apply.

I attended DeVry during the time frame approved for forgiveness and was enrolled in a Associates Degree. I applied for the Borrowers Defense for Repayment before they had the application up on the website. The instructions were to send in a letter with the information requested and supporting docs. Done. Followed up months later with a phone call and was told it was still being reviewed. A year and a half later I sent a second email to follow up. No one has followed up. I still have the loans on my credit report with the interest accruing. I had to drop out because they all of a sudden required a co-signer for the next round of loans. I recently read that in Illinois, in order to get the debt forgiveness you have to file something with the state using a lawyer? Is this true? I don't even answer my phone anymore because of all of the scam robo calls about my loans. Shouldn't I get a cancellation of my promissory note or something in the mail if my debt gets cancelled? It has been almost 3 years since I applied for the program and I do not know what to do next.

I submitted my student loan forgiveness to the department of education in May 2016. It is now 3+ years later, September 2019, and my loans were put in forbearance for over 3 years. First, do we know what is taking so long? Second, the accrued interest is going to put me in a worse off financial position due to the length of time they are reviewing. Do I have any other additional recourse here?


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