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The FTC’s Debt Collection Hall of Shame has some new inductees

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Exceptionally talented sports legends, musicians, and actors all have something in common – halls of fame. At the other end of the spectrum are banned debt collectors. They, too, get special recognition… in the FTC’s hall of shame.

A year ago, the FTC first issued its list of banned debt collectors – individuals and companies whose behavior was so egregious that courts have banned them permanently from participating in the debt collection business. In February 2015, the FTC’s Hall of Shame contained 63 inductees; there are now more than 100.

Several recent inductees were recognized for their dishonorable deeds during Operation Collection Protection — the first coordinated federal-state enforcement initiative targeting deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. Those dis-honorees are: Broadway Global Master Inc., K.I.P., LLC (Payday Loan Recovery Group), National Check Registry, LLC  and Premier Debt Acquisitions, LLC.

Are you being contacted by a debt collector? It’s important to understand your rights. And if you think a collector has violated those rights, the FTC wants to hear about it. Your complaints give us leads to follow, and may stop a collector from mistreating someone else. Got a minute? Watch our short video about dealing with debt collectors.

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shellpoint mortgage servicing is a debt collector but when I paid the loan off they did not do a proper mortgage release and now I am having a hell of a time trying to straighten it out. they got their money and don't care that I can never sell or refinance my home

You can submit a complaint about a mortgage servicer to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Please Shut Down Machol & Johannes Collection Attorney's in Denver CO,they repeatedly violate the FDCPA collecting old debts past the statute of limitations and putting the debts on the Credit report as brand new, they have been sued for violation of the FDCPA but remain in business and have now expanded to other states

You can file a complaint with the FTC at The details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The messages you post here on the blog don't go into the database.

You can file a complaint??? If only 1 in 10 Americans filed a complaint with your agency you couldn't handle it.. The FTC can't handle it now. Your agency is not only ineffective in identifying, arresting, and prosecuting these people.. Your agency has once again allowed AT&T to become a monopoly.. Doesn't your agency cover Anti-Trust and supposed to protect consumers from companies becoming monopolies.. Save your breath I already know the answer. Consumers have had enough and the FTC like the FDA is a missionless agency led by the wealthy and the lobbyist.

I will be filling a complaint as well as taking a class action lawsuit against them. Now, if only we could get everyone of board with that lawsuit. That might do some damage. They are tyrants and practice fraudulently.

Holy Cow, My friend was in tears because his bank account has been seized because of something that happened years ago. Looking at the 'Writ of Execution' granted by Defualt Judgement and with an address for my friend that he said he hadn't lived there for more than 10 years, the plaintiff is 'The City and County of Denver' and the lawfirm is Machol & Johannes, LLC. So my friend explained he didn't know of any judgement or lawsuit and the first he heard of it was today. Trust me, my friend is very easy to find and something smells rotten.

Your friend could contact the clerk court that is listed on the papers to get information about the case. If he wants to talk to a lawyer about this, he can use this this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association or visit this site from the State Bar Associations or look at this information about legal aid.

I am concerned about the same problem. I am negotiating a reduced principal balance reduction with Shellpoint right now under the terms of the Goldman Sachs AIG bailout and they are very defensive when I asked who the trustee would be and how could I be assured that the partial reconveyance would be reflected properly so that I can finally have some equity in my propety that is incumbered by a subrime loan that has been sold mutiple times with multiple beneficiaries and trustees. They became very hostile and defensive last week when I requested an Assignment of Mortgage History and I was told that if they didn't perform the partial reconveyance that their are other methods that would allow me to do that. I looked at the Nevada Statutes and it is a lengthy involved process to get a partial reconveyance if the trustee does not record it properly.

FTC, you missed 2 more inductees that should be on your list. Discover Bank & it's partner Smith,Debnam,... These 2 businesses have threatened,bullied,intimidated,and harassed U.S.citizens and U.S. consumers. They use the legal system to get away with it because counties collect the money that Discover Bank & Smith, Debnam,... give to the courts. Is this Justice or Just us when it comes to Discover Bank & Smith,Debnam,..?

If you want to inform law enforcement agencies about problems with a debt collector, please go to and provide as many details as you can. The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement nationwide uses for investigations.

However, blog comments do not go into the database.

You can also file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and your state and local consumer protection agencies.

So happy to have this information.

Would it be possible to add a column to the Hall of Shame list with the name of the state or states they were/are operating in?

If you have a question about a certain person or company, you can check the list of banned debt collectors. It shows the name of the person or company and case information.

you do all these things investigations etc. and yet I still get calls from all these companies when they come back under a different name and back in business. I still get calls from Rachel card holder service

My new action that seems to be working is to keep them on the phone as long as possible and asking as many questions with delays. Ultimately they hang up and this seems to be reducing the calls.

my new way of handling them is to say,"hold on, I need to turn on the recorder." Usually they say what? I repeat and they hang up.

Does it do any good just to list the company names? Don't the bad guys just form a new LLC/corporation, etc., and start doing business under the new name?

Thank you very much for this information. I am constantly bothered by bill collectors for the couple that use to have my current phone number. I got this number 2 years ago and I have had calls day after day for the irresponsible former phone number people....disgusting.

Victim of Predatory lending

Opposing Counsel doesn't adhere to Federally. MANDATED COURT RULES. THEY WONT SETTLE OUR FAMILYs Claim

Senators Lawyers CFPA WORKING CASE But was instructed to repost to Your division as well They do what they want to do to IN COURT large Firm that Has a different Lawyer show up in front of JUDGE saying they don't know case They try to Change lenders and say they need time They had almost 4 yrs

And My layer worked Venumaslly working And 100 of FRAUD PROVED TO COURT I NEED PIERCE STOPPED PENALTIES AND DAMAGES OWED TO ME AND MY FAMILY AND LAWYER I can't take it anymore Need HELP THANK YOU !!! Didn't in last complaint #        Pd over 20 K on #SS and in Constant pain .Need surgery But need to settle first

Sandy,  If you want to report this problem to the FTC, please go to Put all the details into your complaint.

When you put comments here, they don't go into the database that law enforcement uses for investigations. You have to put the details in at

Thank you so much for recognizing this horrible business that's perpetuating across the U.S. I get calls all the time from phone numbers I don't know who are committing fraud by trying to intimidate me by saying their from some government collection agency. I even get threatening emails. These businesses have already found a way to go around the law and now they have threatening robo calls. So thank you again FTC for working to get these fraudulent business closed. I can only hope the fine is severe enough to keep them from going back into business under another name. God bless and thanks for the great work!

Yes they should ban them

When I click Facebook it should forward the current article rather than send to your main page. None of my friends sign up for your notices but if I could Facebook some articles their particularly interested in, maybe they would.

Yes, the Facebook logo links to the FTC's Facebook page. If you want to share this article you can copy the URL of the blog post and paste it into a Facebook status update to share it. The URL for this article is You can also encourage your friends to subscribe so they will get scam updates too.

You should also go after Pressler &Pressler. They are a third party debt collector and use "Midland Funding" often. They are the worst ever!!! I hear horror sories worse than my own about these scheisters!

Look forward to more news that will help keep American families from being cheated !

what about the ads on tv about settlement payment are they legal yes or no ?

Get Rid of all (LLC.) Corporations, then America is out of debt!!

I have few debt collectors harassing me! What do I do?

This FTC article explains your rights when dealing with debt collectors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act sets limits on what a debt collector can do.

Thanks for all your hard work. I'm sure that everyone who has read this article feels that way. Way to go and keep at it.

Thanks for the information.

I live in Las Vegas, NV and have seen a lot of scams on loans, schools, jobs in Vegas. It has been an aim of mine to try to get folks interested in your alerts so they or their friends won't get the shaft like so many others have in our Las Vegas area.

I just got a very rude phone call from Legal One Associates asking to settle the case of a Pay Day loan for 1,200. today other way my drivers license was going to be suspended and my wages be taken. I am so tired of all these leashes, I live in Las Vegas too. What can I do to defend myself. I gave this horrible woman 200. today but, she wants me to pay 200. more every other week. Please advise.

If you owe the debt the person called about, you could contact your lender and ask about your account. You can ask the lender if it really called you, or hired a company to call you. Ask how to be sure that your payments are going to the lender so you can reduce your debt.

If you don't owe the debt the caller was talking about, the caller might be a fake debt collector. A fake collector may  have some of your personal information, like a bank account number. A caller may be a fake debt collector if he:

  • wants you to pay a loan you don't recognize
  • won't give you a mailing address or phone number
  • asks for personal or financial information
  • pressures you and tries to scare you, by threatening to have you arrested, or saying he'll take your license or paycheck.

Read about fake debt collectors for ideas on what to do.

How do I get help in repairing my name and getting back my credit/assets/home/life. A law firm for my bank has taken my real property without serving me papers. They denied my right in the paper work when I enquired about a court case which they got a commissioners deed without my signiture. I have a writ of execution but I never have been infrom of a judge for a judjement. So how do I defend and keep everyone out if my assets and shouldn't I be infirmed of the ownership in them. It confusing acomedations would help with my disability in comprehension skills.

If you need to find a lawyer to help you, you could use this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association,  or go to the site for the State Bar Associations.

If a business treated you unfairly, you can report to your state Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

You could contact the agency that helps people with disabilities in your state. Go to the federal government's page. In the space that lets you type what to search, type the name of your state and the word 'disability.' For example, if you live in Virginia, type 'Virginia disability.' Press enter, and then you'll see a list of agencies in your state that help people with disabilities.

Another Scan that is proliferating is the Cyberscam on Facebook. People get on your page and post a "friend" request. Just yesterday, I friended 3 people I did not recognize and I friended them on impulse I guess. These men then "messaged" me by phone...the messagae just pops up while a person is on the computer...I was suspicious so I did reply...watched as they typed, scrutinized their patterns of writing, what they said, and immediately knew Africa was invading. I baited them, to see what they REALLY WERE GETTING AT and sure enough. One pretended to be a Minister...then (after reading my postings on my facebook began trying to pull me into their webs---well, I caught three of them yesterday (Tuesday) and one became extremely angry with me "Saying "I OWED HIM MONEY/AND HE WOULD MAKE ME PAY."Well, I not only blocked them but I reported abuse and wrote an email to the creator of Facebook and informed him of what happened. People have to be very very astute and aware. These people target attractive older people, and some women are so lonely and desperate, they actually fall for it. What they really want is for the woman to pay their way over to the US---this done by almost immediately declaring their mad love for you. 1st red flag. 2nd-taking information from your Facebook so you think they really are connected with you. The Man posing as a Minister actually had the nerve to re-post his "friend" request, after I blocked him and showed up on my "friend request" sitting at the same table, same picture, except he had on a BLACK TEE SHIRT IN THE EVENING whereas in the picture from the morning, he had had a WHITE TEE SHIRT ON, BUT THE FACE WAS EXACTLY THE SAME. I immediately reported it as abuse again, then went on face book, described these men and sent out an ALERT-Posted it to the Public---warning everyone about these three men and describing in detail what their scams were. Anyone who mentions your sending money by Western Union to any other country...These cases were all from Africa-one from Lago Africa, two from Ghana. They are slick, deceptive and usually divorced and lonely, or asking you to "sow a seed...and you will be blessed many times over...No one should ever send money to any charity, orphanage, company by Western Union or through Wal-Mart. NEVER! Some how we have got to get these people to be aware of SCAMMERS---Nigerians are notorious for these scams. I know this because my Father-in-law is the Chief of the Aboh Village in Nigeria and when my son-in-law spent time with him in Africa, his father warned him-keenly-about the scams the people run and he is ashamed of his people for doing this. BUT, HE SAID BE VERY VERY CAREFUL. GOOD ADVICE TO EVERYONE ON FACEBOOK. RIGHT? Another give away is they will avoid answering direct questions, they take excessive time in replying to what you type (because they are trying to figure out what to say to you) and their language is broken, not eloquent english, if intelligible at all. They misuse their tenses, but primarily, it is the lenthy pauses between their replies to you and NEVER answering your questions DIRECTLY. It's always just OK. They will not give out personal information about themselves. PLEASE WARN OTHERS IN YOUR ALERTS. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I LOVE GETTING YOUR NOTIFICATIONS. YOU ARE GREAT. I share them with my family and friends. And I have made a file of them to refer to. so I make copies of your notifications. Keep up the good fight.

Do you think these scammers post as well know musicians too?? On fb?

Great info! Always helpful and informative!

Got call with email following advising that my SSN was going to be put on hold by the Federal Government this was in an email also I had told them my ID was stolen and I reported it to the Sheriffs departmnwent in City of Indursty

Thanks you very much. ....

1-844-501-4817 calls all the times,They said trere going to get a atty. after for $450.00 tHERE CODE IS 3854695 !

They've been calling me recently. I've told them 2x to take me to court but they just keep calling me. I've never gotten a payday loan from them or any other company!!!

What about Portfolio Recovery who lies on your credit report as if a three year old charged off debt is reported as a new debt in 2016 even though there were no agreements or payments made to them.

This FTC article has tips on how to dispute an item on your credit report if you think it is wrong.

My debt settlement got money from me for a debt the end of 2012 and nothing has been done to get my money,$5700.00 Jackson,Hunter Morris and Knight are criters and the USPS closed them up and I don't know what they did with my money and others. I have contacted the FTC and get no response.

In 2013, the FTC reached a settlement with Jeremy Nelson and four companies he controlled. One of the companies Nelson controlled was called Jackson, Hunter, Morris and Knight. The company told people it would help them with debt relief, but it didn't help most of the people who paid for help.

When the case was settled, there was a court order for Nelson to pay $4.6 million, but Nelson didn't have that much money. Nelson turned over some money and investment accounts to the FTC.

Under the settlement, Nelson is banned from selling debt relief services, telemarketing, and making robocalls.

I need to handle these clowns at 844-305-0530 threatening to serve me civil papers. These clowns at 469-899-5323 said they're going to get me for bank fraud.

Our Government should bve more protective of its citezens.They have the means to play hardball wth these dirtbags. Treat them as though it was one of their own tha were being scammed and harrassed. A Judge ,Senator, Congressman etc. We all know what would happen if the Predidents name was even mentioned in a threatening way. These people would be dive-bombed by NSA,CIA,FBI and all that bunch that protect the Important Folks. Couldn't they at least criminalize these crimes and take them to a court that treats criminals for what they are.They are depriving people of life, and a peaceful existance because the know the can just laugh when caught saying " well, boys will be boys"
Needless to say I am pretty angry as I write these words. I believe that more should be done to call a scumbag a scumbag and not a clever,creative being who has somehow gone astray. Thanks. Joe


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