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Telemarketer 3: Rise of the Robocalls

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Picture this: It’s dinner time. The kids are screaming. Then the phone rings just as you sit down. It could be important, so you run through the toys to the phone. You answer, but all you hear is silence. After a few seconds, a recorded message reminds you that it may be time to have your carpets cleaned and they offer a great deal this month. Or you’ve won a trip. Or you can lower your credit card interest rate.

Does this sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. We hear from many people about these robocalls. If the call is a message from someone selling something, and you haven’t given your written permission to get calls from that company, the call is illegal.

In fact, the FTC has stopped many companies from engaging in this illegal conduct. For instance, we just settled a case with USA Vacation Station because it made millions of illegal robocalls to sell vacation packages. Under the settlement, the company and its owner are banned from robocalling anyone ever again.  

Do robocalls bug you, too? If so, watch this video to learn more about them, and the steps you can take to help slow them down.


No wonder you guys cannot stop the calls; you guys cant even get the video to work properly.

Before nomorobo, I used old Ma Bell recordings that started with the 3 tone disconnect tone. Do a search for Miscellaneous Telephone Sounds & Recordings to find/download the Ma Bell recordings.

My favorite recording was "Will you please hang up, you must first dial a one or a zero, plus the area code, plus one or zero, plus zero plus one . . .". This recording did a wonderful job of getting rid of most telemarketers.

I know not everyone can use nomorobo because of the phone carrier they have, so this might be an option. A less obnoxious Ma Bell recording favorite is the old phone booth one that says "The call you have made requires a 25 cent deposit Please hang up momentarily listen for dial tone deposit 25 cents and dial your call again". My point is sometimes mixing old school with new tech makes the best combination for getting back at telemarketers.

I finally:
-On my iPhone, I accept calls only from people in MY CONTACTS.
- I have metro pcs that gives me a text when someone leaves a message -great feature so I don't have to listen to voice messages even though I have the option of doing so.
-I may answer the calls sometimes with this - "You have reached a a number that has been disconnected or no longer in service, please hang up" then I hang up.

I have received 5 robocalls in the last 3 days; I answered the first one only because I wasn't working at the time I received the call. Answered another one on the way to work and I heard nothing, not even a recording. This is getting out of hand.

For 6monthsiKEEP WRITING DOWN phone #s of AGGRAVATING phone calls from #202 754 9738 ,after5sec.of silece,Iwould ask who is calling ,they say ONLINE PHARMACY offering VIAGRA.I BEGGED THEM REOEATEDLYto STOP calling,that Iam on do NOT call list,YET they NEVER stop calling,.Local CENTURY LINK co.does NOT care.They also call fromICENET#716 780 8202 ,also from #202 754 9930,then they change #s.THEY ARE BIG OFFENDERS,THEY SHOULD ALL BE IN A CLASS SUIT AND PAY BIG

FTC is apparently too busy wasting tax payer dollars promoting rainbow diversity to stop this plague of robocalls.

The FCC should go after these parasites with EXTREME PREJUDICE!
I must get a dozen or so calls a day and it's becoming more than annoying.
My automated answering system answers and rarely does anyone on the other end leave a message.

The FTC is not doing their job. I think maybe we should forward all of these calls to the FTC.

I dont feel the companies making the calls are the real issue, it boils down to the companies that sell your contact information and/or search history. Ever post an ad on a site like craigslist? Notice how those blind calls get worse? Or have you ever ordered something online to pick up at a brick and mortar store only to have a weeks worth of those calls follow?

If you say yes or speak to them, you will be marked for for 5-10 robocalls a day.

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I've been getting many robocalls on my cell phone and now I'm daily getting text's. It's annoying and being a senior citizen it isn't healthy to try to get to you phone that you don't carry in your pocket like the younger generation. I have blocked over a hundred calls already but sometimes Voicemails still go through.


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