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Bogus debts, bogus collections

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At the FTC, we sue abusive debt collectors and try to do right by people who’ve been harmed by unlawful practices. But we also try to protect people from being harmed in the first place. That’s exactly why I’m here: to warn you about debt collectors calling about debts that the FTC knows are bogus.

The bogus debts supposedly are payday loans from these companies: USFastCash, 500FastCash, OneClickCash, Ameriloan, United Cash Loans, AdvantageCashServices, or StarCashProcessing. The companies are real, but if you’re hearing from anyone other than those companies, the debts are fake and you don’t need to pay.

Sometimes, if they can’t collect money owed to them, companies sell lists of those debts to debt collectors. But, in this case, we know that didn’t happen. The company that processed and serviced loans from these companies told the FTC that it never sold any customer or account information to debt collectors. Their lawyer even filed a legal declaration saying that.

Even so, we’ve still heard about abusive calls from debt collectors claiming to be collecting money owed to the companies listed above – and we already know that’s not true. But we also know that many of the people who have been called never even had a loan with those lenders in the first place – so the debts themselves also are bogus.

What to do if you get a call from a debt collector who says you owe money to one of those companies? You have rights. Ask for a validation notice, which says what you owe and to whom. After you get it, consider sending a letter saying that you don’t owe the debt. If you’re getting debt collection calls, check your free credit report at If a debt you don’t recognize shows up there, follow the instructions to dispute the debt. And, as always, report any problems to the FTC.

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I received a call from this 888-345-0095 today, saying that if I did not pay a company called LLC that they would take me to court.I told them I have no bills outstanding, according to this company if I don't pay they will take me to court. I told them to take me to court then at that point I was hung up on. This company has called my employer and family members. I called them back and told to stop calling me, my family and my employer, just take me to court and I was hung up on again.

I got a call today from IGS, phone number 760-205-2357, saying that I took out a payday loan almost 6 yrs ago. I asked for a letter and they refused, saying I can take that up in court. I asked for an account number and a phone number, they refused. I never heard of the company they mentioned ( Titan Group ). The people were rude and hung up on me. The fact that they have personal info in very unsettling and I wish that there was a way to make all these scam artist go away.

Received a call on my cell phone today from unknown and no number. I didn't answer. They left a voice mail saying the message was solely intended for my husband. He said his name is Charles Alexander and he said he was a legal courier from our county calling in regards to service of legal documents and he will be making several attempts to serve him at home and his place of employment tomorrow between 3-5pm. If he is unable to reach him it would be documented as refusal to sign and he will miss his court date and the proceedings would continue without him. He said if he (husband) has any questions to call 844-851-4606 and gave a case number.
From everything I can see it appears that this is a scam. Still makes me quite nervous though.

I received a similar call today. 866-401-1589 "Unknown" callerID. Message was: "This is Sterling Alexander with Mediation Services contacting you in regards to a formal complaint that was filed with my office. I need to take a statement from you on this. If you could do the service of calling us back in the office by the end of the business day today that would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted back at 866-402-1589 thank you..."

Some things that stick out to me about these types of calls

1) "mediation services" is rather ambiguous as it could be referring to anything from an organization providing those types of services in a legal sense to entities mediating any number of things... business deals, debt settlements, disagreements with your spouse on what color to paint your accent wall in the dining room, whatever! Calls like this, where the organization or whomever they represent are vague an difficult to ascertain exactly who is calling you, should make you suspicious and I'd look them up if possible before returning a call or providing any especially personal, financial, or otherwise private information.
2) Not identifying WHO they are calling for is a big red flag for me. I dont give my number out, and its not listed so I should either know who's calling or they should know who they are calling/asking for. If they don't say something like "This is 'XYZ" calling for "MyNameHere"". Then it can't be as important as they try to make it sound.

I just got this same exact call as you same guy same exact words, thank you for your post.

Does anyone get calls from tacs or core capital, they say it's for a payday loan from 8 years ago and I will be taken to court and arrested. They call all my family

I received a call from Sam Vincent from MBG and Associates said that they are calling regarding a payday loan that I owe for 2500 with CashNet USA and they are going to have the County where I live serve me papers for fraud. He said I could avoid court cost of $3,000 if I have $1,002 today. I called CashNet USA regarding this and they are not connected to them in any way. I called him back and he said he never said it was CashNet USA that it was a subsidiary of CashNet USA and it was for Alpine Direct Services and Fox Enterprises and that if I don't pay I will be served papers. Has anyone had any calls like this.

I receive the same call every week or two from MBG & Aasociates. They finally told me 2 days ago it was fo Fox Enterprises; however, they will give no other information. I have recorded and transcribed all phone conversations and filed complaints at each phone call, each message and provided all details to local authorities, FTC, AND ATTORNEY general. I get the blanket responses how to avoid fraud, blah blah blah. im so tired of explaining to my's a scam, no they aren't going to arrest me, I'm not going to be taken to court, etc. I keep wondering when all these tax dollars will actually help protect us from companies like this.

I called a phone number back from a missed call. The company was litigation services and ask me if I new my daughter in law. I asked them what this was about they said they had me listed as an emergency contact number. When I asked them what this was about and why they called my number for a debt she hung up on me.
the number is 866-313-9794. Has anybody been called from this number. My daughter in law has been receiving many threatening calls at her job and cell phone. She was even in bankruptcy and told them to contact her lawyer they never did.

I was contacted from 559-573-8875, ladies name is Candace Walker, claims she is from the mediation department of core retrieval. Said I owed for a loan I supposedly took out, had all my info social, bank info, I am not sure if this is legit or not. The number is still working. But because I was super stressed I did give my bank card info, and said I'd pay. What do I do? Is it legit or not

If you give someone your bank account or card number, they can take money from your account. If you don't want them to do that, contact your bank.

You have rights when it comes to debt collection. Within 5 days after they first contact you, a debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe. The notice must include the name of the creditor you owe money to, and what to do if you think you don't owe the money. You can tell the collector you want a validation notice.  This FTC article about debt collection tells what debt collectors can, and can't do. 

That caller could have been a fake debt collector. Fake debt collectors get personal information, then call people and try to pressure them into making payments. A caller might be a fake debt collector if he:

  • wants you to pay a debt for a loan you don't recognize
  • refuses to give you his mailing address or phone number
  • asks for your personal or financial information

I received a call from a company called Retrieval Mediation Services (phone number 774-243-8319 from a Ms.Green stating their collecting for a Company called Paragon Funding. She seemed to have all my information, however refused to send me any paperwork stating the debt was real and that an email and letter of payment would be sent after I sent my payment. She became very upset with me stating, I agreed to pay and the constable will be coming to get me, and hung up.

you are lying!

I am getting threatening phone calls from collectors known as becker attorneys law firm. Called today I was going to be served and have a idea ready. Call from a unavailable number so i can't block them. Next time they I am going to asked for validation of the debt. They claimed it's from a payday loan I look out 5 years ago. Got me so upset

Jennings, Roberts and Associates calls stating legal action will be taken various different names and numbers 817-213-0943. The Texas bar website doesn't have a law firm with that name as a licensed firm. Web search returned many having same issue with company. BEWARE

What if they refuse to send a validation notice - I was told they don't have to do that, that they will just take me to court and have my wages garnished.

You have rights when it comes to debt collection. This FTC article about debt collection explains that under federal law, within 5 days after they first contact you, a debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” that tells you how much money you owe. This notice  must include the name of the creditor you owe the money to, and say how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money.

Usually, your wages can be garnished only after someone gets a  court order. Don’t ignore a lawsuit summons. If you ignore a summons, you miss your chance to fight a wage garnishment.

If you don’t pay a debt, a creditor or its debt collector generally can sue you to collect. If they win, then the court will enter a judgment against you. The judgment says the amount of money you owe, and it allows the creditor or collector get a garnishment order against you. The garnishment order tells a third party, like your bank, to turn over money from your account to pay the debt.

I got a call from "Sarah" on 8/30/17 attempting to trace my whereabouts and threatened legal action. I checked my credit report and I have nothing in collections. I had taken a payday loan out from Advance Cash America during 2014 to early 2015 when the closed in my town. I made the rest of the payments via the phone, even got a check for 40$ because I overpaid. I do not owe anything to anyone

I had an apartment with a boyfriend, both of our names were on the lease, I left him with the apartment when we ended things and he stayed in the apartment for 3 months and did not pay rent, the collectors have put it on my credit report but he has told them the debt is his and to not contact me, how do I get my name off of the collection so it is not on my credit report anymore?

Would a legit collection agency, or any business, make calls that disable your caller ID? I got one, maybe two, where the caller ID says only "Out of area." What does anyone think?

I heard the call come in and let the answering machine take it, and heard that the female did leave a phone number at which I'm supposed to call back. The entity name seemed to be "CAC."

I wanted to get a recording device and begin by making a permanent audio of the voicemail. But, strangely the voicemail did not seem to record (tho' possibly I hit a wrong button when doing the playback), in addition to the caller log only reading "Out of area" for it.

If "CAC" calls again, perhaps I will pick up, get recording device, and dutifully begin "This call is being recorded. Do you consent?" If they hang up, that's another sign it's a scam.

Lvnv funding had fein , such,Kahn and shepherd garnish my husband's pay..We owe no money anywhere...I checked credit report 3 is this possible??? The judge that signed off on garnishment is crooked..according to online stories...

I received a message from "Unknown" Friday (9/29/17) and they left a message from robotic Sarah "This message is regarding our location and tracing efforts for (they say my name, in a completely different robotic voice) dial zero now to speak with a representative or call 877-349-7689. It is important that we speak with you in regards to the whereabouts. If we cannot verify this information through you. The law allows us to contact all references on file. If you are unable to provide any information please contact us regardless at 877-349-7689. Thank you." Today, Sarah called from 877-349-7689 and left the same message.

I googled the phone number, nothing came up. I called the phone number late in the evening and the recording stated FMR. I googled FMR, at first a marketing company came up. I was finally able to fine Forward Movement Recovery and many complaints regarding this company. Many of these complaints have different 877 numbers to call, not one has the number that I was given. I found their BBB site and it says it is also called World Wide Processing Group, LLC. I found their website and called their number, it went straight to a "Todd's" voicemail, so I tried to email info@ worldwideprocessinggroup. info to ask if this was their phone number, the email bounced back right away.

I'm guessing this is a SCAM due to the research that I have done on the company and the phone number. I have checked my credit report and there is nothing new on there. After doing all this research I have not tried to talk to someone at this phone number, assuming this is a scam.

I just got ANOTHER call from Statewide saying I have charges against me for a $3000 bad check. How do I stop this? I never had a payday loan! They spoof local numbers. Several times, after hanging up I get a call from the sheriffs office saying I called the 911 line and hung up! I'm guessimg they spoofed my number and called 911
Other times I hang up, they call me repeatedly and hang up! This is harrassment and no one can stop them???
Help! This is driving me nuts.

I got the same call from Statewide. They called my son, my brother in law and my elderly mother as well. They won’t give there address. They said the process server was on the way. They won’t give out any info about what it is concerning. I know that they are full of it but I want to know who it is . I think it might be some scummy collector. Number to call back was 844-367-4394

Robert Harris 3133075037 is a scam

I to have been contacted by the same Statewide. I foolishly fell for the scam over a credit card I never owned. I wised up before they could take money out of my account and contacted a lawyer. I put a stop on the payment. They said I was being served and it was a served attempt(false) .They had me in panic mode. Now they are telling me via voicemail they are contacting and filing through the county I live in against me for fraud due to canceling the payment.

My gf and I keep getting calls from FMR saying they are looking for me. Sick of the scammers!!

Both my wife and I received calls stating it is Adam regarding our location and tracing efforts for me. He states that I need to call 877-792-1917 and press zero to speak to a representative. I get calls from individuals like this quite often stating that I owe "X" amount from a payday loan. Sometimes the person will say that the local sheriff is coming to arrest me. I have to admit, I like to play with these people and get them frustrated to the point they will yell at me and hang up. When attempting to call them back, I usually get a recording stating that the number is no longer in service. After a week or two, I get another call from a different number doing the same things. I have not taken a payday loan out nor has my wife. How can these people be stopped and why hasn't it stopped?

Getting calls from 8662169794 claiming to be Bradford Stevens and associates, robot voice comes on gives a file number and told to call back by end of business. I believe this is scam

Just got the same message on my phone machine. This is a scam. I wish there was some government agency that actually pursued and shut these people down!

Beware they will use different phone numbers such as 8773531102 or a local number depending on where you live to trick you to answer. They've tried it with me and I keep blocking their numbers.

I just rec'd a robo-call from 208-813-9374, l/m it's from Bradford, Stevens and Assoc.regarding a personal matter associated with my name and s.s. #. Scammer. the key is to not answer calls from #'s you don't know.

I just got scammed by Bradford Stevens and Associates myself.
They said I owed 650.00 for a debt in 2003. I actually did settle this debt in 2013 although It wasn't mine it was fraud on my ss the first time. The FTC definitely needs to look into this company and law firm. I just paid again on the same account.

Have recently received a call from a so-called collection agency stating they have pending charges. The number was 918-505-4178 originated from Tulsa, OK.

Has anyone heard of hlc recovery?

First these folks called my husband, and spoke to him about this. He in turn called me and I called them back. Resolve Care, supposedly a mediation company that states I had a payday loan in 2007 that I paid on until 2010. I really don't even remember any such situation. I asked my ex partner who had no idea either. They stated I owed 782 dollars (or something to that affect) and they would settle today for 400.00. How did I want to settle this. * Keep in mind they did not state they were a debt collection, they are a mediation company*

They also state that they do not have to send a validation of debt because one was sent to an address I have not lived at since 2004 (not sure how this makes sense since the loan was supposedly in 2007). I specifically asked for a verification of the debt and was told that it was far past that point that since one was provided they were taking me to court for garnishment of wages.

And they were only providing me options, that they were not a collections agency only a mediation company working on behalf of the original company. Although they could not/ would not provide any address for the original debtor just that it was Quick Pay Financial and a store number. I rechecked my credit reports find no inquiries, no judgements or anything on this anywhere. I asked for their corporate information (resolve care mediation) and that request was also refused

It was hard to make heads or tails of anything because they repeatedly hung up on me and I had to keep calling back, calling back and calling back to get more information. Finally after 9 calls I was told I was being harassing because this was a place of business and I kept calling back. Ok - well if you are a mediation company, working on behalf of a client and you are withhold/refusing information and hanging up on people how is that harassment to attempt to receive pertinent information regarding the debt? I mean if the debt is legitimate and somehow slipped my mind I will certainly pay it. But I am also not going to pay some random person calling from a number that cannot be traced (731-201-3456) and is unwilling to provide any information regarding a debt. Even more baffling is they kept telling me the last 4 digits of my social security number, and telling me I worked at Cingular Wireless in 2007 and other information that was somewhat correct only with all the wrong dates! Even stranger yet I have never heard of this until today out of the clear blue sky. Even ‘if’ I had been paying on this til 2010 that would have been 8 years ago… I am confused.

Under federal law, a debt collector is someone who regularly collects debts owed to others. Debt collectors include collection agencies, lawyers who collect debts on a regular basis, and companies that buy delinquent debts and then try to collect them. 

Within five days after they first contact you, a legitimate debt collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe. The notice has to include the name of the creditor you owe money to, and what you can do if you don’t think you owe the money.

If you think a caller is a fake debt collector, ask for his name, company, street address, and telephone number. Tell him you refuse to discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice" that states the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If he refuses to give you all of this information, do not pay! Paying a fake debt collector will not always make them go away. They may make up another debt to try to get more money from you.


Fadministrative closings and Collections - legit?

Got several early morning wake up calls from 855-210-8486. It is a recorded message from a company they say is Statewide Processing. The message is for an individual that I have never heard of. When I return the call to tell them so and tell them to remove my number from their calling list. When they finally answer my call the are rude and threaten me. Terrible business, if they are actually one.

Got same message from "Anthony Robocaller: My name is Anthony this message is regarding our location in tracing office for ***** it is important that we speak with you regarding their whereabouts if we cannot verify this information with you we are permitted to contact all references on file dial zero now to speak with a representative or call 1-888-574-1237. If you are unable to provide any information please call the office regardless at 1-888-574-1237 your immediate response is appreciated.” Called back. They didn't identify who they were; started the call with the standard "this call will be recorded for training purposes...blah blah blah" After I asked repeatedly the name of his company, he said NEP. Don't know what those initials are, or even if they're legit. Anyways, the person he asked about passed away and I told him so. He asked me to verify the person's date of birth. I told him I didn't know it, but that he had a heart attack in like 2011 to which he responded "And that's what did it?" Me: "wut". Him: Thats what killed him? I'm asking so I can report this to our clients. That's what uh, did him in?" Me: "Did him in?? You are about the rudest (yes I cursed here) I've ever spoken with and I'm reporting this number, this business, this call, and you to the police" Him (cool as a cucumber) "OH really, how am I rude, ma'am"? I did not see anything good happening from this point, so I hung up here and blocked the number.

I have been receiving calls from MRC Services stating I owe a payday loan that I received. I have never applied for a payday loan. I never verified any of my personal information, but they had a lot of my information. I googled myself and a lot of personal information is on the web. They keep claiming that I will get a court summons and that my court date is in a couple of weeks. I received a phone call from a CCM stating that I will be served with papers to appear in court for a pay day loan that I applied for and got. I never verified any of my information and the woman that was calling kept asking if the address she was telling me was correct. I asked her what was the amount of this pay day loan that I supposedly got and the woman said $602.47. I also asked her what CCM stand for and she asked me why was I asking her a question and me not answering her question. I hung up the phone. This is a scam and I wish these people would stop harassing me.

As the above i am also getting calls from a MRC services which has led me to this site. They are saying i owe a payday loan..after saying i will be charged with criminal charges in a court of law. An be served with papers. I never ever applied for any kind of loan. Im still a young adult an never even had a credit card. Only loads i ever had were through my college an they did all the paperwork. They tried convicing me i was poor an young an needed a loan an to really think back. They were almost really convicincing. When i asked them for a valadation notice they said they sent me one already an are not required to send me another one. They asked me if i used a old email. I lied an said no. They said they sent me notices on that email. I let them know that i accessed the old there were not a single notice from them or any payday. They had no response. They just kept saying they were gonna take me to court. But this was after i got hung up on by this one woman as soon as i asked questions... she just kept saying its not my fault i dont understand. An i was like... i understand. I just want proof. Anyway it stressed me out the entire week. But my family assures me that it is a scam. An not reading the post above me i feel much better

i am reporting a company named Hamilton cay inc, Jessica Bejarano is claiming I have a debt dating back to 1995 which is a bogus debt in the amount of 3877.67 but low and behold they are willing to settle for 257.86. I searched this company and found out by various sites that this is a scam I am here to warn others and the FTC of this.

I got several calls from a Jessica Begarano of Hamilton Cay Inc, 1-631-257-1178 saying I have a credit card balance of $3,877.67 which she said was established in 1995 in Virginia. I live in Arizona and not in Virginia. She did not know what it was for and said she cannot find out. This did not sound right. The address she put on her email to me was that of a Fisher Law Firm in NY. Is there such a debt collector? Jessica's email address: Jessica @ hamiltoncay. com www. hamiltoncay. com Fax: 1-484-321-9654 Address: Hamilton Cay Inc., 900 Wheeler Rd. Suite 220, Hauppauge, NY 11788 Thank you.

Statewide center is calling me for a debt that I don’t have. They have called family members and threatened to serve me. I’ve ordered the to C&D, but said they didn’t care and would call me daily. What should I do? Should I report them. That started to give me list of names of family and people I didn’t even know

Does anyone know anything about V&R Recovery? I’m being harassed by them. I am sure it is a scam.

I got a call from Titan mediation that they have been trying to get a hold of my husband regarding online he took out last year then stopped payment on it calling it check fraud. Said they are a mediation from JV managment and our bank....anyone every hear of this before?

I recently bought a house in 2018, last month I started getting calls from 615-617-2165 stating that they were representing Verizon Wireless which I knew I owed then money from 2010. He said that he was part of Austin, Dalton & Associates law firm. He said that they will be filing court papers and possible putting a lien on my house and car if debt wasn't paid. They offered me a settlement which I paid and now no one answers the phone. I've contacted via email the law firm no response and when I called the other number listed under the law firm it has a different company name. What can I do?

I had a call from someone in regards to "location and tracing efforts for a matter in our office" wanting me to call them..I have great credit and don't have any outstanding debt, should I call them back?

Yesterday a company called Austin Dalton and Associates called my son and my sister. Told them that they had tried to call me multiple times, but I had not responded. Which is not true. Later that morning they did call my phone. I responded, spoke to someone who would not provide their name, and they told me that a company called Health Management said I had a medical debt with them. I work for a hospital, with an accompanying medical group, so I know I don't have any debt with a company by that name. They had the last 4 digits of my SS#. Their website says they are a collection agency, but when I questioned them about that, they said they were a legal firm. I asked for the Bar# of the lawyer that worked for the firm and she said she did not have to give it. She said they were NOT a collection agency. Then she got very upset and hung up on me. I called again and spoke to a man, who then argued with me, when I confronted him with what the woman had told me. I again asked if they were a legal firm or a collection agency, and he said they were "Full Litigation" firm... whatever the heck that means. Then he hung up on me. I am particularly concerned, as they had the last 4 of my SS#, plus apparently knew the phone numbers of my sibling and son. I never heard of the company that they said was supposedly suing me. The person I spoke to yesterday said they would be "serving" me from the county court where I live...but of course I have not been served. Is this just a BS way to collect on a bogus debt? Would they really have a website etc., if they weren't legit. And if so, how come the FTC hasn't shut them down?


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