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FTC and its partners get scammers off the street

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The FTC protects consumers by stopping unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. We conduct investigations, sue outfits and individuals that break the law, and inform people and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. In 2015, the FTC filed more than 100 law enforcement actions, obtained more than 175 orders against defendants, and refunded more than $22 million to consumers.

The FTC is a civil law enforcement agency. That means that while we can’t put people in jail, many of our partners can — and do — including the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorneys, and other federal and state criminal law enforcers. When FTC cases include behavior that also violates criminal laws, we let criminal prosecutors know.

That’s where the FTC’s Criminal Liaison Unit (CLU) comes in. It helps increase the criminal prosecution of consumer fraud. Since it was formed more than ten years ago, the FTC’s CLU has contributed to the successful prosecution of hundreds of fraudulent telemarketers, phantom debt and mortgage relief scammers, immigration fraudsters and others who prey on American consumers.

Here’s a quick by-the-numbers look at 2015:

  • FTC staff worked on 75 requests for cooperation from criminal law enforcement partners.
  • Thirty-four defendants received jail sentences totaling 175 years.
  • The average sentence was 5.15 years.
  • One defendant got a 25-year sentence.

We have more information about the CLU and the people whose efforts in criminal law enforcement have made a significant contribution to the protection of American consumers.

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My case was just given to you I won 2 fraudulant foreclosures cases,but opposing Counsel,lies to Judge and manipulates the System Trying to get damages for almost 4 yrsPaying alot On Disability RN injured after 22yrs ICU

Got a call from 202-622-5000 claiming to be IRS. It claimed that a Court case has been feels against my name and address and demanding that I call 202-800-5609. This number was answered as "IRS" with a lot of state and an individual with a strongI Indinan accent.

got a call from 509-233-4090 claiming to be IRS and a law suit was being processed against me

hithere, is this a new one? A loud, aggressive voice leaves a message that he is an officer with the IRS. Call 347-980-7680. They have filed a lawsuit against me. The "IRS" left a message last month that the police would be at my door in thirty minutes to arrest me. Frightened my daughter. I just asked her if she thought bureaucracy moved that fast. If my daughter was freaked, at age 47, what's it like for a senior citizen. I'm senior, but I'm mighty sceptical, and read FTC emails.

I received 2 similiar calls. They left a voicemail saying I would have to appear before the magistrate of the court or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense blah blah. Call (561) 450-9085. I also received one in March from a different number.

Hi,How the FTC can prevent the consumer from fraudulence or scammers?Using internet it could be very beneficial and also it could harm good people from the scammers?

I am writing to report a phone scam. I received a call saying that I had a court referral from the IRS. If I failed to respond I would be arrested in an hour. The impersonator's telephone # 509 878 7115. The caller had a foreign accent. Thank you.

In a country whose government and infrastructure are falling apart it is wonderful to have some good news. You people are in a small but essential class, those few who are trying to hold the fabric of society together while so many others are ripping it up. Thanks.

Free Jon Corzine , Oh wait.

Are victums just names of fraud and hate or coded for names fraud money . Call it hate crime ,will we the victim see justice court room in honor of all suffering to show t hruth or is this just for internet use ,.if so convey your subscription and perferemce

I am getting threatening phone calls at work, at home and on my cell. This goes on about every 6 months, usually at tax time and Xmas. No one can tell me who I owe and how much I owe. I have never received one piece of paper, just threatening phone calls telling me I'm going to be arrested. Every 6 months the message is identical but the person, phone number and case number are different. I am on the do not call list, my home phone is unpublished and unlisted but they continue to call. This is very stressful and frustrating. It has been been going on for about 6 years now.

Phone numbers from threatening callers (very foreign - can hardly understand them) are from local phone numbers. Not sure how this is done but it's a trick to get me to answer the phone. Please advise how to stop these callers.

Block their calls on your phone, this is what I do.

I accidentally found your web site and have followed it since. I appreciate what do you for consumers who fall prey to thieves (scammers), meaning to stop them and inform the public.

Thank you for your comment; I'm glad you appreciate the site. You can subscribe to get Scam Alerts and Consumer Information Updates emailed to you, so you'll always have the latest news. Let your friends know too!

I did this a few seconds ago. What I said was I appreciate what you are doing for the public.

How about some offender's Names ?

There are many scammers I'm sure you are aware of, but did u know there are a bunch o Craigslist? People offering loans, but want you to pay a processing fee. I would like to work with the FTC to bring these people down.

If you believe someone has broken the law, please report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement agencies nationwide use for investigations.

C martin wants the list of people that are going to be prosecuted and sent prison ,is that in ftc report or am I gonna have to find way to get it ? I've been thur a lot and names i have on those who done fraud should lineup to check Ftc thanks

If you believe someone has broken the law, please report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement agencies nationwide use for investigations.

Brokers from the UK such as Bloombex,BeeOptions, and Glenridge Capital are part of the crime gang with FastCashBiz, Madison Clark and David Graham. A class action law suit should be brought against FCB and put all the liars and thieves in jail. Evil thrives when good people do nothing.

If you believe someone has broken the law please report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. Or, you can report it to, a partnership of 36 agencies world wide.

When you leave a comment here on the blog, it doesn't go into the law enforcement database.

BloombeX in the UK are thieves. I closed my account and they will not return my money. Stay away from Bloombex, FastCashBiz,David Graham, and Madison Clark.

Florida Window and door construction Company is a licence company and have many branches in South Florida. Our experienced by hiring them was a complete chaos and nightmare full of tricks because they try ripe us off by delivering a defected product and abandoned our project and putting us a lien in our house..

In my discovery I found out their scam is: taken the down payment, 6 months later after 3 intents of install they bring the product missing one item but they one to get the 2nd payment in order to download the product.. As a costumer how we may know the product is right or correct?..No we can't ..Because our windows were short in dimension and doors were damaged and with holes for the hardware placed in the wrong place. They did not pass the city inspections then they abandon our project, but putting a lien..

In my re-search I found out this FWD had place liens around the county like 2 per month..In the reviews I read one customer who did not accept the download however they put him a lien..I filed a complaint with Florida Professionals and regulations, we have the need to pay an attorney to make FWD to come and finish with our project and we sign a new bridge contract..After 8 days we have signed this contract they put us a lien..It Maybe the FPFR make FWD to give us a lien release but they never finish with our project causing us more lost of money..

After 14 months nothing happened..everything is expired and we hire a new contractor.. From 4 estimates no one; wants to use FWD product because it was not good, damaged, wrong dimensions and cheap staff. Then we have to purchase everything again.. As in regards the FPR they send us a letter announcing, they will prosecute FWD and have an attorney, BUT THAT DOESN'T do any good to us.. After the facts and all, I spoke to the attorney from FPR and he said the case could get close eventually but there is nothing they can do for us to recover our lost of $4.550.00 for the damage product they dropped in our home...Meaning for FWD they give solutions to us by given us the lien release for the $4.550.00 but no body knows and can not help us about the $4.550.00 and FWD will keep scamming and fraudulent the system by having all the documentation up date and in place according their own terminus, but nothing about customer protection..

I saw also in the 2012 FWD have several complaints from consumers but FWD have the nerve to suet the BBB.. Please put this company under investigation because Scot Berman knows how to play all the carts to keep committing fraud...I thing what they do is: they have in storage damage or returned products from previous customers and that is what they brought to us, because our items dimensions are universal size and quality...please stop this unfair fraudulent practices.

How I will get back to you about my case? I just posted?..The system did not ask me anything like e-mail address or something for me to support with the evidences I have on hand..

This is not the place to report a problem to the FTC. To report a problem, go to Enter the details about what happened, and the information will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

The messages you type here become public comments. They don't go into the law enforcement database.

I received a call today from "Consumer Services" they said they were from Atlanta, with names like Mike Sanny (or Henry) and Jennifer Garcia, and they wanted all my credit card information - saying that the banks were fined by the government on behalf of consumers and that because of my good credit, they were able to bring down almost all my credit card balances. Asked me my birthday, and the last 4 of my social. I was on the phone with them for about 50 minutes, until they made up an excuse that their manager was busy and that they would call me back in 15 minutes...that has been now almost an hour and no call back...I believe that I might have been scammed. They noticed that I had a 0 balance on one of my accounts, I am going to call the bank and have them reissue me another card. They know that most of my cards are maxed out for the most part, but that doesn't mean anything...they were able to quote me my due dates and my next payment dates and what was due on those dates. I am concerned to say the least.

Please do something about Rachel from cardholder services! Enough already!!!

What can you do about a debt collector constantly calling me to collect a debt I don't owe? They say it's a credit card debt with a company I have never had credit with.

The FTC issued a blog post on this very topic not too long ago. Please see Don’t recognize that debt? Here’s what to do.

I can't believe your so stupid the scammers are the new refugees not all(but I'm really not sure) a lot of them live together. So Far they are getting free housing ,water, electricity. They get money from the govt,and Foodstamps and a lot of them are scamming the American People holding a sign with saying they need food and money to make it look real good they have a child with them to beg for money well that is Food stamp fraud when they have a lot of food stamps they need to be sent back to their country all they want to do is screw over The American People that they hate. If the law is not enforced on the refugees committing foodstamp fraud I will vote for Donald Trump and I really don't want to but he would send them back.

I would like to have s contact information so I can talk to someone

I received a voice mail message on a line that is registered with THE DO NOT CALL program. The call was from (469) 900-6590 identifying themselves as the IRS and told me this was their last notice that I was being sued by the IRS. So annoying!!!! I've been getting a few of these voice mails weekly!!

We're getting these too. It's a digital voice calling from 607-233-4230 (Ithaca, NY)threatening to file a case in a couple of hours and five arrest warrants have been issued. We never returned the calls.

I still think it would be better if scammers just had life in prison for what they did. Making them just return an amount of money or some light sentence will just be seen as a slap on the wrist for them. Making it a major federal crime and felony will teach them not to do such acts ever again. Unfortunately, many of these scammers these days are calling from outside the country and spoofing caller IDs to make sound like they are calling from within. The FTC really needs to figure out where the source of such calls are coming from in order to find an prosecute them. Fortunately for me, my cell phone has a full Do Not Disturb mode so even scammers who don't have a caller ID can't get to me especially if they are outside the favorite list of those who can call me.

caught up sending money to Nigeria and china. Filed police report but bank would not reimburse since I sent the money "willingly". Lesson learned.

Caller stated I was being charged with Tax Fraud and threatened to send the police to my house after I told them I felt like I was being scammed. 202-241-0586

Received and reported a phony publishers clearing house scam today. Wanted a thousand dollars in taxes and registration fees. They claim I had been entered automatically by shopping at one or more of a dozen of the most common stores in the country and asked if I had heard of them or ever shopped at one.They also thought that I was in a state I had not entered in years.

I received calls from THIS FAKE IRS number (206) 823-3812. This call is to inform you IRS is filling lawsuit against me, to get more information about this case file. Please call immediately on our department (206) 832-3812. It was my final notice before IRS file a lawsuit against me. I called them, and the man sounded with Indian accent asked me date of birth and last 4 digit of my social security number. He gave me his name is Samuel Mathew and his badge number is IRM 1771Y1.

I called report complaint with or 800-366-4484 and the IRS person said that the number I reported is fraud and told me to disregard this phone number. I also reported to FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or 877-FTC-HELP = 877-382-4357.

Today morning I got a call from USCIS number 800-375-5283 and the guy said his name was Luke Right and badge L9084. He said my Identify was stolen and I need to come to the local USCIS office to reset identity and before I come there, I need to send $1480 using MoneyGram at Walmart. When I asked for the guy's number, he gave 202-239-2709. I reported this to local police. Then when I called 202-239-2709, a lady named Rose picked and when I asked about Luke, she said he is there and he can be connected. I disconnected. Please do something.

CALLER ID listed as Taylor Kelly: 704 492 2716
IRS scam - "final notice of IRS action against you ... " etc.

There's a phone number that I don't think if legit the call himself United Fast Cash phone number 804 715 5262 and his name is Sean Washington he's sound from India please inform me who they are thank you

I just got a call from 509-233-4090 claiming to be IRS and a law suit was against me

423-478-6947 are calling asking to lower there interest they ask if you have a visa i said no then they ask mastercard i said then he reads out a list and says f--- you and then he hangs up. i tried to call number back and it will not let me say trouble with that number. i would really like a call back about this if a older petson gets this call they may give these people informtion thank you

received a call from 202-558-4745 and 202-558-4747 she introduced herself (with Spanish accent) as the government grants department then I hung up.

Yes, that is the call I received today. My call # was 202 754-8219 they were foreign with bad english also I told them I was not interested.

Atlant Van Lines DOT# 2593963. Liars, scammers, hold household goods hostage, take to philadelphis, instead of florida, strong arm the consumer for thousand dollars at arrival. But never delivered, its been 10 days now, no return calls, or emails.

320-229-3951 caller ID came up as "US GOVT SOC SE" he left a voicemail that he was Jeramiah from Social Security and that he was trying to reach me (used my name) and I should call him back at 877-561-4137. I did a reverse number lookup on the caller ID number, it links to a persons name and address. The address is for a shed in the middle of a field in the middle of no-where. I DON'T THINK SO!


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