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FTC and NCUA Twitter Chat for Financial Literacy Month

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To celebrate Financial Literacy Month, the FTC will be a guest on a live Twitter chat hosted by the National Credit Union Administration. NCUA is a federal agency that works to raise consumer awareness and increase access to credit union services. NCUA and the FTC will share tips about saving, borrowing money, managing credit, and avoiding identity theft and imposter scams.

The chat is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27 at 11 a.m. Eastern. Credit unions and consumers can follow @MyCUgov and @FTC. The FTC also will tweet the chat in Spanish at @LaFTC. Join the conversation at #NCUAChat or submit questions in advance to

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Since i do not have twitter account but i do have facebook. Can you not able to accudate facebook live for yoyr followers. Plz advice.

All i want is my student loan not to be in the computer when i file my tax.

What if someone like myself has been a employee of two really huge very well known rock and sand companys both companys was backed by the teamsters unions and

so was myself also to and so was my holders of both my accounts that me and both my employers set up for me and my familys set aside from my retirement account

this is both accounts I opened up in 1984 and 1985 both from calmat, and owl rock and sand companys and both my personal investment accounts for mine and my familys future savings before their was ever any kind of a 401k

and both my own accounts was locked in for me to have when both my accounts 20 years each locked in

and in 2009 as both my accounts locks was about to both mature and my holder broker dealer by the name of western conference of teamsters unions in monrovia california has stolen all my money from both my matured accounts

im the owner of both my accounts set up for me by both my companys I both worked for and both my companys set up for my future for me and my family

not including my retirement accounts if i retired from them

and I reported this to every agencys that their is to report this to from 2009 to 2016 and I havent gotten any kind of help at all from none of these agencys

like the department of labor, security and exchange, B.B.B.the I.R.S. FDIC,and lots more to list

and now im finding out that western conference is now in alhambra california

and eastern western conference of teamsters is the new holders from western conference

as our old holders who was introuble for their financial institutions fraud schemes they was busted for in 2009 or 2012 around there or so

and they still have me on file still but what I all had with them is blanked out by them

and they stolen over 600,000 total of both my accounts im owner of by both my companys calmat and owl rock and sand constuction companys i worked for

and was both set up for me and both accounts had their own 20 year locks to be safekeeped for me and my family

im now 53 years old my two yungest kids is about to finish high school now and maybe start college right after high school

and that is why I started both my accounts when they was both offered to me back in 1984 and 1985 when I started working for both companys

and both my companys matched me and said these accounts is for mine and my familys futures that is set aside away from my retirement

its my own personal savings for when my kids go to college or im wanting to buy a family home

its my own set aside nest eggs of investment of my own what can I do about this that has been stolen from me and my family?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (called FINRA) can investigate complaint about a broker or a company. Click here to go to the FINRA complaint site.

If you have a complaint about a bank, you can tell the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Go to their complaint page.

You said the business is in California. You can contact the Attorney General in California and in your home state. You can search for an Attorney General on this page.

If you want to find a lawyer to help, this this state-by-state list from the American Bar Association or site from the State Bar Associations can help you find a lawyer in your area.

Wish we could take part in this; we're very senior, seniors with no computer or "tech equipment;" we use computer at senior center. Here's hoping some of the above we would be able to access via same FTC consumer info sent to our email!!!!!

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That's nice to file a complaint, but the system doesn't WORK!!!!!!! Why does the Federal Trade Comission have the Internet site they do an average person can't get the complaint to go through!!!!! I've tried for days even tried calling your toll free number and can't even get through to a person and it doesn't work well either how can someone complain now? I managed to file one a few years ago, but not now! Doctors and Hospitals are treating patients bad even talk how they HATE Obama Care and are going to fight it any and every way they can!!!!!! People especially older people go to hospital they are not treating them properly because they hate Obama Care. Patients aren't getting care Doctors doing very little to nothing and going around charging Emergency Room Dr. fees by billing through company in Florida. Have Medicare and supplement go to ER CO- Pay at Wellmont Holston Valley $150 all should pay. Well hospital has company in Florida send bill from place in Florida for $150 ER or Hospital bill and a almost $400 bill for doctor!!! They are making a killing literally by not treating patients like doctors used to and are supposed to get you in room send in PA few minute then Dr. comes in does't give you time to ask anything says your going home and walks out spend maybe 15 minutes with a PA and Doctor and don't want to do nothing, but send you home. This is how Wellmont Holston Valley, Kingsport, Tennessee treats patient especially elderly, middle aged especially on Medicare and even having a supplement insurance!!! Even the regular doctors are the same they need to have the CIA, FBI and Medical Board go over RECORDS and see how many people haven't been treated and sent home and ended up dying at home, rehab (nursing home) or hospital because they don't give proper health care now! Mad at President they talk about him in front of patient's like he is a dog and they say they are rebelling against the Government and Obamacare! I thought they took Oath to help people!!!! Help they all need to be investigated now before they cause more deaths!!!! They are sticking together like thieves don't want another doctor to get in trouble because the other one made mistake and killed one, lied when someone was severally injured in car wreck, nurse gave me a shot and me telling her it wasn't for me than blood pressure dropped to 90/40 and heart monitor alarm started going odd and blue line goes up left side and across top!!! PA saw her came running she was going to give me another shot and me telling her no I was having severe chest pains after other shot , but wouldn't listen the PA didn't go around desk (counter)room at the front of counter he jumped over and demanded her to stop I wasn't supposed to get any shots it they were meant for extremely sick cancer patient across the hall she laughed and told PA it was his fault and squirted the other syringe of medicine on PA's uniform. Preacher in area father to ER send him home told him father had mild heatstroke he will be fine. He takes father to Mountain Home VA Center Johnson City, TN,Hospital ER told he really had Major stroke Holston Valley doctors didn't want to treat or be bothered with him and sent him home to die. Neighbors relative had fuss with neighbor and got shot in leg went to Holston Valley they sent him right home with bullet still in leg well he tells family a couple days later not felling good going to lay down rest. They go to wake him up later he is dead from a blood clot from bullet left in leg!!!!Don't you think some investigations should be done especially why if someone is running fever they give people Tyenol and Tyenol 3 to get patients fever down low enough so they cab send them home or to a rehab!!! These people are sick and have fevers, but get the temps down so they can send them out ASAP and get rid of them plus more room and short nurses!!!!! Some people are afraid to go to hospital so many people have died! Help! Don't mention my name because it is the closest hospital and I'm sick and may go in I heard a Lawyer call a the Hosptial has really gone down hill and some of the doctors he called them the doctors of DEATH!!!!

You may want to contact your state Attorney General’s office about your concerns.

If you think someone is committing fraud against Medicare, you can report that at 800-447-8477. That number goes to the US Department of Health Inspector General. Learn more at

You could also contact the company that provides your supplemental health coverage.

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