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Identity theft target turns the tables

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I admit it; when my email inbox is full, my eyes may drift past some messages. But my co-worker’s story has motivated me to pay better attention. She noticed an odd email her husband got and looked into it. It turned out that someone had stolen his personal information and used it to buy things. Now her husband is using to fix problems, and she’s reminding people to watch their inboxes.

The story started with an email from a company the family knew. It said ‘We received your order.’ That seemed ok; they had recently placed an order. A second email said ‘Your new mobile phone is on its way’ and listed a delivery address that wasn’t theirs. ‘That’s wrong!’ my co-worker thought, and she called the company.

The company confirmed that someone using her husband’s account had ordered a mobile phone, and was having it sent to a nearby hotel. She told the company it was a scam, closed the account and filed an identity theft report. She also contacted local law enforcement. When the scammer — complete with fake ID — came to pick up the package, local law enforcement arrested him.

There are many ways to discover that someone is using your information. You might get bills that aren’t yours, see strange withdrawals from your bank account or get an unexpected notice from the IRS. If you see a warning sign, act quickly. will guide you through the steps that help you limit the damage.

Update April 15, 2016: The state prosecutor reports that the scammer pled guilty to possessing a fraudulent ID. The judge put him on probation and ordered him to complete 90 days of community service within 120 days.

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With all the tools out there, we still get hacked despite precautions. We have to apply due diligence to anything we consider our information like we care for items that are our property. Just make yourself harder to be hacked as possible even if it means you do things you find tedious, like checking your accounts.

Filled with social security office, filed I'd theft report,and contacted FTC and I haven't heard anything back... what should my next step be?

Go to to report identity theft and create a personal recovery plan. The plan will list steps  you can follow to repair damage. You can get pre-filled letters and forms to help you report to the police, get your identity theft affidavit and tell creditors about the theft.

Thanks you very much

Someone hacked my face book account while I was incarcerated. It's obvious when, and with what device this was done. All I want is my original face book account opened. If I can prove that this was not me, and that the changes were done while i was unable to access account....Then went are you not able to let me in

I had my identity stolen many years ago.Someone I knew knows my AS and my credit is all screwed. Up.

You can report identity theft at and get a personal plan to help you recover. you can get pre-printed letters and forms to send to credit reporting agencies, creditors and other places.

Thank you, thank you.

That happened to me also only this was with a credit card. Someone had a credit card in my name sent to an address in Florida. I contacted the Miami police and they told me there was nothing they could do because the credit card wasn't used. OMG, this is identity theft and no one can do anything??? I called and cancelled the card right away. Scum bags out there!

Triumph over the crooks!

Being a 2 time victim of identity Theift !!! I would really like to use your services but, I'm not trusting at all these days. On April 6, 2016 I received an email from the FBI. is a secure website. You can choose to enter as much - or as little - information as you want. After you enter your information, you can get a detailed check list of what to do first and what to do next. You can get pre-filled letters to send to creditors and other businesses.

me either i am a victim of long term identity theft and all the sites in the world might tell you what to do but it does not stop it. I have accounts changing daily and this started three years ago. I still cant get a straight answer from anyone!

my phone has been hacked and they are still active with using my emails and phone list for themselves. they will not leave my phone alone. and want money sent to stop, I have come up with names telephone numbers and pictures of them. from Ghana.

This FTC article suggests what to do if your email was hacked. You could ask the company that made your phone if they can help.

I was visiting NYC and realized that I had too much old stuff in my wallet. I removed about 2 mo credit card receipts as well as a couple cards, including my Medicare card. That info vanished from my room sometime over a 4-day period. I went to the local police precinct and filed a report, but the officer would allow me to file only a 'lost property' report, not an 'identity theft' report. I do not live in NY and am not looking forward to pursuing this by long distance. It's huge to me but just a run-of-the-mill paperwork exercise to them. What a mess!

You can report the theft to law enforcement at

When you go to, click the button that says "Get Started." If you haven't seen any proof that someone has misused the missing information, click the green button that says "Someone got my personal information or my wallet and I'm worried about identity theft."  Then follow the directions to get tips that are specific to your situation.

If you have seen signs that someone is misusing your information, click "Get Started." When you get to the next page, click the button that describes your situation.

The Treasury Department needs to end their contract with Direct Express. I have filed complaints with the FTC, Social Security, OCC and the Treasury Department about their poor cyber security and customer service practices after my ACH information was compromised and stolen by a suspected 756 (Nigerian) scammer, who used it to make a fraudulent purchase from Sony Playstation. I was issued a new account number and debit card, but that did not stop the scammers from trying to access my account again. The only way I could stop them from possibly doing it a third time (and with potentially catastrophic results), was to have my Social Security electronic deposits transferred to another bank, with a proven track record when it comes to customer service and guarding against identity theft---which Direct Express does not. I know, because I am not the only one.

My husband is going through this exact thing right now ! His card was loaded @ midnight and literally 40 sec. later someone in Miami hit a few bank ATM's, stopped at a gas station for gas & another ATM. That account was closed and issued a new card. Now, 1 week later, this NEW card has been hacked as well. New card #, new PIN. To the point where someone in Miami actually called Direct Express wanting to use the card. Sad thing is, Direct Express will not go after these predators, they just get the money back from their Insurance Co. HELLO, this is the Federal Government - Social Security they are stealing from. No wonder SSA is broke.

I needed transmission work done on my car, I applied for a personal loan and the original terms were 6 months same as cash.
The loan was approved and the work was done,however when I went to pick my car up and sign the final paper work the terms were changed from 6months to 90 days. Do I have a case of the old bait & switch?

Without all the details, it's hard to say. Please visit our dedicated web page, Getting Your Money Back, for problem-solving tips.

I have already contacted the FTC on 2 seperate occassions however I spend all of my time trying to keep up with my hackers. For instance, i woke up this mornong and noticed that this Honeys1mama email was the emaim associated with my phone and that is not the email i even use. The authorities have suspects and are trying to locate them for questioning but here i sit since the end of 2014, just waiting for some kind of releif. What do i do sin e i cant recover from thos hacking situation?

What do you do if you go to a store to take something back, the first time in forever without a receipt,and are told you cannot return anything else? You've done it too many times in the last 30 days? Someone else has been taking things back to stores using my ID. What can I do about it? Unfortunately it's more than likely someone whose been in my home correct?

If you see a warning sign, act quickly. will guide you through the steps that help you limit the damage.

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