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Privacy in your hands

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Do you know how to keep your personal and financial information safe? Or what to do if a scammer misuses your information? Now is a great time to find out. May 16-20, 2016 is Privacy Awareness Week, an initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities Forum. The Forum lets privacy agencies in the region share information about privacy practices and rules.

This year’s theme is Privacy in Your Hands, and focuses on practical steps you can take to help keep your information private and safe year-round.

Here are three tips from the FTC for protecting your privacy:

  • Secure your wireless network from intruders who could access your personal information, or use your network to commit crime or send spam.  
  • Avoid, detect, and rid your computer of malware, which can be used to monitor your online activity or steal your personal information. 
  • Report and recover from identity theft at You can use the site to create a personal recovery plan based on the type of identity theft you face, and get pre-filled letters and forms to send to credit bureaus, businesses, and debt collectors.

Don’t keep these tips to yourself. Use #2016PAW to share them with your friends and family on social media.

At the FTC, privacy is an important part of our everyday work — whether it’s conducting a kids’ app survey on what information is getting collected from kids and who’s seeing it, or hosting a workshop on cross-device tracking to examine the privacy and security issues of tracking consumers' activities across different devices for marketing.

This year, the FTC will host a Fall Technology Series on emerging technologies that may impact consumers’ privacy, including drones and smart TVs. You’ll find events like these on the FTC’s Events Calendar.

Have a great Privacy Awareness Week!


Does this work on cells also there are so many apps that say you need this or that but how to make sure they are safe do you disclose your location or keep it private I want to keep my information private but if i break down in my car I want one to know where I am if I get lost It is all very confusing Thank You

does having a separate password for documents saved on the desktop or elsewhere serve as an additional security measure

I think my identity has been compromised. They actually came in my house took my documents then returned coppies.

You can get help with identity theft at You can report what happened and get a personal recovery plan to help you through the steps.

I know of a company who has provided my personal and financial information and of others to a foreign call center operations. What can the FTC or other government organization do to protect me from this practice or stop this from happening?

If someone has misused your personal information, you can report it to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. If you experience problems related to identity theft, go to You can report identity theft and the system will create the affidavit and pre-printed letters and forms you can use to address problems.

Situation is that Transunion is outsourcing all citizen help desk information to overseas foreign nationals (I have so far identified operations in India and Ecuador). When you call Transunion you are routed to these foreign nationals. They ask you name, SSN, and in their words “sensitive information” to verify who you are. After verification they help you with problems related to your credit record, meaning they have full access to all of your financial and PII information. They also have access to YOUR credit and financial information.
I have reported this to the Transunion and the FTC (Complaints: 72608539) and neither has provided a justification or response. What other action can I take?

trying to buy something you really want on line will only lead to heartbreak

I find it ironic that at the bottom of your article on privacy you use a bot blocker for the comments that helps remove privacy by identifying people's home addresses for google. You could easily use one of the other styles that doesn't tear down privacy. Go team.

I have had a hacker and have been a victim of identity theft as well as personal theft of property due to my hacker(s) tracking me since December 2013. It has been so bad that my bank FORCED me to close my accounts with them because there is no end in sight even thoigj the authorities caught one and are on the lookout for another. Someone needs to start legislation which will remove access to developer tools from all email providers and websites. Had those not been available my information would probably had not been accessed in the first place and removing the tutorials from Google and You Tube might be a good place to start! I jave lost over $40k and I'm sick of fighting a battle I'm obviously going to lose!!!!

Oh my god honeys1mama you aren't alone in this I too am a victim of such horrible crime to my credit, bank accounts. It's been going on since 2013 as well. Do you by chance have verizon fios in your home as your internet, tv and or home phone?

We have to be our own detectives. It's exhausting. At least the cops caught one of your frauders. In am also starting to think many times its someone close. A friend who really isn't a friend at all. We need to talk. Isn't it funny that this stuff happens to us yet there isn't a support group in every city for us to meet up with each other and trade stories. Maybe then we might stop this stuff before it happens to us again n again.

I don't think like they do. I'm d never steal from someone else. If you read this honeys1mama look up xxxxxxxx.  I changed spelling a little. But that' will link to me. I have super super heavy duty security measures in place NOW. But I pay dearly for that too. Here I've been feeling I'm noy one stuck in the hell of stolen IDENITY n bad credit. hopefully we can talk about things and learn something useful from each other. I'm feeling same as you. It's so not right. It's so not right but finally it has slowed way down now that my credit isn't even at horrible status but worse. They laugh and say "really?" If I ever have a life threatening emergency and no cash to handle it. And try for a small loan of money. It sucks. I am just a poor person. And they pick on me to take what little I have when there's more money out there than I will ever have. It's still not right. Stealing from anyone is wrong. But I guess people are sick of our government stealing from the, so they stEAL FROM US THE LITTLE GUY.

@FTC@USTROFFICE@USTRADEREP DAY O'for the wireless Network the virtual private Network Security Will be needed then with this we can get the identity theft 'every privacy will be keept in the cloud.

The other party, elect Nick Arts, broadsword, advocated by both companies, violation of privacy policy, also to Terms

Although it reports there also Does not it correspond? FTC was also said to be not very useful and listen to some in Americas American In there, now, do you us to process if you send the criminal report that I have held How do good? Please tell me

Think before speak

Please I want to register my email

I appretiate the privacy act statement

What are my privacy options? Most banks and brokerages have electronic functions to transfer funds between accounts and to automatically pay bills. These are online processes and in their present form are not private.

In all cases it is possible to capture the transaction when submitted so there is no need for an email alert from the bank or brokerage

However there is no privacy. All these banks and brokerages have alerts, however they do not allow the opt out of alerts on any type of funds transfer, bill pay, or payment received. They all send an email containing private information.

They send an unsecured email with the dollar amount of the transfer and the from and to accounts/parties and in some cases the account limits. It is widely known that email is NOT secure and in many cases the email suppliers such as gmail and yahoo openly admit that they scan and/or track the content of email passing through their servers

These bank and brokerage initiated emails are a violation of customer account holder privacy.

Even when asking the banks and brokerages to either stop the alerts or send them to a secure message center. They say it can't be done. This needs to change.
The simple solution is allow an opt out of these alerts, an alternate solution is to send these alerts to a secure online message center.

US mail is not secure and not an option as there are major delivery problems in our area, mail is either not delivered or delivered to the wrong address. The postal management has not been able to resolve this issue.
Is there any applicable law or government regulation that addresses these issues?

Recently i requested my free credit reports from    (Transunion, Experian & Equifax) and my personnal info (phone # & email) was to be kept between me & these companies. Shortly after my request went to the # agencies i started receiving unwanted Emails & phone calls from all sorts of businesses, people,etc. Apparently these reporting agency's don't play by their own rules! BEWARE.

The website you used is not the free credit report site provided by federal law. The only authorized site for free credit reports is

i received a call from a company saying that they got a alert from Microsoft claiming my personal computer was in the process of being hacked by the Russians. Then he asked my if I had put a stop on any of my folders. I told him no, so he said I was in the process of being hacked and he could stop the from any further damage, but he needed permission to enter my computer and stop the hacking of my credit cards and personal info. The name of the company he said he was with is Expert Technologies LLC, located in Kent Wa. After several hours on the phone, he claimed to have fixed my computer and installed a security software package. I felt I had no choice but to pay this "ransom" amount. If I didn't pay the $1989.00 they said they would release the hold on the hackers and my computer and identity would be at risk again. Has this happened to anyone else?? What did you do?? Did you pay the fee asked? Many thanks.

If you gave your bank account or credit card number to a scammer, he can take more money or make additional charges on your account. You may want to contact your bank or credit card companies and ask how to protect your accounts.

If you gave someone control of your computer, they could have installed malicious software (malware). Read about how to detect malware, and what you can do to protect yourself. For example,

  • stop shopping, banking, and doing other online activities that involve user names, passwords, or other sensitive information.
  • Update your security software, and then scan your computer for viruses and spyware. Delete anything it identifies as a problem. You may have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  • Check your browser to see if it has tools to delete malware or reset the browser to its original settings.
  • If your computer is covered by a warranty that offers free tech support, contact the manufacturer. Before you call, write down the model and serial number of your computer, the name of any software you've installed, and a short description of the problem.

Sorry can't use my own my phone locked me and my emails don't work I suppose

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